Hauls – Superdrug Haul – August 18

Super Haul Superdrug Haul haven’t done one in a very long time think the last time was probably back in May 2018 sometime. The was because at the time I had money back then I believe since then being trying to use things that I had left at the time; to which made me have spots coming out, looking like a dishrag or something, I probably looked fine to be honest I’m just being negative about myself for that time. 

However this time I managed to have some money to get replacements for my make up that I was actually running out off; I’ve been budgeting in what I needed at the time because I was literally running out of them desperately, so on 16.8.18 I popped into town with one of my parents at the time it was raining when we left it was only a drizzle until it started to get heavy. Anyways going off to the point of budgeting and getting them. 

I budgeted for 4 things to get in Superdrug that I needed at the time; I budgeted for £27 at the time of working out how much I needed to pay for it, I went to go and get the things that I needed and here is the list that I needed at the time. 

  • Nivea make up water cleaner at £2.09
  • L’Oreal True Match Foundation at £9.99
  • E.L.F Porless primer at £7.50
  • E.L.F Primer at £7.50

By the time I got to the counter and completely forgot that I get a discount in there because I’m that amazing and get my Superdrug points too. So I’m building them up gradually saving them so when I need to do a big shop I can use all of them at once. However I even saved a couple of pounds off when I had my discount which came to £21.00 forget the loose change because I can’t remember it haha. Not that important anyways. 

I then got home put them away due to the kittens roaming the house I didn’t want them to get into the products even my make up box is kitten proof but I don’t think they have worked out to get into it quite yet. Which is a good thing to be quite honest with you. 

Haul 2018: Superdrug Haul – Part 2

Today is a mini Superdrug Haul for you guys for the bank holiday and I want to share with you what’s in my Superdrug bag but also what I got off my list from the last time. It’s only a few items but when I say a few items it was more like 5 items but cost a lot but most of it was for my sister. Yes I’ve gone and done it. I paid her back with make up that I used.

I’m kicking my Superdrug Haul with my sisters little haul that I gave her from Elf Foundation light ivory/sunscreen at £7.50, Elf Pours prime at £7.50 and Elf BC Primer at £7.50 all in all her little lot came to £22.50. Expensive for me to pay her back but I needed to and she did find out in the end that I did use her other two weren’t impressed when I confessed. All good now that I’ve paid her back with a load of makeup.

The next I’m going to talk about is Live Instant colour – Real Red hair dye due to the fact that my hair actually needs doing now as my natural colours is coming through and also I think I’ve got more grey hairs coming through now. Hopefully soon I get to redoing it especially before I go away. Pow red hair man all the way haha. Got two boxes for £4.49 each total £8.89.

Finally got my Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water at £5.29 which will last me for months because having a big bottle like that will never run out until the next time. At least I don’t have to worry about the one is going to be running out soon about 2 weeks time I reckon.

I can now get rid of my old eyeshadow pallet as now I’ve got a new one. The new eyeshadow is Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Captive at £6.00 to which has the basic eyeshadows that I use such as my natural colours are my favourite and me than bright colours that some people seem to be wearing but it’s not me and I’m not that brave.

Remember be you, be yourself, you are beautiful whatever size or shape you are because you are worth it and don’t let people who are negative towards you put you down or don’t let your negativity thoughts put you down either. You are beautiful for who you are.

Superdrug Haul: Start of my Superdrug Haul Part 1 (May 2018)

Boom! First part of my Superdrug Haul for May 2018; I’ve started to fill my make up box with make up as I’ve been running out, replacing my make up slowly but steadily however some of the bottles won’t fit but I think I have to work around it and along with the other new things that I need to get soon. So there is going to be Part 2 of Superdrug Haul when I get round to get the rest of the of the make up. However I will share my list that I have left to get and each time I make the next Superdrug Haul I’ll write up what ones I managed to get and see what’s left to get on my list. Now here’s what I’ve got so far before I start making my list for the next Haul list.

I had to try out a new foundation from E.L.F. As Barry M had stopped making my foundation in a cylinder like bottle; so I brought myself foundation natural (sunscreen flawless finish) I didn’t realise that it was the same one that I have been using the past week from my sister to which I’ve now given back. Going to replace it for her on the next round I think that’s if I remember to get it; I then got Face Primer Neutralising Green Tone Adjusting I do have to confess I have nicked some of my sister in a small pot and I don’t think she noticed if she did oops but it’s a good usage, then also brought Poreless Face Primer Clear (yes I did nick some of my sisters) it’s okay my sister won’t even read this but I’m slowly going to replace it. All three were expensive but worth using each one cost £7.50. Hang on let do the maths 3 X £7.50 = £22.50.

The next one is Collection I brought two off the new shade that they brought out which is called “Extra Fair” Lasting Perfection Concealer which cost £4.19 X 2 = £8.38. I use the Collection Concealer fair bit amount ooh just made a pun or a connection with the Concealer. Hehe.

Since I think they stopped making my other B. Micellar not quite sure didn’t really look properly to be honest but I thought try Nivea MicellAir Skin Breathe Make Up Remover which cost me £4.29. I didn’t get myself another Garnier Skin Active because they only had one left but it had a bit of a dent on it so I didn’t want to get until next time I’ll get it when they have more in.

The last think that I brought was Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer purple colour it’s the first time using it; because normally I use a purple primer from Collection, but I want to give this Barry M Flawless Brighting Primer ago. It’s cost me £5.99.

All in all it cost me £34.75 I had saved £9.24 for 10 items by the way I did have two drinks as well. They don’t count do they as beauty haul do they? That’s what I thought no. Thanks.

Now for my next shopping haul in Superdrug that I need is: (will put it in to sections because it’s easier for me and for you guys)

– Collection: Sheer Loose Powder, Pressed Powder

– Maybelline New York/London: The Nudes Eyeshadow

– Revolution London: Ultra Cream Contour Palette, Ultra Based Corrector Palette, Ultra Contour Kit Lighting Contour.

– Cotton Pads

I think there should be more than that but I can’t remember what they are. If there’s things that you want me to try let me know down below because I’m interested and up to trying new things. See you in my next Superdrug Haul.

#throwbackthursday: The wish list that never made it

Finally caught up what I needed out of my makeup box and now hair and makeup doubles of things box currently not an ideal box/basket thing by it will do for now. You’re probably thinking why does she need a new hair brush don’t she have another one? I have got another hair brush but I like two hair brushes one to keep in my bag and one in my normal daily life but I tend to lose one in my room but I broke one a few weeks ago let’s not get into it on how I broke it. I do double of things up and planning on getting some from the store and some from online so it’s easier for me to have the doubles come at different times.
So here is my wish list if I had money and all that jazz.

Superdrug Haul Wish List April 2018
Red Passion Live hair dye x2
Primer Barry M x2
Finished ivory foundation Barry M x2
Lasting perfection purple colour correction concealer Collection x2
Lasting perfection colour concealer Fair 2 Collection x2
Extreme bold 24 felt tip callgraphy liner Collection x2
The nudes maybelline New York eyeshadow x2
Revolution make up london ultra cream contour palette x2
Revolution make up london ultra base corrector x2
Collection pressed powder x2
Collection sheer loose powder x2
Revolution make up london contour kit 02 x2
New hair brush

Hauls: 1st March Haul 2018 – Superdrug Haul

Been awhile since my last haul which I do have to add it was my birthday haul at the time; I thought finally I have a bit of money that I can get a few bits that I need for myself that I need, so I go online for Superdrug which is a store in the UK that I get monjority of my make up and etc. Guess what the parcel came today. I ordered it Monday, it was shipped Wednesday and came today (Friday 2nd March 2018). Yeah me. Let’s see what’s in my box. No I won’t go into singing “what’s in the box?” Megs I’m not there anymore jeez man.

Took me awhile to get to the box which reminds me of a shoe box to be honest. As it was tightly stuck down and quite rightly so because it’s somebody’s order and everything else. Then inside I have found my lovely goodies inside here’s what I found in my box neatly packed by someone from the store.

All my little things that I needed and what I was running out off but also what I’m going to try as well. Funny thing was is that I didn’t remember ordering one thing twice but I looked at my shipping thing and it said I did but all well. I like doubles of things when I have the money to do so.

Red Passion Live hair dye: I needed to redye my hair anyway it needed doing especially to stop the grey coming through I’m quite paranoid about my four greys showing I’m only in my late 20s jeez. I like my red hair too and you guys associate me with red hair than any other colour; that’s if you follow me on instagram or on facebook page or twitter then you know why, haha. Plus it will go well with my hair extensions as well that I have as well.

Collections Products: I needed a new concealer and I wanted to try out the Collections purple correction stick thing. So it was on a deal where you buy two Collections products for £5 or something you get a Collection Extreme Bold Eyeliner missed a whole lot of the name of it but all well. Yet I got it for free.

Barry M Products: Flawless Original Primer I use this religiously because it helps to tone down the foundation and stays on my face longer unless it doesn’t snow or rain stays on for longer.

Revolution Products: I wanted to try out the Duo Brow Definer liner as it looked awesome and I haven’t used one in a long time. Somehow I managed to order two without knowing that I did but doesn’t matter at least I have another one ready. Then a small Revolution Make Up Revolution London Ultra Contour Kit Lightening Contour I wanted to try it out to see what it was like if it was good I’ll get again.

Sorry guys I’m have got a picture but it’s not letting me post it up sad times.

I always like to try something new and then if it’s worth it then get again. There is no reason to try something different if you like it you like it but if you don’t you don’t. It’s no harm done because you can just use it up and then look for another one to try out.