Daily Challenges – Challenges On Hold – Summer Challenge on hold why?

The reason why Summer Challenge is currently on hold at the moment is because I’ve decided to have a break from it but however I can split it into August 2018 due to the fact that it will still be summer and I have more stories for you by then for the rest of the Challenge I know it’s only 11 Days left to go but why not finish it in August. Especially with new content and I can think more for it all; explore more, write more and to be able to focus on a bit more. 

Yes I do have to confess I am struggling with some of the ideas of what to do for the rest of the days; I hope you understand that more are coming but at a later date, as you can tell I’ve completely forgot about Teen Lifestyle this week because I was focusing on daily challenges and diary entries and so on. 

So please don’t panic about your daily challenges they are coming back. Just need a bit of breather; you’ll get your stories back soon in a few weeks time with some new story content, be back on the 1st August 2018 so watch this space around them. 

Last Night Everyday Online Diary Entries – Monday 9th July 2018 – Hate not being able to sleep!

Kind of writing this now at night because I can’t sleep no matter how tired I am but yet I’m so anxious that I can barely sleep. I slept so much in between my shifts and meeting for something. I just can’t do any more I’m literally writing this in aid of hoping or falling a sleep soon fingers crossed that I can just fall asleep after finishing it all. 

The past three days things have been so hectic you would think that I wouldn’t be so anxious and drop of to sleep asp right? Wrong! Not with me my mind still continuing to be in that system of na I’m going to keep you up even longer man. After my runs for work I’ve slept to be able to stay awake yet still doesn’t matter how much I sleep I still want to fall asleep no matter where I am; I for one try to stay awake no matter what happens yet it never happens, even if I don’t have a nap I’m still wide awake and my anxiety still kicks in. 

I was so anxious about going to this meeting I really didn’t want to go because it’s a group thing and it was at a church as well. Only a few people knew about my condition so they were pleased that I managed to come but also knew I would be on edge. They knew I would be shattered from the last two days coming to the fun day and the 50th anniversary thing; turning up to this meeting as well so they knew I was trying even when I have had a bad few weekends, so easily for me to see I cannot be sociable for a few weeks now and rest up nice and easy. 

The whole anxiety is annoying to the point of I just want to punch its lights out right now; I know it’s impossible but right now I rather do want to so I can sleep, but at the end of the you really can’t help it and you just have to deal with it as the best you can at the end of the day……

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 20 – The hero inside of me

You know I use to hear a voice that said that troubles coming better to stay in bed even tried to run away because I didn’t know my strength because I was shocked; no I couldn’t believe my world rocked it was news to me, until I looked in the mirror today and I looked back and I heard me say I got own it, breathe it, live it like I mean it!

I got the hero in me it’s all I want to be because someone to rely on and looks good on tv. The best part of the day is to save the day that part of the routine so get out of my way this is the job for me! I got to own it, breathe it, live like I mean it. I should be in control and so good to go because it’s time you know what to figure out. 

I got a hero inside of me because it’s all I want to be to have someone to rely on to which looks good on tv. To be able to save the day as it’s like a part of my routine but it’s out of my way; yeah you can say this is a job for me because I have a hero inside of me and that’s all I want to be, someone that everyone can rely on and looks good on tv!

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 19 – Am I immortal?

Definition of Immortal – Living forever; never dying or decaying “our mortal bodies are inhabited by immortal souls”

I’m so tired of being here that I’m suppressed by all of my childish fears that you leave me; but in my heart I wish that you would just leave me because I don’t know what to do with your presence as it’s still lingers here, and it won’t leave me alone. I need these wounds to heal but these wounds won’t seem to heal because the pain is just too real. There’s just too much that the time that I have cannot be erased in time. 

As I watched you cry I would always wipe away all of your fears; even when you would scream you will find me fighting away all of your fears, like I have all these years whilst holding your hand through all of these years but you will still have all of me even in your heart. 

When I needed you the most you would use to captivate me by your resonating light which I am bound to life that you left behind; all I can see is your face use to haunts all my bad dreams away, and your face chased away all the sanity in me and all of the thoughts that would make me feel so anxious. 

I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone but you’re still with me when I’m all alone all along; I know sometimes it feels that you are so distant but you’re not because in my mind the depression and anxiety, has put itself between us once again and I know that it’s stopping me feel your mother next to me but I know she’s fighting it. 

You will always still have all of me no matter what. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 18 What do you want from me? So I can understand.

Hey slow it down tell me what you want from me? So I can understand yes I am afraid but I need you to tell me what you want from me? I know you have a lot going on and quite anxious but I know there might have been a time that I would give myself away; there was once upon a time that I didn’t give a damn about myself here we are, I need to know what you want from me? Especially this time around because you know I want you.

Just don’t give up because I’m just literally working it out please don’t give in; I know I won’t let you down as it’s messed me up, I need a second to breathe when you just keep coming around and I just want to understand something. Can you please tell me what do you want from me? 

You can see plainly that everything that you touch is so beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with you; it’s me I’m just a freak but thanks for loving me because you’re doing it perfectly, there might have been a time when I would let you slip away I wouldn’t even try but I think you could of saved my life. 

Just don’t give up on me because I won’t let you down just don’t give up I’m working it out please don’t give in; I won’t let you down it will mess me up and my anxiety is making it hard to breathe without you, just give me a second to breathe I’m just coming around hey don’t cry what do you want from me.

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 17 England football team are champions my friend

I’ve paid my dues time after time I’ve done my sentence but committed no crime because I wasn’t old enough to play as I was just a boy when we lost the World Cup  so many times. I made bad mistakes I can tell you I made a few but I’ve had my fair share of sand kicked in my face because I know we got a good team. I can tell you right now we’ve come through because we are the champions my friends.

We are the champions my friends because we will keep on fighting until the end because we are the champions of each game we play; we literally have no time for losers because we are the champions of the world. I’ve taken my bow and my curtain calls. You brought me fame and fortune with everything that goes with it but I would like to thank you all for believing in me and my team. It’s been no bed of roses nor pleasure cruising; I like a challenge before the whole human race because I know we ain’t going to lose, and do you know why?

We are the champions my friends and we will keep on fighting until the end because we are the champions no time for losers to start hitting out when they know that we are the champions of the world. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 16 What about now? what about today?


Shadows that are filling in ones empty heart that once had the pure love which is now fading; from all the things that we are but not saying a word, can we see beyond the scars that we have and can we make it to the dawn that’s breaking? Can you see the colours in the sky changing which is opening it to the ways that you made me feel so alive. 

The ways that I loved you for all the things that never died to make it through the night my love will find you. What about now? What about today? What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be? What if our love never went away? What if it’s lost behind Words we could never find? Baby before it’s too late what about now? The sun is breaking in your eyes to start a new day because this broken heart can still survive with a touch of your grace. The shadows will fade into the light because I am by your side where love will find you.

What about now? What about today? What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be? What if our love never went away? What if it’s lost behind the words we could never find? Baby before it’s too late, what about now? Now that we’re here now that we’ve come this far, just hold on because this nothing to fear for I am right beside you for all my life I am yours. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 15 – Another day has gone

Another day had gone yet I’m still here all alone but how could this be; you’re not here with me you truly never said goodbye, can someone tell me why you had to go and leave my world so cold. Everyday I sit and ask myself why. How did Love slip away like something whispers in my ear and says that you are not alone; I am here with you even thought hour far away but I’m here to stay with you, you’re not really alone it’s all inside your head. 

Baby you are not alone I am here with you though it seems that we are far apart but you’re always in my heart but you are really not alone. Just the other night I thought I heard your cries coming through my window in the wind I hear your prayers; asking me to come and hold you in my arms, I can also hear your burdens that I will bear with me. I first need to hold your hand from then on forever I can begin to carry your worries and troubles. 

Whisper the three words and I’ll come running to you because you know I’ll be there. You know that you’re not alone I am here with you though you are so far away I am here to stay. Though you maybe far away I am here to stay though we maybe far apart I am here with you you’re always in my heart.

You really aren’t alone I am here with you even though you’re far away you and me are here for each other; we are always in each other’s hearts, wether you’re alone and want to cry just reach out for me day or night because together we can stop being alone. 

Daily Challenge – Summer Challenge – Day 14 – England Win Again

I couldn’t figure out why everybody needs the blessing when it’s not even you’re fault at the time when it all happened; this is so 2010 era a new current decade with a new young fresh team, forget the past of the previous years of losing the World Cup and let me kick the ball in the net. 

Showing everyone that no one is using me as the main person to win the match or having loads of people trying to be big headed; I can surprise you if you stick around I can show you, that I can lift your spirits up with the team that I’ve got and if you look inside your heart you will find out that we are going to another level. 

Before we go on again before you tear this love again thinking we are going to fail you; there is no fight between us because there is love and positive between us within the team. We will win again so little time we don nothing but compete as there’s no life on earth no other could see me through because we can win again no matter how much we’ve been through as a country; some will never try to work together but if anyone one can, we can and so can you and I’ll be following you too. I’m going to break down our negative defences one by one.

I’m going to hit you from all sides laying out the fortress hit you from all sides because nobody will stop this positive away from you. You better beware because I swear that I’m going to be there when you fall; you should know that I could never let you cast aside the greatest love of all, this battle of love for the positive and the game you know that we will win again. So little time that theres nothing we can do but compete. There’s no life on earth could see me through because we will win every time. 

England will win again. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 13 – I really wish…….

Remember all of those walls that I built? Baby they came tumbling down because of you; they really didn’t have a chance to put up a fight, nor did they make a sound to let me know that I was free. I really wish I found away to let you in but I never really had a doubt; I am now standing in the light of your halo because I’ve got my angel, it’s like I’ve been awakened inside with every rule that I had you broken them. It’s the risk that I’m taking I’m not going to shut you out!

Everywhere I’m looking now I’m surrounded by your embrace, your love and more so your halo. You know that I’m saving your grade everything that I need and more it’s been writing in the sky and all over your face. I can feel your halo I pray it won’t fade away.

Yet right now I really wish I can feel your halo, I really wish I can see your halo. I really wish it hit me like a ray of sun shine burning through my darkest night; you’re the only one that I want, your my addiction your light is showing me through the dark and I swore I’d never fall again. This doesn’t even feel like I’m falling like gravity has forgotten to pull me back down to the ground.