Star Light Categories – Saturday Topics – The word of the day “Judgemental” – 25.8.18

“Judgemental”  meaning from free dictionary app: involving the use or exercise of judgment. Tending to make moral judgments: to avoid a judgmental approach in dealing with divorced couples. 

The reason why I had brought this up is because I had experienced this in the past but more so recently. Every morning since I found out that people who I knew from my past but also watched me grow up as a young child; I was more hurt by the fact that someone had rang me up later that day to tell me, that people were talking about me behind my back that I was too focus on one particular thing and yet I was swan in and not focusing helping doing other things. 

I had two responsibilities to handle for the week first aid training and the one job that I was meant to be there for. I never wanted to cry so much when I found out. Everyday I feared that I was going to be judged everyday; the more that I ignored the judgemental people, they soon realised that I was actually good at the particular something and they literally buttoned it.

They were coming up to me afterwards, asking, saying how good I was with the things that I actually swan in to do. The fact that people didn’t realise I have a lot of history and experience in working with special needs; they realised and back tracked in what they made a mistake of being judgemental of things, that they probably thought I wouldn’t be able to cope or that they weren’t to sure how to cope and do it themselves. 

To be quite frankly I always believe in is don’t judge the book by its cover just because you don’t actually know the person and how the work. No one should prove themselves to anyone because you don’t know what’s gone on in their past life; they don’t talk about their life stories 24/7 like most people do, that I have come across these days and throughout life really. I’m just like do I actually care? Not really unless it’s someone I’m close to and best friends with I’m there for them and don’t go spreading it around the work life or anything. I’m pretty much give people a chance by finding out their characters and can they be trusted or not. There’s not judgement what so ever. 

The Weekend Topics: (2.6.18) Saturday – Blaming your mental health for something!

Saving my hands getting burnt from my iPad I found my iPad keyboard so I can get most of my blogs done this weekend. I’ll explain to why I haven’t gone away in another blog for another day. However this will give me the opportunity to focus on my blogs a bit more as I have now got ideas to write about. To which is written down now before I forget what they are.

In the recent days of this week (week beginning of 26th May 2018) an American presenter wrote a racist tweet; they blamed it on their medication/mental health issues on doing saying that they didn’t know what they were doing. ABC channel took their show off air completely too right to be honest with you; I commented on someone blog this morning (2.6.18) I totally agreed what the blogger had said totally because I suffer from mental health issues such as Depression and Anxiety as you guys may know as I’ve talked about it a few times.

You know when I’m having bad day or a few days I either let you guys know or apologies if I haven’t written anything. You guys come back with great positivity and support to keep me going. I would never write anything that would upset anyone or anything when I’m in that framed of mind; knowing how much I want to at the time posting things thats on my mind, I know the out comes would be if it did happen and it would ruin my writing career.

I would never blame my medication or my mental health issues for doing something or saying something on the social media. Trust me I know what I’m doing I chose to let my mental health define me or I take control of my mental health and beat it every time I have a relapse. I chose to fight and control my mental health than letting it define me; at the end of the day I’m the one who wants to live my life as much as I can because at the end of the day I know who I am and how much I can cope with.

As some of you may know I’m quite straightforward and tough on things especially on myself because I know that I can do things if I push myself to do things. I don’t even know that I’m doing it at the best of times until a few people tell me and laugh. They laugh and say “I love being with you because you just say it as it is” even though they know when I’m quiet something I want to say but don’t say it and you have people who don’t know me that well think I’m just quiet.

I never blame my mental health or my learning disability for any reason what so ever or an excuse for things and etc. All I can say is “don’t post anything on social media that will get you into trouble and turn around to say ‘I have mental health issues or it’s the side effects of my medication’” you know exactly what your doing don’t lie through your teeth you make other people who have mental health issues look bad and make them look like they don’t want recovery or don’t want for help. There are few bloggers out there that I know who I follow who have mental health issues can turn their lives around because they want to live.

Remember “be you, be yourself, love yourself, don’t let the negativity people bring you down and most importantly don’t let you’re negative mind control you to bring you down”

Saturday Topics: Someone give me a bat?

Not impressed this morning never felt so restless all night anxiety, nightmares and most of all up for about two hours constantly going to the bathroom I know too much information but restless and anxious I just want someone to give me a bat so I  can knock my anxiety senselessly out of me. I literally had enough of my mental health for now don’t even know why I’m so anxious about. The fact that this past week or so it’s been horrendous not as bad as the other week to be honest but I don’t know what gives. 

Just give me a baseball bat any day of the week and let me beat the crap out of it. Trust me because no matter how much I hate other people having it and hate it where people who can’t help but try to but feel useless at the best of times want beat the crap out of it.

I just practically washed my hair, put my make up on, watched YouTube videos all day and slept to catch up after my restless night. Along with a few messages from friends to keep me going throughout the day but other than that today has been a long one thanks to the stupid restless night and anxiety.

I’ve created a new picture for Saturday’s Topics which down below I thought it be awesome to use the pictures that I colour in for the picture category for today. Let me know what you think and should I use them more often. Happy rainy Saturday guys.

Saturday Topics: Done with self centred people

The past couple of days I’ve felt like everyone is making it out that’s my fault that I’m not giving them attention or doing what they want because one way or another they are feeling lonely or desperate to fill in the gap of being loved by someone. I don’t understand how bad people have to be just to make it all about them. 

There’s so many people in this world that I’ve come across who think and accuse me off things that some may know the reasons why but still continue to make out that I’m the worst enemy. Actually they are their own worst enemy of themselves to be quite frankly yet I’m sitting there stroking their poor ego and everything until I open my mouth that I having problems. 

I’m so tired of people using abusing my good nature and my abusing my good heart that is big enough to care for everyone but thinks it’s okay to destroy me and what I’m good for. I’m sick and tired of it to be honest with you. Might as well let few people go so that they know what they have lost what’s best for them. 

Everyday Post: Catching up with Netflix!

Saturday 14th April 2018 spring has finally arrived along with the flowers and buds on the trees are starting to blossom; sun is finally out in the nice, warm weather and I get to be out of the house but not sit in the back garden unless you call the cabin outside with the doors wide open being outside with the internet. 

I’ve spent a fair good few hours sitting in the cabin catching up on Netflix watching Once Upon A Time with my headphones in and writing up my blog titles. The luxurious of having Netflix back up and running is one thing in mind is that I get to catch up with my favourite shows all in one hit whilst doing something needing doing in a fancy notebook. 

It’s one of my old notebooks I’ve had for a long time lost the elastic on it but doesn’t matter to be honest still looks pretty with the purple, the black and the brown background board. I think I got it from Paperchase one of their older makes that they use to have years ago. If you don’t know what Paperchase is it’s a stationary shop in the Uk love their stationery things even if it’s expensive but I don’t care I have expensive taste for things. 

Haven’t brought anything in there for myself for a long time but can’t wait to have some money that I can buy a load more new notebooks the last time I’ve had a load of notebooks from there was probably Christmas or my birthday can’t remember. I’m in love with notebooks and stationery things I have a sense of style and what I like to write in. 

I love having something to listen to or watch whilst I’m writing because it keeps me going if there’s something that I’m interested in. It’s just keeps the creativity of the brain of mine going for example like this it gave me this for an idea for a blog along with my notebook that I’m using for my blog titles saving me using paper now so I’ve got something in a book so I can look back to what I have done threw out the year. Can’t wait to write more things whilst having Netflix going on in the background well in my ears haha. 

Saturday Topics: Do you find that you think you like someone then realise they are like everyone else in your life?

You know when this weekend is a good weekend when your crying you’re eyes out over something and you know your surrounded by chocolate or craving chocolate for comfort because of the mess your in or you broke up with someone or something has come up but you weren’t expecting it.
I found that I tend to attract people who say that they be there for me and what not. Then you find oh great that’s a guy I want to be with; then about 6-7 months down the line you start to see their true colours of how much of a liar, and many other things that they are like the rest of the people in your life.
No matter how much you try and get them to change but you find that they can’t. They stuck like the way they are. People’s actions do tend to follow conquenses afterwards and don’t actually understand what it means in the world of living when they expect everything to fall into place. No matter how much you try to tell them or teach them the normality of it all.
No matter how much you try to tell them they soon realise as the reality hits them that the person that they love the most isn’t there anymore. They try anything to get them back when they know that they hurt them very badly. Seeing how bad they hurt them due to the fact that they either suffer some sort of mental health or something that that person has caused because they never knew how much it effected them until they noticed.
All I’m saying no matter what it is fight for your life like it’s the last thing on Earth; get justice for yourself whether they owe you money and leave or whatever it is they done leave, move on with life heal yourself because at the end of the day it’s their fault their lost that they lost the one that they love the most.

Saturday Topics: Today’s Topic is Creativity!

So last night (23.3.18) I was looking up different types of topics to talk about because I really wanted to do something worth while along with trying to stay awake as much as possible because I slept monjority of the day due to personal issues at the time.
Creativity is one of my important things in my life because I love creating knew ways in doing things whether it’s for myself or whilst I’m on the job you can say I’m more physical than academic I just finding sitting behind the desk boring and dull. You don’t need to have an a qualification to be creative in my opinion but it depends on what you wanting to do. However for me I like to work things out how I can improve my creativity in so many ways on my own I like that without being criticised by people who think they know better.
Creativity can be learnt if a friend wants to give something ago them go along with them but to be honest like in my last paragraph I prefer to teach myself and learn what was a good way to do things. To be honest I like to find different ways to improve my creativity by trying things out that will help me at the time.
I don’t know who’s the most creative person I know to be honest I can’t think on top of my head right now who that can be but I always believe in people who have got a good creative side of things to pursue it because it gives some sort of positive towards themselves and most importantly it’s a hobby that doesn’t die away.
I sometimes use my creativity with my job depending on the situation at the time if something is wrong I’ll have to think about how to change it around so that I’m in control of the situation not the child or if a child needs medical attention then I’ll work on my magic on that. Normally I like to have a happy chatty time when I’m on my job not when urgent attention is needed well try and reduce it as much as possible.
This topic was found on there’s 101 topics that you can talk about and what’s relevant or related to you and to be honest it will keep you going for awhile longer than normal. Yay fun creativity time for you all. Hehe.

Saturday Topics: Spring has well and truly been cancelled!

Blooming snow! Snowing again guys Beast from the East has arrived once more this weekend; snow, rain, bit of sunny weather, snow again and what is the world coming too. Really don’t want to cancel something because of the snow but I’m just not in the mood for walking in the snow get stuck and then have to worry about crazy people who think it’s okay to drive in the snow but actually turn it into dangerous snow.
No matter how much or how many times I’ve dry off the compensation that’s on my window; it’s still steams up like nobody knows like it’s been effected by the snow or something, I know that just sounded stupid haha. Along with stencilled paint stickers that were left their marks on you could just about make out what were there; a dragon, a Jessie character from Toy Story and many others but the only two that have come up so far is the dragon and Jessie.
Practically going to tell you what I’ve done today because my plans have changed since this morning by the snow as me and someone couldn’t work out how this would work if it decided to throw it down with snow plus freeze the wet that’s on the ground. So in and out of annoying phones calls and messages about things and constantly apologising to someone even though none of this is my fault to begin with also being accused for waisting their time when I’ve had no control over or what’s going on.
I managed to work out how to use this revolution pro make up cleaner pot by using the baby shampoo by Johnson’s to get my brushes back by looking super clean. Didn’t realise how much make I used when I was washing one set of brushes. One set you got white and pink on the top for the heads by Revolution limited edition. Actually like that brand than the ones that I have been using before. Cleaned some of the old brushes that I still use B. Actually forgot what they colour they use to be. I was expecting them to be white as well but I was so wrong. Yet they are nice and clean ready to be used again tomorrow now.
Oh and been watching a fair bit of Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures because I can. Just going to do bits and pieces for the rest of the day so that I can relax a bit; not impressed how things planned out today, but what can you do really as you’ve got silly weather coming in and don’t particularly want be in it. Even the birds don’t want to be in it and it’s first time today I think I’ve heard them chirping.

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Saturday’s Topics: the most hated part when your trying to fit in

Don’t you just find that you hate social events of any kind; yet you try to go and fit in just for the sake of that person, yet when your trying to fit in and everything then someone says something just send you over the edge when you cry over it you don’t have anyone to turn to. That’s when you just go to bed crying and feel alone knowing that know body here’s your cries so then you cry even more.

Your just like I wish I never bothered to come if I would get the hatred for no apparent reason; wether they know me or not what have I done wrong to upset them to get the complete moan at or have ago at, I didn’t ask for it or anything I’m only here to support a friend or a love one and I don’t need their permission to be here.

I’m somebody who’s just wants to sit in the corner and be left alone. I like that I’m not that good at people person; even when I’m trying because at the end of the day I’m in control of my destiny, not my anxiety or anything like that and I have to make small talk now and then even if I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about.

All you have to do is fake a smile and fake being confident in front of people because they won’t see the vulnerable side of things. I know when I get anxious I start talking jibbirsh and etc that’s when I know I will say something stupid or do something stupid like Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Anyone else have this problem of social anxiety at all? Or having tips of how to get over it? Please I want to know how to get over it as much as I can. Thank you in advance.

Saturday’s Topic: Where is the safest place to be?

Welcome to Saturday’s Topic for the day on the 24th February 2018; you begin to wonder only 2nd month into the new year you think so far so good nothing bad has happened in your country, unless your in other countries who are still living in terror hoping that it would end as soon as possible and yet you wonder why other countries think it’s okay to turn on their own. What is the cause of it? What’s the agenda behind it? What is it trying to prove?
My deepest condolences and my thoughts go out to the family in the recent events of school shootings out in the US. As most of my fan base are from over there as well. I hate when it children and innocent people are involved in these dreadful things like shootings and terror attacks it’s not right. I just don’t understand how or why they want to do that; is it because they want to claim that it’s cool or other people have done it and got on the news to shock the world to say “I am here notice me!”
Not even sure what the terror attacks want but it seems to have lost all meanings throughout the years; due to certain leaders to saying that the West is taking over killing their country and their people, or they think it’s the act of god wanting them to do it so that they can go into heaven.
No matter what the reason is no where is safe anymore so than it has been. Yet we just get up and carry on like it’s another day. Showing that people don’t scare us anymore. Remember how many times we as a country had multiple of attacks like nearly every two weeks or just barely a month we just ended up running to the scene to help than running away from it; showing that people who do these dreadful things remember that they can’t break us as a country or a community, showing the whole world that they need to also stand together help their fellow citizens who have been attacked.
No matter if you’re in the EU or not but following other countries but helping the others than watch other countries take the fall and not help. It shows who’s great and stands up to the bad people not giving other people like teachers having guns to protect the class and themselves. That’s not right it has to have a great leader ship of who would help others than themselves. Yeah I just quoted something from either Harry Potter or from the bible but it’s true you have to put others before yourself who are in danger.