Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – When you hit that hormone stage!

Blah I remember that day when my hormones kicked in I felt like I was dying. Yet it got me out of school most of the time because my excuse was I’ve got a tummy ache and I feel sick. They literally took it and I just went home had a paracetamol and fell asleep to sleep of the dreaded period pains. 

That’s the only time I used to get out of school when it came about because I genuinely hated school; I would try anything to get out of class and school because of it, I don’t know what they do now these days but I just use it against them and I would never complain or anything. 

The worst part was the spots/zits but people say don’t pop them but no one genuinely don’t tell you why not until you realise you do pop it and leaves you scared well unless you’re me and get anxious by picking at it. Generally people use zit products or toothpaste but I never really see the point of that to be honest with you because a) it never seemed to work b) I didn’t have the patience to keep doing everyday. 

Boys be boys will get silly and will shoot up nice and tall. Their voices break due to hormones so girlies don’t think they don’t get much they will also break out in spots too. Yet they don’t understand the pain of period pains and what not. Unless you kick them where it hurts so they can get some sort of an idea but I recommend not to do this unless you’re under attack be a stranger. 


Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle: “Growing up watching people get lairy” – Story Based

Sitting in a back of class thinking I wish I wasn’t in school as I watch people getting lairy; to be quite honest it’s not very pretty sight I can tell you that, as I’m now whole lot older walking through town at night is quite scary but it’s not very sensible either by you’re self.

I got told by a friend or a friend that he got beaten all because he looked the wrong way by a group of youths. Yet it wouldn’t of happened if he hadn’t been there at all. I  could tell you know that I could predict a riot any day now.

I tried to get into my taxi the other day and a man in a tracksuit attacks me stating the fact that he saw it first. Yet it was a gang that had set him up completely so he could impress them and have a bit of glory. 

I start to see who I think it is who had everything going for them scrabbling around with no clothes on just earn money. If it wasn’t for the chippy down the road they would of been frozen by now. They aren’t sensible anymore than I remember. 

Is there anybody left out there that doesn’t want that life? Who really doesn’t want to be out there in the streets thinking that this is the only option for them. You can change your life around now if you know where to go and who can challenge you the most and not get into these types of things. 

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – “Back to school say ‘What?’”

It’s that time of year when all of the sudden autumn has arrived; starting to get bit chilly now along with the dark nights coming our way, come by the 1st September 2018 all of the first years going to the new secondary schools feeling anxious and nervous. Along with infants children going into junior schools; parents worrying about leaving their children in infants school for the day, along with leaving their not so little going to junior schools and going onto secondary schools. 

You maybe start a new school; you may return a new year feeling anxious at the same school, you may moved to a new area and you don’t know anyone until you started your school. You might even start you’re year of exams and coursework. You may start college or going to uni. 

Everything you may find either exciting and nervous as it’s a new academic year for you. You pray that you don’t have the same teachers that you had before or you hoped that the teacher that you hated or the teacher hates you had left over the summer. 

Generally you just hate school all together. I pretty much hated most of my teachers that had secretly especially my geography teacher at the time I was at secondary school. Feelings mutual to be quite honest with you as they didn’t like me and I didn’t like you them. 

Never pushed me to get on with the subject in the first place. So I never took it for GCSE. I was always got anxious when I went back to school every year even when we had school holidays. I use to be terrified of it and I just glad that as soon as 3:00/3:30pm came I was out of there before you could say “quidditch” pretty much unless I found myself doing something for the school on which I really didn’t want to do. 

All I have to say is you’ll be fine and you’ll be amazing. Once you got yourself into a routine and everything. You know what your doing before you know it. 

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle: Old Social Media that I grew up with – 21.8.18

In this day in age the most common thing about social media and online people is that people share so much personal things that are going on with their lives. You may think it’s safe no one will look back at it or when you apply for jobs and etc. Trust me people will especially employers of you’re applying for a job that you wanted to do for the rest of you’re life. Even if it’s a silly things you did on the internet as a teen at the time because they will find away around it along with people who know you may worry about you. Just be careful what you put up in the future even if you’re having bad time. 

I try and speak out mental health issues because there’s not enough help to get by everyday and everyone is letting their voices be heard because no one is listening to them at the time when they needed help. Along with not enough understanding of what’s happening and why people suffer from this illness. 

Enough said on that. You’re probably thinking what old social media is she talking about here. All we know is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Yes there’s a lot more social media before this time but since then with these 4 social media accounts have taken the world by storm all of the old social media accounts have died out. 

When I was growing up Facebook had just started out, I had msn which was chat rooms, Bebo it was like Facebook at the time I think it was, My Space was another one that was popular at that time. You may wonder why I’m having a reminiscence of these sort of social media is because I was colouring a picture that had a message called “My Space”  which had a completely different meaning to it obviously because it was all about the space and around the world. 

It just gave me the idea of the whole topic for you guys at the time. Since the other social media had died out and Facebook had out lived all of them; new ones grew and became popular with it all, everyone uses them in different ways, however there’s always one slight problem with that. That is because you will get more scammers, sex offenders and many more that can harm you in one way or another.  You have to be extremely careful in what you do; if something doesn’t sound right or feel right, please report it to your parents and the police even if they tell you not too. They will try everything to get inside your head and control you. 

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – It’s all coming back to me now – Story Based

There were nights when the wind was so cold like my body had froze in bed; if I had tried to listen to it as it was gusting right outside my bedroom window, I would of hoped to hear your voice once again and maybe give me a clue why you had left me so young. The were even days when the sun was so cruel that all of my tears felt like that they had turned into dust like I just knew my eyes were drying up forever whenever I got bullied; theres was nothing for me to cry because I was already a broken soul, all of the memories just came flooding back to me. 

I remembered the day I had finished crying since the day you left but I can’t remember where, or when or even how. I had banished every memory you and I had ever made; the thought of you coming back to me being a parent once again in my life, you gave me a hug like you never disappeared and you gave me birthday presents like this and now it’s all coming back to me. It’s so hard to believe but it’s all coming back to me. 

There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light in the sky where I sworn  I hold never do again. Yet they’ve always seemed right but there were nights of endless cries but the system had laws that we weren’t allowed to do. All of the fun memories that we made me was all lost long time ago like it was dead to the world. Yet it’s so hard to resist when you walked back into my life I can barely recall all of those days in that moment of dark haunted adoption place. 

There were so many empty threats and hollow lies they told me; that no one wanted me just like my parents did, it hurt me even more worse and so much deeper and there were so many hours that just went on for days. Yet when it came to my new adoptive family came there were so many chances it wouldn’t be me. 

Now that I see the evil women I know now that she’s just a history with the slamming of the door and I made myself strong again and never wasted any of my time on her since then. As it’s all coming back to me from day one entering that house. The flesh and the fantasies of getting out of there I can barely recall but it’s all coming back to me now. 

If I could forgive you for all this and if I can forgive you all that. I might forgive and forget but it’s all coming back to me. When you see me like this as I see you as that I just like to tell you how much hell you put me through because now you know how it feels; you seek for my forgiveness but it’s all coming back to me now. 

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – Bonfire parties with friends?

It’s that time of year for all you guys and girls to go out have fun for six and half weeks; staying up late, staying out late, sleepovers, bonfire nights and all of the typical teen life I wish I had. I always had a dream of living by the sea side being on the beach with a group of friends until late at night; having fun, enjoying myself and etc. That’s what my dream life was as a teen back in the day many moons ago to be quite honest I didn’t have much friends back then and didn’t really want to go out as much as I want to now. 

Living in a town can be quite boring half the time because you know what’s there and you want to do something new and exciting. Want to explore other areas like going to London, Bournemouth and all those kind of places just to have fun with your mates. To be able to enjoy the sun so much that you get to enjoy of being free and safe at the same time. 

Love those days when you sit around the camp fire toasting marshmallows and eating them as they melt into your mouth. Use to do that all the time but with my family it’s good but it’s not the same doing it with your friends because at the end of the day you get to stay out late at night with your friends. 

Especially when it’s not even on a school night for six weeks and half you can practically do anything you want within reason guys. You don’t have to worry about school or exams or anything just having fun letting your hair down. 

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – Hall Of Fame

You could be the greatest be the King Kong beating on your chest; making the whole world know your name because you want to be centre of the attention, however that’s not what it’s all about do you know why? That’s not how the real works especially in the hall of fame because you got too much swagger. 

I can whip it up into something real good tell you how it is no matter how much you think I’m old and don’t know anything but I don’t care. It’s like me saying “the shoes that you’re wearing are trainers” but you say “what are those?” Its more like crispy beacon crispy like Britexit but the watch is like to expensive; who do think you are?, who do you think are? 

You’re girlfriend or boyfriend is like Sideshow Bob who wants to control you but who do you think are? who do you think you are? Taking picture, looking me up, talking about me, tweeting about me, watching me. No one cares in the real world because at the end of the day whatever you do will come back to haunt you. 

Your teen lifestyle isn’t really hall of fame it’s what you do after school that counts when you got your grades. You should retire the hard act now because I will be sticking around until you’re name will come out of your mouth; it will take more than a minute because I made a name for myself with all of the things that I have done since I left school, I walk my own hall of fame a house hold name in my own rights but do you know I don’t care I’ve never liked the whole school thing yet so what. At least I haven’t had my last dance because we all going to get in fight
because I’m going to show you that it’s going to be alright.

It’s never like hall of fame for me I don’t want everyone to know my name until I just want to be remembered as the one who coped through and make jokes at everything that I had deal with. You just need to find away to start your own hall of fame one way or another so everyone will know your name for the right reasons. 

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – Things that schools stop teaching you

When I was growing up the  schools that I went to taught me what to look out for and adverts telling me what to look out for when I’m out and about. Even my own parents told me to what I should do when I’m out and about. Theses days some parents don’t teach their children about what’s out there; schools don’t teach kids what’s out there, or realise how much danger it is now than back then when I was growing up. 

Crossing the roads

Make sure that you look both ways when you’re crossing the road no matter if you got your head phones in or texting especially texting stop what your doing and look up. Otherwise you’ll get hit and that won’t be pretty or be nice to for your parents.

Online Chat rooms on games and etc

Online chat rooms wether it’s games on the internet, Xbox and etc when you are interacting with people if they are online and you can’t see them. They technically not friends even if they say they are; you can’t really claim them as your friends because you never know they can be sexual predictors, murders and etc. 

Just don’t give your details out or anything because you never know what would happen. You can also put your friends and family in danger no matter what happens.

Walking alone in day light or nighttime

Wether your walking home alone in day light or night time alone make sure that you are walking along the roads where cars can see you or loads of people who are walking passed in case you feel like your in danger or someone is following you. The other best one is go with someone you know or group of good friends so you know that your safe in numbers as well because you don’t know what people are like. 

Also you have to be wary of what is going on around especially with cars and strange men or strange people pulling over saying that your parents asked them to come and pick you up and etc. Don’t get in call for help and ask someone who’s walking past to help or walk away with the person who you asked help or go somewhere like a shop that might be near by and report it. 

These are the three main reasons you should keep on an eye especially with friends and on your own. No matter what age you are you have to be careful. 

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle (26.6.18) – You can have it all – Story Based

I’ll tell you what it’s going to be like once you leave school because when I last saw you on the bus you were just in your uniform and that was that. There was more to meet the eye than passing by; I can tell you what it’s going to be like in five years from now, I saw you on the bus in the distance future I looked at your shoes they were starting to fall apart. I would remember you saying to your friends that you would find someone rich enough to buy me everything that I want. I don’t need grades or anything. 

Coming back to the reality I turned around to tell you that you would need grades and everything just incase you don’t meet the man of your dreams. It won’t be my fault wheather you take my advice or not because I won’t care because I won’t regret a single thing taking my grandfathers advice as I turning my life around at the last minute. I chose to live my life how I want it. 

It will definitely won’t be my fault and I won’t care if you fail to get the life you want at a drop of a hat. I won’t regret a single thing without giving you a warning right now. I can tell you what it’s going to be like if you lost a limb if you threaten someone with a knife; if you leave at night not telling your parents where your going because you think they don’t nothing, yet if you’re alone in the dark bleeding and your parents aren’t there to hold you tight whilst being rushed to hospital.

Leave but I can still tell you what it’s going to be like as I sit by your side at the hospital because I found you bleeding and you held my hand feeling scared. If only they knew or understand that I was your guarding angel; your parents came running in to be at your side, they held your had not even noticing that I was there and brought you in. 

It’s really not my fault and I don’t care how much you blame me for telling you the truth I won’t regret one single thing. You can have it all if you change your life around because it’s alright as I’m going to give you it all to you. You never lied to me before. 

Just as you were about to get off the bus you turned around to say thank you. I had already disappeared where you and I were sitting. You couldn’t work out who you were talking to. 

Star Light Categories: (19.6.18) Tuesday Teen Lifestyle – Oh my god I can’t believe this

Time on your side that will never ever end but the most beautiful thing you can ever spend because your work a shirt with a name tag on it. Yet you lean on the counter feeling bored because your drifting apart like the tectonic plates in the sea causing tsunamis all over the world. Yet it doesn’t matter to me because all I wanted to be is a million miles away from here; somewhere more familiar as there’s too much time spent dragging the past up, I didn’t see you looking when I messed up but as your settling down in your early twenties. 

Knowing that you wished you had better grades when you left school your sucking more blood than a back street dentist. You’re life doesn’t matter to me because I all I wanted to be a million miles away from here somewhere else more familiar. Now I’ve achieved to what I wanted to do because I worked hard to get where I wanted to be… now I can say.

Oh my god I can’t believe it I’ve never been this far away from home. I’ve never been this far away from home running around listening, learning about the great rulers making the glory of their country greater. That was only think in the history that was growing. Knock me down when my dreams aren’t good enough I’ll just get back up again like PAC-Man powered up but I’m mire stronger than you ever think. 

It doesn’t matter to me if I’m still behind the table at school or behind a counter. All I want to be a million miles away from here to somewhere more familiar. Oh my god I can’t believe it I’ve never been so far away from home. Even if school or the weekend job was just around the corner that was the only time I’m far away. 

I’m million miles away from home I’m now following my dreams of adventuring the world. Living the dream job that I’m doing writing my adventures creating stories of what I’ve seen. Achieving is believing.