Monday Online Diary Entries: Tell me it’s not true – Story

On the Livingstone Village, flies were sometimes the first indication that someone had died yet as the old house, with its wildly overgrown garden was silent, secretive that the whole family had been cursed since there was a strange wailing sound coming from the next room. “Tell me it’s not true. Say it’s just a story” cried a woman’s voice who echoed within the empty shell of the house.
Standing by the empty overgrown house was an observer who was from a native american tribe; to which new everyone’s story one way or another in the village by living on the outskirts in the woods, people would nod or great them or sometimes would avoid them if there was a notice on the board by them with a warning. The news however broke out when they all heard what happened to two of the Borthwright couple who had once lived there.
So did y’ hear the story of the Borthwright couple as like each other as two new pins of which two different wombs born on the exact same day; yet how did one know would meet a Kennedy member would die, one knew what she was letting herself in for. Have you never hear how they both died never knowing that their eldest son also died; yet their three triplets were going to save the world, until the day that they died and when a mother cried my own dear family lie slain.
An did y’ never hear of the mother that was so cruel who brought the monster into the world; there’s a stone placed in her heart then trying to bring herself on to confess that she played this part, now come judge for yourselves how two mothers played this part. As one holds a newspaper with the two latest victims pictures on the front of the newspaper and one cried in the living room floor back at the house as we stood inside.
As both of their voices echoed in the winds and the walls the exact same words. The exact same day. Tell me it’s not true just say it’s just a story in a book or something on the news. Yet tell me it’s not true though it’s here before me; say it’s just a freaky dream, say it’s just a scene from an old movie that I use to watch many years ago.
Say it’s some clowns in a circus two players in the limelight to bring the curtain down. Say it’s just two who couldn’t even get their lines right; even if it’s just a show on the radio, so could turn over and start again and laugh again. Just tell me it’s not true say it’s only a dream that I dreamt all those years ago and the morning will come soon.
You didn’t mean it. Say you were pretending and it wasn’t the end of their lives. Just kill me instead save the innocent people; like in the old movies from years ago; say it’s just a dream and the morning will come soon, tell me as I am your mother that it’s not true. Just tell me as a parent that you didn’t mean it; so I can forgive you from the bottom of my heart, just tell me it was the pretend and it will all come to the end. I’ll take your pain away.
The most vivid memories of this village is how swiftly those who’ve made a pact can over look the fact that we can just get over the horrible deaths but then wish the reckoning could of been delayed. Yet a debt is a debt and must be paid. Yet do we blame the superstition for crime came to pass or could it be what we have come to know as the class of two innocent couple. Did you ever wonder hear how the triplets come orphans just at the age of three? Like each other has three new pins. Where both parents were born exact same day, one son born on another day and all three died on the self exact same day.
On the anniversary of every year there’s always a full moon shining and a joker is in the pack; the dealers dealt the cards but won’t take them back yet there’s a black stalking around in the next village, and a woman who’s so afraid that there’s no point of getting off without a price being paid. Maybe if you had your fingers crossed it would all be just a game and then no one wouldn’t have lost. Yet there was always a woman standing in the door way of the Borthwright’s house her dress was faded and her shows worn out like she was still alive but people knew who it was. Every time the anniversary came up.

Looking Glass Part 4: The Day They Got Separated

It was time that for the three to be segregated to their new protectors. Which the Native American and Fred had put in place officially. To which the Stacie and James had also a observer each; however they don’t know that, hopefully never will have too. 

It was one full moon the night before the three got separated for good. The Native American Chief’s wife asked “tell me it’s not true Dekota…say it’s just a story that everybody is talking about”. As they both sat round the campfire waiting for some news from one of the observers or Fred to come when to move and help them. They both stared into the fire; as they could see the three triplets playing in the orphanage in the department, knowing that the three of them will soon be forgetting each other very soon. 

The Native American spoke out to his tribe whilst still looking into the fire. “So did you hear the story about the Borthwright Triplets. Like three new pins; just from one womb born the exact same day, how they served that day? Yet did you even know why they will be separated? Yet they not knowing that they will be sharing one name. Until the day they meet each other again. As my wife cried out that night when she found out that she had just lost her best friend.” 

There was a pause. The chief looked around in the midst of his Native Tribe; then the trees had started to be picked up by the winds, something in the wind had caught his eye. Something didn’t really feel right. He couldn’t make it out what it was; something really didn’t sit with him right, everyone knew that something wasn’t right as they too picked it up the sense. He pressed on “Did you hear the mother who wasn’t so cruel; but yet there’s a stone in heart that was placed by no other than the murder himself, then come judge for yourselves how she became to play this part of saving her children.” 

There were was a long pause; until they all crinkled their noses, wondering what could make the camp smell like this. Something brushed up against one of the Native American’s foot making him jump; when he realised that it was a wolf laying low but hurt badly, he watched as the wolf changed back into a human being. The wolf was Tom. To the Native Americans horror that someone that they knew was so badly beaten had come all this way for help; the Native American Chief and his wife quickly stood up, ordered a group of them to bring him into the tepee and get the Native American Tucson the healer of the tribe who should be sleeping. 

In the mist of the Native American Campsite of everyone running around getting things, doing things everything that was possible to save their friend. A man in a small town/village was quite miffed because he had to be somewhere at 7; the time was 6:55pm, as he got in through the door his daughters had come running towards him giving him a hug. Whilst he was try to put his stuff down and head back out of the door; his wife knew he was angry that the train was late today, and it would always comes early or on time. The rules had become a bit tight since the murder of their two friends; she knew her husband wanted to hurt the primeminster one way or another, and along with Fred who was trying to get the disappearance act lifted for those who needed it the most…..

What is The Tales of Three Triplets about?

The lots of thoughts and risks went into putting this out for you to guys. I hope you enjoy reading them.

I had started writing The Tales of Three Triplets originally when I was in year 10 I think it was; which would be back in 2006 I think it was, not 100% sure it’s been going for so long that I’ve been re-writing it none stop over the years. I have at least 20 questions that I have found; each question I will answer truthfully, honestly and the best I can so that you guys can understand what the main reason behind this.

1) Explain the title: The Tales of the Triplets came about when I was trying to think of what to cool the whole book; as there was or will be a series of short stories that will link up to all the stories through out the book, it shares the tales of what they have got up to and each one tells the story or how the feel at the time of the situation.

2) What category or genre do you think it fits into? The genre is a fantasy children’s book; to which they can explore the world of their imagination, letting them go wild with the thought of having different types of animals and wanting to go to old places that may have been mentioned in the book.

3) What do you think the author’s purpose was? The purpose was to get the insight of each triplet; as each character has their own unique, sense of doing things, but two of them do slip up when they push the wrong buttons or never know when Duncan is going to go off on one. Mainly James says something that ticks Duncan off because of his stupidity when he doesn’t think; before he says it, he just says it before thinking. 

4) Something you liked about it: The fact that they are learning about themselves along the way; whilst looking for something, but also to be able to get to know each other more as they haven’t been together since they’ve been an infant. Also each one has my sort of character; weather I’m angry I make one of the characters angry, if I’m upset get one of the characters to be upset and so on. 

5) Something you disliked about it: What I don’t like about it is; even James winds me up at the best of times, throughout the series. I know I know I made the character; every author has one character that they really don’t like don’t they? I’ve just told you mine. 

6) Describe the setting: Each story will be a follow on where the previous story had left; in which flows swimmingly like they were meant to be one whole book, but with the each story has twist. Just to as when you think they will be safe! Then boom! Something happens to them. 

7) Which character did you like most? There’s this one character that I love the most; but I can’t really tell you much about him; he is a classic fun guy, who’s related to the triplets one way or another but they don’t know it yet and neither does the person. He’s always a practical joker that plays tricks on everyone from left, right and centre. 

8) Which character did you like least? As I have mentioned in one of the questions the one character I least don’t like is James; he does try his hardest to be not the stupid one, or the annoying one as that but he’s just one of the poses characters that you just want to punch in the face. Pretty much want to do that everyday at people in the real world to be honest; but I like it in this world as I get someone else to do my dirty work, at the end of the day it’s my characters and I can pretty much do what I like within reason of course. 

9) Describe one of the main characters: To describe one main character…hmm like me think. I’m going to go for Duncan; this is because I based Duncan around my cousin who’s autistic, so I thought wouldn’t it be cool to explore through the eyes of a character who is autistic. But with a shocking twist that he is only half autistic because of this magical power that he has is stopping him fully developing the full special needs. He can also experience a normal life as well. Duncan has blonde browny hair; rather likes it flat and into his eyes a bit, he’s taller and the oldest out of the three of them. 

10) Would you get these stories published on paper? I would definitely get these blog story post as on paper one day soon; I would love to see how well they do, that’s why I want to see how well they do on my blog websites to begin with. If they do well then I’ll find the courage to get them published. 

The whole process of the whole Tales of the Triplets; can be quite challenging at the best of times, were I loose touch with it either because I’m so busy with other things or I don’t know what to write or get so frustrated with it that I don’t think that they are good enough pieces of work. 

Monjority of the process can be easy when I know what to write; as my pen flows onto the paper, I don’t actually write the story I let the characters tell the story for themselves. It’s all about them. They are the stars of the stories. Not me. I like to think in my head that I have a meeting with all the characters; one by one they have ideas for me to write down, or they give me ideas on post it’s that they have written i.e. Me obviously. 

When it thunderstorms I cheekily joke with myself; that I’m not coming up to sort them out I’m busy, you sort yourseleves out this time. I tend to joke about the quotes and share them on twitter then realise that no one knows the in joke. Other than my sister and my cousin. However now that I say something in cross reference you guys know even if I’m writing a blog and I say something. You would think hang on; that would be so somebody rather would say, I generally don’t realise myself sometimes. 

The process for me is each section is a beginning has a set of questions; the second section has a set of questions, and the last section has a set of questions. Each question has a paragraph each of a brief summary of what it be; once the brief out set of the whole story is done, in the next notebook I write it out all out adding more description into the paragraphs and then when it comes to the typing up I edit the story that way. To which is my average story time writing process; I also like to research places to add more feel too it, and if I’ve been there then the sense of the characters would feel too.

Looking Glass Part 3: The night they became orphans

There’s two sides of what happened that night; one I’m just about to tell you, another is secretly safe with me until I’m ready to let the full works out in paper. Let me continue that one fateful night. – Authors Notes

Urgent News 

Mark Borthwright has been killed; looking for the suspect/creature a like, we know who’s behind it but we are still looking and how he must of done it.

Deputy Head 

Lord Phillip Mounthouse

Deputy Head of Worlds Apart School

Deputy of Kennedy Department 

Co-Protector to the Queen of United Kingdom

Auour of Worlds Apart 

Their worst fear became true; Marshall felt Duncan and his whatever it is building up inside him once more, he said to everyone move away from me and Duncan slowly and steadily. The two other offices picked up James and Stacie quickly and started to move backwards with the security officer who put a shield over them for protection. Marshall could see the other two turning away snuggling and buried their heads in the arms of their protectors; knowing something was going to happen, it wasn’t going to be good one single bit. 

There was three loud pops and cracks; which they all heard to which point didn’t sound to great in the wall of the orphanage, Fred muttered a few swear words under his breath. To which made the Native American Chief smirk with laughter; because he knew how badly every Kennedy made that crack worse over time, he had loads to prove it in his camp. 

The observer ran over explaining to Marshall to lay Duncan down or lay Duncan on top off him if he’s not letting go. He promised it was going to hurt him one bit or Duncan. Whatever it was; it felt like eternity, wishing it was over and done with. Fred was use to death threats when it came to his own family problems; that’s why he highered them because he knew that they wouldn’t, which made the Native American Chief laugh more. Sometimes Fred wondered why he brought his old friend with him half the time; he doesn’t really do much in the way of helping, just let the person who’s doing the whole transition and etc do it. Unless his laughter has got something to do it with it. Never understood why he would laugh about things like that; then he had notice that the Native American Chief had left his side, as he watched from not to far away. 

Both Observer and Native American Chief mummers a incantation or something that drew more invisible magic into Duncan; on which Fred really didn’t like about but it had to be done, as he was too young to control the magic at the age. 

“Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. – Hopi,” “Day and night cannot dwell together. – Duwamish,” “It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand. – Apache” “They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind. – Tuscarora” “All plants are our brothers and sisters. They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them. – Arapaho” “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand. – Tribe Unknown.” “Before eating, always take time to thank the food. – Arapaho” “When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us. – Arapaho” “If we wonder often, the gift of knowledge will come. – Arapaho” “Most of us do not look as handsome to others as we do to ourselves. – Assiniboine” “Those that lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. – Blackfoot” “In age, talk; in childhood, tears. – Hopi” “We always return to our first loves. – Tribe Unknown” “What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. – Blackfoot” “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. – Cherokee” “Those who have one foot in the canoe, and one foot in the boat, are going to fall into the river. – Tuscarora” “The weakness of the enemy makes our strength. – Cherokee”

The whole incantation of what they had done come to an end; it felt so long for some people in which, Stacie and James had fell asleep in the detectives laps and the security guard was completely out of it as he fell asleep on the comfortable floor. Fred was sitting up against the wall dosing off to sleep; Duncan and Marshall were finally asleep to which became easier for the Native American Chief and the observer, the Native American Chief whispered to the observer to go and get the tribe as he stayed here to watch over everyone. When the observer comes back and everyone is place of protecting the orphans and the department he would join the Native American Chief in the Kennedy Orphanage……


Looking Glass Part 2: The night they became orphans

There’s two sides of what happened that night; one I’m just about to tell you, another is secretly safe with me until I’m ready to let the full works out in paper. Let me continue that one fateful night. – Authors Notes 

His hiding place would of been discovered. What on earth was he going to do now? As he watched the man who just killed Mary right before his eyes. The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming; that’s when something happened, that something the observer all knew to well off. He was going back to a place he’d hoped he would never see again; it was just him, the man Oliver Wishingwell and one of the boys. He couldn’t work it out which one it was as his face was changing every time to one of the Kennedys; that’s when the observer knew who it was, it was Duncan. Duncan had that extra power that had passed down to him; from his ancestors and of course the observer’s ancestors, as he watched Oliver was struggling to get close to Duncan. 

Then this powerful moment of something like invisible magic exploded everywhere; Oliver had gone, the only people who were left were the unseen followers praying on the dead to gain what they could have left. The triplets were crying. The observer didn’t dare change back into a human being. The alarm had finally gone off. Within seconds everyone came rushing; the three detectives from The Kennedy Department had taken the three away, before the other world social services had got their hands on them. Fred appeared; noticed the wolf disappearing out of the room, the unseen followers had disappeared out of sight into the rain that had started making the snow melt away. Thunder and lighting had started to happen. 

The observer continued to run; running towards the woods, to inform the chief Indian what he had just witness. That was the last time the observer was ever seen; no one could bring him in for questioning, Fred wouldn’t or refused to tell the primeminster where he is either. When both of them were at the house arguing; Fred was trying to remain calm as much as possible, but when it came to the primeminster. Well. Everyone knows that the Kennedy’s are actually in charge of the whole ministry itself and their world; they just didn’t fancy becoming the prime-minster, rather get on behind the scenes than dealing with everything else. 

Meanwhile whilst everything else was happening at the house; the three detectives had arrived at the Kennedy Orphanage in the department of the World Apart, two of them were eager to be put down and run off playing like nothing had happened. One of them want to stay in one of their arms; to be able to feel protected and safe a bit more, ‘it’s alright Duncan…it’s alright Duncan mate. You don’t have to go and play we can just sit here’ said the man in a Cornish accent. 

Whilst the other two detectives went to join the other two who were playing together; their names were James and Stacie, they were use to having each other’s company more because they knew that Duncan had something wrong with him but they didn’t know what. However they could feel it as they can sometimes feel each other’s emotions and etc. They left him with the other detective. 

Detective Mash could feel the what ever the observer had just witness; dying down now as Duncan was slowly felt more relaxed, having him close by than anyone else. They were all waiting to know what was going to happen next; but they didn’t know how long that was going to take, was it going to be hours, days, weeks for the three to be separated from each other. All of this wasn’t expected to happen; especially so soon in the recent death of Mary’s mothers death as she died to protect them, as she refused to tell Oliver where they lived. Mary’s father was no where to be found; they assumed that he was captured or go into hiding, so that they couldn’t ask him to take on the grandchildren. Especially on his own with four of them; but then again no one knows if the eldest son is alive or dead, they would of thought Oliver or someone would got to him by now and done something. However they would of thought the school was the last place to go to if Oliver knew that the school was run by the Kennedy family; but then again he wanted all of the Kennedys dead one way or another, their thoughts were disrupted by a security guard with a note in his hand. 

One of the more free detectives got up from the floor and walked over to him. As he got nearer he could see the man’s face looking terrified and he was shaking that he couldn’t believe what just came in. Once the detective had taken the note from the security guard; the note had said, 
Urgent news 

Mark Borthwright is………….

Looking Glass Part 1: The night they became orphans

There’s two sides of what happened that night; one I’m just about to tell you, another is secretly safe with me until I’m ready to let the full works out in paper. Let me begin that one fateful night. – Authors Notes

The randomness of snowflakes is a sight that enraptures the casual observer. Who watched a young mother struggling with three young infants; who seem to give her the run around, luckily someone who the young lady knows carefully without skipping over, came running over to give her a hand. As he watched the dramatic scene that had laid before him; he said “do you know who they are?” Thinking out loud but actually talking to you readers; “no you say?…..haven’t you heard the tales and the rumours of the three young triplets.” He paused for a moment as the young lady had two of the triplets; the much older lady had managed to calm the other child down, and ended up carrying him as he was distracted by the scarf that she was wearing. 

He waited for a second before he followed; then he followed them down the road, the two women were talking about something. Something about tests and waiting for the results to come through the post. The observer stopped in his tracks; he turn to his readers again, “you see…things have already started to take shape with these three children; tests and waiting for results to come through, it can only mean one thing.” As he grinned shamelessly as he knew something wasn’t gong right that night; he couldn’t do much about it to be honest, he was just there as a protector of the triplets but no one knows it except him. He couldn’t even intercept what is going to happen; if he did he would portray his culture, his promise and more importantly his word to one man all those years ago.

The varied nature of airplanes is a wonderous thing that bewilders the casual observer. As he watched through the living room window of the Borthwright’s house; knowing something was going to happen, that very same day. That very same might that was coming in; drawing to the close on the 3rd April 1996, just the day before their 3rd birthday. 

That night the sinister turned as we all expected; the landscape of spears is a wondrous thing that entices the mind, the chaos of trees is a magical expression that badgers the casual observer. As the pattern of fairy wings is a song that attacks the soul; knowing whatever has just arrived, they tried to put up a very good fight until they stopped in mid air by an evil curse. Even if the observer could do something about it and to free them but he couldn’t.

The mixture of buttons is a wondrous thing that excites the senses. The observer could feel the unseen followers praying over the house; that’s when he knew that he had to change into the wolf, before anyone knew that he was there. Dark entity appeared next to him at his side without realising; the glass broke in the window of the front door, the observer wolf quickly jumped through the broken window before the dark thing put his arm through the window to unlock the door. As he watched. He clocked his head what he saw; that’s not normal is it, the observer clocked his head with realisation that the buzzer for intruder alert had not gone off. The panic kicked in his wolf body; he really didn’t know what to do, he heard Mary scream as she saw Eric laying on the bedroom of the three triplets room. The observer realised where everyone was; he ran up the stairs to the room as he skidded into the bedroom door, Mary had clocked the wolf knowing who it was. Their eyes connected with each other; they both knew that they will see each other in the next life, she spoke the language that he knew and understood what she meant….