Oh for the love of writing! How much stuff have I got? 

Oh for the love of writing! How much stuff have I got?

My parents had moved a big green arm chair that once belonged to my great nan on my mum’s dad side of the family; they had to move it for my grandparents to use for their health reasons, one of my parents came in to ask me to sort out some folders that were left underneath the chair at the time. I went down to go and get them. Once I have brought them up; as I looked through I didn’t realise how much notes, stories and etc I had. 

My god I didn’t realise how much I gone through in my late teens when I was back at college 17-21 years old; the love of writing I did back then was truly amazing, it gave me that sense of wellbeing of joy and happiness that I loved about writing. It just gave me the greatest achievement, sense of achievement and accomplishment of being able to do something like creative writing and blogging to a whole knew level. 

Literally 3 files worth of old notes and stories that I use to write; on which now I am determined to carry on, achieving knowing that I can do this once and for all. Anyone can achieve their dreams if they can believe in themselves and work hard in what they want to do in life.

Your Opinions On Reality Tv 


The whole reality Tv things gets me so confused theses days; there’s so many I’m just like oh shhhs no one seems to care, your only doing it for attention and etc. Hey ho this is all about my opinions at the end of the day; hey guess what it’s throwbackthursday, it’s what topic I’ve chosen even if I’m struggling to write it on a Wednesday along with the others. 

Your Opinions On Reality TV

When I was growing up there wasn’t much reality Tv shows other than Pop Stars, Pop Rivals, Behind the Star in your eyes, blind date, I’m Celebrity get me out of here and X Factor. Now you’ve got loads of them Towie, Jersey Shores, British Got Talent, The Voice and many more. 

If your watching reality tv shows like Towie and Jersey Shores I hate to say it but it’s all about attention seekers who think that their lives are so much better than everyone else’s. That’s not reality Eastenders who is fiction and play out the true emotions of true stories; get attracted because people don’t want to know or really upset by it, I’m sorry this is reality it’s the real world not the whole world is about dumb idiots who don’t work because they getting paid by the shows that they do.

I could give you my low down of my reality that I do each day; the mount of battles I have to do, where I currently work and behind the scenes of my personal life of looking after my grandparents. Believe me the people who do these shows may not even laid a finger on anything that I had to do. 

I’m celebrity get me out of here shows people who watch this program the real side of being celebrities because not all don’t see, to be who they relaunch say they are. I’m going to stop now as I’m starting to waffle now haha. 

My garden back then!


This week has to be the most topsy turvy week everything is going in the wrong places; blogs not being done, don’t worry all will go back to normal soon as I’ve got everything sorted. Being ill, bank holidays and going to work then not going to work just mess everything up. On the good note I have a surprise for you this week it’s an old picture of my garden way before it looks now. 

My garden back then!

This is a picture curtsy of my next door neighbor for 26 years of my life but longer than that before I was born. 29 years as my parents moved in when they were expecting my second oldest brother at the time. 
The garden then was pretty awesome not saying it looks awesome now; but at the time of growing up the whole garden looked big, with a big space you could play in you could put more play things in. On which my parents did over the years; I don’t remember much now but you tend to forget over the years, as the times and the eras change. 

At the end of the garage there was a Wendy House; that my dad had built for me when I was a kid it apparently was turned into lots of things, like flower shop, shrieking shack, Chinese Restaurant and many others that I don’t remember. My sister had the Wendy House after I didn’t need it; however me and my siblings use to jump off the roof as for fun, that’s what we did in those days, well my brothers did in those days. They would get up to loads of things back then. More settle down now but still up to no good when they want to be. Now in the Wendy House’s place for my mums 50th present she wanted a green house; the fun of knocking down the Wendy House, along with three of us. Me, my sister who was about 11 or 12 I think not sure at the time and one of my brothers were knocking it down. Just the two of them would go flying into the Wendy House every so often with the sledgehammer; at that time they were bit of light weights, as I was a bit heavier who could stand my ground a bit more. Haha not boosting or anything but I think now they can do more than I can I think as they’ve put more weight on. 

Where the climbing frame is, the rabbit hut is and the little seating area is. Is now currently has a trampoline in the corner, my mums vegetable patch and the green house is now sitting. From the rabbit hutch to the shed is now a more adulty seating area to get away from the house, if you can these days now when you have the Sainsbury’s car park and etc.

In a few weeks time or so I’ll do another #throwbackthursday with a most recent update photo of my back garden to show you how much it has changed over the years.

What have you learnt from a family member?

What have you learnt from a a family member? 

The things that I learnt from a family member is that it’s okay to be not so tough at times; however being a tough person it’s like say you can’t do that or can’t do this. With the stories that I’ve been told about my grandparents that I never knew; it makes me wonder why I sometimes get quite cross, stick up for people who can’t stick up for themselves. Plus at the the best of times I think as I look back at my past as a kid; I wish I could of done what I know now, but can’t change the past but to look forwards.

You have to be nice and friendly to everyone; even though you just want to rattle their cages, because sometimes they can’t see what you can see until it happens and your like “I told you so”. That’s when they start coming to you for more information and etc to be able to help the children’s in their class. 

Bullying Awareness 


People who bully others can often find it hard to ask for help. They often find themselves worrying that they’ll get into trouble with their teachers or they’ll be bullied themselves.  

It does take courage to stop being a bully. Once you’ve started bullying this means that it doesn’t mean you have to continue. Help with bullying isn’t just available to people who’ve been bullied. Many anti-bullying support groups also help people who are involved in bullying themselves.

Talking to a parent, teacher or an older pupil who you get on well with. Your school should be able to help you. Some schools have peer support schemes, where older children are trained to help younger children deal with bullying. Peer support is also usually available to children and young people who say they’re bullies.

If you’re worried about being judged and don’t want to speak to anyone you know, you can get help anonymously by contacting ChildLine. ChildLine advisers will listen to any child whatever the problem and give advice. Advice from http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Bullying/Pages/Howtostopbeingabully.aspx 


Why do people bully others?

There are many reasons why people bully others. It may be that they’re unhappy and are taking it out on someone else. Many people who bully have low self-esteem, and bullying can be a way of coping with this. In some cases, people who bully are also being bullied themselves.

Others are encouraged to bully by their friends and do it because they don’t want to be left out. Some people pick on others because they’re looking for attention or because they’re feeling jealous.

The BBC has an interactive guide to help you explore what bullying is: Am I a bully?.

What should you do if you see someone being bullied?

If you witness a bullying incident, it’s important to do something. Don’t just walk away and ignore it. You can tell the bullies to stop doing it as long as you’re not afraid it will lead to a confrontation.

The best thing to do is talk to someone, such as a teacher, parent or friend. If you’re worried about doing this, leave an anonymous note for the teacher explaining the situation. Then the teacher will at least be aware of what’s going on.

Cyberbullying can be just as hurtful as other kinds of bullying. If you know it’s happening, tell someone you trust. How people behave online should reflect how they behave face to face.

Where to find more information about bullying


ChildLine is a website and helpline for young people and children. You can call ChildLine on 0800 1111 at any time of the day or night to talk about any worries you have. Phone calls are free from landlines and mobiles, and they won’t appear on a phone bill.

You can also chat online to an adviser, or contact ChildLine by email or message board.

The ChildLine website has information and advice on bullying.

Bullying UK

Bullying UK offers extensive practical advice and information about bullying for young people, and its website has a section on bullying at school.

For more advice or other areas of bullying self help please go onto http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Bullying/Pages/Bullyinghome.aspx

5 Ways to style your blog paperwork


This week the Hustle and Bustle of Blogging Advice is back; as I was trying to think of what to do for this Thursday feeling, I was pulling out notes off my clipboards/folders trying to figure out what title to use for this weeks #throwbackthursday. I saw this title of 5 Ways to style….; I thought why not do 5 ways to style your blog paperwork, when recently I’ve been creative with my blog paperwork and might as well share it with everyone else. How’s that for a throwbackthursday week huh pretty awesome don’t you think. 

5 Ways to style your blog paperwork

Come to see what the 5 Ways to style your blog paperwork? Is that a yes. Good answer I like that answer a lot; well you have come to the right place anyways, it’s not always that easy when your trying to be come a successful blogger for any social media sites. Unless your doing it for fun that’s okay; but still want to learn how to keep up with paperwork etc in case it does take off, some people don’t even realise how much it would cause the internet by storm. 

So this is my 5 Ways of styling my blog paperwork:

5. I’m always looking out for new ways; such as looking up ideas such like, planning, yearly planning and etc. I use the Pinterest a lot of ideas for all that stuff and to be able to use some of the freebies; to be able to get started as a base line, then go on from there. 

4. I’m pretty much a colour coded freak when it comes to my blog paperwork; I’ve always been like with my writing overs the years of being an author of some of my stories, it’s quite calming and enjoyable. Most probably OCD when it comes to the colour coding as everything has to be the same colour for each thing; either that there’s something wrong with me, I even colour coded my boards to separate the whole blogging, goals and now my reminders in three different colours but waiting to get some money so that I can order the colour that I want. 

3. I prefer pen and notebook. Notebook and pen are like my weapon of ideas; as I love the feel of the pen touching the pages, as it glides over the lines. I even made labels for my note books; so that I know that I know which is which because at the end of the day, I know what I have done and what not or there’s a few ideas that I may use or don’t use. 

2. Creating tags is the best thing ever; I spend way too much time designing tags, I do have to say it is one of my guilty pleasures to do. I use canvas, photo editor and multi-picture collection. For me it becomes easier to know what I want; no how to design it how I want it as the best thing I could do, or close enough so that it’s good enough to post along side my blogs.

1. Is to be able to feel confident in sharing your 5 ways of style your blog paperwork. If you feel like you have the confidence and self believe to share it; give if ago there is no harm done if something that works for you, can work for someone else as well. I always think and say “sharing is caring” yeah I know it’s hard if you don’t get on with people; but you have to get on for the sake of the other person, I would like to give you a challenge of giving this ago and see what you come up with. 

I hope this is useful to you all; I actually play around to see what works with me all the time, still do now for somethings. Something’s stick and something’s don’t but adapt it to your own needs; I always adapt things that are different along side certain what I can cope without feeling so intimidated, for a example an A4 piece of paper. I genuinely hate an A4 piece of paper because of the thought of having to fill up the whole paper with ideas and etc. I have a lot of struggle with that; so I adapt it for my needs for ideas by folding the piece of paper into A5 sizes, then I feel a whole lot better that each size of the A4 is covered in notes after I had finished. 

What is your current favourite films/tv programs to watch?


It’s okay it’s not all going to be reviews and etc jeez guys; I just couldn’t think of what to call the title for the category, just had a complete mind blank when I created it to be honest with you. I do like the picture that I have used for the background. 

What is your current favourite films/tv programs to watch?

Since having Netflix I’ve been getting into lots of films and tv programs; that I wouldn’t of dream of watching on the tv, but I do now on Netflix as it’s brought to my attention of how good the programs are. Yeah they are probably easier on Netflix than box sets of dvds laying around the house; however there are programs and films that I find I want to watch but it’s not on Netflix, on which means that I have to go out and buy it to be able to to watch them. 

I’m going to list the things that I’m currently watching or completed watching as they have brought my eye and made me enjoy them over and over again.

Still currently watching

  • Once Upon A Time ✔ still on going 
  • Grimm ✔ just started to watch it  
  • Britains Darkest Taboos ✔ continuing to watch
  • House of Cards ✔ continuing to watch
  • The Fuller House (both of them) ✔still watching 

TV and Programs that I’ve completed watching 

  • The Stranger of Things ✔ completed 
  • The Crown ✔ completed 
  • The Secrets of Crickely Hall ✔completed 
  • Josef F – The story of a monster ✔ completed 
  • Who took Jonny ✔ Completed 
  • Star Trek into the Darkness ✔ completed 
  • Midwinter of the Sprit ✔ completed
  • Safe House ✔ completed 
  • Case 39 ✔ completed 
  • For the love of Spook ✔completed 
  • The Phedphile Next Door ✔ completed 
  • The good neighbour ✔ completed 
  • The people and OJ ✔completed
  • A royal Christmas ✔ completed 
  • London has fallen ✔completed 
  • Dreams of life ✔ completed 
  • Joe and Casper ✔ completed 
  • Johnathan Creek ✔ completed 
  • The smurfs 2 ✔completed 
  • Queen Country ✔completed 
  •  Region ✔ completed 

Review over my list of shows and films 

Since having Netflix I have watched a fair amount of films and shows on there; I do like my documentaries because it will help me to understand the world a bit more better, but also not everything is so colourful as you think it is. However it gives you guys something what sort of things I’m into watching in my spare time when I’m not blogging or working.  

I still like my DVDs as well as Netflix which can still give me the same feeling of excitement and want to know what’s going to happen next. If there’s any tv programs or films that you think I may like to watch do let me know; as I’m interested to see what else is there that can get me into a gripping good story, like up above in my lists.