How do you finish off the month with blogs?

How to finish off the month with blogs?

To be able to finish off a month with blogs I generally find it hard in some months but not in all the months; this month especially I’ve been grateful to get monjority of it all to done in one day so I can focus next months a gender, whatever that maybe when it comes we will find out. 

Having a day to be able to think, write, post or schedule for the next day or the few days later; is a god send because I don’t have to worry about it on the day, if I’m so tired or not feeling well or I’m busy for whatever reasons it is, I have something in place ready and not having to worry about the whole problem with what to write. All I have to worry is the paper work afterwards; which is confusing if I haven’t done anything over the month but luckily I have sorted out a system on which I’m hoping that it will work better next month than this month, as it’s all over the place.

To be able to just plan a head of the week is the best time today if you can; knowing what day goes where what the topic that you used, also to be able to have them in their correct sections/categories when your writing them out and that’s when you know you’ve done them if you had labeled at the bottom in red with a subject line before it saying when you have written, when you have completed, when you published it or schedule it and most importantly what categories you have put them under so you know what you have done. All of this helps me in a long run so that I can be able to update my own paperwork and have a look of what I have done. 

3 Things that I always have with me and why


Blogging is also part of Writing Career; it’s another foundation of becoming a writer by its own trade, a trade that people lots of people think they aren’t doing much and they are doing it just for fun. If you think about it. If you ask a teenager these days; “what do you do after school for fun?” I write blogs or I make YouTube videos, they don’t even realise they are still learning. It’s a catch 22 they really don’t see that they’ve been caught out. That’s another topic for next time I think; I may of opened up a can of worms on that one, I believe. 

3 Things that I have with me and why

Recently I’ve just got myself back into taking things that I may need when or if I come up with an idea. The three things that I take with me are, a notebook, stationary that I need and my ipad; I only take my iPad if I know that I’m going to be away from the house longer than I anticipated, however if I had my notebook and Post It’s etc I should be able to get by. 

The reason I have these things is because I never know when I get an idea; weather I’m on my breaks at work, if I’m out and about or even when I’m just at home there’s always ideas coming to mind that needed to be done. 

I always find that having these things on me are useful because it’s better than having make up in my bag to top up my face or my lips. You don’t really need to top of your face or anything if you have done it properly and the way you do it. Having the things that I really need is the ones that I can use when people need a piece of paper; like taking people’s orders when we are out having lunch somewhere different, it comes handy to have for to record. 

How do you store your notes and plan what you going to write?


I thought as I wrote my story planning and notes; on how I use them in the way I do, but also compare it to my way of doing things with my blogging. You may think “Oh she does it the same way as she does with her stories”. Wrong! I do absolutely differently to my story writing; well only one thing that is different way of doing things, plus it’s a whole lot easier for me to do so.

How do you store your notes and plan what you are going to write?

Well this may stun you in away of why doesn’t it work the same as the story creative; let me begin, I have a notebook full of notes that I treat like a bible in so many ways. It keeps things ideas for blogs, stats notes if I haven’t done them yet, the orders or things that I need to do and many more. This is because everything that I do has to go in that book and that book only; I may not look at it if I’m too busy doing other things like keeping up with paper work or blogging or something, sometimes I have to look at it for ideas or have I got titles that I need to place into the correct places. 

I know I’ve got some stuck in there that needs to be typed up but haven’t got round in doing it. I’ve also stuck on the nice cover some tags that I had made for it so I know that is the one for my blog notes; so that I won’t get it mixed up with my story notebook and inside I stuck a label on it, which says something like “lizzysweeklyblogs notebook one 2015 -” so that I know when I have finished the notebook I can put the year that I had finished and start a new one so that I don’t have loads of notebooks dotted around with bits and pieces all over the place.

It’s up to you how you want your blog notebook to look like; I wanted to share with you how I do things with mine, as you can see in the picture I have a theme of lots of pieces of paper all different sizes and what not. Along with my story notebook full off notes. 

The next question is how do I transfer my notes into blogs and etc? Do I have to get another notebook to write down what I would like to write? For me I do everything on my iPad for that; it’s easier for me to get all of my ideas down on to one document or two, this is because when I have an idea I need to get down as fast as I can. To the point of I know it’s going to be up in seconds when it’s done. 

I also have created notes on my iPad that I can file straight into my files that cleverly labeled; sorry I’m one of those OCD people who like things organised and when something needs to be done, it has to be done. Especially when it comes to my hobbies I’m specially OCD about I have to have everything in the right place in the correct order; I haven’t noticed it until I’m at work I sort out some files out, I’m like omg this is a mess and then I tidy it up and people go into it and either break the subject dividers or the polly pockets or even both. I’ve been like that for years even when I was little I use to be organising something and sometimes I wouldn’t understand why on some days that it’s not going to happen. I would throw a strop because it’s mucking up my system of things in my everyday life. I’m not OCD for anything else except my creative and some certain things in my life. I know I’m weird. I hope this helps; you just need to find your own leash of what is suitable for you at the end of the day, something’s work for me and something’s don’t work for me. That’s life I suppose.

Write about why you started blogging/writing 


For the first official blog for Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging; I thought Monday can be kicked off with, why I started to blogging/writing. On which that everyone can get the feel of the way I write and the way I express certain matter of opinions in that way on this. So welcome to a new week and a new event every Monday at 9:00 am enjoy.

Write about why you started blogging/writing

In this blog I’m stripping right back to the beginning; when I first ever fell in love with writing, up until now you can see the progress of how far I have come. This has to be the most truest story I have ever told; so there will be patches in places as I can’t remember something’s in places, true fact as I try and forget my past as much as possible. It may make you cry; it may not, who knows but for now writing is my life and my friend to get me through the days, weeks, months and even years. 

Now let me think. It has to be the age of 5 or 6 years old; when I wasn’t talking, writing or anything like that I don’t think. When my sister was born and she was barely 18 months old we were walking around Tesco Supermarket; my sister nearly had my mum in tears because she had picked up that my mum was worried about something, my sister said at the time “I’m really worried about you mummy” my mum was like she has nearly 18 month old daughter social analysing her to a 5/6 who can barely talk. 

My mum had tired everything; from getting me tested for autism to hearing impairment which you can most likely guess, it was hearing impairment. This was because I was deaf; from a young age, I use to breakdown crying and would be prettified of loud sounds because I couldn’t hear them until it was right on top of me. Even if my parents told me they were coming it wouldn’t make any difference what so ever; they still had to protect me and calm me down, as the noise was unbearable at the time. 

For years I was getting hearing test done, grommets done and etc but for the first time I could hear; I was down at the Jarvis centre/ speech and language place to be able to help me talk, write and etc that’s when I began to write down what I could hear, what I could see but what the most important thing was what I could hear. 

I didn’t read as much over the years because I know how frustrating it is because reading a book would take me months to read and I get board quite easily. I can read but not that often as I see my mum reading a book and she’ll read a book in a day or a week. So there is a rare chance of anyone seeing me reading a book to be honest unless it’s something that might interest me and I’ll give it ago. 

I prefer pen to paper and write stories of my own; read them, edit them and read them again. My best audience is my sister as she helped me to write some of them and edit them in the way that she grew up with the the stories that I had wrote. If it wasn’t for my sister and inspiration for my love of writing more; I think I wouldn’t of found blogging a lot easier than doing video blogging, she’s more camera person than I am. Nearly every pocket money went on notebooks and pens; no change there for my wage packet either I don’t think, haha that’s if I could spend money on things like that. Blooming love Paperchase stationary. 

I have never stopped writing in notebooks; even if I have upgraded to technology but they won’t last for ever will they, better stick with the whole notebook and pen. First top tip always, always have a notebook and print of any of your blogs as back up. Never really trust technology; especially these days you never know who’s going to hack them or when they are going to break, believe me you hear them all the time on the news and etc. 

I hope haven’t bored you into tears, or made you cry or anything like that would give you a tissue but I’m not to sure if I can pass you one through the screen. Probably slap you first or give you a shake first then give you a tissue. Haha I wouldn’t do that to you I’m not that mean. May enjoy your day; whatever you are doing, no you may not fall down a hole. If you did rather have an invite first then I’ll join you and just laugh. Haha not even sure if this was a pun or not let you decide. 

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging May 2017

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging Introduction 

Ladies and Gentlemen; also fellow bloggers I have the most exciting news that you can ever ask for, joining along side Wednesdays Evening Post at 8 O’clock, #throwbackthursday, Friday Time Recap Time and Sunday Special. Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging is making its way into the group; having its own day detected its time for everyone to learn and have advice of blogging, this will happen every Monday at 9:00 am with new ways of creating ways and to explore. 

This is going to be so exciting to be able to have something new and interesting to read; I suppose I better get started writing and planning for this weeks post, along side with getting out of bed and doing bits and pieces first. Haha but I’m feeling like a sloth today.

Well I really need to be more awake. Pressed the wrong button and managed to get my old post up instead what I wanted. Clearly someone hasn’t woken up completely. Haha. 

What if….


Originally this was meant to be for Lifestyle; but I had a rethink of what I wanted to talk about today but using the title as a what if…blogging Advice. Everyone has those what if’s thoughts every so often don’t they; I know I do, quite frequently if you ask me. 

What if…

Have you ever thought of the what if questions of something; like am I good enough? Is this worth it? So on and so on. Here are my thoughts of what if…..on my blogging side of things.

What if my blogging isn’t good enough?

What if my writing skills not good enough?

What if no one wants to read the blogs?

What if I’m not good enough?

What if I turn and round and give up on it?

What if I have a bad day and literally give up on it? (Nearly did the other day) 

Theses sort of things come floating around in my head; when I think I’m not having good day within myself, then all of the sudden I think my blogging is total crap and I should give up. Then the next day I could just bring it back again; give myself a pep talk; saying “what are you playing at? You love writing. Get over yourself. Build your dream” this is generally what goes on in my head a lot of time. Pick fights with myself normally win on top. Haha do you have these moments generally? Weather it’s life or blogging? I do it all the time life and blogging. 

How do you plan in batches of blogs for the week?


Introducing…the one and only…hustle and bustle of blogging Advice with Lizzy. That’s right with the one and only. Me Lizzy Arrow. Not Harrow, not Aaron or any other way that you may think I might of said to you face to face or over the phone. It is Arrow like bow and arrow that you use for archy. So many people asked me how to spell it; I just want either curl up in a ball or just collapse on the sofa, then hang up and cry. 

In today’s Hustle and Bustle of Blogging Advice world that you have now entered in on with a bow and arrow is; how do you plan batches of blogs for the week? That my dear fell readers this is why you are here; that’s also why I am here to explain to you, how it all works. 

I’m quite optimistic that doing batches of blogs for the duration throughout the week is so far quite easy to do; once you know what you want to write about, it saves you time thinking of what you are going to write for the day or even if your so tired that you have realise that you have to write a blog for the day. 

Having blogs written for in advance; can give you more time to plan for the next weeks blogs, but also as you write them you can remember that you are also look back at what you have done the week before. Which you can look back at your word document; to be able to see what you have done, and also see if you can do a follow up from that blog if it’s worth while doing. 

It’s also a trail and error. This means that it could work doing it in blocks of 6-7 blogs a week or it may not work; you never know what’s going to happen if you don’t try it out, that’s what the best thing about being a blogger/writer you never know to take a leap of faith if something may or may not work for you. That’s what I believe anyway as I’m taking a massive leap in taking this challenge; if it doesn’t work then it’s okay, I won’t try it again I’ll go back to the drawing board and work something out that could be much better than before.

Recap Time of my new blog and prep


This weeks Friday Time Recap Time I’m going to be recapping over the course of this week of blog prep and the new blog website. I do have to say it isn’t that easy when your relaunching a new website; along with all the prep work that has to go around it, also the paperwork that you have to put forward for it. 

I’m already a weeks behind on my paperwork for this month but will catch up for it; as I have the evidence for what I have done so far this week, hopefully I’ll catch up with it soon as I can. 

Recap Time of my new blog and prep. 

Today in hustle and bustle of blogging advice; this week I have finally got the official blog up and running, put up a few of the last three months of newsletters up so that old and new readers can catch up on what’s been happening. Have created new blogs like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and etc blogs where if I have something perceive that I want to talk about that will happen with that correct day. 

Along the normal blog post that I have had in the past will still follow; along with the three nights events plus Sunday’s event, as per normal because it seems fair that everyone one enjoys the whole events on certain times. Apologies this is a late one due to having personal things happening; so it took a little while longer to write, this one as I was planning this all day but haven’t had a chance to write it all out. 

I have spent monjority of the day cutting out pictures and have started laminating things for my clipboards, blog boards and folders. As I have finally got a new laminator that arrived on Monday; still need to laminate the rest of the pictures before they go onto anything, I like to have them laminated so that if anything does happen like something gets spilt on or something I know it’s okay. I can just replace what is actually damaged.

With the new blog it is hard to rebuild your readers and etc again but in time it will bounce back. It won’t happen over night but giving me a chance to rebuild the audience and get good blogs out there in time will be amazing to get more notice. 

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Share the pros and cons you’ve discovered when it comes to writing a blog/overall 


Welcome to the first Sunday of April’s Sunday Special; spring has finally arrived the clocks have gone forward, day light has now started to prove itself of its own cause of happiness. If you have returned for a new blog welcome welcome; if your new welcome to your first blog post, I do hope you enjoy it and good way to start on a Sunday Special. There are more blogs on this website for you to check out. 

Share the pros and cons you’ve discovered when it comes to writing a blog/overall

Today as you can see is the hustle and bustle of Blogging Advice; I thought I haven’t done a blog advice for a long time, so why not do one today, if it turns out a good day to do blog advice on a Sunday Special then why not do it then every week. It could go well or it could go bad who knows; you won’t know until you try it or give it a bit of a knock, whatever saying that you like to say that suites you the most. 

You probably thinking right now is why is there pros and cons in my blog world or in anyone else blog world; why do people make it look so easy where they keep on having ideas, some people I do have to say is that they have made it as a self employment job as they’ve got time and can focus on it more than people who have full time jobs along side blogging. However this is my pros and cons of blogging and overall of it all; on that I want to share with you.

Pros of blogs/overall

To be able to write and gain experience of what readers like to read; has given me the confidence of knowing that my writing is good, worth while reading and give me the opportunity to continue to write more. 

To be able to create different ways of writing and making the pictures for the blogs. To show that they have a sense of belonging to the world; but also to let my readers know which category it falls under if they want to go back to it. 

With any sort of writing at times you’ll find yourself lost in the world of writing or creative that you be there for hours without realising. It’s not a bad thing if you ask me because your doing something that you love doing. 

Cons of blogs/overall

If you want to take blogging seriously then there’s always the boring stuff that you have to do behind it. Like paperwork, updating your website and lots of other things that you have to do. Yeah it’s not fun to do but at the end of the day you have to do it one day or another. Fortunately for me currently I have 2 weeks holiday where I can get to catch up with my paperwork as I’ve been slightly behind on things; on which isn’t good but that’s because of my full time job, being ill and along side with personal issues. Luckily I have a diary to write the things that I have done in it so that I can copy it up as soon as possible.

You have days or few weeks that you can’t be bothered to write anything or nothing hasn’t come to mind. That’s okay just do research and paperwork there’s no harm taking time out and reconnect yourself with what you want to write. I’ve done that countless of times where I wanted to give up on the whole blogging thing because I thought I’m not good enough etc. People say don’t give up your brilliant and your writing is good etc. 

You can have this love, hate relationship with blogging that your like your married to it; in away you are in one way or another, but just don’t give up on yourself nor the blogging career.