No one tells you about that you really need to know 

Currently bit behind schedule today firstly so noisy where ever I go to try and work; secondly it’s so hot today all you just want to do is sleep and not do anything to be honest with you, but hey at least it’s not raining and get to be able to enjoy the nice weather. 

With this blog post I had to research in what I wanted to write and what the background/content that needed to be written for it. I had a rough guess what it meant but how to begin to start it I didn’t really know what to write about. For me researching and getting ideas help me in life to work out what I want to write. 

Everyone is different, so your life path will never be like anyone else’s. – Throughout school everyone seems to be on the same path but actually when it comes to GCSE’S, colleges, UNI and work people break off in different paths and different directions because they want to focus on themselves and the careers that they want. Also your life changes in different directions every time throughout the years; I’m currently doing that at the moment, looking for a different route to go down.

Some people are just going to be more successful than you. – Some people are always going to be successful than you; but it depends on what you class as being successful at the end of the day, we are equally successful in our own way no matter how much we earn. However people who keen to work on a project that they want to make a success of their life; also enjoy life that love to do everyday, making an impact on people’s lives no matter if they are rich or not.

 If you don’t try drugs, alcohol, sex, or smoking, you’ll never know what they’re like. – You can choose if want to but at the end of the day you can’t say you haven’t tried and preach about it at the same time. I’ve done two of things out of the three; at the end of the day why be serious all the time, do need to live a bit more than serious all the time. 

There are some bad people disguised as good people and waiting to pounce. – There’s two types of people frauders and fake friends; frauders who are faking to be people who say they are to either con you out of things or actually axes murders or some sort. Then you have fake friends who say they care; but at the end of the day they says stuff like horrible about you, to which hurts you the most along side with people who you work with you. 

You will keep falling in love with people that are either not good for you or don’t like you the way you like them. – I have that problem sometimes because I’m too kind and too caring; they just abuse it a lot, along side without realise it at times that I’ve fallen into that trap. It is a viscous cycle at times but you will break the cycle at some point when you find the right one for you. 

You need to be educated, in the book way and the street way. – In the way you have to be educated in my opinion is that teachers and people who campaign tell you their experiences and what they know out there in the real world. However you have to experience yourself if things do happen to you; by not having to live on edge all the time but know what’s around, always on guard as your on the streets to know that your safe and know which places you can call for help if you needed to. 

You don’t need to be famous to have an impact. – To be able to make an impact doesn’t mean you have to be famous to do something so meaningful; believe me I’ve made an impact in so many lives already and I’m only 26 years old, I’m still going to achieve things without being famous in years to come because why stop when you can still carry on doing it. 

Learn something every day – You never stop learning when you leave school, college or uni because you learn things when you at a job or when you move jobs. Even if you went back to studying later in life your still learning something new everyday; I’m always learning something new everyday, you even learn something about the things that you never even thought of trying years ago. Just don’t stop. 

Don’t be afraid. – Don’t be afraid to take risks or leap of faith; if it doesn’t work out then, that’s okay what have you got to loose at the end of the day. I’ve done a few things recently and they all worked out perfectly fine with me; along with a massive gamble but guess what, I’m still here and still doing what I love doing. All you have to do is to believe in yourself and you will succeed and become successful in the things you do. 

Who’s laughing now

Who’s laughing now

They would call me names, they would pull my hair, they would spread rumours about me, so you think you know me now, now I’m raising my game! 

“You know my name. Not my story.” You know my name by word of mouth; how I introduce myself, how I hold myself. You don’t really know my story; all the rumours that maybe said or been told, they are lies if I haven’t told you myself then why continue the hatred and rumours. 

My story is told who I want to tell; who I can trust, who I get on with and most importantly who I get on with. I am private person; I share my information if I need too, or if something isn’t right I’ll say or don’t because at the end of the day my life my rules. 

All the pain that you gave is the where I gain the power of being strong and raising my game of I know who’s better. I know the truth want spread lies then that’s fine but at the end of the day karma will find you and bit your arse. 

The 6 things I follow and everyone should know me follow these; it makes me who I am, I generally hate liars with a passion, I am loyal I always remain loyal person to anyone who treats me respect and be loyal to me, I’m honest as I can be because lying is not great way about things, I am totally weird it’s my nature of being fun, hate being ignored when people give me attention and saying that they like me what not and then it’s like what’s the point of even trying. Last but not least I text back fast. I pretty much text all the time because over the years I’ve had loads of people messaging me and you start to become more frequent of knowing where the keys are on the pad. 

I pretty much can tell from wannabe populars throughout out school and even throughout my early adulthood. To be honest I don’t care all they do is talk about people behind people’s back even with the people that they are friends with; it’s because they haven’t got anything better to do along with everything is about them, there’s me I like to keep to myself to myself and get on with things. 

All I can say is if you keep your head down you will go along way because you do; I am blessed that I manage to work my way up with the whole career, to the point of rubbing things in people’s faces to say “you thought I couldn’t do much look at me now. Who’s laughing now? I have the last laugh now” 

Why would you speak about things if you don’t know half of the story or even better don’t even bother speaking if you don’t know what your talking about. Don’t even like big headed people who think that they know things but when you point it out where you notice something wrong; they like back track on what they actually talk about, because at the end of the day you will get stuck in your old ways. 
Sorry got slightly side tracked reading something that I didn’t get but all well. On which comes to my mind why would you spend 31+ million on a car for someone? See this is what I mean don’t talk about something that you actually don’t know fully what’s going on. To my answer on that one is don’t talk question about it; don’t back stab anyone about it, unless your in the in crowd of knowing what’s going on then it will all become clear. 

No peace! Where’s our government?

No peace! Where’s our government?

From Thatcher (conservative) to Blair (Labour) to brown (labour) to Cameron (conservative) joint with clegg (liberal Democratics) to now may (conservative). What have all five people got on their hands? (Not sure about clegg)

However all five Prime Ministers have blood on their hands; weather it’s our own citizens, children or our solders on their hands but they haven’t listened to what we want. We are the ones who are risking our lives everyday; three attacks in a space of three months, along side less than two weeks of each other. Yet Ireland and Northern Ireland and other parts of the country are still in the critical terror attack; yet we’re in the serve ones getting attacked, we are the ones helping the trained services, we are the ones looking out for each other. We are the ones who make Britain great not the government. Government all ways put their heads in the sand because they are scared and expect us to look after their arses. 

Yet in today’s speech by the prime minster saying “enough is enough” “things need to change” really we’ve been saying that over the years and most recently last year; so how does that work when it’s taken you this long to realise that we have had enough of it, but your not going to do anything about it are you. Prime Minster! I thought this time last year; I even blogged about it, the government is going to get us all killed and most importantly they are putting our kids in danger.

Are you going to put more intelligence and services out on the streets or just let’s us continue defend for ourselves and help the services. This has gone to far now and we aren’t going to get any peace until our government sorts them out; also why do we have the polls, campaigning and everything still? What’s that got to give us hope or more fear of who’s going to be the next Prime Minster who would get blood on their hands. 

We now take it in our stride and our norm where we take them on saving other people; rushing not the other way from the terror but towards it, risking their own lives to help. We maybe a small country. We unite as one and show we are strong. 

We are strong, we show no fear, hatred won’t define us, life that we choose is to survive, we take on the world and we show up our government up by dealing it with on our own. They are only just woken up to the whole world with our country with threats; us citizens of the uk we are always one step further than the government, like Ariana Grande putting a concert and to standing up to every hate that’s been thrown at us. Ariana is the most inspirational young women to put a concert on; but also seeing the victims in hospitals, they also get see the concert in the hospitals that they are in. 

The line up have been great but also getting a few well known Manchester Artists such as Take That and Robbie Williams who are from Manchester; they kicked it off with amazing songs, but also the other acts have chosen amazing songs and very fitting to the One Love Manchester. The awful event with kids and parents had shock the nation and the whole world; seeing the celebrities coming together, showing that they appreciate, the love and how we all come together.

Thoughts go out for Ariana Grande Fans

Thoughts go out for Ariana Grande Fans

I may not be a church goer, growing up in a Christian family, there is always going to be a touch base somewhere in my life at the best of times. From experience of having a bomb scare myself to which lead was a fake; but at the time there was no time if it was real or not, you had to follow the procedure of what you have been told to do. 

It’s barely 2 months since our last one terror terror attacks; two months away from our first ever terrosit attack back in 2005, but at a concert that children love to see and watch who are their idol, something for them to remember for the rest of their lives that should be the happiest and now stuck with them for the rest of their lives by the terror attack. Even feel sorry for Ariana Grande who literally just walked of stage after her last song when it all happened; being a witness and a victim herself in this terror attacking, my thoughts and prayers are for the families, friends and the victims who survived and who didn’t make it. 

R.I.P little ones you don’t deserve to die the way you should of done. Your safe now with god who will look after you now. God bless you.

Songs that actually make me want to cry!


Makes you wonder if it’s your age that things make you cry, it’s generally you that make you cry like your character as that person or your just a blubber mouth that cries at everything.

Songs that actually makes me want to cry!

I was walking home one day from work; a few songs caught me out where I didn’t realise how emotional I was feeling that day, a few times I literally wanted to burst out crying because I never felt so down and everything for a very long time. I just generally carry on doing what I’m doing; sitting on it until something or someone does something then I’m like I’m just gone, I’ll be in floods of tears and people think that they had done something wrong but because they don’t think about other people’s feelings or things happening in their life. 

I’m one of these people don’t really shout about my problems other than my closest friends who know how struggling it is for me to open up and etc. I hate those sort of people who are drama queens and everything has to be about them. All I want to do is shout at them; slap them and etc, believe me I have had that lot in the past year or so. 

Anyways here’s a list of the songs that actually make me want to cry:

  • Keep holding on – Avril Lavigne 
  • When your gone – Avril Lavigne 
  • Your song – Ellie Golding 
  • Somewhere only we know – Keane 
  • What about us – John Barrrowman 
  • Everybody’s changing – Keane 
  • Scars to your beautiful – Alessia Cara 

These are only songs that can possibly make me cry if I’m feeling low; it’s not healthy but it’s just happens to be on the next shuffle and I know I should change, but I like the song normally. 

How to plan a full notebook and a full works of a story notebook


Today I’ve written this last night watching Eurovision; I’m kind of trying to distracting myself a lot as I’ve been in the most of the grumpiest most all day not sure what it was all about, but I’m fine now. 

How to plan a full notebook and a full works of a story notebook 

How to plan a notebook full of notes:

Planning a notebook full of notes for stories is quite easy really; whatever piece of scrap of paper or post it’s that you lay your hands on is the best thing as you do, having full of the notes in the notebook you can use your notes for all different stories. Over the years when I’m making notes I try different ways; like titling them if it’s for a perceive story to help me to remember it, put dates on them on which I’ve recently done and when I completed that post it if it’s part of a story that I’m writing, little bits of things that could be used as a story that I could stick in my notebook, notes from word documents or pages depending on what I’m using like laptop or iPad most things now I use iPad. 

But nevertheless I have used up all my favourite notebooks that I can’t even get the same ones; they either don’t have them in stock or the stationary has brought out new range, so I have to get comfortable with the one I pick up at the time. Even though I have loads in like three box fulls of notebooks but yet it’s not the right one or I’m not ready to use it just yet.

I just love playing around with the ideas and creating ways of using my notebooks from post it’s – just bullet points so that I can get my self interested and keep myself occupied. If you see my lizzysweeklyblogs notebooks it has loads of different ways of having notes on; from pen to paper, pen to post it’s, pen to scrap pieces of paper and printer ink to paper. I just love how full one book can get with full of ideas, notes, reminders and many more. Knowing that you created those ideas yourself and it’s a positive thing to do. 

Copyrights and Allrightsresereved belong to lizzysweeklyblogs and lizzyarrow         Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to lizzysweeklyblogs and lizzyarrow 

How to plan a notebook full of stories: 
I prefer the old fashion way with pen to paper because it’s nice for me to practice reading, writing and spelling for me in a long run. The reason being is that being dyslexic and having language difficulties I try and not give up on doing what I love the most; yeah I fight and cry with it all but at the end of the day, I chose to do it no one told me to do. I could easily give up and use my learning difficulties as an advantage card; but I didn’t at the end of the day, I like the A5 size notebooks because they aren’t so intimidating than the A4 books or single pages. Unless I have to use an a4 book or piece of paper to scribble notes on that’s fine because I’m not using it as a story board. 

Never like A4 size paper anyways even when I did my exams because they seemed intimidating for me; I don’t know what it is but it’s like you have to full up loads of words, more ideas to make it more blocky meaning you have to fill the whole page up. With my I’m like having a mini panic attack because I can’t see to find any ideas or anything like that to fill it up.

You may find your a lot better with A4 size books than I am; it really does depend on what you are capable of using, along with your style of writing to be honest with you. Fulling up a notebook with a story is a great way to show that you have writing your first full draft out from all of your notes from your notes in your notebook; into one whole story which makes you even more prouder than anything, then you can type it up with the software that you use on any technology that you use at the time. 

I find it easier typing it up afterwards because I can add more into the story or take bits out or change things around; that’s the whole point of editing but I do find it at times intimidating still, if I’m in the frame of mind of how long do I get to reach the bottom and so on. I’m still like it after I printed it all off and have to read it all over again; then that’s when I start screaming and give up, unless I get someone else to read it over for me and edit it all so that I don’t have to worry about it all. Unless I’m reading it with someone out loud and make the changes with them then it’s far more easier than done. 

Ooh I just had an idea. I can do it with a few family members; ah that’s the best idea I have ever had in my life, you guys are amazing. Also just to let you know when I was writing this blog; didn’t really think much and it’s gone two pages and a bit, how amazing is that. 

If you would like anymore tips let me know and I’ll give you some more or do a blog for it so can have a read through and make notes. I have attached somewhere a photo of my two current books that I use for my stories and ideas for them. They are actually detected to one particular story because I like to keep them separate from the rest and I’m actually focusing on a story for it. Might share a snippet for you on the blog when it’s done.

The opps I’m late, I’m late for an important date!

The opps I’m late, I’m late for important date!

The picture is credited to my cousin Rosie playing the White Rabbit at Compton Village Hall with the theatre group. Has given me the permission to use some of her pictures as for my personal blogging use and other uses such as creative writing usage; she has that way of photo genetic way that I want for my posts. 

Today’s Sunday Special maybe out of sorts today; due to last week I was poorly ill and everything went pear shaped, along with a busy weekend last week as well. I was pretty much run down and ill. Don’t worry I’m feeling much better at the best of times; still having ridiculous bad pains, that’s triggering my back and I’m sleeping a lot as well to recover. 

So today you will see #throwbackthursday and Friday Time Recap Time through out the day; just trying to catch up on the last two events that I have missed, I’m actually currently writing this in bed tonight (last night Saturday 6th May 2017). Only one thing I can get a head off haha. 

Also not much to think about really; as I had already had the idea in my head before it actually been written down, haha go me. That’s what I say. Even had an idea of putting reminder notes of why they were late and what not. Organised or what? No? Rather OCD about everything even little details of why I haven’t blogged and etc. Haha okay thanks guys love you too. 

I will be doing it for this blog as well just because it shows that I’ve done it the day before; I like to be organised than, be unorganised like I am now this week. This what is what happens when you become ill and can’t do much about it or life gets too busy for on weekend that you normally do your blogs. 

All different types of religion that ties into bullying


The most recent case of bullying is all different types of religion. This is because of what’s been going on in countries that have conflict; along with many more things I shouldn’t say publicly, putting myself in danger or liberty of getting arrested for something I should of said. 

All different types of religion that ties into bullying 

Religion has always been one of those things where upeople have different beliefs and etc over the years maybe centuries. However it is more now as it has come more to light since 2010 onwards; most probably the most recent years of 10’s, because of different types of religion people are. People blame all Christian’s, all Hindus, all Muslims and etc because they think that it’s what their culture is like and who they are. 

People may disagree with me and say it’s not bullying; I do have to point out here is that this is bullying and racist, both mixed into one. For example when London got attacked in March 2017; people jumped to conclusions with a women who was walking past an injured person, all because of her religion and yet no one picked up on the guy who also walked passed. He didn’t do anything. I do have to say that is bullying and racist to judge someone’s religion background; all because they were wearing something different to them, also not all people who are religious are bad people. It’s not their fault that people are making their religion/culture making a bad name for it. 

I’ve met few people from different backgrounds and they are the most loveliest people you have ever met; they even said that they hate what’s happening because it’s not what their god wants them to do, but no one seems to care. 

Another point for you to read and understand; is that people who are fleeing from their countries where all the wars are or they can’t flee, no one can help them to find a better place to be safe. They risk their lives to get away from it all; even parents with children, elderly and etc who are out in sea either made it to a new land or they don’t and they die trying to be free from it. 

Let me ask you something; would you do the same as them if our country was having the same trouble?, we are lucky enough to be able not have that but also we are lucky enough so far at the moment that we haven’t had World War 3 yet. By the looks of things where things are going at the the moment we are most likely to have one. However you never know what’s going to be around the corner to corner do we. Just think how fortunate we are that we don’t have that problem at the moment; we have a roof over our heads, a country that’s not fighting each other like we use to. We have come along way than other countries if you think about it. 

Next time you go and judge someone’s religion or racist or both think am I being a bully here or am I just frightened of what just happened or what’s going to happen next. 

How important is to have a your grandparents in your life?


There’s been questions going around about how much involvement grandparents should be in your children’s lives. No matter what your history is with your own parents is; your kids comes first in my opinion, so this is my opinion and I’m lucky to have mine. 

How important is to have a your grandparents in your life? 

Having my grandparents in my life is the best thing; they’ve been in my life since day one when I was born, they are the best thing ever happened to me. I grew up with only one set of grandparents; they are the closest set I ever have, without my grandparents involvement in my up bringing I think I would be having a different up bringing completely. 

Recently I’ve noticed more and more where I get my fun, loving, humour from but also along with my height and everything else. It’s because of my grandparents lifestyle; as I was growing up I didn’t think much off it, until their health over the years and most recently. Also it brings the whole family together; especially with my two other cousins, we haven’t spoken to each other or seen each other in years but now in the last couple of days we’ve been chatting like we’ve been growing up together. 

I think we’ve been so cut off from each other to the point off; we need each other’s comfort to be able to talk about what’s worrying us, and to be able to be there for one another now than before. This shows how our grandparents have effected us as the most important people in our world; it is scary to loose someone or close to loosing someone, to the point of what else can we do other than be a close nit family. 

I don’t even understand how people say I don’t get on with my grandparents or my parents don’t get on with my grandparents and etc. I’m like how can you not get on with them; I would try everything to spend time with my grandparents as much as I could, you never know when it’s going to be your last day with them or your last day. Life is a funny thing where you never know what’s going on or when it’s going to happen. You have to live life to the full everyday. 

My grandparents are the most important people in my life. I’m not going to change that ever even when they pass I’m never going forget them. 

My Night Routine


My night routine never changes through out work, weekends or holidays; unless things change then I’ll have to adapt it to what I can do, also along with things that I’m okay that I can do it another day. 

My night routine 

My general night routine can change at anytime; depending on what happens on the day, or day before or even few days before. Sometimes my night routine can go longer than it should be if I can’t get to sleep; as I don’t sleep that much as there’s far too much going on in my brain for my liking, such a pain in the arse when it happens then become increasingly tired as soon as I wake up in the mornings. 

This is my average night routine on a daily basis: 

  • Dinner
  • Make Up off (if I had any on or be bothered to take it off)
  • Bath/shower
  •  Bed 
  • Talk/message my friends on my phone (generally fallen asleep by then in a mids conversation. Has been known.)
  • Along with iPad if I have ideas.

Generally this is my normal routine for the whole evening that I do; but like I said in my introduction, it really does depend if something happens and I have to juggle it around in some what way to fit everything in.

What’s your routine for the evening? Let me know what you do for your routine. I’m intrigued of what people do.