Everyday Post – Navigating Around – Trying to find a place that I didn’t even know existed

(27.9.18) Today’s  explore that I did was due to an appointment that I had to attend too; being me for living in the same town for all my life things have changed over the years, where certain things were there and now not there anymore or things have existed and didn’t know they did until now. 

I pretty much did that to be honest because I knew roughly what area where this community centre was but didn’t know for sure where. I brought it up on to my maps on my phone giving me a few options on how to get there either by foot or by bus. I thought I’ll take an easy option of taking the bus a few days ago so that I knew I was there in plenty of time and to look for it. 

When today came I was pretty much barely got home this morning I was in and straight out again which pretty much confused the kittens seeing me arrive then see me leave again. Started my sat nav on my phone got to one of the buses that it told me to go to and get one of the buses that would arrive there. Got a single to where I needed to go but it only took me 14 minutes to get where I needed to go; still following the sat nav, found the sign saying the community centre but wasn’t really signed very well where it was perfectly honest with you. 

I wasn’t too sure if that was it or not but it was after I went on a bit further because stupid sat nav said it was on my left but it was on my right when I arrived. It was now on my left which was really stupid. So I adventured on to find this place following the path in the distance I could see silver mini buses for community and I knew that I had found the place that I needed to be.

After I had finished my appointment an hour and half later which felt like it but not too sure what time I arrived but it felt like a long time. I knew where I was and how to get home as I use to walk to a sports park from my area via that way so I knew pretty much where I was and over all steps I did today was 6,710 steps. Don’t normally do that much a day. 

Lushest Summer June 2017

Loving the life of June 2017’s lushest summer heat; if only there was a beach near by, swimming pool that’s not too far away from the house, would of been nice if there was a pool in my back garden but my house and garden isn’t the richest or spaces you can ask for but it’s my family house my home that I grew up in. 

This year’s weather in June is actually quite pleasant; way too hot but I’m not complaining as much; if it was raining then this blog would be completely differently, but heyho it’s not raining and it’s warm sunny and guess what this is what our summers should be like. My grandma said to me the other day was “it will turn into a storm one day”; I think she might be right actually as she didn’t take a coat with her when she came round my house for dinner, for once I actually agree with her on that one. Not that I wouldn’t disagree or agree with her that much; as she has dementia but she does come out with lots of good things, but glad that she was able to enjoy the weather as much as we did.

This weekend just been everyone headed down to the beaches; had barques, chilling in the sun, like we were craving the Vitamin D’s. Which is fair enough true; as we don’t actually get much of the sun or the heat, due to the fact that British weather is generally raining, dull and cold. Especially when it comes to the 6 weeks holidays it could all change by then; who knows to be honest with you, I never know if I’m coming or going. All I have to say is right now I am actually enjoying the nice warm weather; nothing isn’t going to me now, it’s just that feeling of positive coming to which everyone needs in their life. If the sun can do that we should have all the time. 

Currently the temperature is like 32 degrees and it’s so hot and yet my legs are cold and so is my feet but heyho that’s what you get for being cold monjority of the time, but then again I get to boiled. So my body can’t make heads or tail of it all; probably poor circulation, or something yay me. 

However at least the heat will stay around for the next few days; so it would be nice to have a chance to live it, and enjoy it as much as we can. It’s got to the point that it’s so hot that I’ve had to rummage in the freezer to look for ice cream; as you remember I think I might be dairy what you call it, but right now I’m so hot that I needed ice cream. The ice cream had already started to melt before I even touched it; that’s how you could tell it was that hot, it’s still 32/33 degrees hotter and this is British weather man so brilliant. 

Even trying to film a few videos and my phone was getting to warm due to the heat. It’s getting ridiculous. To be fair it was two videos that I did so I can counter that bit I think as my hands were hot at the time as well; you might of already seen them or you may not yet, depends when I get round to edit them and attach them to the rightful blog page as well. When I’ve done the blog for them as well. Lots to do but in this heat it’s stupid. Anyways catch you laters guys see you on the next #throwbackthursday