Newsletters Online: May 2018 Newsletter Online

Another month gone June is almost upon us we will be half way through 2018 which is going quick. I’m amazed that this time last year I left my old job and barely a week of leaving I walk straight into another job that I didn’t start until September that year. It’s amazing how time flies when your been keeping yourself busy.

What’s been happening in May 2018 we have seen lots of warm weather to which I like not much of rain or snow haha. However we are expecting a storm soon due to changing weather to summer hopefully be nice and warm to be honest with you. I like warm weather than anything else.

Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle I was watching in and out of it to be honest with you because I was having a bad day that day. Bless Prince Harry you could tell that he was very anxious indeed and all I wanted to do is save him from his anxiety attacks. Meghan’s dress however made her look so old and it was so boring I would of got some fancy lace to go over it. However didn’t really like her anyways for lots of reasons he could of done so much better in my opinion.

May just been busy busy to be honest work work work and trying to work on my blogs and etc as you do. I’m just looking forward to having it over and done with to be honest. A bit of short one this month heyho. Let’s make June 2018 more epic than ever shall we bring on June.

Newsletter Updates: March 2018

No matter how I try and work this Newsletter update thing; I do find that it is the most annoying thing you could actually do, I never know how to sort this one out no matter how much I try to improve it and deal with it by making look sense. Only one thing that actually bothers me to the bone because I can’t seem to make any progress with it no matter what I do with it. To be honest I’m just glad that it’s just once a month because I just can’t be dealing with it all the time at least it’s just a summary of what happened to be honest.
Irish month my favourite month well not really but because it’s Irish and I’m part Irish so hey my to my Irish family over there. Haha. To be honest I’m just be glad that this month with be over as soon as possible because this time last year had to be a bad time for me personal problems that’s all. Never liked March anyway as it was three birthdays in the first place always busy plus Mothers Day; so yeah it’s one of those months in my house hold to be honest then a quiet month next month, odd birthdays here and there in May/June. June is like the same as this month 3 birthdays your like seriously man but it’s a parents job in my house hold to do that one other than the May one everyone gets involved.
Beast from the East which we ended up being laughed at as we couldn’t cope with just snow but due to some more apparently (this was happening in March 18 for the future readers haha) this weekend coming not sure what people will be doing probably doing the same thing a few weeks back. No change there.
Superdrug Haul was a new one for this year other than my birthday haul one at the start of the year. I’m hoping that I’m able to do that more with things when I once get money behind me would be nice and cool to be honest. Would love to do hauls though because it seems fun but sometimes when I get home from work at a certain time I always end up by getting bombarded with parcels for my sister and I’m like will you stop ordering things or sometimes it gets me down when I don’t have anything in the post. I do tend to make fun pictures for my sister with her parcels and send it to her to make her day feel more special along with something to look forward to.
Stories and free writing blogs over the past couple of weeks as you may of noticed that I’ve been writing stories and the last couple of days free style blogging that I just don’t make any sense in writing and not taking it seriously. Like letting go just a tad. Just to mush it up a bit.
Can’t think what else happened really everything seems to be the same to be honest with you. Happy end of March month time. Only a week and 4 Days I think not sure. Remember remember I have other blogs too. Hehe.

Newsletters Online: February 2018

Another month drawing to a close it’s been a very challenging month I believe with highs and lows; yet it’s only the second month in to the year got 10 months left to go but I’ve been more understanding towards myself more, even when it’s been difficult a lot of the time. In the blogging world of Lizzysweeklyblogs we have seen Valentines Challenge for the past 14 days; everybody who’s been following it have seemed to enjoy the whole concept of it all, not sure wether I should do Easter or not because I’m not sure where to begin on that front. Valentine’s Day for was a bit of a disaster for me always is for me but then again I couldn’t care less if I even tried to. I personally could of slept the day if personal things were there knowing I hated the day. Haha. All well who cares it’s over for another year and I don’t have to think about it anymore.

We’ve also seen a bit more online diary entries wether it’s been online diary entries or everyday online diary entries; everyone seems to enjoy them a lot because I only used it as an trial and error but yet everyone seems to be enjoying them with stories attached to them, like they are intrigued what the stories are about and want to read more and more everyday by coming back to see what’s new. I am glad that everyone seems to enjoy them as more as I did writing them.

Bring on March going to be another challenging month personally but I know I’ve got my lovely lot of readers and supporters to help me along the way. Let’s get this month over and done with once and for all shall we.

Newsletter Online Diary Entries: January 2018

This year has been kicked off with not the best start of 2018 but yet still managed to get through it no matter what. Even if it’s January blues and what not. Due to personal reasons at the beginning of the year and sad news at the end of the month; however manage to get through it with lots of help with friends who are the best ever, also manage to start being positive towards myself as much as I can with two of the closest friends who help me kick off my goals that I wanted to do.

As you have seen I’ve shared them with you and the most importantly I managed to carry on writing blogs even though they are like Diary Entries. I will have to express that I will have to continue writing the “if you believe this or not it’s your opinion at the end of the day. I know the truth and I’m sharing my emotions and etc through the stories” if they are made up.

It was also my birthday at the start of the new year. Hence why two hauls one after each other. In space of two weeks I know I can’t help it. All well can’t wait for the next few hauls throughout the year hopefully. There will be another challenge for the start of the new year and that’s the Valentine’s Challenge I wasn’t too sure weather I would be able to do it or not but I convinced myself that I should do it as everyone loved the challenges that I did last year that I tried out. So I might as well stick it out and try it again this year.

Newsletter December 2017 – Round up of the year of 2017

I was just looking up when the next century was and that’s not until another few years or so. Never understood that to be honest but heyho then it just occurred to me what century was I born in. I looked it up and I was born in the 20th century the last part of the 1900s.

I want to take on 2018 like no other give me an inch that I promise I’ll take a mile; as the danger is beauty that I face, I will face it with a smile because I’m on a mission with no restrictions so don’t give me a second guess and I’m born to be wild. I’m that type of chick that likes to rock the beat in my own way. 20th century girl I do what I like; because I’m going to take you for a ride, I’m going to live it up and not going to give it up.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you guys readers, followers and everyone who has giving me support to not giving up on my blogging and writing skills. No matter how hard things were in my life throughout 2017 but you guys were the ones that got me through it all. Yes there’s been bad times and good times at least we’ve all got through the year together.

Let’s bring 2018 more happiness and fun. Let’s see where this year is going to take us. As I have said and will say it again you guys were the amazing people on earth to get me through it all; along side my closet friends, family and even people who I have met along the way.

Let’s fight together and remain strong for each other no matter how low or upset we get. We know who to turn to at the end of the day. Happy New Year to you all. As my cousin messaged me saying “2018” “Great Big 2018” in his own special way of saying “happy new year!” God bless him and his special needs. God bless everyone.

November Newsletter 2017

Wow what amazing month we have had especially for the blogging world for Lizzysweeklyblogs don’t you think? Lots of creative and ideas have come to the blog website that people seem to enjoyed reading. Let’s take a look what has happened within the blog and what’s gone on briefly outside the blog website.

So November 2017 has witnessed the 30 Days Challenge, lots of hustle and bustle advice of blogging, odd occasions of the main events propping up, new categories coming in, birthday/anniversary on 19th November 2017 going inside with the Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip celebrating 70 years of marriage.

30 Days Challenge for Autumn came about was that I was stuck for ideas and also wanted to give up my blogging but it gave me the opportunity to be able to keep going because it was either going to make me a better person as a writer or was it truly going to break me and give up on writing with it all. Fortunately it never did break me because I managed to do the whole 30 Days Challenge and I never wanted to give up during that time either. It gave me the inspiration to know who I am and what I am capable of doing and what I want in life. It was bit of a reality check for me if I want peruse this line of work.

Newsletter Hints is like a rumour what might be in the newsletter or not but I’m currently giving it a trial run as I’m not sure whether it’s going to be strong enough to hold on its own or not. Meaning that does it have a soul purpose for or correct soul purpose of it all yet. I’m still going to play around with it all that’s the best part of blogging as you never know what’s going to work and what doesn’t work. Honestly you will never know if it’s going to work or not without trying.

On 19th November 2017 I had finally found out that it was 2 years ago that I had created my blog website. I never had thought it would actually happen if it was going to work because I never believed in myself to see if it was going to be successful.

It’s given me the courage and the confidence of believing that I can write about things that I love about. Facing the facts that I believed that I can do things that I would never thought about doing. Yet I can do it no matter what.

Just would like to wish congratulations to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrating 70 Years Anniversary of marriage which is a platinum anniversary. I love that they have that special connection one way or another and they stayed strong throughout their marriage like no other. I hope I find someone like that to be with.

November Newsletter Hint: Why are we starting to get Black Fridays deals?

The fact that I just about to open a new document for this blog on my iPad; as I started to place the picture at the top, I was thinking didn’t I just created a page for this not that long ago, so I came out of it to have a look on the rest of my documents. Believe it or not I did and I was like that’s good that I’m not going mad am I? Because I couldn’t even remember the title of it in the first place. Great way to start the third year into the blogging and you just had a complete mind blank of what you were actually meant to be doing.

Don’t worry I’ll explain everything in the November Newsletter what this Newsletter Hints is all about because I really want to know about this whole question about Black Friday deals business thing. The fact is we are British not Americans I’m sorry this sounds harsh but I just feel like we are loosing our true Britishness more and more now as we are adapting to more American things than having the true British things.

I do hate to remind people that we did invent/created America long time ago yet they still have to come along way to come in today’s society. Then again look at their President now 4 years set back again I believe; yet even with our prime minster in power, still managing to mess up our system along with a fair few other people along side. We have manage to under cast and take control of monjority of what we had to face since March 2017 this year to about end of June 2017 early July 2017. Have since then been a bit quiet on all cost front of the dreadful things that one small country had to face.

What is the Black Friday really mean to us in our own country? We don’t call our sales Red Sales, Blue Sales and etc. We actually call them proper names for each seasons don’t we or have people forgetting who we are really are. To be honest I think we have. No fault of our own well government and our surrounding of the society we live in.

I could most likely to start to ramble and rant about something that’s unnecessary about things. I know how much you like my political views about things and haven’t really done it in very long time. However can someone explain what Black Friday is? And why do we have it in the UK? I really don’t understand it we never had it before Why now?

September Newsletter 2017

As I remember to do this Newsletter now than later on in October.

Saving me writing out the question; plus I’m not 100% feeling right to the point I really need to take a paracetamol because my head is starting to pound on one side right now. Hang on let me go and take something be right back my lovelies……back my lovelies. September feels like it has flown by and felt like that I haven’t really had three months off.The fact that I’m suffering with a cold, back pains, drained, struggling to breathe and etc due to the bug that I may of picked up from my job. But I’m still carrying on as normal.

In this Newsletter I’ll be talking about lots of different things along with pictures that will define what I will be talking about. The fact that I wanted to try something different for this Newsletter this month; I just wanted to make it more exciting than just having boring captions in bold writing, making it more less unattractive than ever.

The past month or so as you may of noticed; I haven’t done much blogging for awhile, the fact that it’s been quite difficult for me to come up with new things. No matter how much I tried to think of things to write about; then it just brings me down as I think I’m a failure at it all, then I realise something. Blaming blogging for my mental health state wasn’t the answer. It was me and who I was. What I was feeling at the time of going at the time; was that I had just started a new job, lots of things going on at home and then a bit of trouble in paradise as well. Since then things have seem to have settled down; I began to be able to pick up my iPad, and start to write again.

For a long time since not being able to have any money or anything. I had asked my sister to get me some hair dye because it my roots were so bad and I started to notice that I was getting more and more grey hairs on my head. Now have four on my head not happy about it. I blame it on the stress than anything. Haha but I know it’s genetics to be honest. Now that I’ve got my hair dyed with the colour red passion I’m so happy and feel me again also it matches my hair extensions as well. That I’ve been wearing quite a lot recently even for work. I’m just glad that I’ve got an awesome sister that I can ask for to get me things for emergency.

At the start of this month I have started a new job and it is awesome. I’ve started to find my feet a bit more everyday and every week. It was a bit hard to begin with but now I’m getting there. I’m starting to love it a lot. Also using my knowledge of what I know and putting them into place and it is beginning to work.

Love of Caspian! He’s the best friend through and through. Some say “why can’t you both just be together?” To be honest we like to call it as close friends but others say we are together as we are never apart from each other. All messaging each other, laughing, whatever issue that comes up we sort it out one way or another.

I do miss him a lot when he’s away on trips and I’m stuck in the uk; but can’t wait to be able to join him for some of his business trips, and see what he gets up too when he’s out and about. It’s hard at the moment as he’s away and being busy but I know he’s checking my messages when I leave him them. Makes me smile a lot.

August Newsletter 2017

September has finally arrived with its very cold snap of Autumn is here and summer has officially now gone. So what has happened in my world of August 2017 that I want to share. There’s been lots of tears, arguments, laughter, happiness and many more things. I’m only going to share a few things in this Newsletter with you that I think it might be worth reading about.

Excuse me when I go and get something to eat; I’m actually quite hungry packet of crisps don’t manage to put me off or fill me up, so might as well raid the kitchen one way or another. Be right back.

Well that took longer than I expected fell asleep straight afterwards. My bad sorry. So August 2017 has been okay but lots of things happened that I don’t want to share but will share with you guys some of the things. First off my sister had turned 21 years old and I feel really old on that front but heyho. All good though even if it was strange. Met up with a few friends which was actually quite nice as I haven’t seen in a while or a long time. So it was quite nice to see them and put me in a good mood.

Then there was lots of paperwork and etc for my blogs on which I haven’t done much of recently but need to do some because I need to catch up on. Might do some over the weekend or so unless I have to do other things.

Then I started to have my introduction and all day first aid training for my new job. Took a picture and scared the heck out Caspian as he thought I actually did something. I was like are you that stupid haha. I knew he would of been over protective and etc as he started to know my track record when I get cross or something. The word comes to mind for me is gullible. But I love him for it.

Pretty much it to be honest. Sorry it’s a short one didn’t really do much that was wildly exciting but there you go I’ll try and make sure this month more exciting.

June’s Newsletter 2017

June this year has been quite surprising this year; with lots of things that have happened, from leaving my job to getting a job within a week, gorgeous but annoying heat waves, to great sadness and be able to carry on no matter what each day throws at us. Most of all is that I can focus on my blogs a lot more than I use to; from being able to write loads, schedule them, post them and most importantly to be able to pick out good blogs that I know are going to be good and publish them on another blog company page called Vocal Media to which I’ll be able to get paid from. 


This year’s June 2017 we’ve received the most lovely hot weather; I do have to say a very hot weather in fact, that reached the highest temperatures in 41 years meaning the last hottest heat wave to be so high on that day (21st June 2017) the longest day was the year 1976. I remember when I was like in year 10 I think it was we had heatwaves and we got sent home from school but it wasn’t as bad as this years heatwaves. Reaching the highest of 35 degrees to cross the country to the boarders of Scotland; from 22nd June 2017 some areas have been expecting thunderstorms, some were expecting thunderstorms but never happened. Yet still humid and but cooler than it has been since the last few days. 

Tragedies that have happened

When we all thought it just couldn’t get any better; we had a tower of flats that went up in flames from electrical compliance; to which it caught onto something that’s called Cladded Fittings for outside of the buildings but that was actually banned in the UK, in Europe and the US. But why was it fitted in the first place? That’s the question along with the fire sprinklers why did Chancellor Hammond and the rest of the government ignore the voices of the community in the North Kennginston in the first place? 

Then at least 4-5 days after that someone decides to go and attack a mosque in West London; to which why do they think it’s okay to attack other cultures when it’s not even their fault, they help us we all help them. What makes the person in question thinks it’s okay to do it? Out of disappear? Or out of hatred or what? 

I let you think about that. I only wanted to touch base on this briefly as I’ve recently talked about it in my recent blogs. 

Leaving a job, getting a job in a week

It will be a month since I’ve left my full time job; probably not the best way to do about it but in the space of a week of leaving I manage to get a job somewhere else, to be able to help bring in money along the way when I decide what I actually want to do with myself long term. I am impressed that I could actually that I managed to get a job within a week of leaving my old job but also to be able to sort myself out in between leaving and starting my new job. 


Since being off and not working I’ve beginning to focus a bit more on my blogs; on which they have been more effective and also been more focused on, than it has been when I’ve been working. Still haven’t quite worked out how to fit in my paperwork schedule in yet but will work that one out; as long as I know that I’ve got two days to do the 4 events, then the rest of the time I can do here and there with everyday post. It has been a hit and miss with paperwork this month; but I’ve got something’s written down and what not for my data collection from social media, heyho just need to work on it a bit more and get my head around it so that I know what days I’m doing what day. Fortunately as the heat is slowly cooling down; I’m more able to concentrate with what I need to do and what not, probably use this as for my last Friday Time Recap Time, as it’s the last Friday of the month so figured might use this blog for that so I don’t have to worry about it as much. 

Vocal Media

Vocal Media I may of touched based with you in one of my blogs the other week; Vocal Media is a company that has lots of different categories that you can put your work in that you specialised in, for example for this newsletter would most probably or more likely to be stored into what they call a journal category. 

Vocal Media is a bit like YouTube in away; that you have to get certain amount of views to be able to start getting paid, to which I thought na this isn’t me I don’t think my work isn’t good enough. I know you lot may disagree with me on this; the truth to be told you guys are right, my blogs are good enough for people to read them. I only pick out the ones that I think are going to be success on my blog; then put them on there to see if it’s the same, however it is a success on there to find out that most things do work on things than others. 

I may have to write something differently for Vocal Media I’m not to sure yet; as I’m trying to figure out how to make my blog as a successful in the long run, so I’m going to continue what I’m doing by choosing which ones are going to be the best set of blogs to go up on that website.