Name 10 creative ways to pass the time in the carpool lane.


Love having new ideas for categories; along side making new categories as well, it helps to expand my blogging to a whole new level. Along side it to help my readers to have some ideas of what to do weather it’s in the car with children or teenagers or just out with friends on a trip somewhere. 

Name 10 creative ways to pass the time in the carpool lane.

You’ve got to love ideas to pass the time if your traveling to somewhere weather it’s half an hour to over an hour; with 10 creative ways to pass the time in the carpool lane will help you on this one, weather you have children, teenagers (if their battery dies on them on their phones or any device that they use for musical) to sitting with your friends going on an adventure and your going to catch a big one what a beautiful day we’re not scared. Sorry couldn’t help myself quoting We’re going on a bear hunt; one of my favourite stories when I was a kid, another blog idea whoop whoop. 

Anyways I’ll crack on naming 10 creative ways to pass the time in the carpool lane to keep everyone entertained for car journeys. 

  1. Car seat holder multi storage travelling bag – to fill up snacks and drinks for your journey for your teenagers who want to block out the world; but to have something that they like in the bag, also to parents can be on the good side of their teenagers knowing what they like to eat and drink. In away of getting to know them through that way and that they haven’t forgotten about them. You can still use this for any age to be honest but I just thought if there’s any parents stuck out there; there’s something for their teenagers, who probably feel left out if they have younger siblings getting attention all the time.
  2. Door hanging organiser – are very useful for younger children as they can have their favourite toys in each pocket; they can play with their favourite toys one at a time, someone I know use to do this with their children when they were younger. It woks wonders because it would keep them entertained for hours; even short journeys it can be handy for them as well, you can see if it works with your teenagers with the equipment that they may need for charging their phones and etc. My advice is work with your teenager to see what they may like in their door hanging organiser; so that they have a bit of control of what they would like in their one, give them a bit of control in what they may like and will help you both to compromise what should go into it. 
  3. Sign Post Game – Sign Post Game is where you have to make puns out of the names of the towns or villages using the words in the name; for example: Portsmouth – The Ports have a big mouth (meaning the harbour has a big mouth), Farnham – Your farming the ham, Hindhead Tunnel – Behind the head is the tunnel. You could go on for hours playing this game; believe me it’s fun I did it a few times, the puns that I came out with was funny and cool. 
  4. Yellow Car and Mini Punches – You rarely see yellow cars but more mini cars theses days; the whole idea of the game is that if you see a yellow car or mini you punch the person sitting next to you in the car, not too hard otherwise they bruise. If you see yellow mini that’s a double whammy; get two cars in one, I use to play with the game with my sister until we had busy lives to do anything cool. 
  5. Eye Spy – Eye Spy is a good game to play wether it’s stuck in traffic or on route to somewhere; this will help children and teenagers to explore their surroundings more, along side with knowing what to look for when they learn to drive. 
  6. People watching – People watching is where you come up with ideas who you think people are; meaning what they might be talking about, what they are thinking, what their body language is giving out and many more to get a sense of what their character could be about. Especially children’s imagination of playing and being creative. . 
  7. The License Plate Game – The license player game is where you see cars that have random words on without realising that you have a word on there; my parents had a car once the only way that I could remember what the car looked like, because of its number plate and I connected it to a film. CPO3 was the car registration and I connected it to Star Wars for CPO character. 
  8. The Scavenger Hunt – The Scavenger Hunt sounds fun don’t you think? If your a driver and know the route to where your going; why not create a little worksheet for the kids to do, with the words and pictures of the main points like historical monuments, signs of the places and etc. Who ever finds them first gets a treat everytime. 
  9. The Official Map – The Official Map is like Scavenger Hunt up above you can create something similar but with extra things on it; like use a map for the for the older teenagers, to get them to depend on the maps and sat nav so that when they learn to drive they know what they can rely on more. Teenagers always want money so you can tally up how much they will get; you can ask questions which way they should go even know that you know, just help them if they get it wrong and they can ask questions if they get stuck or lost on the map. Hints are aloud if they ask for it.
  10.  Scrap Book Time – When you get to the place your going after all that long trip to the place your going too; with the evidence that you have or made, you can scrapbook the sheets and take photos of where you are. Also collect postcards, little things that will stick in the book and etc; so by the time you have got back home, you can share it with your friends and family what you have made. Well the kids can can’t they. 

I hope you found this helpful and useful for the carpool; I use to do some of theses things when I was in the car, when I was kid and on holiday. It works wonders if you ask me; it really kills time on long journeys, as it does get boring. Have fun guys. 


What is something that you really want to do, but you haven’t done it because your afraid?

What is something that you really want to do, but you haven’t don’t it because your afraid?

I’m going to go straight into this one without an introduction; because otherwise I will forget what I want to write about, plus this really doesn’t need an introduction does it? I’ve just given you one just now.

There’s always something that I really wanted to but haven’t done it because I’m so afraid of doing it; is becoming a writer, it’s been my all time favourite thing to do but I don’t know how it will plan out. It’s like I want to pursue it but I’m too afraid to do so; as I don’t believe my work is good enough for anyone, this is why I’m doing a trail and error with blogging to see if it will workout or not. 

One day I will see if I can be successful in doing blogging; then if it does work, I will go on and purse the whole writing career in one go. Would love to hear you opinions? Either your wish you could do or give me advice on what I can do myself? All are welcome. 

What makes a best friend?


People have different auroras about them; they have different ways of making a best friend for life, it’s all down to the base of their characters and lifestyle. 

What makes a best friend?

What makes a best friend for me is where I find that once I get to know someone by either I get on with someone really well or you don’t get on with. However this is what makes a best friend for me:

  • Great sense of humour 
  • Get the same wave length 
  • Know how to be silly and stupid with
  • To be able to get on with
  • Have a great connection with 

There probably be more but I just can’t think anymore; you either got it or you haven’t, there are people in this world who can be controlling in so many ways. Sometimes you don’t realise until someone who’s outside the relationship can see it and mention it to you. That’s when you become more aware of it or you still don’t see it until something happens.

What brings you happiness? All big and little things.


Everyone has something’s that bring you happiness weather it’s big or little; at least you have something to make you smile about, everyday or when you remember the time that it happened at the time.

What brings you happiness? All big and little things.

All little things that bring me happiness is when things are more magical than anything else; from a child’s progress to something most memorable time that I have had, here is a few things that brings me happiness. 

A nice summer’s day blue sky, no clouds, warm day and lots of positive around the place. 

Being with friends who bring the happiness to ones life; share the most fun positive memories, life long friends can always bring joy to life.

Success in little things that I wanted to achieve and carry on achieving one way or another; shows strength to strength everyday, also to take shape of your life no matter what.

Sorry this one is short but as there’s been four blogs today; might as well keep this one short, wasn’t planning on the other one today but heyho it happens

What does my ideal day look like?


Everyone has an ideal day on how they want it to go; but it may not seem to be like it in the ideal world around us, especially this economic climate and etc. However some people can just do it without even trying to; that is not fair on the rest of the world who have to pay the taxes, and etc, 

What does my ideal look like? 

To be honest my ideal day would like probably most likely to be; running my own business/blogging so I can write all the time, go and explore lots areas of the country so that I can blog about them. Create more ideas weather it’s blogging or story writing; something more creative, so I can achieve more things in life than I am already.

Here would be my ideal day would look like:

  • Blog prep 
  • Paperwork for blogs such as social media, planners and etc
  • What I may need to order for blogging 
  • Go out on adventures to somewhere different to bring new things to the blogging world.

These are just the outline of my ideal day may look like as there’s so many things that I would like to do but no time to do it all in an average world like mine. Unless your someone like a YouTuber whom gets million hits; then you get paid for it everyday, who knows I’m just working it all out still. So I shouldn’t moan to be honest with you; I’ll get there in the end, just need to be patient and keep on doing what I’m doing. Is by loving my work, continue in writing that I love and just go with the flow. I like to go with the flow to be honest with you as it’s more easier than chase the million dollar question because at the end of the day no one really wants to work do they.

What’s draining your energy? How can I reduce it or sort it out?


Everyone has those moments of something that drains your energy; you always find away to reduce the amount of things that you shouldn’t have or trying to sort it out. It also depends what it is that makes you feel like it; I know mine is so draining to the point off, that nothing can wake me up so I do stupid things before it’s too late. For instance putting conditioner under my armpits instead of my hair; without realising what I was doing until I did it, it was literally too late to do anything else. Does anyone else have these moments?

What’s draining my energy? How can I reduce it or sort it out?

What drains my energy at the best of times is Mental Health; my mental heal has been getting worse since February, due to the fact that I have got family problems going on at the moment. So trying to keep busy by working, blogging, seeing friends if I can and looking after my grandma out; but on top of that sleeping doesn’t help at all, two weekends now that I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day. It’s not good when I need to be doing things; however when I’m so tired and depressed, I can’t even physically do it. 

To be able to reduce the whole problem or be able to take some of the weight off; is by talking to people at work, working, being with close friends that know and be there for me as much as they can when I’m going through a difficult time and to be able to continue to do what I love doing is writing. Without writing in my life I think I would be totally lost without if you know what I mean; it’s one of those things that it’s my comfort zone of being there, to express my feelings through the words and how I want to write it.

Do you have recurring dreams? Explain.


The recurring dreams probably do happen to lots of people; however people say no I don’t, I bet they do they just want to make you look like a weirdo that no one likes. Don’t panic if you do have recurring dreams; because I do but I wouldn’t call them recurring dreams, I would call them recurring nightmares. Haha.

Do you have recurring dreams? Explain.

My recurring dreams are more about me going to school as a kid but always doing my job that I’m doing at the same time. I’ve been having these sort of dreams about nearly three weeks now; I’m so sick and tired of it all now, I don’t even know why I’m dreaming about going back to my old school to be honest. Never liked school in the first place. 

It’s always the same two places; different scenories each time I have them, then it keeps me awake and some points it keeps me up with worry that I’m going to be getting them. So I would try and stay up late; so I can out ride the nightmares, personally I think it’s stress with everything is going on. In my personal life. That I like to point out for you guys,

If you have recurring dreams what are they? Would you share them or you wouldn’t? I’ll let you decide what you would like to do.

April Newsletter 2017


I thought I might start doing the newsletter as I’m going along this month because I can never remember what had happened over the past month or so. I hope your enjoying the new official blog now as it’s finally up and running. Didn’t really take to long to do really. Probably tweak if here and their over the next coming months; so that I know how it can run it smoothly, also to be able to help you guys to see what’s happening also. 

Would love to hear your comments about the new blog website it would be nice to have some opinions on the new blog. Hope you are able to join me to carry on with the new journey that I am taking. 

April Newsletter 2017

Spring has finally arrived at the start of the month we had lovely warm sunny weather; that made me wanting to go out for a walk with no problem what so ever, love the feeling of the nice warmth air on my face and my skin. Enjoying the fact that I don’t have to take a coat were ever I go; is a bonus because I’m one of those people who hate carrying things like coats, when it says it’s going to rain and it doesn’t. It’s also that time of year when it’s getting warmer; that’s when my feet are like give me air, give me air get these warm ridiculous soaks off my feet. I have odd occasions kicked off my shoes at work because it’s been so hot; I don’t care if my feet get run over or not by the equipment, it causes more damage on my feet wearing shoes, than wearing without them to be honest. 

I’m getting into lots of programs recently like Once Upon A Time on which now that I’ve caught up; I have now turned to Grimm and that’s so awesome that I can’t stop watching it right now, it’s so amazing and addictive. There’s not many things that get me glued in watching things to be honest; but now that I have got things I enjoy watching now then when I was growing up in my teens, there’s more things out there than before. I do try and watch things like Game of Thrones and etc but just need to get into them a bit more I suppose.

The first week of April has been fairly busy; from meeting up with an old friend from college, looking after a relative and also trying to get blog paperwork done as much as I can as I’ve had the time off to do it all. Along side blogging and putting it up on the new website; it is a lot of hard work to begin with but it keeps my mind occupied if you ask me, glad it’s been getting done or now sorted shall I say haaha. Writing the newsletter in bits so lots of past/present tenses in the wrong places: opps but if I don’t start it now, I’ll know that I would forget it all by the end of the month. 

Easter holidays of 2017 have now officially and truly over; Easter weekend feels like a life time ago, you guys probably haven’t got much Easter Eggs left. I remember when I was telling a friend of mine all about the true tradition of Easter; he replied that he doesn’t even remember it, when he was learning it. I wish I could forget it if you ask me; but growing up in a Christian family and going to church a lot when I was younger, it’s a lot harder than you think in trying to forget it. So I try and not brag about it because through school I try not to let people know incase my peers would bully me or something. Other than that I don’t believe in it anyways so it was okay but you never know those days or these days what people might say or do.

Also this month I have had my first mini holiday of the year; went to Bournemouth on Good Friday and came back Saturday evening, loved it so much that I didn’t really realise how tired I was as I kept on dropping off everywhere. Asleep I mean; well not everywhere, jeez the amount of times I fell asleep in the car on the way back home I was pretty much so relaxed I was a sleep. Would love to do more mini holidays around England if I could; if I had the money, the time to do it and etc. Also to be able to blog about them would be awesome as well; so that people can enjoy them as much as I could, along with they can consider on where to go on holiday cheaply and worth their money. 

I wish I could change the way I feel….


Have you ever thought about the way you could wish you change the way that you feel? Weather it’s emotionally, over confident, shyness and many more. It could be something completely different meaning to what I just said; would you like me to share with you what I could change, the way I feel if I could do it. 

I wish I could change the way I feel….

I wish I could change the way I feel about myself in general; being able to feel comfortable in my own skin, the way I look, the way I feel and most of all the mind set of how I look at things. Dealing with mental health is harder than it looks; it can also effect your mind set of how you think you look about yourself, more importantly judging yourself against others.

I wish I could change the way I deal with my mental health; it’s like saying to myself “oh yeah yeah I can do this.” Then the next second your like ” ah poop…back to square one again” no matter how much determination that I give myself to fight it; the harder and stronger it will come back, yeah I have days I just give up and give in. Yet some days I’m like nope I’m not giving up on it all now; even my closet friends are like your not giving up, not giving up on your dreams or anything along the way you can do this. 

I always know they are my safety net for everything; no matter what is going on, no matter how little or how large the problem is they are there. Is there anything that you could wish you could change the way you feel…? Have a think about it? No one really challenge themselves to know what they actually feel or what they want to do with themselves unless they know where to go

I have an irrational fear of…..


Everyone has that irrational fear of something; if your reading this and saying “nope I don’t have any irrational fear of anything”, well all I can say is this….imagine me coming through your screen shaking you, slapping you and telling you that your broken. What would your response will be?

Believe me I would love to do that to some people that I have met over the years and months of talking to people. Pretty much people hate having things coming at them; through screens, me on the other hand could be scary and could be funny. Either which that can be an irrational fear for someone you may know. 

My irrational fear is if something or someone is dead; but I’m the one to be expected to pick it up and put it somewhere or visit someone who has passed away, I would most probably wet myself if they come back to alive and jump out at me. Knowing me I would because I hate those things; more to the point of animals especially hamsters, due to one of my sisters hamsters constantly biting me on my fingers. Can’t pick up hamsters anymore; cats I can pick up they are alright haven’t really been attacked by them, other than fighting with them to stop them where they shouldn’t be going. However they are still same procedure if they are dead; I wouldn’t be able to pick them up, if I had a fight with a cat or something. 

With people; it’s harder because if you know them well enough, you just think they are just playing practical jokes on you. I think that’s what I thought with my great grandma; I was only a small child then when she passed, I thought she shad a glass case over at one point. 

That’s probably why I hate things like pigeons and slugs touching my feet. I don’t know. Who knows what will happen.