Friday Online Diary Entries: “Most Haunted Cries” – Story Based

The cries, the moans, ghostly aspirations that happen at Beaumont Hall situated in the countryside; yet the village that’s close by sees lights on still, cries, fire and many more strange things after the volunteers of the hall have gone home. Yet no one can understand why or how it happens by the time local services and the volunteers and a few locals got there to help the house out. Nothing was there no fire, no burglaries not even a single soul.

Yet a distance voice of a young girls voice well what sounded like a little girl telling the story but everyone sees this dramatic scene before they turned away witnessing something most terrifying thing that no one could describe that night. The screams that came from the house made them run into the house; this is the story of how a young women lost her love one or so it seems but yet was she pushed or did she fall down the stairs herself.

“Don’t cry for me if you truly loved me you would of been here with me than me dying on the cold stone floor; you want me come find me just make up your mind, and follow the way I died. I should let you fall and lose it all because maybe you could remember yourself; you can’t keep believing that you can have two people at the same time because at the end of the day we’re only deceiving ourselves, and I’m sick of all the lies by the way you’re too late.

You couldn’t take the blame or the sick shame off my death in your life it must be exhausting to lose your own game. The selfishly hatred you had for me no wonder you felt so jaded of feeling trapped you can’t play the victim this time because you’re too late; so don’t cry to me if you loved me you would if been here with me, you want me come find me but just make up your mind.

You never call me when you’re sober only because you want it’s over; how could I have burned paradise? How could I when you were never mine? Get over yourself don’t cry for me if you really truly love me you would of been here with me; don’t lie to me just get your things, I’ve made up you’re mind for you and now it’s time for me to say goodbye…”

A Dream that became a nightmare.

Life of a 26 year old who’s life can’t get so difficult than it already is. Love, Helpful people, confused, you then just think “my head is just going to explode one way or another.”

No matter how much I tried to keep myself together everyday; until one day anxiety starts to kick in, that’s when I know when I start to get so clammy. There’s no way I could stop it from happening; worst part is I’m starting to swell up on my way home on the bus, but it’s hard to show because you know that everyone will stare at you. All you want to do is just get off the bus and run home or just beg the bus to go quicker. Yet you have the most annoying bus driver in history; Mr Grump that’s what I call him, he’s always a grump no matter what it is. Which sets me off completely that he’s going to kick off again or something. As I prayed as he hovered near the bus that I want to get; he wasn’t going to be driving as I saw Norbert I relaxed he was going to be driving the bus, I was like thank god he was going to do it.

As I was going to get on I chocked as I was going to ask for my ticket; as I was trying to keep my tears back, he knew something was up and he said “sit behind me and don’t worry about the ticket.” So I sat down behind his little cab seat behind him. I kept to myself. My phone vibrated I looked up and saw it was Norbert messaged me “you okay? Also you missed your bus stop stay on I’ll take you back round” I replied “sorry. Thank you”

The fact that I missed my stop that showed that I wasn’t really myself at all…..

Haunted Part 2 

The Horror Story that no one wants to be in

I stood up and walked to the kitchen, no one was there, so I stopped the running water. Immediately, the whole lights in the house went out “Oh God” I cursed. I was trying to find my way out of the kitchen since I was not with any extra light and my cell phone was on the chair where I laid, when I suddenly heard the Television go on and a female voice screaming from withing. I sighed cos I now have a source of light to get to my phone, but a little worried as to why the T.V came on when all the lights are out and who put it on. Could it be my wife? All these were going through my mind while I walk into the living room, picked up my phone, and put on the torchlight while I put off the T.V. I made to go out to know why the lights suddenly went out when I heard a noise from the kitchen like falling plates, I went straight into the kitchen only to see all the plates on the ground, all broken into pieces. I began to curse i confusion when I heard the living room door open and close. 

Now I was beginning to get scared, every where became suddenly very dark, even with the light in my hand. I could hear my heart beat very fast. “Honey?” I called walking slowly towards the living room, from the distance where I stood by the lobby, I could see a still figure sitting on the very chair where I laid. It seemed a female because of her hair; the hair was unkept and scattered. “Honey?” I called, “Is that you?” I stopped at the middle of the lobby filled with fear. Suddenly, my phone went off, now everywhere became totally dark, then as if in my favor, the lights in the living room came on but went off almost immediately, but what I saw shocked me and sent cold shivers running down my spine. 

The still figure wasn’t there any more, and this made me shift backward a little. I began to see. Lightning outside like it was going to rain, then I heard my name softly behind me. “Ray!” I turned slowly to see who it was, only to see the same figure that was sitting on my chair, I could tell from the hair, but she was standing with her back towards me, and holding two kids doing the same. “Who… who… who are you?” I managed to find myself asking. As if to answer my question, she turned with the two kids and stared at me angrily in the eyes, same did the kids, to help me with the view, lightning came across and I could see whom it was. My wife. “TESS?” I whispered scarily. But no reply came from either of the seeming monsters standing before me. They just stared angrily. Lightning struck again, hen everywhere went dark and light again. They were not there any more, this startled me and I woke up to see my wife staring at me. 

“You are awake?” I could not find a word to reply her, all I could do was wonder what was really happening. Could it be that she is aware of everything? Could she be doing this by herself? If yes, why will she do such? What could be the cause/ What offence have I committed to deserve such torment? Can I really sleep i this house with her? I was really confused and bothered on what to do. I was left with no choice. I followed her into the bedroom still confused, we laid on the bed and before long, she slept off leaving a confused me awake. I just stared at the empty roof till I fell asleep again. Not long after sleeping off, I woke up to use the toilet, I stood up and went straight to the toilet, then returned to the room but met it empty, my wife was not there any more. But I remember no one passed cos I left the toilet door open or was I carried away in the toilet that I did not notice her pass? Just then, I felt something under my feet, I looked and saw I was standing on blood, I jumped back immediately.Taking a second look, I saw the blood has formed a straight stained line on the floor. 

Fearfully, I followed to know where this will take me, so I followed it and got to the toilet, that was where it led me to. I became very confused, but I was in the toilet not long,and nothing was a here, but as I raised my head; saw a writing on the wall with blood “BEHIND YOU,” I turned and saw my wife, but this time, she was sobbing softly. ” TE…TESS?” I called, but she gave no response, instead, she walked away, I rushed out of the toilet but she was no where around any more. All I could see was blood on the wall giving me a direction to take, I became terrified. Am I going to die? I had to summon courage and took the direction that led to my living room, as I got there, I noticed the front door close, and a figure take a left, I stood there in fear.

I was contemplating on what to do when the door opened again by itself, now it dawned on me I had to follow. I walked slowly and took the left, as I bend left, I saw the figure take another left, now I found myself walking a bit fast, but with fear, the outside was dark. but the lights outside, I could see.I got to the end and took a left sharply but stopped in a shock as I stood face to face with my wife looking angrily, tears in her eyes, “Why?” She asked in tears. I couldn’t find courage to say any thing, immediately, two kids emerged from behind her and stood beside her looking at me angrily. Then I heard a sound from behind me, I turned to see what that was but found nothing, then turned to see my wife, but she and the kids were gone.

I woke up to a start, but this time, I was not panting, I turned to check my wife, but she was not on the bed. I wore a worried look on my face, where could she be? I got up and went straight to the kitchen, but no one was there, as I came out I noticed the front door was open, I walked slowly to the veranda, looked right, looked left and walked slowly to the end and took the second bend. As I got closer, I noticed a female leg on the floor’ I became scared, I walked slowly to the spot only to see my wife in a pool of her own blood on the ground lifelessly. I fell down beside her, felt her but she was gone, she was very cold. I shook her, but it was too late,, she was dead. Then I noticed a note on the floor, I picked up the note and read a boldly written sentence “YOUR PRICE FOR YOUR PAST” now it dawned me, my past life came looking for me, and got me at the very weakening spot. I could not cry, I could not shout, I just stayed there sobbing softly, my own wife died because of my evil past, now I understand my dreams, she was angry, I never told her anything about my past life, I kept it a secret all these past times, I never knew one day, she will be the one to pay for them, the kids with her in the dream, they must be my unborn kids cos she was pregnant before she died. So I was even with a ghost earlier this evening. It should have been me “WHY?”

Haunted Part 1 

The Horror Story that no one wants to be in…

Where I was sleeping on my old chair in the house I had packed in three weeks ago, I heard a soft knock thrice on the door. At first, I ignored the knock as I was tired from the day’s work, but the knock came again. Reluctantly, I came down from the chair, walked shabbily to the door and opened it, but no one was there, I peeped through to check around, but found no one. I hissed. Locked the door back up; walked back to the chair I just sat on the chair when the knock came again, soft on the door thrice, now I was getting angry as to why someone will be playing smart on me this tiring night. 

I marched to the door and dragged it open; but still found no one, I stood by the door for some seconds wondering who it might be that is disturbing my evening rest. As I turned to go inside when I noticed a shadow run pass inside my room. I followed swiftly to catch whoever the person might be, leaving the door open. I got to the room, but no one was there, I checked my toilet, wardrobe, and kitchen, but there were all empty, then I heard voices whispering from my living room. Now I am even more angry, I marched to the living room but stopped by the lobby as what I saw frightened me, a crowd of small white kids, staggering around the house. I was white with fear, when I heard my name called in a whisper from behind, I turned to see my wife standing before me, her eyes filled with horror.

“Why?” She cried out. 

“Why?” she cried out again.
She began to walk towards me making me to take some steps backward, then I stumbled and fell backwards. Then I woke up sweating all over but feeling cold and breathing heavily. “It’s a dream.” I managed to say amidst panting, then I heard a soft knock on my door, just like I heard in my dream. “Who’s there?” I muttered with fear from my dream, but there was no reply. “Who”s there?” I managed to shout. but still got no reply. Again, the knock came but this time a bit harder than the first time. 

Now I had to summon courage and check who it might be, maybe it’s someone out there, I’m just being scared from my dream. I walked slowly to the door and opened it slowly, but found no one there, now it became obvious my dream has come haunting my reality. “Hello?” I said with a shaky voice, the outside was cold and still and very dark. I was buried in cold fear, I closed the door and walked back to the chair in the living room where I slept before. I sat down wondering what might be going on. could it be my dream happening again? or some hooligans trying to play smart on me? I was deep in thought when a cold hand touched my right shoulder, I jumped out of the chair, startled with fear only to see my wife smiling back at me. I sighed. 
“Why did you jump like?” I sighed,

“Why did you jump like that?” She asked. 

“You scared me,” I replied her panting.
And why were you scared? She asked. It was just a bad dream I had earlier. She came and hugged me tightly, “Poor boy”, she said. Now I felt a little relaxed. I pulled away from the hug slowly and took a seat while she followed suit. When did you return? I asked. Just now she replied still smiling. Her bright smile brought a total calmness to my mind and I felt relaxed. But did you…? Did I what? she asked looking at me puzzled.

Nothing, don’t worry. I replied not wanting to bring back my earlier experience. I laid on her lap and before long, I was fast asleep. I was still sleeping when I heard a running water. I woke up with a start and listened attentively. My wife was no longer on the chair, the water was running in the kitchen. She might be cooking I thought. So I laid back, but the water didn’t stop, I sat up again to observe the direction of the kitchen, but no sign of any one. “Honey?” I called . “Honey are you there? Put off the running water.,” but no response came……