Revisit case of….: Taiya and Kehinde Adventure

(Don’t worry this isn’t a scam all of my information came from a good friend of mine) 

You think your whole world is normal or think your whole world could be upside down just one tiny little thing. Yet what happens if your just 8 or 5 years old witnessing your parents get murdered on your door step? That’s what happened to these two brothers who’s whole world just turned upside down.

The eldest brother didn’t have time to think about what happened; it was what’s going to happen next if the murders found them, and where they going to be killed too. He had to get his brother out of the most dangerous and frightening place.
Taiya is 8 years old and his brother Kehinda is now 6 years old. These two brave heroes who kept each other alive; from witnessing their family in a community fight to their family home burnt to the ground. At the time that this was happening Taiya was at 8 years old and Kehinda was 5 years old; Taiya has to persuade his younger brother to come with him because it was no longer safe for them to be there anymore, but also Taiya was also the only living family he had left that could protect him and find somewhere to live to be safe from any danger that may come their way.
One day Taiya had seen an on coming van that was going to Asba; as it had stopped they sneaked onto the bus without being caught, as they had arrived at Asba and sneaking off the van.

They tried to ask people for help. However they just completely ignored them and carried on doing their daily chores; despite how hard Taiya and Kehinda’s hard work in asking for people’s help, they were drawing to hunger and tired by that stage but weren’t given up. Yet a friendly and kind gentleman of whom had been watching them for awhile had came up to Taiya; explained that he had thought he was doing a marvellous job of looking after his brother, even if they both witnessed a horrific murder and coming all this way to get help.
The gentleman explained that it was his turn to look after them because he knew a place that they can stay as long as they want, along the way he explained that Ofuobi Foundation Home is for children who are in need and they can both stay together as one family unit along with meeting with new people. Taiya can also can be himself and grieve along side with his brother with the support and care that the foundation gives out.
They stay in contact with the friendly gentlemen who had helped them; I believe that they wanted to give something back to him, by showing him that they can grow up as two fine handsome men. Getting their story out there to share with the world what they had to endure as young children; from one nice civilian that they came across, they want to try the world who may help even more by donating no matter how much they can afford.

In aid of helping like Taiya and Kehinda is by helping by donating no matter how much to Ruffles Care Bear who is the mascot of this blog who loves to looking after children to make them feel better.

Sunday Special- Our Cases, Our Stories, Our Voices – Can’t afford School Fees

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"Young lives who’s family has no money to send their children to school." – Sentebaleblogs
“I'm Jackson age 7 on the right looking rather cool and really? Really do I have to have my photo taken? Question face along with Ekure really? I rather hide away”
“I'm Tobe I'm 6 years old I will be 7 in December. If my parents didn't come to the home for help I'll just be looking at the pictures and no idea where places are. Fortunately for me I got that chance to change my life. Oh I'm the one next to Jackson reading supposed to be”
“I'm Theresa who's sitting next to Tobe and my annoying funny twin brother Tony who's invading my space as normal. I'm 5 years old I'll be turn 6 in November yet I'll be sharing it with Tony’
“I'm Tony. I'm also 5 and be turning 6 in November along with my twin Theresa; I'm the most outgoing out of the two of us, as you can see in the picture and I am the most cheesiest but I have this special connection if there's something wrong with Theresa I would feel it too. But also she has that special super power too.”
To the start every parent worst nightmare is not being able to provide, support, or even give their children the best start in life. That's what happened to these lovely children; there parents couldn't afford the school fees as it was too expensive for them to pay for the material, uniform and many more. Yet for these awesome guys they are going to school because their parents came to us for help; we've given them the life time of having the best start, achieve the goals that they want to achieve.
Their parents quick thinking and no who to come to for help. We worked with their parents to proved their school fees; to which now they are going to school everyday to be able to learn, and to succeed in life that they want to be when they grow up. There are so many families like our four stars that need our help to get their children into schools to achieve what their parents couldn't achieve.

“See…we need help just to go to school otherwise we end up not being able to read or write or even achieve our dreams of what we want to do in life.” – Promise
“Without your help by donating as much as you can we are able to go to school; meet new friends, learn and a sense of where to belong in the world. If you can donate either through the donate page or through Western Union please follow the links and etc that are listed down below”. – John
How to donate:
Western Union: email us on with subject of Donations Via Western Union. We need your full name, address, email address so we can confirm to you we have picked it up and the reference number.
Just Giving: to donate via Paypal or by card follow this link here
Go Raise: love a spot of shopping why not go to go raise which you will find your favourite stores along with their donations that they send to us.

The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale

“Sentebale supports orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Through education, psychosocial support, and care we give them the tools they need to lead healthy and productive lives.”“TAKE ACTION NOW”

The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale 

The charity has been set up by one and only Prince Harry himself; which quotes “The Prince foundation for children in Africa”, since the lost of his mother in 1997 from a dreadful crash. Prince Harry behind closed doors had lost his way in life; where he didn’t feel like he didn’t have a purpose in life, wanting to break the rules, test the system and wanted to quit his role. 

However Prince Harry had turned the corner in so many ways; by coming out in what it was like loosing a mother like Princess Dianna at a young age, things that he had to do wasn’t right and he shouldn’t of had to do it. 

In his late teens if I remember Prince Harry went back to Africa with his brother Prince William now Duke of Cambridge; to see what their mother had done over there, she had shown so much passion for the children in Africa that they took on that role, by taking a huge responsibility of carrying on her legacy in the way that she would of done. 

Prince Harry has taken on his late mother’s charities but more importantly he has created his own charity called “The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale”. To enable him to be able to make a mark on the world like his late mother before him had done; to know he that this is the path of for him to go down, why not check out the website by clicking onto this link here. you can also place a donation via this link too.
Meet Annabel Inorin

Meet Annabel Inorin from Nigeria in Africa. You probably thinking she’s just a normal kid who doesn’t have much in Africa; guess what your right, she doesn’t have much in life over there. What’s worse is that even though she may have nothing at all; she’s fighting for her life to survive, just at the age of 11 years old. At 11 years old Annabel has a heart sickness called “Arrhythmias”; Arrhymias or heart rhythm problems most common and more experienced by more than 2 million people in a year in the UK. Most people with an abnormal heart rhythm that can lead a normal life if they have the proper diagnose. 

We are more lucky to have a good working doctors and nurses along with the right equipment; the right treatment, the right medication. Poor Annabel has nothing to keep her going; each day she counts her blessings that she pulls through the night and through the day, on things that can help her but she’s barely surviving. 

Lizzysweeklyblogs wants to go on a adventure!

 As a blogger it is always an opportunity to be contacted or be found by people who barely think; oh wow you want me to work for you and whatever the company or that person does, I had that pleasure with the manager of the The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale. You couldn’t really turn down the job on that front can you for a good cause; off course I wouldn’t be working closely with the good man himself, obviously for security reasons and what not. 

I had to take the job no matter what; the children have the right to have a voice, no matter weather it’s in this country or not, Africa is the most screaming out country to me for their voices to be heard. I’m not giving up on my own country and their voices; but to help raise another country voice in need of help, then why not go and do it. Believe me when I donated some money to the charity; I had received an email with a couple of pictures of the children who had things been given to them, on which the money I had given to the charity who had given them books and colour in things. 

You never know how that makes you feel; when you see there warm happy smiles, along with there graduated of thanks for the lovely gifts that you sent us. As you can see in the pictures that I have received so far; you know you have done the right thing, making them feel positive about their lives because of your positive and kindness. 

This makes me want to go out there in Nigeria to meet with the people who are helping running the charity; to get the sense of what it’s really like out in Nigeria, they did offer me to pay for my flights and everything but I wanted to show them that I can fund money this time to be able to go out there. They are even as members who are behind all of it said they are happy to chip in on my go fund me page. I hope you would help me to get that target or more than that mark I wanted; it doesn’t matter how little or big amounts of money, anything helps me to be able to fund my little adventure. 

If you would like to see more of these types of blogs; you can help me reach that goal by helping me on my way to go out there, visit, write about it, explore what’s out there and what is actually happening for myself. To be able to donate money please follow this link by clicking it and donate the money as much as you can. 

This is my only way to go out there; to see for myself what it is like to live in horrible damp, smelly, no electricity, no nothing. We take things way too much for granted these days; that’s why I’m going to raise as much as I can, to be able to show them I am passionate about these types of charities. Every child, every teenager, every young adults and their parents and grandparents want the best in life. Especially grandparents and parents who want to see their child or children to make something of themselves than being; here stuck in the same life of poverty, day in day out. Let me help them by raising the money for them and raising money to go and see them. Every little money helps. Go on donate know one is noticing you doing a sneaky one. I won’t tell if you won’t. 

Here are the links again if you would like to donate money to a good cause or help me go on adventure: 

Or donation can be made through the official website here for the children 

Grenfell Tower, North Kensington – My thoughts are with families and victims. 

Grenfell Tower, North Kensington – My thoughts are with families, friends and victims

I woke up this morning to a great sadness of block of flats called Grenfell Tower in North Kensington had gone up in flames. Not only I was just saying that we were seem to have a sense of peace and quite; but knowing something was bound to happen, wether it was a terror attack or something just so simple like this.  

No matter how hard the fire services, ambulance services and the police services tired their hardest to help save lives. There wasn’t enough man power to tackle the blaze as they still needed more fire services; fire services that Boris Johnson and Theresa May had plotted to cut in the last few years, to which lead to this horrible disaster. 

Why spend £10 million on a 1979 building; yes it may needed doing but your not the ones going to be living in the block, I’ve always hated those windows that if something happened like a fire how on earth are you suppose to get out. What’s more there’s no fire escapes to get out of the building; we always get told about health and safety all the time, but clearly it doesn’t compile with the council or the government does it. 

The most horrible things when your the victims of any disaster; you will loose someone, your house or something that means to you. I keep on saying the more disasters that we have the more government keep on apologising for what has happened; yet they don’t do anything about it, yet we as citizens and local services have to pick up the pieces and join forces because the government are so up themselves to the point of they don’t care especially Theresa May. 

The victims who have been effected and fire brigade need the support and satiability to focus on the whole matter of reasons. From providing care, new place to live, place to grieve and most importantly how and why it had happened. Victims won’t be able to return to their homes; children don’t know if their parents alive or not after they sacrificed themselves for them. 
“How safe was the tower block?

The local Grenfell Action Group had claimed, before and during the refurbishment, the block constituted a fire risk and residents had warned that access to the site for emergency vehicles was “severely restricted”.

In February 2013 residents warned fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, had not been tested for 12 months.

KCTMO said it was aware that concerns had been raised historically by residents and they will form part of its investigations.

The tower block was given a medium fire risk rating – defined as a normal fire risk – in 2016 following completion of the refurbishment by the London Fire Brigade and Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council.

The council insists the block has been regularly inspected, but London Mayor Sadiq Khan said safety and maintenance issues would have to be looked at.

Concerns raised about Grenfell Tower ‘for years’

Geoff Wilkinson, a fire and building inspector, told the BBC that the Grenfell Tower block “didn’t perform in the way you’d expect a building to perform” once it caught fire as “you’d expect it to be contained to an individual apartment”.

“Something has gone dramatically wrong here,” he said.” Part from The bbc news website – see more by clicking or coping the link

If this could all been prevented within the time zone over the years if people’s voices were being heard; councils and the government are not listening to the people in the areas that are being effected, if the government stop apologising for what has happened and actually do something about it to make us all safe then it would be fine. I will not stop campaigning for people’s voices to be heard; until something gets done about it, I am a one man show at the moment but I will get people’s voices to be heard one way or another.