What is the Extras?

Behind the scenes with Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging; is coming or you have seen popping up from time to time, along with the rest of the major events. Here’s why.

The reason why I feel that every event should have an extra blog to it; because sometimes I feel like not a lot happens on the actual event, your like waiting for so long for the event weather it’s in the morning or in the evening. So I thought hey why not have a bit more of a teaser to get you going whilst your waiting. 

Sometimes I feel too eager to wait for the following week to schedule you for that week; so I thought I might as well what about try to do an extra blog once in a while, by the way I do tend to talk to myself when I have these ideas. I either go along with it or I don’t. Most of the time I do go along with it; then I generally don’t go along with it when I start doing the blogs, I’m like what am I writing here? Or I don’t even like this blog so why am I writing about it this title for because I’m just not feeling it. I’m just not feeling the love or compassion from it all. 

I know I’m strange; like I’m talking to a blank piece of paper on my iPad screen, no one does that? Then your weird; yes you the one in the middle picking your nose and eating it, that’s just weird and gross and your here to learn not being board out of your skull and picking your brains out. 

Anyways back to what is extras? Extras is not about that muppet called Ricky Gravis whatever he calls himself; he’s just not that runny, he’s the most annoying high pitched guy who just needs a punch or something. I am so not a violent person what so ever; extras in my blogging world is when you have something, that is most exciting news or something that you can’t wait for the following week. You have just got to share the information with your readers; that’s what the extras are for, along with the hype for the day’s actual event it self. 

I am most likely rambling on this one haha. If I’m not heyho it’s Monday and it’s the start of the week; who needs to be serious at the start of the week, good tip I always find is if you find away of making people laugh in your blogs. Good on you. You can’t always be serious all the time; there is a will, there’s away. Like for example in my Tom Kennedy’s blog stories/notes; in my first story that I’ve published, Invisible Man Part 1,2 & 3 I had to make it more fun and funny because if the story was slow and boring. You will loose your audience/readers; you need to be diverse in your writing or vlooging or whatever you do, because at the end of the day who will be coming back for more to read or watch your blogs. The same people who you caught the attention off.

I think you should give it ago personally; let your hair down, run free with it all. So tempted to close my window now; getting mighty freezing even though I’ve been sweating like a pig, not Miss Piggy guys come on. It a Thursday night and I’m planning this with my window open; that really didn’t sound right did it, all well actually black clouds are coming over don’t particularly want to get wet in the middle of the night.

How do you keep up with two blogs?

What’s the secret behind of keeping up two blogs? What do you used to keep track of what you post? What are you’re secrets please tell us.

Welcome to my journal of how I manage with two blogs; basically my journal for two blogs are all in one it hasn’t got the two special journals, I did try that but didn’t work out because at the time it was hard too think of two different posts for two different things. So I decided to stick with one journal and one journal that it will stay. As everything else in there; all I do now is I used one notebook/journal, I do use small little journals but they are generally for titles, vocal data collection, blog data collection and published book.

The whole managing two blogs is quite challenging; however is it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, I just needed to remember what website that I’m on. With 2 blogs I tend to do is I use my own blog a the main site for everything; I use what I think its better onto Vocal Media, not everything goes onto Vocal Media that I write this is because not all of it I don’t think they will do so well. 

What do I use to keep track of what I published? I generally used daily sheets, social media sheets, yearly planners and etc. As things got wildly hectic of doing blogs everyday; I had to resort to post its and small little journals, to keep everything update with my paperwork. So at least I can go back with the evidence in my journal when my boards are full that’s; I can go back to the books with all my data collections, and get back to my paperwork for the day which may have to be a days work. 

That’s pretty much all my secrets at the moment; I’m still learning on the job, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be doing more about my little secrets in the coming months. As I’m still figure it out along the way with my blogging; it’s all a learning curve in my opinion, if you don’t learn how can you know whats going to be worth it’s while. 

To know how to start creating a blog/website

I’m going to give this ago on how to guide you through how to create a blog/website. I your using this guide for any other website; this will help you create the basic layout but from there on, I don’t have much knowledge on the front of selling part. As I am currently focusing on one bit at the time. 

Good morning lovely people yep its that time again this morning; that we are here with a new week, new month and summer has finally arrived as the longest day has been and gone. This week I wanted to write about the whole how to create a website guide; I was talking to my friend yes it was Caspian but he was asking me is it possible to create a blog or a page for a charity, so it got me thinking about the way he wanted to know things and how it all worked because he has other people to do that sort of work for him. 

I will try my best to guide you all the best of my ability to talk you through it all; as I generally just mess about it with the whole idea of the website idea, to see where it all fits to be honest. People have game plans on how they want their website or blog to work; for me I tried that but it doesn’t work for me, as I am more of a visual learner and explore how things work. 

To start with you need to know what you want to call your blog (this is also goes along with the whole company process); a blog name is where you can create and build to make it more stand out than other competition, this will get you know and talked about. For example when I started my blog out for the first time; I wasn’t too sure what to call my blog at the time, I had at least three different types of blogs on the go. Yet lizzysweeklyblogs came out the strongest because I was more on the blog site; creating ideas for it, seeing where it would take me and it wasn’t until august 2016 I started to think hang on let’s see if I can make it into my own blog domin and etc. 

Once I had my blog name I went with wordpress.com; with the first basic thing that I tried, it did take me awhile to get going with limit that that I had to begin with. It was okay as I was going as I started to write more blogs; more readers were coming to look at my website, the more encouragement that I had to continue in writing the blogs. This took me about a year and two months to get to build up my readers; the creditably of knowing my work as a blogger, but most importantly a writer within oneself was given the opportunity to know that I am a better than I think I am. To be tell myself to stop being negative towards myself; to say that I am better than this I can do this, your not that sort of person that everyone thinks you are. 

In August 2016 I thought I’ll try out the whole run my own domin and etc; so I first went with VistaPrint to be honest it’s okay for normal businesses like shops, etc but I wouldn’t recommend the whole blogging side of things. It was okay doing the layouts and how I wanted it to be like but when it came to the actual blogging side of things; not so great as it wasn’t the way I wanted my blogs to look, as it was big pictures dominating the writing. To which point it wasn’t getting me anywhere; which was bringing me down a lot, as I felt like it was making me a failure as a writer. That was when I went back to my safety net of wordpress.com for a while; so that I could rebuild myself up again, knowing that I’ve got my back up plan to catch me when I needed it the most. 

Then by February 2017 I had decided to go and transfer the whole thing to another host; to which is so it made easier for me to still use my domin as I brought it from the previous website that I had started with my own personal domin, this was because I was so use using wordpress and I knew what I was working with and what I wanted my website like to be. Due to the fact that when I was using VistaPrint it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do; the whole blog post itself wasn’t what I had hoped for. I explained a lot about VistaPrint side of things back in the last paragraph; so I asked in a facebook group of bloggers which is the best blog host and etc to use to keep your blog name but also cheapest, someone had said to me that TOSHost correct me if I got that wrong.

So I went to have a look at it then I started to do the transfer of everything that; I had from applying to take ownership of my blog name, which took 7 days, once that was sorted I had hit another block road and I had to apply for wordpress.com again but this time with my brought domin name. It wasn’t too bad as I had the process was still 7 days but for me it was painful; but I did have my basic line of my old blog website to go on.

After all the hard work of money waiting, paying the fees and etc. I had finally managed to start my new blog website; whilst doing that I was still doing my blogs using my basic blogs, by the time I started to think do I transfer my old blogs or do I start fresh and I decided to start fresh new blogs. Yes the fear of building up my readers and etc is always going to be hard but at the end of the day; what are the risks of taking it serious or not, I kind of do the risk takers at least twice now. 

All I can say is that if you want something; people don’t believe in you in your past or around you, you either believe them or you choose to act on it and prove to yourself that you can do it. I did that I keep on proving myself and proving people that I can do things because of rubbing it into people’s faces that I can do things. I believe in myself and prove to people who that I can do it better what they think. You can do the same. 

How to become a better writer?

How to become a better writer for me is to be able to explore more ways within yourself on how you want to do things; what do you actually want to write, research on other authors, bloggers and etc to see what they use and how to be tactical with it all. This is where you don’t actually steal their way of writing; but adapt and adopt it to the way you want to write your work, this way you can find yourself in the moment of using what you have and expand it more. 

Over the years I’ve been creating lots of different ways to help me to be more flexible; more creative, more useful to improve my work. It’s like a trial and error for me when I think “oh that won’t work…let’s try it this way?” Or “let’s do it that way” either way don’t panic on how much time you have waisted. It’s better to keep updating your style of writing along side how you organise the way you do things. 

It maybe like “ahh I can’t do this I want to give up and stick to my bad habits” you’ll be fine your bad habits are like there telling you; if you don’t change now you’ll won’t approve your writing skills, believe me I’m always improving things it’s not wrong to improve areas that your weaknesses show because you can turn them from a negative to a positive. 

The amount of times I wanted to scream; shout, saying my work isn’t good enough and etc. Believe when I look back now I was like actually no one actually read my stuff before college; only my sister actually heard my stories to which she knows how good my work is, until I went to college and then I went to go on to blogging years later. If it wasn’t for blogging I wouldn’t of found out how good my work is until the number of views started coming. 

I’ve found an article the 10 simpler ways of becoming a writer on a website called The Muse. This helps you to understand; how to work with your writing and your skills that you want to improve on. Click this link to go to the website to read more about it. https://www.themuse.com/advice/10-simple-ways-to-become-a-better-writer

On Pinterest you can lots of boards for writers and bloggers to help and guide you to what you would like to write along with how you can present it the way you want to. There are boards about what you wish you knew before you started and what mistakes that you should avoid; personally I wouldn’t read them because I rather teach myself then someone telling me what I should avoid and what I should do, I know that this sounds a bit of a hypocrite because I’m telling you how to become a better writer. I’m not going to stop you from reading them; it’s just my view of things you might pick up their bad habits or you may think actually that actually works for me, not sure what their problem is. At the end of the day I’m just giving you advice on how I do things and how things work with me. It’s not the end of the world for people saying different things but it’s your mind, your work, you choose how you want to work and write your grovvey stuff. We all in the same boat giving each other guidance and advice. 
All the best 


The best decision you can ever make

How did Vocal Media find you? 

Vocal Media found me via Twitter due to the fact that my blog feed goes via there once it’s published, I’m not too sure how long they’ve been watching me with my blogs going up. Everyday, every week, every month of every year. I can’t even keep up myself to be honest with you; however they found me, direct message me via twitter and I had a look at it. 

What made you go with Vocal Media?

To be honest I didn’t even know what Vocal Media was to be honest; I was happily doing my blogs on my normal blog website, I still do because it’s my main site everything has to go on there first unless if it’s a good blog then I’ll submit it to Vocal Media. So basically at the time of looking at it; I signed up to it to begin with because I thought I might as well, but I still didn’t understand it to begin with so I messages back to the person on Twitter to begin with. 

In my opinion didn’t really help as much of answering my questions; so I sent an email to the site to which I got a reply back from someone, who was really helpful and became a good adviser. Which really helps me to improve my work a lot better and more focus on what I needed to do. 

Will Vocal Media help you to improve your work?

In a lot of ways Vocal Media help you to explore lots of different ways of writing your blogs in so many ways; they have lots of categories that you can write for, the format is quite easy to use and different to the format that you use on your own website. 

It took me a few attempts to work it out and getting to the point of why it kept on coming back unapproved. Got me thinking why isn’t my work good enough? Why isn’t it letting me post things? The person who contacted me didn’t really explain it properly and plus they didn’t really help as much as there was no information about the site what so ever. Well what I could find anyways. So I emailed the site management time with my questions; might of threatened to leave the site because I couldn’t get it to work, obviously it wasn’t me doing anything wrong it was the guidelines that they follow. Might need to make the guidelines a bit more clearer on the website guys; if you want to attract more writers in, just a tip maybe up to you to decide. 

Anyways so this lovely lady who is amazing and a star in my eyes and a great mentor for me any road up; came back to me with all the information that I needed, ever since then I drop here an email saying a blog post is about to come your way. Let me know if everything is cool and it’s in the right category or even if I put it in a category of what I think it might be; then say I think it might to be in the other category, not 100% sure sometimes I’m right on cue I’ve got it in the right category and sometimes she comes back to say “your right it should be in that other category that you said. I’ll swap it over and publish it for you” for that to be able to work I wouldn’t of been able to progress further in my writing career if I didn’t have that mentor or support.

Do you put all of your work up on there or do you pick and choose which ones?

I don’t put all my work up there because I think it would be too much in one go; secondly I rather pick and choose which ones that will do well, and which don’t go so well. This is because it shows that at the end of the day I know which ones I can earn a living out off and the ones that I won’t make a living out off. Like for example this one and yesterday’s (Sunday 17th June 2017) blog post will be a good one to be posted up on Vocal Media because I have the gut instinct of these two posts will do well than others. 

All you have to do is a leap of faith and chance it. At the end of the day you think why didn’t I do that; I could of been living my dream as a writer by now, you know what? I’m glad that I took that leap of faith because if I didn’t I would still be wishing and dreaming away the things that I could of done. 

I’m going to walk 600 words and counting!

I’m going to walk 600 words and counting!

‘”Are you mad!” Cried three Borthwright children; as they looked at me to say I’ve told them that their story was coming to an end, “who you calling mad? Surely not me.” Smirked Tom as he came into the conference room taking a seat next to me. “No!” Exclaimed Stacie. “Lizzy’s going to walk 600 words!” Said James tripping over his words on which I’ve never noticed that one before, note to self in my journal. “How can she walk 600 words when she’s already done more than that writing the Tales of you three” the two pondered for a moment; then some odd non Verbal talk came from Duncan on which he hasn’t done in a very long time. I knew what he meant. “Duncan is right. So’s Tom I have done more 600 words writing the Tales of you three” I told them. They were even more stunned that I just translated Duncan’s talk. – Author of Lizzy Arrow – the Tales of Duncan, Stacie and James Borthwright. @copyrightlizzyarrow @allrightsreserevedlizzyarrow

Not bad for nearly 200 hundred summery there of what this blog is about; weren’t to sure how I was going to write this blog for today but it helped having some input in from my characters, on which I need to work on at some point just to finish it all off. 600 words isn’t too bad on a good day; on a bad day then your stuck because you know you wanted to write, but you can’t because the barrier of the 600 words and counting seems to be difficult. 
I didn’t have much of a problem when I was younger I would just write and write; even with the practice of doing word counts tests, however it didn’t matter to much in the end but when writing for a company and they want certain amount of words. It takes more brain power than you can imagine; I can tell you know I’m like half way there at this point of this blog I’m on the half mark of 369, exact point of number is where I have got up too. 

I recommend it to you guys to give it ago of doing 600 words because you never know who might come into contact with you on the grand scheme of things; I would also ask the client questions of what you need to know such like do I need to get it approved by the company? How many words do I need to pass? What sort of categories are there? Is the company real or a fraud? Every little detail before you make any assumptions of agreeing and taking part in a group investor. 

The group I’m with I thought I’ll give it ago to see what it’s like; it did take me a while to understand what I was meant to be doing, but had help with one of the people who goes over it. I always email them to give them a heads up that I’m just about to post a blog post; they have a snap it up, give it a quick read and let me know if I needed to do any changes or if I put it in the wrong category they let me know. It is very handy to have someone on the inside to be able to help; to guide you, and most importantly help you to change your ways of bad habits. 

This goes to can happen with short stories, blog stories and blog posts that you are extremely passionate about. Give it all ago write 600 words on something that you like about; edit it, read it again, if it needs to be edit again, but guess what edit it again if you think it does and if it doesn’t that cool. If you can see if you could do some competitions if you feel ready to or set up your own blogs good for you; go for it, I believe that you can do it. Without my blog website I wouldn’t be able to still continuing to write or be encourage to put my work forwards to a Blog Media where I get paid for it; I always thought my work was rubbish until I gave things a try, then one day boom people love my work. Just take a leap of faith and achieve your goals; I would more than happy just to sit at home, write away and not let anyone read my work other than my sister mainly my stories. She’s my big inspiration for me to carry on; don’t be afraid to take a risk, if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. You gave it your best shot. Good luck peeps. X

What gave you the idea of Voice Within category?

What gave you the idea of Voice Within category?

I believe everyone has a voice weather that they have the right to use it or not; but however people who want to their voices to be heard, are normally the ones who are shy and not be heard. I have the right to be heard and say what I think I want to say; but I’ve never really had that confidence or will power to do so, unless if I loose my temper that’s when my voice will be heard. 

Voice Within category came about when I my blog post regularly gets posted up on twitter; to which it gets promoted to everyone around the world, but also to get my voice be heard on my views in life. I actually didn’t know I was being closely monitored by an American company called Vocal.Media; they had approached me through private message, asking me weather to create blogs or publish the ones that I have already done to earn some cash. I was umm and ahhing about it; did some research, asked questions, talked to my dad and sister about it and asked more questions about it. 

I had nearly given up on the idea with the whole thing because I didn’t understand the thing; so I emailed the site enquire team to ask what I was doing wrong, why am I not getting them published etc. I thought I might delete my account because I couldn’t do it anymore as I was running around in circles, until a lovely lady emailed me back to make it more clearly for me to understand. To which she is the loveliest person I could ask for to help me; if I went wrong or if there’s something missing, she would reply back and let me know what was missing before hand and I would go and edit, reword things and etc. With that support network I was able to focus on the whole improvement of the blog; the improvement of my writing skills, most importantly my voice through my powerful writing was being heard once again. You are who you are, you do have voice and you have the right to be hearted.

Why not introduce June 2017 in style?

Why not introduce June 2017 in style?

31st May 2017 last day of the month; quite a long busy month, I’m quite surprised that I managed to stay on top of the blogging throughout the month. I am quite please with myself I do say so myself. 

I thought say good by to May and hello to June by creating a video with a few Disney songs; that I managed to create using the snapchat filters, I have also attached the link to the blog so that you can share it with your friends and spread the word. https://youtu.be/aUwYrFpmJy8 

For us as bloggers I’ve put it on here on my official website so that we can have fun watching; I do say I love watching it over, over and over again, so not odd but I think it’s brilliant and might have to attach the others as well as they are awesome. Apologies can’t seem to be able to get the videos up but you will find them on my YouTube channel if you follow the link up above. 


How do you finish off the month with blogs?

How to finish off the month with blogs?

To be able to finish off a month with blogs I generally find it hard in some months but not in all the months; this month especially I’ve been grateful to get monjority of it all to done in one day so I can focus next months a gender, whatever that maybe when it comes we will find out. 

Having a day to be able to think, write, post or schedule for the next day or the few days later; is a god send because I don’t have to worry about it on the day, if I’m so tired or not feeling well or I’m busy for whatever reasons it is, I have something in place ready and not having to worry about the whole problem with what to write. All I have to worry is the paper work afterwards; which is confusing if I haven’t done anything over the month but luckily I have sorted out a system on which I’m hoping that it will work better next month than this month, as it’s all over the place.

To be able to just plan a head of the week is the best time today if you can; knowing what day goes where what the topic that you used, also to be able to have them in their correct sections/categories when your writing them out and that’s when you know you’ve done them if you had labeled at the bottom in red with a subject line before it saying when you have written, when you have completed, when you published it or schedule it and most importantly what categories you have put them under so you know what you have done. All of this helps me in a long run so that I can be able to update my own paperwork and have a look of what I have done. 

3 Things that I always have with me and why


Blogging is also part of Writing Career; it’s another foundation of becoming a writer by its own trade, a trade that people lots of people think they aren’t doing much and they are doing it just for fun. If you think about it. If you ask a teenager these days; “what do you do after school for fun?” I write blogs or I make YouTube videos, they don’t even realise they are still learning. It’s a catch 22 they really don’t see that they’ve been caught out. That’s another topic for next time I think; I may of opened up a can of worms on that one, I believe. 

3 Things that I have with me and why

Recently I’ve just got myself back into taking things that I may need when or if I come up with an idea. The three things that I take with me are, a notebook, stationary that I need and my ipad; I only take my iPad if I know that I’m going to be away from the house longer than I anticipated, however if I had my notebook and Post It’s etc I should be able to get by. 

The reason I have these things is because I never know when I get an idea; weather I’m on my breaks at work, if I’m out and about or even when I’m just at home there’s always ideas coming to mind that needed to be done. 

I always find that having these things on me are useful because it’s better than having make up in my bag to top up my face or my lips. You don’t really need to top of your face or anything if you have done it properly and the way you do it. Having the things that I really need is the ones that I can use when people need a piece of paper; like taking people’s orders when we are out having lunch somewhere different, it comes handy to have for to record.