Revisit to the Anti-Semitic but this time incidents.

Remember me writing about the whole meaning of Anti-Semitic and etc because Cameron commented about being a Zionist. I was just going through my BBC News App on my phone during breakfast; just to see if there was anything going on, also maybe researching things that might be interesting to talk about and make you guys aware what’s around you.

Remember me talking about the meanings of Zionist and etc; think I might of ranted about how racist and cruel people are still, back at the time I was writing the article. Guess what I’m back again writing a revisit to which something has brought my attention; that people are still hating people who dress different, being different to them and many more. 

It reminds me being back at secondary school that people would get into fights; bully people, and etc. All because they were being different and that they should be the same as them. Now days I don’t think I hear much about it in schools especially in my area anyways especially the school I went to. 

The headline that brought to my attention was this “Anti-Semitic incidents ‘at record level in UK’. The fact that the amount of reports of anti-Semitic incidents that have been reported in the first six months of this year 2017has hit the record levels because they are different.

The Community Security Trust (CST) claim that 767 reports have been made to them between January to June this year; which had rising up to 30% in the same time period of last year in 2016. 

Since 2016 the number of incidents that were involved with physical attacks from 45 to the grained total of 80. A quote from the company of CST was given by ‘CST chief executive David Delew said: “The hatred and anger that lies behind it is spreading.”’ The fact that CST had been recording anti-Semitic incidents just well over 30 years; this shows that members of the public have reported 568 incidents that has been casted as abusive behaviour to the CST, which shows and include that people are being shouted at in the street for wearing clothes that are related to their religion. 

There are furthermore 51 incidents that have been reported to damage and desperation to the Jewish property that have been recorded. It has been shown that it has been rising from 32 in 2016 that has been last recorded; along with 56 direct anti-Semitic threats were recorded, with the show of 10 victims been involved being threatened with knives, bats, sticks or vehicles.  

There has been 12 cases of mass-mailed of anti-Semitic leaflets or emails coming into their homes; showing that there has been lots of hatred towards them and their religion, clothing and the way that they speak.

National policing that is lead for anti-Semitism, Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan. He had called on the Jewish community to be able to come forward; if they are being targeted by other members of the public, they will be listened to and to be heard to. 

Garry Shewan quoted “There is never any excuse for abuse, racism or hate crime” he then went to add on to his statement “I want to encourage anyone who is targeted in this way to report to their local police – you will be listened to, taken seriously, and officers will do all they can to bring offenders to justice”

There’s a grand total of 570 or 74% of incidents depending how you look at it; this is recorded in Greater London and Greater Manchester, that have the two largest Jewish communities in the UK.

For more information about this the full article 

When politics don’t really understand!

The fact that politics don’t know how much of a struggle everyday life; from health issues to money issues and etc, they just think about themselves.

In the world of politics I believe that they think that they are the only people in the world; no one else really cared about because they are just liars and just tax people more, what about tax the riches more not the poor. However that’s how they live by taking it all but never give what they promise; we should’ve known that you were trouble hang on, behind that glisten of what looks like a promise but actually they are telling something different. 

No matter how much you beat us with black and blue with the taxes; until we go numb so we can’t squeeze no more out of use, when you visit the devil tell him I said “hey” because when your back to where you came back from the job. I’ll be sitting in your place; because you are mad primeminster; that’s because it’s they way you are, but your smile in my face trying to scare me trying to make me make a mark out of me but it won’t work. 

Hey! Slow it down what more do you want from me; there might have been a time that we trusted you, but at the time I wouldn’t give the damn but now here we are. I can plain see now; you are just money grabbers like the rest of them, people are trying to make names for themselves but you just messed them up. They need to a second to breathe. Yet you just keep on coming around; thinking that there’s nothing wrong, there might have been a time when we would let you slip away. I just don’t think we would of even try now; you can’t even save our lives, with all the promises that you have made.

From my twitter feed by the newspaper article of The Independent; how can you possibly ban the rip off charges on the credit and debit cards, when there’s a catch involved theres always a catch 22 with politics. I don’t even remember the last time they tried to ban it the last time. It would be nice to be honest. If the rumours were true then it would be amazing and we can save a bit more money but however I don’t think this is possible right now. 

Whatever that comes out of the politics mouths is never going to stick; for example remember me talking about Grenfell Tower going up in flames back in June, they still haven’t received money or new homes. They are still in accommodation that they have been put in by the council and the government. That’s causing the hotels billings of pounds of losing profit and such a like. Unless they are paying the government are paying for it but then again you never know for certain what they are doing now. Saying one thing and doing the other. 

The fact that I just researched more about our money crisis; there is a sharp rise in personal loans, which could pose a massive danger to the UK economy. This is has been warned by the Bank of England. 

Within the outstanding loans like car loans, credit card balance transfers and personal loans. Have been increased by 10% over the past year, the Bank’s financial stability director Alex Brazier said.

‘In contrast household incomes have risen by just 1.5%, he said. “Household debt – like most things that are good in moderation – can be dangerous in excess”, Mr Brazier said. Mr Brazier, in a speech to the University of Liverpool’s Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, added that this increase in debt was “dangerous to borrowers, lenders and, most importantly from our perspective, everyone else in the economy”. He warned that High Street banks were at risk of entering “a spiral of complacency” about mounting consumer debt levels. “Lending standards can go from responsible to reckless very quickly. “The sorry fact is that as lenders think the risks they face are falling, the risks they – and the wider economy face – are actually growing,” Mr Brazier added. Mr Brazier hinted that the Bank of England could force banks to take further safeguards against the risk of bad debts if it was deemed necessary.’ Reference from BBC website

Conservatives are Zionists

The brief summary of the meaning of Zionists is “The term “Zionism” was coined in 1890 by Nathan Birnbaum. Its general definition means the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.” From the website of  

Grenfell Tower events of last month reports have come out with an outrage of the Islamic State claims that Grenfell Tower Victims were ‘murdered by Zions’ who had been funded by the Conservatives Party. Not sure this is true but the outburst comment is now being investigated by the police; just to cover all bases incase it is true, along with the whole terror attacks and every other complications that may occur at any time. 

A director of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC); has exploited the tragedy during the anti-islam demonstration, after the fire using it as an excuse in the wrong way. In my opinion it’s wrong to involve something like Grenfell Tower to their stride; trying to hold something against the UK, this is will happen more than once I can guarantee you that the isis will claim that they told him to say that or something along the lines of that. 

The outburst of the comment is now being investigated by the police; The Metropolitan Police took the allegations of that comment during a protest of the Grenfell Tower, all it in my opinion is seeking attention and want a war. My understanding of it as I researched more into this outburst of the crisis; is that back in June 2007, the leader at time of Conservatives Party was David Cameron called himself “Zionist”. 

During that time Cameron had responded to the questions that had been put forward to him at a Annual Luncheon Of Conservative Friends Of Israel; this became centre of attention for awhile back then, either David Cameron came out and said or someone who couldn’t believe what he had just said. To which implying that the academic boycotting was completely uncalled for; to the point of that the attacks against Israel are often slides into anti-semitisn. This is when he got a chance by slamming the British Initiative for boycotting against Israel.

It goes to show that if you say something in the past or bringing it to a function that will be effecting the future; you always know that it will always going to come back to bite you on the arse, one way or another. Tony Blair is realising that now after years of not being in power; that going to war with George.W.Bush things that actually didn’t come out to the public for one reason or another, yet we all paying the penalties for all the ridiculous moves. From Thatcher to Blair to Gorden, Cameron and now May. Have you notice it’s always between two parties that screw everything up; Labour and Conservative which makes you soon realised why Corbyn wants to be in power instead of May, then he can make everything worse not better. 

The meaning of Antisemitism can also been spelt in two different ways; anti-Semitism or anti-semitism, which is a hostility, prejudice or discrimination that is directed against Jews as a group. If one person who holds such positions they are called antisemite. Antisemitism is generally considered to be a form of racism. The root word a Semite gives out the false impression that Antisemitism is directed towards all the Semitic people for example which includes Arbs. A compound word antisemite was popularised in Germany in 1879; which is a scientific-sounding term for Judenhass meaning, “Jew – Hatred” since then it has been most common to update to the present day.

Zionistzm is another way or another form group like Nazi back in World War controlled by Adolf Hitler; this means that no matter what Jews do or in my opinion haven’t done anything wrong they are like everyone else believing in a god but also they are different. This goes to show that no one has ever changed the way the matter what we do in life to change the world; there will always going to be a group of people out there, that don’t like something and do something about it. Like for example our own current situation right now with ISIS group they don’t like what the whole European group is doing to their country; they are the ones that have started from one man, who went on the run for a few weeks. Now it’s like history is repeating itself and it will always going to be repeating itself.

Cameron’s are way up themselves!

I’m calling you out Cameron’s! You never understand what a working life is or how to get there. 

Excuse me David Cameron how can it possibly be “SICK” that nurses and doctors want higher wages. You never know what hard work is in your life. I had huge respect for you and your family when you lost your son due to his condition; but now I don’t feel anything for you or your family what so ever, due to the comments you and your wife having been making. 

People like the Cameron’s I disapprove off quite a lot; especially more now than ever, this is because they are so far up themselves it’s like they own everything. From Cameron’s wife saying that she can’t afford her children designer wear to buying David shirts from Marks and Spencer’s to waking up to 4 in the morning to do phone calls and emails for her business. I’m sorry love thats called work and managing money. That’s what life is about to pay for luxuries over your head and everything else. Sacrifices have to be made; to be able to continue in doing that you can even get good quality in Primark these days for your money worth. Guess what’s that called? SAVING BLOOMING MONEY! And working class is a lot harder than you think; you have had all the luxuries you wanted, it’s now come back down to level 20 or cloud 20 and start becoming one of us. 

As for David Cameron. You’ll be interested in what I have found out since he had left the Downing Street and his mp place in Witney. Since David Cameron resigned as PM on 13th July 2016 when failing to persuade the UK public to remain as one part of the EU. Barely two months since his leave as a PM on 12th September 2016; he had then stepped down as an MP for Witney, this goes to show how much the Conservatives are loosing it all together. As he yet not found his next big job that he either muck up or something; he continued to campaign for the stories during the 2017 general election, is there something wrong with that. You can’t continue the whole I’m still working with the party and government business if you quit your job. 

However you this might actually think this would be a massive con or something; yet he has begun writing his memoirs; to which he had been promised that he would secure an £800,000 in advance for what I would like to know, to which continues with the whole conferences and events. I would like to point out that it will come with hefty payments also. Don’t you think that’s all wrong? You can’t just walk in to any job and say “I can sell my you my memoirs if I have x amount of money in advance” people have taken years to get where they are to be able to write something good and interesting. Yet he goes swarming in because he can tell the best story ever and his view on things.

Going back to my previous paragraph of David Cameron’s horrible chose of words and most importantly most insulting to anyone who work in the public sector. So I found out more why he was claiming that services like the nurses who are struggling to get a decent pay rise; being called “selfish”, hang on they are doing a pretty well work damn hard for what they do. Even with recent events that have been happening; they still manage to not get paid enough, how can that be selfish? The only selfish people in the world is David Cameron and the rest of the parliament. Yet he gets called “The Millionaire Tory”; within the 7 years he oversaw the austerity when he was a primeminster, but claiming that it was so “uncaring” even to want to lift the cap on the public sector pay.  

Yet he just rakes out a vast sums of money from the public speaking and blew it on a £25.000 luxury garden shed; just hang on for a second there Cameron, your calling the services who put their lives on the line because it’s their jobs and not getting pad more money they should “selfish”. Your the one making us stand there or sit there listening to you talking about a load of crap and you go and spend so much on a luxury garden shed. You and your wife need a rain check and speak to each other clearly you both don’t have the same wave length as each other.


What is May’s next move?

You start to begin to wonder if there’s anyone going to shut down Theresa May; as soon as possible, whilst trying to shut down nearly every political person who does not understand.

Things that May has been trying to do since the general election or as she puts it a snap election. To be honest May has made so many mistakes, so many u-turns, trying to preach the Good Friday Agreement with Northern Ireland. Even with agreement with them still not looking good; however she’s asking Liberals (Liberal Democratics) for help to prop her up; along with asking David Cameron to back her on things, this goes to show how much she is desperate to say in power and for the money. 

 I am glad that the fox hunting u-turn because otherwise if they did bring back fox hunting; they would want to bring back everything else that is being protected, to which what time period are they trying to go back to? 

I personally think delaying the queen speech was pretty much stupid and waisting everyones time. You knew it was going to back fire one way or another; I take my hat off to the queen making a statement with her outfit for the day, to say to Theresa May that it’s better to stay in the EU. Yes the queen is getting on a bit but she hasn’t lost her marbles; she knows every crock and crannies, when it comes to each primeminster who had served her and her country. She knows what she is up against; every time there is a new primeminster or the same primeminster, she’s not daft one single bit. Since that day everyone realised what really is going on; as the queen reads out the speech, now all of the hard work that poor May had put in and now the queen speech goes out of the window. 

It does go to show that it has made clear in what is going on; what May’s game plan is, they are now trying to block her every move. Even monjority of her cabinet is trying to block her every move. 

Neither May or Corbyn are good at their rules; either one of them will bank crupt the a whole of UK in one go, either of them in power. How about cut all of their pays; take all of their luxuries away, and everything else that they may have as I am for certain that’s where all our money is going. On them so that they can lavish all the good things in life; whilst we have to work our arses off to get what we want, cuts need to be in their areas not our areas that we need the most. 

Theresa May comes out fighting for austerity. Which means that after sacking George Osborne last year 2016; which means that she has stuck with his austerity script, which has prompted Corbyn to grow confidence since the election to which had landed series of rhetorical blows. “The Prime Minster found £1bn to keep her own job” he had noted of the DUP deal. Quotes and more information are found on NewsStatesman for the full article. 

Another mp is coming out with is that May is frightened out of her own skin; this is because she doesn’t want to call for another election, due to the fact that she knows that labour will win. That’s why she’s calling on everyone to back her up in the way that she can’t loose her job. To be quite frankly the longest and oldest standing mp is quite right if you ask me; she is frightened of loosing her job and the power that she has. I rather she wasn’t in power anymore but then again I don’t want Corbyn in either. 

Dear Theresa

Have you ever thought of taking Corbyn with you; as he’s taking you down, you might as well go down in history together. Just thought in the future our children will think; thank god we don’t have the, in power anymore. Just a thought.

You may of heard of me or you may not but I don’t have any qualifications of any sort of politics; but I do have to say for myself I do know for certain you need to quit whilst your a head, because at the end of the day I know I’m watching every move you make and then BOOM! I’m on the good old iPad with the blogs going on left right and centre; ideas here and there, oh what’s that? You’ve been thrown to the mix as well; along in my magic cauldron for horrible politics who can’t get their facts right, or keep their word during the election and then change it in the queen speech. 

On which I do have to say you have been owned by the queen that day. We all know that you are a lair; have you ever thought of taking Corbyn down with you, he’s pretty much similar as he’s trying to take you down. You might as well go down together that will make history; oh just thought about a your quotes off yours that you said few weeks back, the future of our children will look back and thank god we don’t have either of them in power. 

You said once that “we would look back at all of this and say what we did to make Britain great again”. So far you haven’t made Britain great again; that’s completely untrue, along with the most biggest lie ever. Do you even know how to make Britain great again? Look at the things that the public have done in the recent months; from terror attacks to burning tower block, we are the ones that make Britain great as we work together as one. Knowing what to do when things like this come our way; we are the ones protecting our English soil, we are the ones protecting each other, we are the ones that win the awards for sports, acting, singing and many more. We are the ones doing the British public proud; we get rewarded for things that get recognition from the Queen, don’t hear many politicians getting anything like that these days. I wonder why? 

Personally I think you’ve had too much power; Corbyn is also wants power but personally I believe neither of you should have the power, the power should go back to the Royal who should have the final say in everything. Not what politics want them to say. Delaying the queen speech was bad enough along side asking for more time. By that don’t you think it’s time to resign from all politics and become one of us. 

Then you will know what it’s like to live on a budget; not having any money, start working your way back up again. Like monjority of the people have to start working their way back because they have lost everything. Live the life of a normal human being for once; if you actually know what one is, I personally don’t think you do know what one is. 

I don’t even know if you know the meaning of budget; I recoil that when you were the Home Secretary or what ever you were when Cameron was in power, we all saw it coming that you wanted to be in power. Since you wanted to cap the public sector; not a care in the world that we will suffer the consequences of those actions by you, and still suffering from them to this day. 

All I can say is that it is time for you to go and take down Corbyn with you; as you both are bad as each other, yet no one dare to speak out because they are feared to be sacked for not agreeing or supporting either of you.

Don’t think this will be the last of hearing of me. I will find out away when you at least expect it because I know things that you don’t even know about.
Signing off now 


Gove you have no clue!

What is going on with the Conservatives? No matter how the put it they are still targeting people who are more capable to do things.

I rarely now these days get my ideas from my twitter feed but this week I’ve got 3 for you; but today I’m taking you through the whole Gove and education thing, on which is pretty confusing I do have to say at least. I’m pretty sure I’m confused as well. So I’ll try and explain what I think he might be talk about. I did try and find the article but couldn’t find it; however I do have a snippet of a tweet from Mirror Politics, that all that matters to me in this blog.

Popular doesn’t matter who you but to stay true to yourself; it’s who you are that matters to me, if you believe in yourself then I salute you. I think you can do anything that you put your mind to it; ignore the ignorance of Gove, the Conservatives and many others. Have no clue how to work hard to get where you are; so this is what my view on this statement, which has been said on national tv show on Andrew Marr Show. 

“If you don’t benefit from uni education you shouldn’t pat for those who do” says Gove on tuition fees. – Daily Mirror Politics. 

He has a slight point but if it was only true that was coming out of his mouth; he actually means that if your not cleaver enough, don’t bother in trying to go to uni because your never going to be rich or cleaver enough of what you want to do with your life. That’s what he actually saying. I can tell you right now that you can go to uni weather you are academic or practical; there’s courses for everyone not just for the people who can pay loads of money, I can tell you now you have the option for to go or not. You can go later in life as a mature student. 

I chose not to go because I had enough of education at the time but also I can’t sit for hours on end in a seminar room; as I’m a practical person but I have days that I wish I could of done, but I’m doing much better with the life outside of uni. There is more ways around it; than one also Gove, May, Cameron and the rest of Conservatives have no idea how people work, because they are too far up themselves. All they want is power and be the ones best out on top along with Corbyn. Don’t even get me started on him. 

If Gove knows what his party is doing; if he doesn’t then he is the most dumbest mp you can ever ask for, along with his pal Hunt. They are like a comedy act who don’t even know what they are doing; they should join with Johnson and become a trio, just quit and become comedians. As they well and truly a laughing stock. 

Ignore what people say that you can’t do things; challenge yourself, you can do things if you out your mind to it. Just believe in yourself; I believe in you, I’m always in the same boat as you. I have days like I’m not good enough but guess what I have days when I kick butt; I know that I’m winning by knocking every rugby player that I can to win that point, and then kick it over the rugby goal to get more points. 

Politics don’t even know what they are talking about. I can promise you that right now. 

Vile People

There’s no good in vile people; vile people have the blackest hearts in the world, no good can heal what they have done.

As I woke up with headache in the early hours of Thursday morning but late Wednesday night; I had turned to my phone as I do for a bit of comfort as now I couldn’t sleep with the massive headache, I generally probably reply to my messages even though people maybe asleep. Sometimes I actually get a response from them unexpectedly; not all the time though, it’s just a fluke to be honest with you. 

In today’s society there’s so many vile people out there from ISIS, Government, Trump, May, Johnson is now one (should quit now whilst he’s a head), along with bad step – parents (there are good step-parents as well), friends, colleagues and many more. There is a long list of vile people who disrespects other people because they think that they can. 

Hey guess what you won’t be winning their trust or support or anything like that if you do that to them. I can easily just point out I have had my fair share of vile people; I may of done myself at some point but, at the end of the day I’m not one of those people who want power over people. Killing innocent people every two weeks and not see any progress; not saying any names but I’m going to have to Theresa May and her party. 

Furthermore to this vile human nature that we live in a bypasser yesterday/maybe today where so many lives got taken away; along with the victims who got out alive, who lost their homes. Decide to do the most indecent thing you can ever ask for; taking photos of people who couldn’t get out of the tower block in body bags, thinking it was the best and funny thing to do. That’s how low people can be who have no respect of the living or the dead; then today Theresa May well what can we say, she visited the aftermath but to the fire services and expectations of the building and she never really went to speak to the victims who had survived the burning building. Jeremy Corbyn well he showed sympathy to the victims and the services; not sure if it’s just a publicity stunt or not but he shows better leader skills than May, May really doesn’t care about the people does she. 

If you think of how many people we had lost in the past three months from the first terror attack to the last terror attack; then followed by the tower building fire losing lives about 53 people who have lost their lives from 4 different attacks, the number will be rising from the tower block aftermath as they are still looking for people. It’s sickening that no government cares about us what so ever; if they did what’s stopping them, why aren’t our voices being heard? Why doing something about it after something bad went wrong? Most importantly why is it happening now for the whole government and House of Commons looking into the whole what could of prevented? and what could of stopped it from happening? The answers will most likely to go unsolved; I can guarantee you that we will never know what might of caused it, I just feel sorry for the victims and families who have lost members.

Again we as public pulled together; Muslim and Islam communities broke their fast to come running to there aid, that shows courage for everyone that not every Muslim or Islam are bad people. I do show respect for those people who broke their tradition to help others; I personally would thank them because they must feel like we blaming them for things recently, but all so they want to show people that they are here to respect our laws and rules in the country. 

No matter how long the government will ignore us especially the Conservatives; we will win no matter what they do, say or even think. We will continue to come out on top and reduce the number of deaths as we can; we will fight back with the help of our communities, what’s more they will not separate us or break us. 

What do I think about the situation?

You’ll be surprised why it has taken me this long to comment on the English politics; on this snap election/general election whatever you call it these days, to be honest my head has been all over the place and I wanted to see where it was going to go. May thought she was going to remain power because she thought everyone was going to vote for her; may I point out how many u-turns she made, how many mistakes has she made, how many people left her party since the election, how many more insults can she give to the whole country and most importantly she’s just dangerously getting out of control. 

The massive mistake she has made is most probably asking DUP party to join forces; I pray to god she doesn’t, that country has managed to calm down and respect each other. She hasn’t really learnt from her lesson from the three attacks especially the two most recent ones; also I have the uneasy we are not out of the woods yet, even if it’s quiet right now as we speak. 

You can feel it across the whole country; even the ground we walk on, you know as the dust settles. You can tell under your feet the shape of the UK ready like a parachute just about to fly back up into the air; along with the people in the country saying “here we go again” “where is it this time?”, yeah we may got the full brunt of it all but in a space of the week of both attacks you’d like we actually caught monjority of the people who could be a potential threat. 

If the whole coalition won’t work out within the next week and half; it will mean we will have to vote again, to which point I’m might just say go stuff yourselves. At the end of the day I’m so sick and tired of Conservatives; especially Theresa May because she is a vile woman, who has no hope for anyone but her party. If we did or could have a permanent prime minster; I would have to say it would have to be Stephen Fry, he’s just a pure genius man and he can see both sides of everything. The parties will still have their say but he will have the final vote along side with the speakers and the queen. 

Trump on the other hand I’m glad he’s not coming to visit; because I do not believe the queen would have granted to see him, does make me laugh that he won’t come because we aren’t going to welcome him into the country. All I can say is good luck of trying to come then in the next four years; don’t think we will ever change our minds, if you keep on insulting our people and our country. 

The cabinet that she has currently put in place at the moment; to which she has listen more too along side the whole House of Commons, when they urge her to rethink on certain areas of the country and more about what the country needs. Well that’s what I think anyways but you never know these days what the government thinking anymore; I hate the way Theresa May thinks she knows best, but also her job can be taken away from her at anytime. If not it should be because she’s a loose cannon which any route that she goes down; no one is really listening to what we have to say.

No peace! Where’s our government?

No peace! Where’s our government?

From Thatcher (conservative) to Blair (Labour) to brown (labour) to Cameron (conservative) joint with clegg (liberal Democratics) to now may (conservative). What have all five people got on their hands? (Not sure about clegg)

However all five Prime Ministers have blood on their hands; weather it’s our own citizens, children or our solders on their hands but they haven’t listened to what we want. We are the ones who are risking our lives everyday; three attacks in a space of three months, along side less than two weeks of each other. Yet Ireland and Northern Ireland and other parts of the country are still in the critical terror attack; yet we’re in the serve ones getting attacked, we are the ones helping the trained services, we are the ones looking out for each other. We are the ones who make Britain great not the government. Government all ways put their heads in the sand because they are scared and expect us to look after their arses. 

Yet in today’s speech by the prime minster saying “enough is enough” “things need to change” really we’ve been saying that over the years and most recently last year; so how does that work when it’s taken you this long to realise that we have had enough of it, but your not going to do anything about it are you. Prime Minster! I thought this time last year; I even blogged about it, the government is going to get us all killed and most importantly they are putting our kids in danger.

Are you going to put more intelligence and services out on the streets or just let’s us continue defend for ourselves and help the services. This has gone to far now and we aren’t going to get any peace until our government sorts them out; also why do we have the polls, campaigning and everything still? What’s that got to give us hope or more fear of who’s going to be the next Prime Minster who would get blood on their hands. 

We now take it in our stride and our norm where we take them on saving other people; rushing not the other way from the terror but towards it, risking their own lives to help. We maybe a small country. We unite as one and show we are strong. 

We are strong, we show no fear, hatred won’t define us, life that we choose is to survive, we take on the world and we show up our government up by dealing it with on our own. They are only just woken up to the whole world with our country with threats; us citizens of the uk we are always one step further than the government, like Ariana Grande putting a concert and to standing up to every hate that’s been thrown at us. Ariana is the most inspirational young women to put a concert on; but also seeing the victims in hospitals, they also get see the concert in the hospitals that they are in. 

The line up have been great but also getting a few well known Manchester Artists such as Take That and Robbie Williams who are from Manchester; they kicked it off with amazing songs, but also the other acts have chosen amazing songs and very fitting to the One Love Manchester. The awful event with kids and parents had shock the nation and the whole world; seeing the celebrities coming together, showing that they appreciate, the love and how we all come together.