Thursday Online Diary Entries: “You know me” Story Based Extra

If any man can pick what he fancied he should just live and breed in captivity because it’s just pointless; you love what you’re doing what you like, when you like, how it makes you happy because only you yourself know yourself. What a waste of all this peace when baby steps and two more sleeps until I get the sorry from you because I get hysterical, historical of love like it’s just a chemical thing between us. Give me something to stop me from having a complete melt down from all of the pain only you know me.

Since you went away my heart breaks everyday because you don’t know as you’re not there to see me cry everyday; you simply found the words to make a lot of feelings fade away or model our feelings, only you know me when I need you the most. I’m doing fine most of the time as the sun shines what are you thinking? Yet at state of my mind can go worst than it can go with me drinking thunderbird wine but I’m drinking because you brought back memories that I told you about.

Yet only you know me when I get into the worst state imaginable but sorry doesn’t cut it out anymore as it’s become more comical than anything that I’ve been through. It’s my life that your toying with; along with my happiness, only wish you knew how horrible this feeling is and them you would know how truly I’m feeling. Only you know me and how to calm me down every single day.

Vile People

There’s no good in vile people; vile people have the blackest hearts in the world, no good can heal what they have done.

As I woke up with headache in the early hours of Thursday morning but late Wednesday night; I had turned to my phone as I do for a bit of comfort as now I couldn’t sleep with the massive headache, I generally probably reply to my messages even though people maybe asleep. Sometimes I actually get a response from them unexpectedly; not all the time though, it’s just a fluke to be honest with you. 

In today’s society there’s so many vile people out there from ISIS, Government, Trump, May, Johnson is now one (should quit now whilst he’s a head), along with bad step – parents (there are good step-parents as well), friends, colleagues and many more. There is a long list of vile people who disrespects other people because they think that they can. 

Hey guess what you won’t be winning their trust or support or anything like that if you do that to them. I can easily just point out I have had my fair share of vile people; I may of done myself at some point but, at the end of the day I’m not one of those people who want power over people. Killing innocent people every two weeks and not see any progress; not saying any names but I’m going to have to Theresa May and her party. 

Furthermore to this vile human nature that we live in a bypasser yesterday/maybe today where so many lives got taken away; along with the victims who got out alive, who lost their homes. Decide to do the most indecent thing you can ever ask for; taking photos of people who couldn’t get out of the tower block in body bags, thinking it was the best and funny thing to do. That’s how low people can be who have no respect of the living or the dead; then today Theresa May well what can we say, she visited the aftermath but to the fire services and expectations of the building and she never really went to speak to the victims who had survived the burning building. Jeremy Corbyn well he showed sympathy to the victims and the services; not sure if it’s just a publicity stunt or not but he shows better leader skills than May, May really doesn’t care about the people does she. 

If you think of how many people we had lost in the past three months from the first terror attack to the last terror attack; then followed by the tower building fire losing lives about 53 people who have lost their lives from 4 different attacks, the number will be rising from the tower block aftermath as they are still looking for people. It’s sickening that no government cares about us what so ever; if they did what’s stopping them, why aren’t our voices being heard? Why doing something about it after something bad went wrong? Most importantly why is it happening now for the whole government and House of Commons looking into the whole what could of prevented? and what could of stopped it from happening? The answers will most likely to go unsolved; I can guarantee you that we will never know what might of caused it, I just feel sorry for the victims and families who have lost members.

Again we as public pulled together; Muslim and Islam communities broke their fast to come running to there aid, that shows courage for everyone that not every Muslim or Islam are bad people. I do show respect for those people who broke their tradition to help others; I personally would thank them because they must feel like we blaming them for things recently, but all so they want to show people that they are here to respect our laws and rules in the country. 

No matter how long the government will ignore us especially the Conservatives; we will win no matter what they do, say or even think. We will continue to come out on top and reduce the number of deaths as we can; we will fight back with the help of our communities, what’s more they will not separate us or break us. 

Grenfell Tower, North Kensington – My thoughts are with families and victims. 

Grenfell Tower, North Kensington – My thoughts are with families, friends and victims

I woke up this morning to a great sadness of block of flats called Grenfell Tower in North Kensington had gone up in flames. Not only I was just saying that we were seem to have a sense of peace and quite; but knowing something was bound to happen, wether it was a terror attack or something just so simple like this.  

No matter how hard the fire services, ambulance services and the police services tired their hardest to help save lives. There wasn’t enough man power to tackle the blaze as they still needed more fire services; fire services that Boris Johnson and Theresa May had plotted to cut in the last few years, to which lead to this horrible disaster. 

Why spend £10 million on a 1979 building; yes it may needed doing but your not the ones going to be living in the block, I’ve always hated those windows that if something happened like a fire how on earth are you suppose to get out. What’s more there’s no fire escapes to get out of the building; we always get told about health and safety all the time, but clearly it doesn’t compile with the council or the government does it. 

The most horrible things when your the victims of any disaster; you will loose someone, your house or something that means to you. I keep on saying the more disasters that we have the more government keep on apologising for what has happened; yet they don’t do anything about it, yet we as citizens and local services have to pick up the pieces and join forces because the government are so up themselves to the point of they don’t care especially Theresa May. 

The victims who have been effected and fire brigade need the support and satiability to focus on the whole matter of reasons. From providing care, new place to live, place to grieve and most importantly how and why it had happened. Victims won’t be able to return to their homes; children don’t know if their parents alive or not after they sacrificed themselves for them. 
“How safe was the tower block?

The local Grenfell Action Group had claimed, before and during the refurbishment, the block constituted a fire risk and residents had warned that access to the site for emergency vehicles was “severely restricted”.

In February 2013 residents warned fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, had not been tested for 12 months.

KCTMO said it was aware that concerns had been raised historically by residents and they will form part of its investigations.

The tower block was given a medium fire risk rating – defined as a normal fire risk – in 2016 following completion of the refurbishment by the London Fire Brigade and Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council.

The council insists the block has been regularly inspected, but London Mayor Sadiq Khan said safety and maintenance issues would have to be looked at.

Concerns raised about Grenfell Tower ‘for years’

Geoff Wilkinson, a fire and building inspector, told the BBC that the Grenfell Tower block “didn’t perform in the way you’d expect a building to perform” once it caught fire as “you’d expect it to be contained to an individual apartment”.

“Something has gone dramatically wrong here,” he said.” Part from The bbc news website – see more by clicking or coping the link

If this could all been prevented within the time zone over the years if people’s voices were being heard; councils and the government are not listening to the people in the areas that are being effected, if the government stop apologising for what has happened and actually do something about it to make us all safe then it would be fine. I will not stop campaigning for people’s voices to be heard; until something gets done about it, I am a one man show at the moment but I will get people’s voices to be heard one way or another. 

To rehabilitate and help others 

To rehabilitate and help others

This week I do have to say I struggled in the way of what to write for you guys in your hour of need; as my thoughts are still with the victims and who had passed away, but I believe there is good to come out of this and also it is very useful for every single of you as you read this today. 

I’m going to research or have researched quotes that you guys may like in the way of you can relate too; most importantly you guys have way cooler films at your age than when I was your age, believe me they were still in the making and starting out in my day. 

“Fairy Godmother: Now off you go… for you *shall* go to the ball.” – From Cinderella film. 

No matter how you feel about yourself; how scared you are? Or how anxious you are of going out to place? Due to the fact that bad things have happened to you; always have this quote with you, to give yourself the courage that you need to do when you get out of the house. That’s the best step forward is going to be able to go through that door and keep living. 

“Belle: [singing] I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell… And for once it might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they’ve got planned!” – From Beauty and The Beast. 

Don’t let your adventures stop because they have taken away your dreams and what they have planned for the rest of the world. Show them who’s boss. Show them that you are the one in charge. Let them. Know that you are standing up to them; with everyone who was a victim of the terror attacks understand, what it must feel like of the unknowing and what to do with themselves. 

“Aladdin: Wow. The palace looks pretty amazing, huh? 

Princess Jasmine: [glumly] Oh… It’s wonderful. 

Aladdin: I wonder what it’d be like to live there, and have servants, and valets. 

Princess Jasmine: Oh, sure. People who tell you where to go and how to dress. 

Aladdin: That’s better than here. You’re always scraping for food and ducking the guards. 

Princess Jasmine: You’re not free to make your own choices. 

Aladdin: Sometimes you feel so… 

Princess Jasmine: You’re just… 

Aladdin, Princess Jasmine: …trapped” – Aladdin

To be able to hold someone’s hand once again; like saying “do you trust me” and you hesitate of the uncertainty of what is going to happen if you set foot outside again, when they ask you again and you put your hand in theirs. Reply with a “yes” as they open the door still holding your hand not letting go; you feel anxious of not letting go, you know the massive big success in yourself. To acknowledge that you just got yourself out of the house; so you wouldn’t feel so trapped inside watching the world go by, but making the decisions off that are right for you. 

Just finding quotes that matter to you and how you feel. Even best way to do it is to analysis the quote of what it means to you; you alone and no one else, expect you as your the only one that can make it happen. People have different types off ways that the quotes mean to them; it’s not right or wrong people, are different to everyone else. Give it ago what do you think quotes mean to you.

Parents are crying out! Children making their voices be heard!


A week has been passed. Lots of people getting together across the city. Showing that they are not going to be broken no more. Parents of victims who are injured or who have passed away. Even the adults who have passed away or are injured. Families are making sure that their memories aren’t being forgotten. 

Parents are crying out! Children making their voices be heard!

Parents are crying out!

Parents who have lost a child in the attack or been injured in the attack; are crying out for the government to wake up, to the most important crisis than what’s actually happening. Parents are actually true in what they say; this could of been prevented if the government had realised what the next tactic was going to happen, but also to realise it’s not the first time ISIS have tried to take get at our children. 

I should know with the whole bomb scare hoax last year; I was working in a school full of special needs children who are disabled, the whole of the school staff had to up game their game even more to protect the children even more. This also had happened across the whole country; they haven’t really picked it up then, yet they still hadn’t picked up when London Westminster attack. Oh by the way that was literally on their doorstep; with kids inside visiting, second time they haven’t even thought about the children. They were all worried about the prime minster; the prime minster couldn’t of cared if the rest of the MP’s or visitors or even the children nor the officer that was protecting the parliament. My concern was the children’s safety not the prime minster safety; I couldn’t of cared If she was safe or not, she didn’t help or protect the children or anything. Two months went passed; one alone individual had managed to get passed, set of the attack and now so many children have been injured and victims who had passed away one as young as 8 years old.  

Theresa May really doesn’t care about the children of Today does she; no off course not, why not because she didn’t visit the victims in hospital or the victims families who had lost someone. Also she’s worried about is the cuts to the schools and bring in more grammar schools; cutting free school meals, and many more that can effect the children of today and the near future. 

All I have to say for Theresa May is that I am more than happy to arrange a meeting with you about the children’s safety, services and what’s more the safety of the whole country. 

Children making their voices be heard!

Something came up on my newsfeed on facebook I think it was the other day; I clicked on the video, a school from Manchester I think it was paid a very moving and emotional tribute video of Manchester’s attacks trying to raise money for the victims. This day in age adults are still ignoring the cries of children as they are not being heard; however if the government hear this song and see this video, then they need to wake up right now. As the children are making their voices be heard; making the victims who are injured and having a long road to recover, most of all the victims that have died. Click on this link and watch these amazing brilliant kids of today. They can achieve anything if there’s things are matter to them; I hope Ariana Grande will get to see this, been very moved by all of this as I am and the whole county. No matter how difficult this is for the children, the parents or the whole country our children are the most important people in the world. They are our future; monjority of the victims will have the impact of the attack for the rest of their lives, they will be strong enough to carry on with the support of love and care that they need. Also importantly the victims that were killed will be remembered.

Help! Need rehabilitation for adults, teenagers and young children.

Help! Need rehabilitation for adults, teenagers and young children. 

The hardest things for adults, teenagers and young children that have recently seen traumatic events on which has been happened recently. Is living the everyday with the trauma of what has happened; my thoughts are with the families and victims, but also children who are still missing. 12 young children under 16 are injured; but also the looking like monjority of them were teenagers, however how many are there out of the 47 were teenagers? Most importantly the whole city like London two months ago all of the services; but most importantly people who were not just running away from the scene, the people who were running towards the scene who were risking their own lives to help the young children and teenagers who needed help. This shows that we are not going being divided, people are still going to be there protecting the young teenagers and young children.

Rehabilitation for young teenagers and young children

For parents who want to help their children who have witnessed these sort of traumatic events; here are things that will help parents, guardians, families and teachers. Who need to support their love ones; who have to live the trauma for the rest of their lives, especially with their injuries that they have received from them attack. 

To help with the trauma there are childline and NPCC are able to give you advice but also help your child who need support adult that is different to talk about what has happened. Also here is a website of for children and parents for information to get help and guidance.

Do’s  & Don’ts                                                

  • Touch on it lightly     
  • Go straight into having the conversation                     
  • Give them time                                  
  • Telling them to suck it up
  • Help them to recover                      
  • Don’t let them feeling they can’t talk about it
  • It will take them time                      
  • Don’t let them suffer alone 

Rehabilitation for adults 

For adults who are living in fear of what has happened and trying to forgive themselves for not being their for their children. Here are a list of sites to visit: 

  • Mind 
  • Samaritans 
  • Sane
  • Crisis 
  • Many others

Rehabilitation of Thank You for people who helped them

Manchester hospital’s recommend please think carefully if you need A&E; if it is necessary or not as they burst at the scenes as they are dealing with major accident, so please remember to think carefully if it’s needed or not.

Teachers and family’s need to remember they are needing to support the students who have been effected and who have been left behind. Also children and staff who knew the staff the victims who are injured and had been killed. 

Good samaritans who didn’t run away from the scene; they ran towards the scene to go to help the victims who were in distress from taxis, hotels, local residents, hotels and most importantly the services. Showing that we are not giving up or be frightened with the whole attack; especially with the teenagers and young children, we pull together and we protect our children no matter what. 

However there are still people missing; teenagers, adults and children please help their love ones to help them to be found.