Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Whole wide world goes crazy about Youtube.

Apologise for not blogging as much last things happened and everything else. I couldn’t think what to write and etc. Yet I had this topic idea last week because it literally happened but yet I was having fun out so I didn’t know anything happened to be quite honest. I was pretty much happy being out of the house for a change and spending it with a friend. 

Some youtubers say it’s due to theses hackers called “Game Masters” and “Zargo Project” something rather to be perfectly honest with you it could be just a technical glitch to be quite frankly with you. Yes so many people get paid for making YouTube videos and etc which I can understand but going over board with it all really. Especially when everyone takes by storm about the time where the whole world looses Youtube for x amount of hours; it happens time to time where there’s glitches  doesn’t mean your whole world comes tumbling down because of it, there is other ways of doing it and what not. 

I could be just old fashioned to be honest but I get glitches on WordPress quite a lot but I don’t make a complete drama about it. I just write and wait until it comes back up or see what the problem is. 

All I’m saying is that if it goes down it’s not the end of the world stop being a snowflake there is other ways of doing it whilst it’s down because there’s always someone trying to fix the glitch one way or another and most importantly don’t be an idiot and ring the police saying that Youtube is down because it’s that’s really unnecessary what can they do. Absolutely nothing it’s not a crime. I read it on a tweet somewhere; seriously that’s just over bored to be honest with you, it’s like telling my autistic cousin ringing up the police about something that’s really silly and guess what he actually doesn’t go and do it because he knows it wastes their time. I just don’t understand why or what goes through peoples heads when they do these things. 

Just be patient and it will come back up when the problem is solved it really is end of the world. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – How do you know what’s hurting your blog?

How do you know what’s hurting your blog? Basically you don’t because people say this is hurting your blog or this is hurting this and so on. Actually it can be anything lots of things can hurt your blog but at the end of the day the things that they tell you that are hurting their blog actually works for yours. 

It’s basically a trial and error people are just giving you advice at the end of the day but you won’t know what’s hurting yours until you learn yourself what it is. It’s good advice to watch out for but you also got to learn yourself what works and what doesn’t work at the end of the day. 

I basically learn all the time on how to improve, where it goes wrong, how to change it, how to conceal and improve your content. It’s just basically challenging yourself to do new things all the time. I like to challenge myself all the time learn how to do things in away that’s better for me and for my readers.

The sense of pride takes place within yourself than through other people. People can comment negativity and positive; all you got to do is throw away the negativity and keep the positive is the best thing to do, positive helps build your pride and confidence knowing that you’re blog content is worth while. 

All I can say is keep working on it. Take the advice of other people that give out where they say what’s hurting your blog but it’s done to you to know what’s what. So don’t give up or let people say anything different.

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – When you hit that hormone stage!

Blah I remember that day when my hormones kicked in I felt like I was dying. Yet it got me out of school most of the time because my excuse was I’ve got a tummy ache and I feel sick. They literally took it and I just went home had a paracetamol and fell asleep to sleep of the dreaded period pains. 

That’s the only time I used to get out of school when it came about because I genuinely hated school; I would try anything to get out of class and school because of it, I don’t know what they do now these days but I just use it against them and I would never complain or anything. 

The worst part was the spots/zits but people say don’t pop them but no one genuinely don’t tell you why not until you realise you do pop it and leaves you scared well unless you’re me and get anxious by picking at it. Generally people use zit products or toothpaste but I never really see the point of that to be honest with you because a) it never seemed to work b) I didn’t have the patience to keep doing everyday. 

Boys be boys will get silly and will shoot up nice and tall. Their voices break due to hormones so girlies don’t think they don’t get much they will also break out in spots too. Yet they don’t understand the pain of period pains and what not. Unless you kick them where it hurts so they can get some sort of an idea but I recommend not to do this unless you’re under attack be a stranger. 


Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – 2 blogs for each blog! Say whaaat?

I’ve become recently writing for two blogs two is my max on each one if I can; you must be thinking why two blogs when you barely have time to concentrate with this one, I know but since having kittens is giving me great opportunities to write stories, poetry, comedy and many more. 

To which I love writing stories so writing stories and etc for the other blog has made a hit for me because on here it didn’t really take off how I really liked of done to be honest with you. Since I made Follow the footprints on the pages sharing my sisters Comedy Kittens on there and on here; comparing them on each other I’ve noticed that my viewers on that blog likes that sort of thing more than on here. 

It’s alright I’m not going to stop this one; I’m still continuing to work on this one but having other things, like keeping my regular Star Light Categories, Hauls, Everyday Online Diary Entries, and the others. So don’t panick Mr. Mannering! Stories and poetry are quite hard to do and take time to write but bouncing between the two I can literally make it work by helping myself to improve one way or another. 

It’s like teaching myself all over again. Trying to improve how to do things better and differently. It’s not a bad thing to be honest it’s the only way to learn at the end of the day because you may end up in a rut and do the same thing over and over again. It’s good to have fresh new eyes at the best of times just sit back and rest for awhile. To be able clear you’re mind and collect new thoughts. 



Star Light Categories – Throwbackthursday – Relationships Advice

Relationship advice…Relationship advice….I’m pretty much not good at theses things to be honest. It’s all down to common sense to perfectly honest with you; well from the outside of someone’s else’s relationship going down the pain but sometimes it is hard to see ones own problems, and get defensive about other people sticking their noises in. 

We are all human at the end of the day. Well depends on what the relationship type is; from abuse, trafficking and etc that’s not right or human way to act in my opinion.  Each to their own ways of dealing with arguments, love, happiness and etc at the end of the day you may of met you’re true love. Arguments are pretty normal if you ask me in any situation of a relationship; you both work together on the problems, get through them and be there for each other. 

Sometimes relationships don’t work out and that’s fine. Move on and learn from it. Yes it hurts. Yes it takes time to heal. Yes you think it’s you and that there’s generally something wrong with you. I have those quite a lot when I have an argument with someone that I love or something along those lines. 

I pretty much believe that there is something is wrong with me at the best of the times no matter what people say to me. It takes me awhile to get my head around the fact that it isn’t me and I should literally let go off it all and the pain.  

It does help if you have a good friendship with someone who can just be there for like no one else would. Know your pain and suffering. Also to help you get yourself back up again. Just remember you are you and there’s literally nothing wrong with you. 


Star Light Categories – Mid-Week Post – Autumn has started to arrive!

As autumn has officially started to arrive; leaves have started to turn to different colours, conquers will come and fall around the 28th September the only reason that I remember that is because it’s my cousin’s birthday around then and his sister named him conquer because that’s when he was going to be born. 

Today’s been a strange one guys to may of noticed that I’ve published quite a few blogs today; the only reason was that I had another day off from work, and I managed to get things done off my list whilst having hyperactive kittens going on in the back ground. 

(19.9.18) Todays weather had been wild strong winds, rain and sunny then rain again briefly. You know when autumn and end of summer are at each other’s throats because no one wants the change. I do find that it feels like we only just had snow and skipped the heat wave and everything then back to autumn and winter again. Does anyone else feel like this? 


Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle: “Growing up watching people get lairy” – Story Based

Sitting in a back of class thinking I wish I wasn’t in school as I watch people getting lairy; to be quite honest it’s not very pretty sight I can tell you that, as I’m now whole lot older walking through town at night is quite scary but it’s not very sensible either by you’re self.

I got told by a friend or a friend that he got beaten all because he looked the wrong way by a group of youths. Yet it wouldn’t of happened if he hadn’t been there at all. I  could tell you know that I could predict a riot any day now.

I tried to get into my taxi the other day and a man in a tracksuit attacks me stating the fact that he saw it first. Yet it was a gang that had set him up completely so he could impress them and have a bit of glory. 

I start to see who I think it is who had everything going for them scrabbling around with no clothes on just earn money. If it wasn’t for the chippy down the road they would of been frozen by now. They aren’t sensible anymore than I remember. 

Is there anybody left out there that doesn’t want that life? Who really doesn’t want to be out there in the streets thinking that this is the only option for them. You can change your life around now if you know where to go and who can challenge you the most and not get into these types of things. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Finding you’re voice through blogging

Are you finding it hard to find you’re voice through blogging? Or having a hit and miss with you’re blogging? Don’t worry we all have days like this. Don’t sweat it peeps. I can give you the low down of what you could use to find you’re voice through blogging not quite sure how it will work how I want to present it but I think I might go for the whole bullet point and see if that would work. 

  • Content: Finding the content that you want to write about, what you’re passionate about, things that enjoy doing, things you believe in and etc. This will give you more options and opportunities to get you’re voices heard.
  • Being yourself: If you have a favourite blogger and want to do something similar or the same thing. Try not copy as much as they are doing because each person have their own sense of doing things. Just be you and be comfortable with yourself because at the end of the day you’re doing it for yourself, building you’re confidence up and be pleased in what you have achieved not worrying that you’re stuff isn’t good enough and etc. Please remember that some bloggers have been doing it for years and they are always trying to work things out and improving themselves otherwise they get stuck in the same old routine. 
  • Fear of negativity: There are loads of people who are negative out there because they are either no life off their own; jealous that they can’t have what you have, they basically have no soul if they say negative things towards other people because they have had it done to them. To be honest ignore them and rise above them yeah they hurt but you either learn from them or run from them. They don’t really know you and you don’t know them at the end of the day. 
  • Positivity: Listen to the positive comments and feedbacks that you get because you know what you are doing is right along with building up your self esteem and confidence that you’re a great writer. 
  • Fear of no one is going to read your blogs: Have no fear about people not reading it or not. You may actually find that people tend to read it because they like the content and come back to read more of the same thing or find new ones. You will also find that people will also go back and find you’re old content because they want to know what else you have done. It’s not all that bad you know. 
  • Not having enough views: Don’t panic okay. I have hit and miss days because I have writer’s blocks now and then or my days get really busy and no time to blog. They always find away to look at my old blogs that I have written in the past. Just keep at it no matter what happens within your day or your really busy because at the end of the day you will have new content for everyone to read.

I hope this helps you guys to know what you can do and what to expect because at the end of the day it’s your life you’re world your blog and most of all your content. You really don’t need to copy other people style or you really want to be complicated and be really blog nerd don’t really need to copy people’s niche because you are your own blogger. 

Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – The Comedy Of The Kittens

I do find that my parents tend to forget that the kittens get into everything; especially when it comes to our food and drinks, you start to realise that they bring it onto themselves when it does happen because they call up to you or your other siblings saying like “your cats are eating my porridge”. 

You think why on earth would you leave it unattended in the first place when you perfectly well know that they will go for it and smell it. That’s what me and my sister had thought when one of our parents said it; my sister replied “that’s you’re own fault for leaving it unattending it then” which is perfectly true to be honest with you. Along with glass of wine or whatever drink you have and go out of the room for a split second. 

The kittens have great personalities that would make you laugh without a doubt because whatever they do one of them will tell on the other by coming to get me or my sister. Unless you’re like what have you done to you’re  sister in a joking way because they always look innocent one way or another. 

They even follow you to help find their sister if we haven’t heard them or seen them for awhile. You be amazed where we would find them one way or another; especially where it’s a big house for kittens to explore in, you get pretty much use to know where their hiding spots are unless they catch you out and not being there at all. Then you’re like where are they then. 

Playing together is so funny and they get jealous of each other’s toys sometimes but the best thing is if you do something out of the norm that you wouldn’t normally do. They will tell you off one way or not like you don’t know normally do it why start now. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Fitting in time to blog around work.

Since going back to work it’s a bit hard finding the time to blog as I’ve been doing three school runs and only been back two days. I think in between shifts I think I’ll manage to fit some time around then to get some sort order of blogging, work and chilling out one way or another.

Just need to find away to get things running swimmingly and in order the way I want it too keep myself busy as much as I can so in the long run it’s easier for me to stay on top of things.

Might do a time table of my week so I should know what I’m doing; in like what times I’m working, blogging, feeding the kittens and everything. Might as well see how it all goes if you know what I mean; doesn’t really hurt if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work at the end of the day, you might as well try and work around the times you have got than the times you don’t have.

It’s like saying you can’t do this; you can’t do that, at the end of the day you need to work out your own path than anything else. You need to work out what suits you than what doesn’t suits you at the end of the day.

Who knows what will work out or not. Until next time I’ll let you know.