What the future of England looks like?

The fact that I already want to briexit out of the briexit because I’m getting depressed from it.

The interesting thing about my country is that we are the only ones who are like the smallest country in the world I think; but with 3 different names, to which if you are confused about what to call us don’t worry we as British have this confusion all the time. We never know what we are when we fill out forms, questionnaires and etc. If you must know what the three names we have they are: United Kingdom, England and Great Britain.

The fact what came to my mind just now is that currently that I don’t believe we are Great Britain at all; especially over the past 9 months due to the “!ah” (new name for name for May everybody), the fact that Trump who toots his trump because he has more gas than anything else. Thinks that it’s okay to send fighter planes and etc to bomb in Iraq and Syria; nope it’s not okay because you know why?, he’s drawing more attention to us more than we like to have.

Britexit is one of those words that I don’t give a flying monkeys about if I spelt it wrong; that’s because I want to divorce from the word permanently, britexit is just getting to the point of making me so depressed I’m just sick and tired from it all. There’s now talks of the second voting of referendum; more money coming out of our taxes, for a silly little cross for a silly thing that May can’t be bothered to help sort out the mess that she left created when we needed her the most. It’s not going to be a good future with her still as a prime minister I don’t think. As she’s not going to make it okay.

What happened on Friday in your country? (UK)

Monday catch of what happened on Friday.

The west cost main line with long delays due to having Harrow fires on Friday

Since June 2017 was the last major torture for us as a country; we had at least 2 months break from fires and terror attacks, a little one that was ended quickly and quietly. Now that we had the two months break it’s now back up with fires and terror attacked; from two weeks of each other to two months to back to, wait for it could be two weeks time we would have more.

The 3 hours of doing my school runs with my job to the schools and then 4 hours of peace and quiet to then, 3 hours from school to homes dropping children off to their parents. All I’ve heard is the Harrow fire, my local charity that I use to work for called “Challengers” week Sunday ago 10.7.17 went in flames due to a tumble dryer, to terror attack.

Let me explain. Nearly 60 firefighters were called to tackle a huge timber blaze at a yard in Harrow; to which forced nearby railway to close, which meant routes from Euston to the Midlands, North of England, Scotland and North Wales were stopped to allow repairs. However it was brought under control by 13:00pm which was allowed travellers who use the trains to run; as the fire was still burning at the time but tamed to say the least as it was horrendous over night, I still don’t know what has caused it but then again I haven’t really checked it out what it was. If you want to find out how it was caused go and check it out on the BBC News.

Another underground attack but this time at Parsons Green

On Friday morning rush hour there was an “improvised explosive device” that had been detonated on a Tube train in south-west London. The blast has had happened at Parsons Green Station on a District Line train from Wimbledon and is being treated as terrorism.

For more information please go to bbc news website for more details.

This is all in one day on a Friday; places aren’t safe anymore but then again you can’t always, live in fear of something bad that’s going to happen all time. I know that this is rich coming from me but I’m just stating the obvious; it’s like people saying of it’s Friday 13th something bad going to happen, excuse me nothing bad is going to happen everyday something huge has happened but it’s only the people who have been caught up in the attacks and the fires that have a bad time to a just in life. Get over yourselves.

Camden Market Lock up in flames! Say whaaaat?

The worst feeling is that we were almost there with a whole month of nothing going to happen. Until Sunday night on the 9th July 2017. When tragic news of a well known market in Camden. Why are these happening now?

Camden is pretty well known across the country; always bringing in tourists in, from left, right and centre. Pretty much always popular businesses are booming; until something like this happens, you just think ‘oh come on. We were nearly had a whole month of respite here without having any issues what so ever’; 5 weeks ago exactly Grenfell Tower went up in flames like a chimney stack that you can have in your garden on Wednesday 19th June 2017, barely a week later we had a small terror attacked on Monday 19th June 2017. Within the same week as the the terror attack a 4 story high block of flats went up in flames; however it wasn’t as bad as Grenfell Tower, this time it was in Bethnal Green area. Oh don’t forget May 2017 our two terror attacks and in March 2017.

On Sunday 9th July 2017 more than 70 firefighters were tackling a huge blaze at Camden Lock Market in North London. With all 70 firefighters and 10 fire engines that were sent to the site; that is a very popular tourist attraction, one witness explained how fast the fire was moving. In the nearby buildings there were fears of explosions. 

London Ambulance Service said it had not yet any patients who were may likely to be still on the scene at the time. The Metropolitan Police also attended at the scene; closing off the roads, making sure that everyone is safe. 

A witness who was scared at the time Joan Ribes, 24, said: “I was just passing by when I saw the fire and they started to get firefighters and police, it was all very fast.” Want read the full news report please click on this link here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40552451
The aftermath of Camden Locket Market blaze: Businesses destroyed

Dozens of stall holders have actually lost their entire stock after a blaze had ripped through Camden Lock Marker in North London overnight. There were about 30 stalls that were based in the Market Hall where the fire began; while there was other local businesses who had goods stored in side, had been destroyed in the building as well.  

One of the market owners has commented to which he believes there’s an out 100 traders who have been effected and most likely to be “finished” as a result of the damage that the fire had caused. 

The market had been hit by major fires that had sprawled into the area twice before in recent years, with one back in 2008 leading a part of the site to being shut down for over a year. Camden Market has been based in the area since 1974; which boasts more than 1,000 stalls and shops, it has been giving itself that sort of reputation of a good selling pitches and bringing more people to the attraction all year round. To found out more information about the businesses and etc please follow the link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40558356
Lizzysweeklyblogs notes – I will be doing a everyday history based around these tragic events with the fires in London; on which is kind of spooky in my experience, along with the understanding why would History repeat itself. 

Here we go once again!

I know I have just touched based with this and moved the original blog to Sunday Special; also due to the heat wave that we’ve been getting, the technology has been unbearable to handle even by holding it as it’s been over heating. So I had to get my notebook out to be able to pre-plan what I was going to write; to which I didn’t have to use any technology as much as I could on Tuesday to write this, but to be able to write it up when it was a lot cooler than it was throughout the day. 

Barley a week to recover from the tower fire; someone decides to attack a mosque in another part of London, to which point that the police are treating it as a terror attack because in recent events have been terror attacks. Accordingly to the event number 4. The attack had happened minutes when an ill man was being giving first aid by some of the public; who were near by the mosque, people came into the mosque which interrupted Ramadan Night Prayers that evening to help. 

Muslim worshippers had taken into their own hands like every other attacks that we had face; to hold him down as the attacker shouts at them all, stopping people from kicking him even further. They all had to wait for the police to arrive to which they had come immediately to the response; I couldn’t believe how well we all take it in our everyday lives to, take it in our daily routine if something like this happened we get on and just do it by going full steam ahead and help people. Even as I take my hate off to the muslim community and a few of my friends are muslims I have nothing against them what so ever; they are here to live what we live under, they respect our culture and we respect theirs. They help us and we help them; at the end of the day they proved to us and the world that we live in this country; you attack their country, then your attack my country that took us in. We are not letting you win. That to me is a strong message out everyone in the world.

Some politics say it’s just an incident that happened. Erm what planet are you on and where have you been in the last three to four months? They aren’t incidents they are terror attacks. Some politics are saying that it’s just an incident that has been continuing to happen; hang on a minute, how is it an incident? It’s a blooming terror attack; it’s okay for them getting protected from any harms way, we are the ones that are getting attacked and not being protected. That’s why we are taken this as our everyday lives now; along with taken it into our own hands that to help local services, because the politics can’t be bothered to do anything to help or do much about it. 

Prime-minister in talks with the religious leaders on how to protect their religion and their events; which means that the police have taken into account by stepping up the mark to help cover the rest of Ramadan and ED, to make sure everyone from Muslim community right through to all different religions and community to feel safer until it ends at the end of the month.

A man had died; along with 9 people were taken to 3 different hospitals, while 2 were being treated with minor injuries. No matter what happens these days; you have to treat everything as a terror attack, you never know if they were doing it alone or with a group of people. Yet we have to be really vigilant even more now; even we do get attacked every two weeks or so, it’s like as we just about to relax along side with the whole country’s cliffs. We get another attack or something that shocks the nation and the world. Yet we are setting a good example where at least we run towards the problem; than running away from it, to show that we aren’t afraid to do anything but in our mind set we are but you have to help the other people who need your help. What I’m asking is think to yourself where would you be in 5 years time if you look back and say I did that? I helped them when they needed someone the most. I wish I did something to help when someone was in that situation. Just ask yourself the questions what would you do? Would you run the other way or would run towards it? 

Video tribute to the attacks.

Moving tribute from the whole country 

The hardest thing of all is when you were a victim of any of trauma that we hear everyday; most importantly the recent events that we have heard, seen, helped, applauded to. This goes no way go about it when something like this has made an impact on so many lives recently; if it was for Ariana Grande fighting back, raising money for the Manchester victims at her concert bringing everyone together, Simon Cowell had taken a leaf out of her book as he now a father. He can understand how horrible it must of been to lose a child in that way; I could be wrong but I’m giving him the credit of the count that, he brought singers in and most importantly having a touch of the community spirit to the song that has been recently released. 

Don’t let me forget about the Hillsborough charity song as well; coming together as one whole, making everyone’s voices be heard loud and clear. Each of these three songs have so many meaningful and powerful; no matter how much we pull together over the years, even more so over the past few months and weeks we come together and support one another in so many ways. We all no we aren’t heavy; because we are brothers and sisters, knowing as soon the cliffs start to settle its cliffs once more we start settle. Once the cliffs of the United Kingdom rises to protect its people; we follow it to protect our community, the services and most of all our towns and cities. I have attached the clips from YouTube of the three amazing tributes to the country: that we all love and proud off, showing we are a strong and we will get back onto our feet again.

https://youtu.be/8O1CcwYf79I – Grendell Tower Charity Single 

https://youtu.be/YUijKSTakSc – Manchester Concert Attack

https://youtu.be/0diOtm0yFKY – Hillsborough Justice Collection 

Love and Respect For My Country 

This is the end; we can hold our breath and count to ten, as we feel the cliffs rise up to protect us. When we feel the earth moves again and then we let our hearts burst again. For then this is the end; we’ve drowned and dreamt this moment of peace and quiet, it is well overdue to which we need to be owed but that’s been swept away and we haven’t been stolen.

We could let the sky fall when it crumbles; we will always stand tall, but face it all together we are stronger than you’ll ever be. When the sky falls that’s when we start at out the thousands miles to keep the poles apart from you; where our worlds collide and days are dark, you may have our number but you will never have our hearts or breaks us.

Where you go we will always be there one step closer behind; what you’ll see and do we will see and do the opposite, we know we’d be never be the same afterwards but without the security of the community loving arms. Keeping us from harm; they put their hands in each other’s and we’ll stand together, showing that we are stronger than anyone else. 

Until we feel our cliffs move again; we can relax more than you can attack us, this is one country that you will never touch or hurt again as long as we defend what we believe in along with different religions, relationships from different countries and knowing we will come together as one country. 

Choose to Survive 

Choose to survive is a key thing in life; you either got it or you haven’t, from little amount to a lots we as individuals become as one. One big family to help and support the people who need it the most; this is for our communities that have come together, over the past few months and recently.

Choose To Survive 

The skies are crying as I’m watching the flames come near; every tear that I caught in my hands, I knew this was going to be the end. If there was silence at the end of this monstrosity of a nightmare wish it would end like we hadn’t had a chance of getting out or having our voices being heard, did they have to ignore our cries or our voices. Now there’s nothing left of me here. 

Did you have to take everything that I had in my life? Did you have to break everything that made me who I am? I am a broke glass that you can break so easily? Did you have to tear me up like I was made of paper? You can give it ago by tear me up and put me down because I know my community will help me rise up from the ground like I’m a skyscraper that you cannot destroy. I know we will fight for our rights either I’m died or not; I know we will win, because we chose to survive. 

As the smoke cleared I could hear ringing in my ears; as I came around I could hear sirens coming and going, as I watched you untangle me from shrapnel carefully without causing anymore pain that I’m already in. You just stand there watching as everything unfolds as we lay there bleeding dying; go run run run, back to your silly place of hiding that you call your home and don’t care about us. As we are just lay right here watching you disappear whilst someone else helps us instead; it’s a long way down from here, I think I’m close to the clouds up here.

It’s a race, it’s a race. A race to help the survive. It’s a race it’s a race and they’re going to win. They choose to survive. Yes they are going to win. Whatever it takes they are going to choose to survive. I’m going to give them all my strength with all human race. I’ll be prepared to do anything to help; fight to help survive, I won’t forgive those people’s who did this. Vengeance is mine as I’m going to show that we won’t give in; we choose to shrive, we pull together as one.  

Whatever it takes I’m going to win; you won’t pull ahead, I will light fuse that will make you trip up even more that you have done. It’s a race, it’s a race to find the survivors, we have to win to be able to shrive, not matter what it takes we have to win because we will never loose. When the night falls down they are still waiting for us to return; to return to find them, to which they want to return to their families either dead or alive. We know how much it’s worth for the people of the community; do you know how much it’s worth now?, of course not because you care about yourself.

I don’t know where I’m going but all I know is here we go again; I’m pretty sure where this is going, the empty promises that been made I know the answers already. I have made up my mind; I’m not waisting anymore time, but to go in head first and help. Your so cruel with a device that placed into your hands; your blood is like ice to cold to touch or understand, one look could kill us all in one way or another. 

There’s nothing going to stop us now; as we choose to survive, we are going to win no matter what it takes. Yes we are going to win! 

Vile People

There’s no good in vile people; vile people have the blackest hearts in the world, no good can heal what they have done.

As I woke up with headache in the early hours of Thursday morning but late Wednesday night; I had turned to my phone as I do for a bit of comfort as now I couldn’t sleep with the massive headache, I generally probably reply to my messages even though people maybe asleep. Sometimes I actually get a response from them unexpectedly; not all the time though, it’s just a fluke to be honest with you. 

In today’s society there’s so many vile people out there from ISIS, Government, Trump, May, Johnson is now one (should quit now whilst he’s a head), along with bad step – parents (there are good step-parents as well), friends, colleagues and many more. There is a long list of vile people who disrespects other people because they think that they can. 

Hey guess what you won’t be winning their trust or support or anything like that if you do that to them. I can easily just point out I have had my fair share of vile people; I may of done myself at some point but, at the end of the day I’m not one of those people who want power over people. Killing innocent people every two weeks and not see any progress; not saying any names but I’m going to have to Theresa May and her party. 

Furthermore to this vile human nature that we live in a bypasser yesterday/maybe today where so many lives got taken away; along with the victims who got out alive, who lost their homes. Decide to do the most indecent thing you can ever ask for; taking photos of people who couldn’t get out of the tower block in body bags, thinking it was the best and funny thing to do. That’s how low people can be who have no respect of the living or the dead; then today Theresa May well what can we say, she visited the aftermath but to the fire services and expectations of the building and she never really went to speak to the victims who had survived the burning building. Jeremy Corbyn well he showed sympathy to the victims and the services; not sure if it’s just a publicity stunt or not but he shows better leader skills than May, May really doesn’t care about the people does she. 

If you think of how many people we had lost in the past three months from the first terror attack to the last terror attack; then followed by the tower building fire losing lives about 53 people who have lost their lives from 4 different attacks, the number will be rising from the tower block aftermath as they are still looking for people. It’s sickening that no government cares about us what so ever; if they did what’s stopping them, why aren’t our voices being heard? Why doing something about it after something bad went wrong? Most importantly why is it happening now for the whole government and House of Commons looking into the whole what could of prevented? and what could of stopped it from happening? The answers will most likely to go unsolved; I can guarantee you that we will never know what might of caused it, I just feel sorry for the victims and families who have lost members.

Again we as public pulled together; Muslim and Islam communities broke their fast to come running to there aid, that shows courage for everyone that not every Muslim or Islam are bad people. I do show respect for those people who broke their tradition to help others; I personally would thank them because they must feel like we blaming them for things recently, but all so they want to show people that they are here to respect our laws and rules in the country. 

No matter how long the government will ignore us especially the Conservatives; we will win no matter what they do, say or even think. We will continue to come out on top and reduce the number of deaths as we can; we will fight back with the help of our communities, what’s more they will not separate us or break us. 

Grenfell Tower, North Kensington – My thoughts are with families and victims. 

Grenfell Tower, North Kensington – My thoughts are with families, friends and victims

I woke up this morning to a great sadness of block of flats called Grenfell Tower in North Kensington had gone up in flames. Not only I was just saying that we were seem to have a sense of peace and quite; but knowing something was bound to happen, wether it was a terror attack or something just so simple like this.  

No matter how hard the fire services, ambulance services and the police services tired their hardest to help save lives. There wasn’t enough man power to tackle the blaze as they still needed more fire services; fire services that Boris Johnson and Theresa May had plotted to cut in the last few years, to which lead to this horrible disaster. 

Why spend £10 million on a 1979 building; yes it may needed doing but your not the ones going to be living in the block, I’ve always hated those windows that if something happened like a fire how on earth are you suppose to get out. What’s more there’s no fire escapes to get out of the building; we always get told about health and safety all the time, but clearly it doesn’t compile with the council or the government does it. 

The most horrible things when your the victims of any disaster; you will loose someone, your house or something that means to you. I keep on saying the more disasters that we have the more government keep on apologising for what has happened; yet they don’t do anything about it, yet we as citizens and local services have to pick up the pieces and join forces because the government are so up themselves to the point of they don’t care especially Theresa May. 

The victims who have been effected and fire brigade need the support and satiability to focus on the whole matter of reasons. From providing care, new place to live, place to grieve and most importantly how and why it had happened. Victims won’t be able to return to their homes; children don’t know if their parents alive or not after they sacrificed themselves for them. 
“How safe was the tower block?

The local Grenfell Action Group had claimed, before and during the refurbishment, the block constituted a fire risk and residents had warned that access to the site for emergency vehicles was “severely restricted”.

In February 2013 residents warned fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, had not been tested for 12 months.

KCTMO said it was aware that concerns had been raised historically by residents and they will form part of its investigations.

The tower block was given a medium fire risk rating – defined as a normal fire risk – in 2016 following completion of the refurbishment by the London Fire Brigade and Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council.

The council insists the block has been regularly inspected, but London Mayor Sadiq Khan said safety and maintenance issues would have to be looked at.

Concerns raised about Grenfell Tower ‘for years’

Geoff Wilkinson, a fire and building inspector, told the BBC that the Grenfell Tower block “didn’t perform in the way you’d expect a building to perform” once it caught fire as “you’d expect it to be contained to an individual apartment”.

“Something has gone dramatically wrong here,” he said.” Part from The bbc news website – see more by clicking or coping the link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40272168

If this could all been prevented within the time zone over the years if people’s voices were being heard; councils and the government are not listening to the people in the areas that are being effected, if the government stop apologising for what has happened and actually do something about it to make us all safe then it would be fine. I will not stop campaigning for people’s voices to be heard; until something gets done about it, I am a one man show at the moment but I will get people’s voices to be heard one way or another. 

Love of my country 

Love of my country of things that makes me feel proud of being British not the stupid British we are known for monjority of the time. 

My country! My country is strong! My country come together and we stand together! We are a small country but at least we know how to fight back. I only ask the world this. If your going to bad mouth us; think it’s right to think we need help with attacking the people who did this, think wisely who would come and help you if your country was next. Faking news, blowing up the bad people in our hounor and insulting our people especially who is the mayor. Don’t expect our sympathy if your the ones under attack. At least we can capture more attacks just under 24 hours. Before you realise what had happened. #westandtogether #onelovemanchaster #onelovelondon

What makes us great at being British is that we all pull together; together as one, one whole unit two people I believe who are the most heroes and don’t get the best recognition since the attacks are the policeman who was the first on the scene and put his life on the line. He was only been on the beat for year and half or so; he feels it’s his fault that he couldn’t do more to help, as he only had his baton to hand. Whilst his colleagues battled to save his life; he was still want to hit back to the terror attacks, to protect his colleagues and the people that he served. The police officer is a hero no matter what; he did what he did for his love of the country, the citizens, colleagues and most of all the Queen of the country. Along with other officers that were also attacked; they are the heroes of this county, not the political parties they don’t do things to protect us. 

The news reporter for a newspaper company; even if the news papers get under the attack at things, but one guy who put his life on the line for someone else. He has this horrible doubts in his head now; weather what he did was the right thing to do, we all have those feelings but I do have to say this. He is a hero because what he did was unbelievable; you don’t get people to do that over the past few years, however in recent weeks we’ve become to the customs of these types off violent attacks, we help people in no matter what that’s how we are great. 

We respect our rules, laws and many more but people who don’t think our law isn’t relevant to them don’t respect them as we respect theirs if we went to their country. I’m not being racist or anything; we let people into our country for freedom and for safety, we should have the favour of having respect for our country for helping them out. However they don’t; all I can say is this if you don’t like our country or our rules and laws, you know where the door is that you came through. 

This is my country and I love my country more than politics. We are stronger than the whole politics in the commons; we are the nation who care when we are in trouble with things such as terror attacks, the more threats we get the more aware we are of them. All I can say is this UK “we stand together as one whole nation”. Keep your wits about you and see any danger or something happens; help people out if they have been targeted, help the services as much as you can even when your watching your own safety.