Star Light Categories – Mid-Week Post – Autumn has started to arrive!

As autumn has officially started to arrive; leaves have started to turn to different colours, conquers will come and fall around the 28th September the only reason that I remember that is because it’s my cousin’s birthday around then and his sister named him conquer because that’s when he was going to be born. 

Today’s been a strange one guys to may of noticed that I’ve published quite a few blogs today; the only reason was that I had another day off from work, and I managed to get things done off my list whilst having hyperactive kittens going on in the back ground. 

(19.9.18) Todays weather had been wild strong winds, rain and sunny then rain again briefly. You know when autumn and end of summer are at each other’s throats because no one wants the change. I do find that it feels like we only just had snow and skipped the heat wave and everything then back to autumn and winter again. Does anyone else feel like this? 


Star Light Categories – Mid – Week Post at 8 – “How did I manage to get the autumn cold at the end of the summer season?”

Rather past the time of 8 o’clock been a sleep to feeding the kittens to baby sitting the kittens to sleepy kittens and then out for a little bit to get some sort of fresh air but to be quite honest. Did not help my cold one bit with the fresh air. All I wanted to do is sleep and wrap up warm. 

I don’t understand the climate change one bit especially for the United Kingdom. You either have a tonne of snow for about 3 months; then heatwave for about 3-4 months, then as soon as summer has finished the autumn comes straight away within a week left of August. 

Not even sure why it has come so quickly but it has. I feel pretty much dead and ill not wanting to do anything. Just want lots of cuddles and sleep to be honest. I hate the autumn so much because the next season will be the next long dark depressing months of my life when everything is pitch black by 4. 

I suppose you could say I should be use to it but I can tell you 100% I’m not because the older I get the more anxious I get about it all. I never really liked as much in my teens but just the thought of waking up at certain time of the morning and then come home at a certain time in the dark you’re like what’s the point to be honest. 

I love the summer more than the other 3 seasons wish it was like it all year round. 

Star Light Categories – Mid-Week Evening Post at 8: Strange Dreams – 22.8.18

Recently or lately I’ve been dreaming weird dreams especially one over the weekend 18.8.18 going into 19.8.28 where “I was going into my first ever old job to pick up cards and etc. Someone was kicking off in there at the manager along with a sale assistant who were working in there at the time; I just literally went over to them, realising that it was a guy that I went to school with back in secondary who was kicking off. 

I literally went in between the manager and the guy who was going off on one; I shouted at him saying “your banned from this store and your not welcome here anymore” the guy stopped and was taking back that someone had intervened about something; more to the point it was someone that he went to school with, he didn’t realise it was someone that he hadn’t seen someone for well over 11 years and for someone who was so quiet at school stood up to him.

“Do I need to escort you out of the store premises or are you capable to put one foot in front of the other and leave” I continued to talk to him like I was a professional person of kicking people out of stores if they were angry towards people.  

I literally said to the store manager in the dream that I use to work here so I knew how deal with people like them. I use to do it all the time. As I left the store that I just been in and having to deal with the person at the time. He had started to walk behind me but then caught up with me; he was starting to chat me up, and trying to ask me out on a date. 

As I was walking along the river he was still trying to get my attention and etc. I didn’t know what to do or escape from him. I then tried to get away by a big trunk of a tree that had fallen over but all of the sudden I turned round and he wasn’t there but there was a long hairy dog stopping my every path as I was trying to avoid him where ever I tried to.” 

That was practically it with the dream because it was a dream that was really odd and strange. I’m not to sure why I’m getting these ridiculous dreams but at the end of the day it’s just dream.