A Moment Like This Week – 4th August to 11th August 2017

Moment like theses you just realise where your week has gone; when you feel like you haven't done a lot this week but actually, you have done quite a lot.

This week has gone out of the window with my weekly blogs as I've been so busy working with and on Sentebaleblogs and Sentebale Team out in West Africa through the social media and etc. Also the main man himself Prince Harry. This is why Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will be or have been gone out of the window this week; I just want to say thank you for your patience with everything going out the window over here, will find away to work around the whole thing once I know what I'm doing got my routine with them.

The fact that I'm currently watching athletics but haven't watched it all this week. To be honest I haven't had the tv on much at all this week; it's been either waking up late, YouTube videos, brief films either on Now Tv or a DVD whilst working my arse of with the Sentebaleblogs and everything. However I'm quite impressed that African runners are astonishing; I can't even run to save my life but heyho, I take my hat off to all of the runners anyways.

Also I haven't done things I needed to do either; which is shocking but then again seeing some of my friends helped me in the long run, also doing things to take my mind of other stuff which is good. Yet I suppose keeping myself busy is quite normal for me in a long run; yeah might have had a few relapses with my mental health but hey I pulled through it like I always do, knowing that I've got good friends and etc.

My aim is for tomorrow is to tidy up the lounge; put the washing on, looking like it was neat and tidy, make attempt of sorting the rest of my room out and look to see if I can do any extra jobs along the way. That's what two of them I should of done this week but because of not sleeping properly and feeling dreadful by the morning been slacking in what I've been doing and most of my day has gone. The worst bit is that I hate when it comes to food because your like oh my god is really time for food? Don't even feel hungry? Yet at the best of times I have to force myself to have something. Don't think I will tonight not feel to brilliantly and not particularly hungry either.

Hope your day has been good? Not raining one bit I hope. Catch you guys laters. Chow xxx

In the light of remembering 100 years and Dunkirk

In memory of 100 years ago was the First World War between 1914-1918. In the running of the 100 years; Christopher Nolan had created a film about Dunkirk; the tragic, the fear, the frightened has come to the screens as actors recreate the days of Dunkirk. What it must of felt like when the Second World War happened from 1939-1945. In the days of the 1940s on the beaches of Dunkirk.

The miracle evacuation of Dunkirk in the Second World War has brought to real life again; through actors who played the roles of the soldiers who had died that day, trying to come home but left vulnerable on open lands of the beaches and the sea. Director Christopher Nolan has turned to the evacuation of Dunkirk for his latest acclaimed film; the fact that he brought back the the stunning great escape that helped Britain avoid defeat in the Second World War, showing that we had risked everything in the days of saving the British army. 

100 years ago was the First World War saw lots of unnerved, scared, frightened men who didn’t want to be out in the war zone; in May 26 and June 4, 1940 and that year saw some 338,000 troops rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk. Following Nolan’s success of blockbusters such as The Dark Knight and Inception; Nolan’s latest film that tells the story of Dunkirk, “the event that shaped our world”, as the poster says.

Nolan and his crew have gone to great depth of history, research and pains to faithfully to recreate Operation Dynamo to able to see what it may of looked like and feel like the time that had taken place.

Dunkirk – The Event That Shaped Our World/ Shaped Our Country

Lizzysweeklyblogs Review of Dunkirk 

I got invited to go to see the film Dunkirk by my best friend that I use to work with called Meg Anne. Who wanted to see it because it hard Harry Styles from One Direction in it; not sure at the time she knew the true history of the event, until I had to explain it all to her at the end of the film when she got confused on some areas. Which is understandable to be honest when I’m a bit older than her and did study it at school, went on the trips to the areas where they were fight in both wars (not at Dunkirk) and also knowing a bit more due to own self research along with family who are into different types of historical facts themselves.

The film was very in tense throughout the film; not much dialogue throughout the film but the fact that I was literally hugging my cardigan close to my face, meant I felt like I was there on the beaches with the soldiers who were frightened and scared at the time it was happening. 

Every time the camera panned to Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh when something serious was about to happen. I was like NO! And OMG! They are going to die but yet they survived every time it happened for another second, another minute, another half an hour, another hour and another day. You could tell something wasn’t going to be right; when the cameras went onto Kenneth Branagh, it was the way he looked up into the sky and he soon realised what was coming towards them all.  
I believe that all the actors who did the film have to be well and truly magnificent because to be able to experience something like that as acting if your adrenaline kicks in; the fear of the unknown what’s coming next, the fear of I’m going to be next one to be killed. 

I would rate this film as 5/5 because it’s absolutely brilliant. 

Guest Review: Megan Anne’s Dunkirk Review 

Apologies for strong bad language from my friend; she has no concept of her language, especially when it comes to Harry Styles. I’ll try my best to reduce the amount of swearing by bleeping them out but keeping them in as it’s her words not mine. However she wants me to had more to it just to make her look smarter but I’ll see what I can do.

I personally didn’t know what to to expect to begin with; but I was happy with the film based on the true facts of history, of our past that had changed our future that we live in today. The film was so tense that I was on the edge of my seat; making me feel like I was there on the beaches of Dunkirk, like I wanted to help save each solider that were in danger whilst putting myself at risk. The fact that I was confused at some parts of the film; yet having Lizzy’s knowledge and understanding of what it would be like out there, also having the understanding that one of he actors were actually the ones of the good guys as she explained to me which airplanes are which and which side they belong to. The fact that I know I can pick Lizzy’s brains for things like these topics; I know I can’t go wrong either way, and I like to learn new things that I didn’t know before. 

All the actors were amazing bringing everything to life; bring me into their world of what’s happening throughout the film, as there’s not a lot of dialogue throughout the film but the actors showed that their feelings of being anxious, panicky, petrified, running scared and terror stricken. Oh and the most important thing was that Harry Style was unbelievable; he was playing a character that I really didn’t expect play, but as he brought out the heart racing that my heart was going to come out of my chest. As there were lots of tense scenes that he was in; as I thought my life was going to be over if he died in battle of survival, “because of Harry F********* Styles” sorry guys I can’t help it he’s absolutely beautiful! 

Fantastically directed film by Christopher Nolan. I would rate it overall 5 stars. 

I have days when I want to give up blogging

The fact that I had little sleep and been up all night. Then have someone come in saying that another phone call from another cold caller etc. Then saying that they are looked it up and etc. 

The point of having no little sleep when I started this blog piece; due to not being able to sleep, so many things going on in my mind at the time. Then spent the whole day not being myself either; I couldn’t face doing a day of paperwork or blogging prep, it was that bad that everything got too much for me. I’m okay now just on the mends; but hey at least I’m getting all my blogs done now, the thoughts of giving up on it was hard enough.

The feeling of wanting to give up on my blogging; was when the feeling of not being able to think why my blogs aren’t good enough? Why am I putting all my time and effort into something like this? Why isn’t it going anywhere? It’s just probably that I was just going into a crap stage possibly or I wasn’t feeling well. I don’t know but I seem to notice that; I have stages in life that my life gets so overwhelming, the one thing that I’m like good at is the one thing that I actually want to give up on. 

Maybe it’s a love hate relationship that I have with it; along side the love hate relationship that I have with my dyslexia, the fact that I have that shows that I’m not giving on the whole writing thing. No matter how crappy I’m feeling or feeling frustrated with myself; there’s always the next day of something inside me saying, come on pick up a pen, or pick up the iPad stick a YouTube video on your phone and write what you want to write that comes to mind. 

I’m not 100% sure why I have days that like I want to give up on blogging but I don’t think I would ever give it up properly. The time and effort that I put into it; shows that giving up is the weakest thing you can ever find, for me personally I’m always in the determination of getting through the pain power one way or another. Then I’m okay I have the sparks of creative and I get loads of the blogs and writing done before anything else happens.

Learn from it!

Remember when you were going to do something; to which you had something that you were going to do, yet you spend two days that someone got you to make the priority over, now your in the dog house because your so behind.

When you have schedule planned out of what you need to do that week; you soon realise without that things go out of the window, when you need to do other things on which leads to two days of not being able to do anything. That’s when your work has piled up that you should of done in the two days that you were doing other things; never again I’m going to do that again I don’t think, unless I have pre-planned the whole thing what I’m writing and have the scheduled for that week. 

I for one normally quite good at doing it a week early than I should of done; I guess I learn from it now, knowing that I don’t have enough man power to help me do everything. I practically spent all afternoon on Tuesday 19th July 2017 catching up on paperwork which I’m nearly done I think not hundred percent; there are somethings that need to be written up onto the proper recording sheets, working on Teenagers Life Crisis at 3pm. To which when I posted it on my other paid website I didn’t have enough words; so I had help in writing more to boost it up, along side reposting it again on my own website with the update and take the old one down. But I have kept both together so I have the evidence of what I have written before and what the update version is now. 

That was all on Tuesday. On Wednesday 20th July 2017 whilst having appointment with someone for personal reasons; I managed to keep up to date with blog posting, I had time to focus with more on what needed to be done such like getting another post up for that day or two…when you know that you have the one that you have scheduled for that day as you already pre planned it all the following week. Whilst planning the rest of the week event blogs and have them scheduled. On top of that blogging paper work; it does bother me that much to be honest whilst my iPad is on charge, I can do that as I have everything in front of me and enough to get on with whilst that’s charging. 

I pretty much do everything on my iPad really; except my notes if I have ideas or transferring things over to my notebooks, then I would have the back up of what I need to do and what I have done on that day. When it comes to the day that I have nothing to write about I can just have a field day of paperwork; I am looking for that day to happen but currently it’s not going to happen anytime soon, that reminds me I need to do a colour chart for Vocal Media so I know what colours are for which blog posts when I’m writing up the data collection. See I have so many ideas and everything but there’s only one of me to do it all at the moment. 

As soon as I have everything sorted; I know what I’m doing, things are starting to run smoothly and getting paid for the blogs etc. I can start thinking about taking people on maybe and give them certain people the jobs that need to be doing. At the moment; I am know where near of doing that at the moment, because my work ethic at the moment keeps on swapping and changing at the moment. I haven’t even found the correct way of doing it now; on the plus side I like the one that I’m currently working on at the moment, but….there’s always a but with this one. How long is it going to last if you ask me….

The worst bit about shaving!

The worst part of grooming is shaving! Oh my gosh you will understand why I don’t like my legs from the hips down. 

Over the years since I have entered my 20’s I have caught myself so many times shaving that were so deep to the point they ended up scarring. Don’t think I’m doing it on purpose I’m really not honestly; scouts honour that this is not what you think, I wouldn’t do that. 

When I am shaving I tend to get little ones that I can manage but when it comes you catch yourself the wrong way. Oh my gosh! So painful the first time I think I did it was when I was 21/22 where I caught myself on my left leg; where your foot and your leg joins together, that was so deep that it turned into a scar. Every summer when the English weather comes as a beautiful I notice the scar; which makes me think how the hell did I do that, then I remember how I did it. 

The second one was when I was 25 and I was going on a second date with someone; thats when I caught the inside of my right like I think it was just above the small ankle bone on the inside of the leg, I was so annoyed that I had done it just before a date as well. So embarrassing that was. 

My most recent one at the age of 26 was on my right leg above my ankle; only recently, well the other day that it was on a tendon where I cut it. If it went any deeper than it was I’m not sure what I would of done to be honest; I don’t think I could freak my sister out any more that weekend, as I had to calm her down because she was thrown in the deep end of being a responsible adult along with annoyed with people all week. Don’t blame her to be honest. So I’ve got to wait for that to heal; be great one to tell a boyfriend to be if I ever had one how I got my scars all over my legs, even the tiny ones can scare on your legs as well. 

Oh my gosh do you know what’s even more embarrassing that having scars on your legs from shaving? Is a whole chunk of hair that you missed shaving and you barely notice it until your out someone and something catches your eye. Your like oh my gosh; how the hell did I manage to miss that, then you start being paranoid about how many people walking behind you and notice the clump of hair on the back of your leg? Has anyone done that before? 

I’m quite paranoid about my legs on show in the first place because I’m not use to them being out; along with when my legs rub together and they mark my skin, which makes me feel a whole lot worse about it being on show in the first place. Does anyone have the same issue as me or do they not? I want to know who’s on the same boat as me because everyone has those insecurities about something about their bodies; one way or another but I have loads that I don’t like about my body, I think I’ll talk about that on a different day as this was about what the worst thing that could happen to you when shaving. 

Has anyone else got any thing about their worst time when shaving? Let me know down below I am very intrigued on their worst time shaving is? I know that I’m not alone.  

Gove you have no clue!

What is going on with the Conservatives? No matter how the put it they are still targeting people who are more capable to do things.

I rarely now these days get my ideas from my twitter feed but this week I’ve got 3 for you; but today I’m taking you through the whole Gove and education thing, on which is pretty confusing I do have to say at least. I’m pretty sure I’m confused as well. So I’ll try and explain what I think he might be talk about. I did try and find the article but couldn’t find it; however I do have a snippet of a tweet from Mirror Politics, that all that matters to me in this blog.

Popular doesn’t matter who you but to stay true to yourself; it’s who you are that matters to me, if you believe in yourself then I salute you. I think you can do anything that you put your mind to it; ignore the ignorance of Gove, the Conservatives and many others. Have no clue how to work hard to get where you are; so this is what my view on this statement, which has been said on national tv show on Andrew Marr Show. 

“If you don’t benefit from uni education you shouldn’t pat for those who do” says Gove on tuition fees. – Daily Mirror Politics. 

He has a slight point but if it was only true that was coming out of his mouth; he actually means that if your not cleaver enough, don’t bother in trying to go to uni because your never going to be rich or cleaver enough of what you want to do with your life. That’s what he actually saying. I can tell you right now that you can go to uni weather you are academic or practical; there’s courses for everyone not just for the people who can pay loads of money, I can tell you now you have the option for to go or not. You can go later in life as a mature student. 

I chose not to go because I had enough of education at the time but also I can’t sit for hours on end in a seminar room; as I’m a practical person but I have days that I wish I could of done, but I’m doing much better with the life outside of uni. There is more ways around it; than one also Gove, May, Cameron and the rest of Conservatives have no idea how people work, because they are too far up themselves. All they want is power and be the ones best out on top along with Corbyn. Don’t even get me started on him. 

If Gove knows what his party is doing; if he doesn’t then he is the most dumbest mp you can ever ask for, along with his pal Hunt. They are like a comedy act who don’t even know what they are doing; they should join with Johnson and become a trio, just quit and become comedians. As they well and truly a laughing stock. 

Ignore what people say that you can’t do things; challenge yourself, you can do things if you out your mind to it. Just believe in yourself; I believe in you, I’m always in the same boat as you. I have days like I’m not good enough but guess what I have days when I kick butt; I know that I’m winning by knocking every rugby player that I can to win that point, and then kick it over the rugby goal to get more points. 

Politics don’t even know what they are talking about. I can promise you that right now. 

Why I don’t know to need to know about other people’s life stories

In everyday lives of work, magazines, newspapers and celebrities who seek media attention. There are people who have the capacity of wanting to know every single drama; want to tell you every single drama or everything about themselves, or to sell their story because they want to be attention seeker one way or another. 

People theses days are so wrapped up in their own worlds that everything is about them; don’t care about anything else or anyone else but them, for me I have kept my mouth shut a few times. I only talk about myself if there’s a topic that I can relate to and to be able to share it with my readers. I choose what I want to share and what I don’t want to share. 

Attention seekers don’t have that filter what so ever; it’s because they think they are so fabulous, perfect and everything is about them when it’s not always about them. They have to move the problems aside for one whole day for either its work or friends who need help and support. I use to get it a lot when I was at work everywhere I went; I would hear the same old story about their lives; I’m like is there not anything better to talk about other than themseleves, I sometimes want to say shut up and talk about something else for a change. 

Also why do people judge other people when they don’t actually know the whole story; this what gets me nearly everyone comes to one sided story, making out that the other person is the bad person. Yet the friend or a foe think they understand but they don’t really; all because they listen to that friend more than over you, so that they make your life like a living hell.  

Judging people’s choices; weather it’s right or wrong when you actually don’t know the nature of the options are, that they had to choose from. People just need to stop making up rumours, lies and stories that may not be true. This is because you don’t even know how much it effects on the individual that your talking about; get your facts right before you start creating stories that may not be true, get all the facts first before anything else. Get two sides of every story not just the one story that everyone believes in. 

You may find that people get emotional drained; react in away that you may not realise how much baggage they’ve already have, until you start causing more trouble and forget that everyone has a story not just about you. Like the picture on the left; walk in my shoes, walk down that winding road. What can you see along the way? That’s when you soon realise before you start judging people make it simple by don’t spread things that aren’t true. Other wise you may not be able to forgive yourself or they won’t forgive you if they start not to trust you anymore or you got off the wrong start with them. 

Lushest Summer June 2017

Loving the life of June 2017’s lushest summer heat; if only there was a beach near by, swimming pool that’s not too far away from the house, would of been nice if there was a pool in my back garden but my house and garden isn’t the richest or spaces you can ask for but it’s my family house my home that I grew up in. 

This year’s weather in June is actually quite pleasant; way too hot but I’m not complaining as much; if it was raining then this blog would be completely differently, but heyho it’s not raining and it’s warm sunny and guess what this is what our summers should be like. My grandma said to me the other day was “it will turn into a storm one day”; I think she might be right actually as she didn’t take a coat with her when she came round my house for dinner, for once I actually agree with her on that one. Not that I wouldn’t disagree or agree with her that much; as she has dementia but she does come out with lots of good things, but glad that she was able to enjoy the weather as much as we did.

This weekend just been everyone headed down to the beaches; had barques, chilling in the sun, like we were craving the Vitamin D’s. Which is fair enough true; as we don’t actually get much of the sun or the heat, due to the fact that British weather is generally raining, dull and cold. Especially when it comes to the 6 weeks holidays it could all change by then; who knows to be honest with you, I never know if I’m coming or going. All I have to say is right now I am actually enjoying the nice warm weather; nothing isn’t going to me now, it’s just that feeling of positive coming to which everyone needs in their life. If the sun can do that we should have all the time. 

Currently the temperature is like 32 degrees and it’s so hot and yet my legs are cold and so is my feet but heyho that’s what you get for being cold monjority of the time, but then again I get to boiled. So my body can’t make heads or tail of it all; probably poor circulation, or something yay me. 

However at least the heat will stay around for the next few days; so it would be nice to have a chance to live it, and enjoy it as much as we can. It’s got to the point that it’s so hot that I’ve had to rummage in the freezer to look for ice cream; as you remember I think I might be dairy what you call it, but right now I’m so hot that I needed ice cream. The ice cream had already started to melt before I even touched it; that’s how you could tell it was that hot, it’s still 32/33 degrees hotter and this is British weather man so brilliant. 

Even trying to film a few videos and my phone was getting to warm due to the heat. It’s getting ridiculous. To be fair it was two videos that I did so I can counter that bit I think as my hands were hot at the time as well; you might of already seen them or you may not yet, depends when I get round to edit them and attach them to the rightful blog page as well. When I’ve done the blog for them as well. Lots to do but in this heat it’s stupid. Anyways catch you laters guys see you on the next #throwbackthursday

Vile People

There’s no good in vile people; vile people have the blackest hearts in the world, no good can heal what they have done.

As I woke up with headache in the early hours of Thursday morning but late Wednesday night; I had turned to my phone as I do for a bit of comfort as now I couldn’t sleep with the massive headache, I generally probably reply to my messages even though people maybe asleep. Sometimes I actually get a response from them unexpectedly; not all the time though, it’s just a fluke to be honest with you. 

In today’s society there’s so many vile people out there from ISIS, Government, Trump, May, Johnson is now one (should quit now whilst he’s a head), along with bad step – parents (there are good step-parents as well), friends, colleagues and many more. There is a long list of vile people who disrespects other people because they think that they can. 

Hey guess what you won’t be winning their trust or support or anything like that if you do that to them. I can easily just point out I have had my fair share of vile people; I may of done myself at some point but, at the end of the day I’m not one of those people who want power over people. Killing innocent people every two weeks and not see any progress; not saying any names but I’m going to have to Theresa May and her party. 

Furthermore to this vile human nature that we live in a bypasser yesterday/maybe today where so many lives got taken away; along with the victims who got out alive, who lost their homes. Decide to do the most indecent thing you can ever ask for; taking photos of people who couldn’t get out of the tower block in body bags, thinking it was the best and funny thing to do. That’s how low people can be who have no respect of the living or the dead; then today Theresa May well what can we say, she visited the aftermath but to the fire services and expectations of the building and she never really went to speak to the victims who had survived the burning building. Jeremy Corbyn well he showed sympathy to the victims and the services; not sure if it’s just a publicity stunt or not but he shows better leader skills than May, May really doesn’t care about the people does she. 

If you think of how many people we had lost in the past three months from the first terror attack to the last terror attack; then followed by the tower building fire losing lives about 53 people who have lost their lives from 4 different attacks, the number will be rising from the tower block aftermath as they are still looking for people. It’s sickening that no government cares about us what so ever; if they did what’s stopping them, why aren’t our voices being heard? Why doing something about it after something bad went wrong? Most importantly why is it happening now for the whole government and House of Commons looking into the whole what could of prevented? and what could of stopped it from happening? The answers will most likely to go unsolved; I can guarantee you that we will never know what might of caused it, I just feel sorry for the victims and families who have lost members.

Again we as public pulled together; Muslim and Islam communities broke their fast to come running to there aid, that shows courage for everyone that not every Muslim or Islam are bad people. I do show respect for those people who broke their tradition to help others; I personally would thank them because they must feel like we blaming them for things recently, but all so they want to show people that they are here to respect our laws and rules in the country. 

No matter how long the government will ignore us especially the Conservatives; we will win no matter what they do, say or even think. We will continue to come out on top and reduce the number of deaths as we can; we will fight back with the help of our communities, what’s more they will not separate us or break us. 

Love of my country 

Love of my country of things that makes me feel proud of being British not the stupid British we are known for monjority of the time. 

My country! My country is strong! My country come together and we stand together! We are a small country but at least we know how to fight back. I only ask the world this. If your going to bad mouth us; think it’s right to think we need help with attacking the people who did this, think wisely who would come and help you if your country was next. Faking news, blowing up the bad people in our hounor and insulting our people especially who is the mayor. Don’t expect our sympathy if your the ones under attack. At least we can capture more attacks just under 24 hours. Before you realise what had happened. #westandtogether #onelovemanchaster #onelovelondon

What makes us great at being British is that we all pull together; together as one, one whole unit two people I believe who are the most heroes and don’t get the best recognition since the attacks are the policeman who was the first on the scene and put his life on the line. He was only been on the beat for year and half or so; he feels it’s his fault that he couldn’t do more to help, as he only had his baton to hand. Whilst his colleagues battled to save his life; he was still want to hit back to the terror attacks, to protect his colleagues and the people that he served. The police officer is a hero no matter what; he did what he did for his love of the country, the citizens, colleagues and most of all the Queen of the country. Along with other officers that were also attacked; they are the heroes of this county, not the political parties they don’t do things to protect us. 

The news reporter for a newspaper company; even if the news papers get under the attack at things, but one guy who put his life on the line for someone else. He has this horrible doubts in his head now; weather what he did was the right thing to do, we all have those feelings but I do have to say this. He is a hero because what he did was unbelievable; you don’t get people to do that over the past few years, however in recent weeks we’ve become to the customs of these types off violent attacks, we help people in no matter what that’s how we are great. 

We respect our rules, laws and many more but people who don’t think our law isn’t relevant to them don’t respect them as we respect theirs if we went to their country. I’m not being racist or anything; we let people into our country for freedom and for safety, we should have the favour of having respect for our country for helping them out. However they don’t; all I can say is this if you don’t like our country or our rules and laws, you know where the door is that you came through. 

This is my country and I love my country more than politics. We are stronger than the whole politics in the commons; we are the nation who care when we are in trouble with things such as terror attacks, the more threats we get the more aware we are of them. All I can say is this UK “we stand together as one whole nation”. Keep your wits about you and see any danger or something happens; help people out if they have been targeted, help the services as much as you can even when your watching your own safety.