What’s draining your energy? How can I reduce it or sort it out?


Everyone has those moments of something that drains your energy; you always find away to reduce the amount of things that you shouldn’t have or trying to sort it out. It also depends what it is that makes you feel like it; I know mine is so draining to the point off, that nothing can wake me up so I do stupid things before it’s too late. For instance putting conditioner under my armpits instead of my hair; without realising what I was doing until I did it, it was literally too late to do anything else. Does anyone else have these moments?

What’s draining my energy? How can I reduce it or sort it out?

What drains my energy at the best of times is Mental Health; my mental heal has been getting worse since February, due to the fact that I have got family problems going on at the moment. So trying to keep busy by working, blogging, seeing friends if I can and looking after my grandma out; but on top of that sleeping doesn’t help at all, two weekends now that I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day. It’s not good when I need to be doing things; however when I’m so tired and depressed, I can’t even physically do it. 

To be able to reduce the whole problem or be able to take some of the weight off; is by talking to people at work, working, being with close friends that know and be there for me as much as they can when I’m going through a difficult time and to be able to continue to do what I love doing is writing. Without writing in my life I think I would be totally lost without if you know what I mean; it’s one of those things that it’s my comfort zone of being there, to express my feelings through the words and how I want to write it.


Do you have recurring dreams? Explain.


The recurring dreams probably do happen to lots of people; however people say no I don’t, I bet they do they just want to make you look like a weirdo that no one likes. Don’t panic if you do have recurring dreams; because I do but I wouldn’t call them recurring dreams, I would call them recurring nightmares. Haha.

Do you have recurring dreams? Explain.

My recurring dreams are more about me going to school as a kid but always doing my job that I’m doing at the same time. I’ve been having these sort of dreams about nearly three weeks now; I’m so sick and tired of it all now, I don’t even know why I’m dreaming about going back to my old school to be honest. Never liked school in the first place. 

It’s always the same two places; different scenories each time I have them, then it keeps me awake and some points it keeps me up with worry that I’m going to be getting them. So I would try and stay up late; so I can out ride the nightmares, personally I think it’s stress with everything is going on. In my personal life. That I like to point out for you guys,

If you have recurring dreams what are they? Would you share them or you wouldn’t? I’ll let you decide what you would like to do.

April Newsletter 2017


I thought I might start doing the newsletter as I’m going along this month because I can never remember what had happened over the past month or so. I hope your enjoying the new official blog now as it’s finally up and running. Didn’t really take to long to do really. Probably tweak if here and their over the next coming months; so that I know how it can run it smoothly, also to be able to help you guys to see what’s happening also. 

Would love to hear your comments about the new blog website it would be nice to have some opinions on the new blog. Hope you are able to join me to carry on with the new journey that I am taking. 

April Newsletter 2017

Spring has finally arrived at the start of the month we had lovely warm sunny weather; that made me wanting to go out for a walk with no problem what so ever, love the feeling of the nice warmth air on my face and my skin. Enjoying the fact that I don’t have to take a coat were ever I go; is a bonus because I’m one of those people who hate carrying things like coats, when it says it’s going to rain and it doesn’t. It’s also that time of year when it’s getting warmer; that’s when my feet are like give me air, give me air get these warm ridiculous soaks off my feet. I have odd occasions kicked off my shoes at work because it’s been so hot; I don’t care if my feet get run over or not by the equipment, it causes more damage on my feet wearing shoes, than wearing without them to be honest. 

I’m getting into lots of programs recently like Once Upon A Time on which now that I’ve caught up; I have now turned to Grimm and that’s so awesome that I can’t stop watching it right now, it’s so amazing and addictive. There’s not many things that get me glued in watching things to be honest; but now that I have got things I enjoy watching now then when I was growing up in my teens, there’s more things out there than before. I do try and watch things like Game of Thrones and etc but just need to get into them a bit more I suppose.

The first week of April has been fairly busy; from meeting up with an old friend from college, looking after a relative and also trying to get blog paperwork done as much as I can as I’ve had the time off to do it all. Along side blogging and putting it up on the new website; it is a lot of hard work to begin with but it keeps my mind occupied if you ask me, glad it’s been getting done or now sorted shall I say haaha. Writing the newsletter in bits so lots of past/present tenses in the wrong places: opps but if I don’t start it now, I’ll know that I would forget it all by the end of the month. 

Easter holidays of 2017 have now officially and truly over; Easter weekend feels like a life time ago, you guys probably haven’t got much Easter Eggs left. I remember when I was telling a friend of mine all about the true tradition of Easter; he replied that he doesn’t even remember it, when he was learning it. I wish I could forget it if you ask me; but growing up in a Christian family and going to church a lot when I was younger, it’s a lot harder than you think in trying to forget it. So I try and not brag about it because through school I try not to let people know incase my peers would bully me or something. Other than that I don’t believe in it anyways so it was okay but you never know those days or these days what people might say or do.

Also this month I have had my first mini holiday of the year; went to Bournemouth on Good Friday and came back Saturday evening, loved it so much that I didn’t really realise how tired I was as I kept on dropping off everywhere. Asleep I mean; well not everywhere, jeez the amount of times I fell asleep in the car on the way back home I was pretty much so relaxed I was a sleep. Would love to do more mini holidays around England if I could; if I had the money, the time to do it and etc. Also to be able to blog about them would be awesome as well; so that people can enjoy them as much as I could, along with they can consider on where to go on holiday cheaply and worth their money. 

I wish I could change the way I feel….


Have you ever thought about the way you could wish you change the way that you feel? Weather it’s emotionally, over confident, shyness and many more. It could be something completely different meaning to what I just said; would you like me to share with you what I could change, the way I feel if I could do it. 

I wish I could change the way I feel….

I wish I could change the way I feel about myself in general; being able to feel comfortable in my own skin, the way I look, the way I feel and most of all the mind set of how I look at things. Dealing with mental health is harder than it looks; it can also effect your mind set of how you think you look about yourself, more importantly judging yourself against others.

I wish I could change the way I deal with my mental health; it’s like saying to myself “oh yeah yeah I can do this.” Then the next second your like ” ah poop…back to square one again” no matter how much determination that I give myself to fight it; the harder and stronger it will come back, yeah I have days I just give up and give in. Yet some days I’m like nope I’m not giving up on it all now; even my closet friends are like your not giving up, not giving up on your dreams or anything along the way you can do this. 

I always know they are my safety net for everything; no matter what is going on, no matter how little or how large the problem is they are there. Is there anything that you could wish you could change the way you feel…? Have a think about it? No one really challenge themselves to know what they actually feel or what they want to do with themselves unless they know where to go

I have an irrational fear of…..


Everyone has that irrational fear of something; if your reading this and saying “nope I don’t have any irrational fear of anything”, well all I can say is this….imagine me coming through your screen shaking you, slapping you and telling you that your broken. What would your response will be?

Believe me I would love to do that to some people that I have met over the years and months of talking to people. Pretty much people hate having things coming at them; through screens, me on the other hand could be scary and could be funny. Either which that can be an irrational fear for someone you may know. 

My irrational fear is if something or someone is dead; but I’m the one to be expected to pick it up and put it somewhere or visit someone who has passed away, I would most probably wet myself if they come back to alive and jump out at me. Knowing me I would because I hate those things; more to the point of animals especially hamsters, due to one of my sisters hamsters constantly biting me on my fingers. Can’t pick up hamsters anymore; cats I can pick up they are alright haven’t really been attacked by them, other than fighting with them to stop them where they shouldn’t be going. However they are still same procedure if they are dead; I wouldn’t be able to pick them up, if I had a fight with a cat or something. 

With people; it’s harder because if you know them well enough, you just think they are just playing practical jokes on you. I think that’s what I thought with my great grandma; I was only a small child then when she passed, I thought she shad a glass case over at one point. 

That’s probably why I hate things like pigeons and slugs touching my feet. I don’t know. Who knows what will happen.

Something that didn’t feel right…


The day when you wake in the mornings; you think today is going to be a good day, or unless you think it’s going to be a one of those days you think why did I get out of bed. That’s me most days. I have those moments of mother instincts as we call them; as I have currently have a headache at this current, moment in time from either from work or I’ve just got way too much in my head that it’s going to explode.

I may not even a mother but I have those instincts of a mother; if something is going to go wrong, I either tackle it or just let it go over my head. Sometimes I choose to do both tackle and let it go over my head; at the end of the day I go to my job and I go home, that’s it that’s what my general life of working is. 

I do mention if something doesn’t feel right I’ll say it but sometimes I don’t because no one listens; then somewhere down the line people say “oh why hasn’t this been brought up before”, you then have people that we didn’t know if it was serious or not. That’s when I know people realised what I have been saying all the long was right and they were wrong. 

You can’t change the way people think; just let them find out the hard way, once they learn it they will pretty much know for the next time not to do it again.

The biggest regret that I made…

Introduction the biggest regret that I made…

There’s some people in this world who don’t regret anything at all; I’ve seen things that people who still not learning, all it does is wind me up to the point of I want to have a massive go at them because they really haven’t learnt anything what so ever. 

The biggest regret that I made….

One of my biggest regrets is that using social media in my teens as a diary; only did it once, never again. The safety of using social media is dangerous; at that time I was young in my teens, you could say I was young and stupid at the time. I did have a diary at the time as well; but I was so angry and upset at the time of what was going on, what made it worse was they reported back to people who I didn’t want to know. 

Yeah they were concerned at the time; that through more anger and hate, let alone trust and etc. People can do anything even if they are trying to help or want to make more problems in your life then. You soon realise your the one feeding them the gossip and etc. 

Over the years I have learnt not to post things up that could go back to people; who will bring up the past, has happened a few times and it just brings me more down on why would someone would do that to me. I do share some things to make awareness of what’s out there; like mental health, autism, kidney disease and alzimers. No one should hide away or cover them up; because they are frightened of what health and genes can do people, it’s like saying you can’t do this because your giving people what they want or anything along those lines. 

When I see people do it; please don’t shout it out to the whole world, not everyone needs to know. Only if your true friends should know what’s going on; not all the people who could be fake friends, there are lots of fake friends around than real friends. 

All I have to say is just be careful in what you write on social media; be careful who you tell, be careful who you can trust and most importantly write it in a diary. A dairy is more secret and secure place to keep everything in. Believe me I should know. 

I Was Stuck…

Introduction of I Was Stuck…

Wow three blogs in one day lucky people; I must be doing something right, as I’m writing loads of blogs and scheduling them on time for you lovely people. Normally I get stuck on what to write about; then give up, once I give up. No words, no reading, no blogs, no reviews, no nothing. Have no fear I have now sorted out all of my clipboards with their correct titles for me to work on for ideas; along with… I do have to say so myself, was a genius plan and well good idea on my part. A clipboard for my own titles on; not like other clipboards that don’t have my ideas on, or anything. It’s just that when I have ideas for something like a blog; then I get stuck of what main category I should put them in, why not create a clipboard with main titles and when I need an idea that’s completely different to the ones on the rest of the clipboards I can decide to use that clipboard as a back up. 

I Was Stuck… 

As soon as I was writing my introduction for this blog; another idea that came into my head, on which involves with the title. If you read it out loud a few times I Was Stuck, I Was Stuck, I Was Stuck; doesn’t the title make you wonder back to your childhood stories that you once used to be read as a child, you would have all the imaginations of the characters from the story in your bed as you listened and looked at the pictures.

The story could go something like this: 

“Mummy I’m stuck in the mud” so mummy picked her out of the mud and carried her to the dry place.

“Mummy I’m stuck on the wire like the sheep wool” so mummy unhooked her of the wire mesh fencing 

“Mummy I’m stuck at the top of slide” so mummy helped slide down the slide. 

“Mummy I’m stuck to the paper” so mummy pealed the piece of paper off her fingers 

“Mummy I’m stuck……” as she noticed that her mummy was fast asleep on the sofa. As her daddy picked her up to take her back to bed she said yawning “daddy I was stuck today” 

@copyrightlizzyarrow @allrightsreserevedlizzyarrow

As I was writing this I could see it as a children’s book for a toddler; who are learning to read and starting talk, I think I’ve just gave myself an idea for a story. Just looked up apps on how to create books and etc on apps. Aww I love you guys; giving me ideas to get my stories going again, don’t worry I’m not going to give up on blogging too much investment is going into it. Haha.

10 things I believe……


“Mama, mama, mama made me the way I am. My face, my eyes, someone turn me up, I’m speaking my mind. And I, and I, I’ve been wasting a lot of time looking in mirrors. And hating on me, but now I like what I see.” – We are who we are – Little Mix

10 Things I believe….

The 10 things that you believe can be anything; along with your own opinion of what you believe in, as I was trying to work this one out. What 10 things I believe in; it is quite hard to think of, especially 10 Things that I believe in but no one else might not believe in. 

  1. That I love myself more 
  2. Everyone can move on from the past no matter how long it takes
  3. To be confident within myself 
  4. Everyone can be confident within themselves 
  5. It’s okay to be on your own than have someone you depend on all the time
  6. Know who your real friends are than fake friends
  7. To be able to speak out about mental health without being judged 
  8. To challenge your comfort zones time to time 
  9.  Shouldn’t give up so easily 
  10.   Everyone has an opinion no matter if it’s right or wrong. It’s their own opinion.

With my own opinion of myself what I should do within myself, what others should believe and think towards themselves and most importantly everyone has their own opinions. This is because we all are different; no one can force each other to believe the way they think or their beliefs are right and ours is wrong, you need different beliefs to make the world go round. 

How do you know what’s good on you? And what doesn’t look good on you?


By now that as soon as this is posted up; I’ll be away for a night with a friend to get away, down in the south west of the country, I am looking forward to but anxious at the same time as it’s the first time being away from home in awhile. I know I’ll be safe and be having fun. I need it to take my mind of things along side to help me feel well enough and prepared to go back to work on Tuesday. 

How do you know what’s good on you? And what doesn’t look good on you?

I always find that you may need a second opinion weather it’s your best mate or your relative. For me it’s myself or with a best mate that I’m with at the time to help me pick out what’s good and what not. It has taken me a very long time to know what looks good on me and what doesn’t look good. 

I use to wear lots of things that didn’t look right on me for years; always looked out of place, always tried to look different but at that time no one really knew what to wear in 2000 to 2010 really. It was a new decade or century not sure what it’s called but as the years gone by clothing became more nicer than it has been. It’s my personal experience; since leaving college in 2012 I became custom to explore more what I would like to wear; as I was working and money was coming in, so it was easier for me to go looking what suited me more. 

Then about 2013/2014 I think after changing jobs with more money coming; I had found my comfort of clothing that I love to wear day in day out, as I knew I had found what my leash of what suites me more than in the past. I still have my jogging bottoms and etc; I use them for my down time or an ill day because that’s what they are there for, and nothing else.

It’s just finding your own leash and not coping anyone else’s; you don’t have to follow people’s dress sense to fit in, believe me if I told you that I dress quite posh but my sort of poshness of Primark clothing that are cheap. You wouldn’t think that if you saw me walking down the road; looking posh and stylish looking confident in what I’m wearing, nearly all my shoes go with my outfits that I put on so I don’t have to worry about the whole I don’t know what to wear. I do have moments but not that often.

I do a trail and error like get a top that I think I might like and see what I can do with it along side my other clothing that I have at home. If it works that’s awesome but if doesn’t then you haven’t really lost that much money. I reckon you should give it ago. Just get a top or what you fancy give it ago it doesn’t hurt just to try out one thing with your other clothing that you have.  

Good luck lovely people