Mental Health Issues: Anxiety and Depression gets you into trouble.

Do you find that sometimes you’re mental health issues get you into trouble at the best of times? I find that a lot because either one keeps me up most of the night and I struggle to get out of bed in the morning even if it’s a work day but yet sometimes both attack me at the same time. You know that I hate talking about these types of things but at some point it’s good to talk about these things to be able to make people aware that it’s out there and people need to be aware that it’s happening. 

I do find it increasingly annoying that I try so hard to fight all of this everyday no matter how much I am feeling; I still don’t feel like I’m good enough even when the sun is out I still feel like, even tiny little bits that are really unnecessary to the point of  a dog who’s a pain in the arse who’s constantly barking along with the owners having ago at or something. You’re just like seriously man make my mood feel even worse. 

To be honest it puts me off for even having one long term to be honest with you. No matter how much I like them it’s annoying. I find that even people who are self centred and can be manipulative can make you feel 10 times worse because they always try to find away to change it to where they can make it all about them. That gets me down by no matter what you try and do to help them they use it against you like you haven’t done anything. 

You’re like okay so I’m not allowed to feel or saying anything that’s happening in my life because everything is about you. Okay then. Fine then. Yet they say how can you be so strong and everything. I don’t know I just do I sit on it guard my heart to the point off I explode then they realise not everything is about them at all. They realise you’ve been struggling way more than they realise and you don’t talk about it until you explode in their face. I know when something sent me over the edge I break down crying and I’m just as exhausted more afterwards than ever before. 

Sunday Post: “Circus” – Story Based

There’s only two types of people in this world you have the ones that entertain and the ones that observe; well I can tell you I’m putting on w show kinda of girl but yet I like to be the backseat of everything, letting other people say what they like to say but then I’m like the ringleader because I call the shots at the end of the day. I’m like a firecracker I make it hit as I put it on a show. 

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins as the spotlight on me and I’m ready to break and run off the stage. I’m like a performer having the dance floor is my stage I better be ready I hope that you feel the same. 

All the eyes on me in the sender of the ring like a circus as I crack that whip everyone will trip. So don’t just stand there watching me follow me show me what you can do for me. Everybody let’s go as we can make it on the dance floor on time like a circus. 

There’s only two types of guys out there. Ones that can hang with me and ones that are scared so I hope that you came prepared as I run a tight ship so beware. I’m like a ring leader because I call the shots. I’m like a fire cracker I make it hot when I put on a show. 

Let’s go, let me see what you can do because I’m running this yeah like what….? 

Don’t understand the world: Not 100% what’s going on with Theresa May.

I don’t understand Theresa May because now that she’s landed herself in hot water with the government in parliament for not calling on them about the air strikes because she chose to listen to the power that’s gone to her head and probably Trump who rightly needs his head looking at to be honest with you. 

My first thoughts when I heard about the air strikes (16.4.18) that Theresa May made that call on it and not involving anyone what she was doing. I’m like great there’s going to be more attacks on our soil if we don’t be careful; to which we manage to take on the abound vehicle outside Buckingham Palace few weeks ago, and it got me thinking about this time last year when everything was going on in my country. 

I’m like so she can make a decision on what’s happening in other countries without consulting the government but when it’s on her front door set she has no clue or care how many of us get killed but we take law into our on hands by risking our own lives to help others who are in need of help when something bad happens. We make Britain great not her all she does is undoes it all by doing something stupid like that drawing more attention to us. It’s like Trump all over again. I rather our country to stay out of things knowingly if we do something it will come back more than 10 times worse. 

What are May’s thought processes when she does things like that? What does she actually feel? I just don’t understand whats going on her head? Is she becoming unhinged once again?