Daily Challenges: Summer Challenges – Day 5 – Remember me

Everyday was so wonderful but one day all of the sudden I found hard to breathe; now and then I get insecure from all the pain that was caused I’m so ashamed, of myself no matter what they say weather it’s positive or negative. I am beautiful no matter how I’m feeling because words can’t bring me down. I just need to remind myself I am beautiful in every single way. Yes words can’t bring me down as I’m already low as it is so don’t you bring me down today. 

To all of your delirious friends who consume all of their alto egos; mean, bully people in your room just to fill the emptiness and your time with your so called friends. Yet once your on your own your doom is your biggest doom because all of the pieces  have gone just let the puzzle undone. 

You start to feel down and all alone. Starting thinking you you’re not beautiful no matter your mind says you are beautiful no matter what they say in your head. Words can’t bring you down today. 

No matter what we do, no matter what we say, we’re the song inside the tune and full of beautiful mistakes. Everywhere we go where the sun goes who will always shine over your head and tomorrow we might wake on the other side feeling positive.

Please remember I do have feelings too so don’t bring me down today. 

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Short Stories Donations: “You’re in the army now” – Story Based – Help for Heroes

Short Stories Donations like this story will go to Help for Heroes you will find the link in the Payment/Donations Page on the homepage or up the top of my blog. There is two options for you whether you want to donate straight to the Help for Heroes or click on the donation button as 50% of it will go to Challengers and Help for Heroes. Please bare in mind that these are short stories and are likely to happen out in the war zones. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/heroesmenandwomen or click here to donate straight away if your under 16 please make sure you ask permission from the bill payer. Thank you.

My Uncle Sam does his best he can in a foreign land it’s not like a vacation for him because he’s in the army now; I remember him saying to me if a daft man tells you to stay in bed all day and do nothing all day, remember I’m out in a foreign land saving your arse everyday get up and do something for me for a change.

When he came home with injuries that’s when I decided to make him proud by joining the army and set up a charity in his name because he’s done a lot for me without me realising. Then one day he over heard that I was leaving to go on tour, saw my uniform and my bags that were packed.

He called me to his room that was downstairs that once was a living room; he didn’t realise that I was in the army now one valuable thing he told me was “you’ll be a hero of the neighbourhood but actually nobody knows that you’ve left for good as it’s a suicide mission but you know the consequences.”

As I sat there on the plane with all of the faces smiling as we waited to land but actually once we got there no one actually gives a damn about you what so ever. All because your in the army now you’ll have hand grenades flying over your head, missiles flying over your head and you have to get out of bed to survive as you’re in the army now.

Shots that ring out in the dead of night the sergeant calls out “STAND UP AND FIGHT!” You have your orders and better shoot on sight because your finger’s ins on the trigger even though it doesn’t seem right but I kindly remind myself why I’m doing it. I’m in the army now no matter if it’s day or night you can’t see if it’s illusion or reality?

Short Story Donations: “The day I thought I was going to die” – Help For Heroes

Short Stories Donations like this story will go to Help for Heroes you will find the link in the Payment/Donations Page on the homepage or up the top of my blog. There is two options for you whether you want to donate straight to the Help for Heroes or click on the donation button as 50% of it will go to Challengers and Help for Heroes. Please bare in mind that these are short stories and are likely to happen out in the war zones. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/heroesmenandwomen or click here to donate straight away if your under 16 please make sure you ask permission from the bill payer. Thank you.

The day I lost both my legs saving my fellow serving soldiers life after a land mind bomb was underground; it was him that gave me the look that we were near one, it was close by but where was it and it only took me by surprise that he was standing right on it he couldn’t move from the spot until I did the most rash decision to make everyone stop and back away slowly. So it was only just me, him and the land mind. So that no one else would get injured well that’s what I thought but the crazy idea was that we were in a middle of an empty estate like as everyone had disappeared but just empty ruins of houses but the locals were still living there.

Before I could step another foot closer I could feel that I was being watched by a gunman from ISIS but I couldn’t see where yet I knew that I’ve got a gun marked on me. I was thinking “great but my priority was my fellow men and the mine. I was going to die either way”. Everyone picked up the sense of what I was sensing they ran around us no matter what the outcome was. That was my que to get him out of the danger zone. 

That’s when the ambush came as soon as I ran forward knocked my fellow serviceman over to the ground that’s when the land mind went off. I didn’t know what was happening all I could feel was the pain and being dragged to safety away from the scene. I didn’t know if I had saved my fellow servicemen or not or how many casualties there were. 

It was long until I soon woke up back in base after a few days being in some sort of coma but it was down to a lost of lot of blood. I was needed to be sent home to get more treatment and being told that I had lost both my legs due to my bravery and careless act of saving another soldiers life. That was it my career that I had built up over the years gone just like that. I knew the consequences when I signed up back when I was 16; I knew what would happen to me if I did but this was my life it kept me in check, and made sure that I was keeping myself narrow and straight. 

The fact that I went back to sleep as I was so weak I couldn’t even feel or knew what was going on until I had woken up again but this time I could hear the sounds of birds chirping, singing, people talking and there was someone special to me sitting next to me closely but she was asleep holding my hand. I knew I was home but in a hospital called “Headley Court” I tried to squeeze her hand to wake her but I was still weak yet she woke up with a start. 

She had looked over saw me trying to smile at her trying to reassure her that it’s alright; I tried to talk or mumbled words like “I’m so sorry Tilly”, Tilly sat in the bed near me so she could hear what I was trying to say but all she could say through her tears of happiness and stroking my head. “It’s all okay. We will get through this together no matter what. You crazy fool” I couldn’t help but laugh in pain with a cough splutter that I didn’t notice that I had. 

Tilly called for the doctor and nurse as I was awake; they slowly sat me up with help of course, after they checked me over if it wasn’t for Tilly teaching me makaton when I was at home in case I needed to know at all or any time that and that was the only way we would communicate if needed be. Love her job because I know she’s great with special needs children; I help out now and then when I was home from tour, so the kids in school liked it when I would come in and just chat with them. 

I signed to her that I was hungry and thirsty but wanted her to help me; she obviously translated it for the doctor and nurse of course, as they didn’t know any of it of course. Which chuckled me even more that gave me more pain and spluttering must of been the dust that inhaled at the time. From then on whilst Tilly went back to work and visiting me she always saw me when I was sleep or help me with my food but she didn’t know I had a trick up my sleeve. 

We had started to plan our wedding before I left and we decided to do it in the summer of this year because I was pretty determined to walk again on prosecuted legs to surprise her. I always like to joke about with her so I had a plan with a few close friends of mine who were going to be my best men on the day….

Sponsored Stories: Update on the Payment/Donations

Hey guys I just like to update you on a few things on my sponsored stories and payment/donation pages and post. Each sponsored stories will have a donate me button on each page in case you can’t make up you’re mind on which charity you want to donate the 50% will go to them as per normal. If you have decided to go for Help for Heroes or Challengers who are local charity of mine please go to Payment/Donations and the money will go straight to them.

There is a set target for both Help for Heroes I’m trying to raise is £1,600.00 on that page that I’ve set up and linked up for you guys. To go donate yourselves. Also Challengers there is a set target of £650.00 if we can get more than that. It would be so awesome if we can beat that target for the charity.

Thank you for the donations if you are willing to help any way as possible. If you can or going to thank you very much indeed. “Go for gold” as a learning support worker once said to me. Thank you. 

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Sponsored Stories: “Anyone of us”- Story Based – Help for Heroes and Challengers

I’ve been letting you down I know I’ve been such a fool into giving temptation of giving up the difficulties that I have to face thinking I’m alone with this injury but I know the situation got out of hand. I hope you understand and forgive me. The realisation of how difficult it is for children who are disabled not to do anything that they want to do; it’s not their fault they are like it, it’s not my fault I’m like it as I’ve doing it for my Queen and my country and I know it’s the rebels and terrorist caused it. 

Now I understand it can happen to anyone of us, anyone you think of can fall and anyone can hurt someone that they love when they feel low. Hearts will break because pushing people way I’d stupid. It can happen to anyone of us say you will forgive me anyone can fail say you will believe me; I don’t want to lose you for my stupidity of moments without you I am nothing, you gave me something to believe in and it if wasn’t for you that I’m fighting for I would of stopped. 

On the long and winding road leads me to your door which never disappears; I’ve see. This road before it always leads me here to your door even the wild and windy nights that rain washed away all the painful memories had left a pool of tears for the day we both cry; why leave me standing here let me know the way many times I’ve been alone I’ve cried, and you’ll never know many ways that I’ve tried to save people lives even children’s lives but they still lead me back to the long winding road. 

Knowing that they are there to help me get back onto my feet with you by my side. I now under how hard it is to lose everything and deal with my disability. Understanding of how hard it is for families with a child with a disability and losing everything that I use to have but people don’t understand how hard it is until it happens to them. I would like to remind you as from a solider it can happen to anyone of us. 

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Sunday Online Diary Entries: “Disturbia” – Story Based

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum. Repeating over and over in my head what’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like this? I’m going crazy now like no one can hear me or save me now. There’s no more gas in the rig I don’t know even how to get it started but nothing is heard, nothing said, I can’t even speak about it. It’s my life and out of my head yet I don’t want to think about it feels like I’m going insane. It’s like a thief in the night.

A thief that would come and grabs you to which consumes you like a disease of the mind that can control you rather too close for comfort. It’s like throwing your brake lights on as we’re in the city of wonder to which isn’t going to play nice so you better watch out because you might just go under so think twice. So my advice is to train your thoughts to which will be altered so you must falter to be wise.

Your mind is in disturber off mental health it’s like the darkness is the light that disturb you for life; am I scaring you tonight because you’re not use to what you like, the faded pictures that on the wall and it’s like they are talking to me. Disconnecting all the call and your phone don’t even ring but I got out of here or figure this shit out because it’s too close for comfort.

Did you see that thief in the night to come and grab me it would creep up inside me to consume me with the disease if the mind to which control me making me feel like a monster. My mind is being disturbed like the darkness is the light yet it’s talking to me like it’s scaring me tonight.

All I want you to do is release me from this curse that I am in because I’m trying to maintain but I’m struggling. If you can’t help me then just go because I think I’m going to go…


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Sponsored Stories: “Face to Face” – Story Based

It’s a true sign of a solider to get back up again from an injury whether it’s visible or invisible taking caring of the hearts around us the whole world loves a hero. There’s always a leader that has a shoulder to cry on that’s what we are to them; everyone can see how much you care for people when we’re face to face with different difficulties, whether it’s a special needs child having a bad day themselves or the unsung heroes having a difficult day and the music continues to play.
Standing side by side putting the past behind us no one can take your place that’s when we’re face to face the measure of the strength of a human by the weight of the love around them; along with one sweet light turning on in the darkness where someone comes forward to guide us all like a pilot asking if we like some help, that’s what it’s like to me everyone around believes that each unsung heroes and special needs children have the right to be in this world.,
When you live your life with a passion where you have people just walk on past ignoring you like they can take anything for granted until they witness someone else who helps out showing that nothing you do should take for granted. Even if a child is having a bad day or a true hero is having one they take each day for granted that they are still here even if they don’t understand.
Yet people who have kind hearts show you love, kindness make you believe in yourself ones more you will find it again. You are the world to me like a heart is wide like the ocean where you aim to climb every mountain and the unknown will help you understand it.

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Sponsored Stories: Introduction

Before I start writing the stories for charities and charity cases I thought I’ll do an introduction about why I decided to stories that are relevant to the causes. The reason is because Challengers is my local charity as you can see the second picture in the picture of the inside the building which is new but last year it had a fire and they had to rebuild the inside once again buy everything that was smoke damaged. The new building was built a few years ago I think it was about 2015 celebrating its 35th birthday; the charity is a respite for children who have special needs from autism, cerebral and many other health conditions. The charity gives their family time to spend time with each other along with their other children who may feel left out as their sibling is the one that has the more attention. Yet each child that comes to Challengers will have either a one to one or just enjoy playing by themselves or with their friends or a float depending on who is working that day.

Helping for Heroes is for the injured soldiers who need help whether to come back from fighting in a war zone and suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, lost a limb and many other injuries which will stop them from continuing working in the army. With any money that is giving to them it will help them rehabilitate them back into everyday life with support of the charity and the people who are working with them each day. This will also help them to be able to enjoy being with their family and friends without feeling like they are stopping them from going out because they can’t; they want to live once again, to continue a new chapter in their life that is something new, no matter how much their injuries that they may received from a war zone they can get on with their life like nothing has happened and they can become happier and to be able to take part in things that are suited to them.
There are also a few cases that I have written about before about children who have lost their parents, who are ill, struggling to pay for school fees and many other problems. This is a still on going problem out in Africa at the moment but all I’m asking is if you can help by donating the money will go to them as well but I’ll let their stories tell you.

Each story that I’ll be writing from now on for the sponsored will have a donate button at the end so that if you can help no matter how big or small 50% of the money will go to each cause which will be decided up equally 25% will go to both of the main charities of the year if you wanted to help with the children in Africa for all three causes it would be 12%. No matter how small or big amounts you can donate the thought counts at the end of the day.

Thank you

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