Day 18 Christmas Log Blog: Would I do Christmas Advent Calendar Again in 2018?

As this is the last Monday before Christmas Day. I thought I’ll do my over all Christmas Advent now before I forget but also to tie in with todays Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging as well. Well you get both at different times today as the Christmas Advent has taken over its normal schedule today or has been for the last couple of weeks as you may have noticed.

The question is would I do this again next year in 2018. I am not too sure if I want to do it next year or not it’s just because I’ve become a bit confident in doing it this year than last year as I knew what I was doing this year. I’m not sure if I am going to be that confident of doing it again next year.

It’s another whole year to think about to be honest with you. I haven’t even set any goals yet for the new for lizzysweeklyblogs for the year. So I don’t even know what to bring out yet might tend to get cracking during my holidays or as soon as I’ve writing the last 7 days of Christmas Advent Calendar and then start thinking what’s next for lizzysweeklyblogs.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Emotional Writers Block

Your probably thinking that is Emotional Writers Block actually real. Yes there is such a thing in the writing world; you have Writers Block that gives out signs of you wanting to write but yet you don’t know what to write, to which you have to leave it for a few days or try again later on or the next day. Emotional Writers Block is where you want to write but you can’t put anything down on paper or on screen because there’s so much going on inside your head that you can’t escape it.

If writing was your go to place to escape like mine to express your feelings through words of your blogging or stories; I know how that feels when your thoughts cloud your judgement when you start writing, then all of the sudden you’re like hit with a bam! Wondering where the hell did that come from? The worst bit is that your head seems to be quiet in the middle of the night; that’s when you find out that’s the best time for you to actually start writing your ideas down, I know it’s typical and probably worst time for it to happen.

For me as I don’t sleep as much anyway I find it more easy than during the day because it’s less quiet for me to be able to think as much. It’s like right now it’s 3:35am in the Uk I’ve almost just finished this blog; I’m just taking a pause because I’m getting quite cold, and I want to get some sort of sleep one way or another. I will be back to revisit in the morning.

Well it’s now 20:28pm on Wednesday 29th November 2017; November is nearly over or by the time you read this or go back to it November 2017 is now the past, and we are in the present. I always preferred to write when I feel upset or have some sort of emotion that happens; odd occasions I have posted up things that you may have read and you guys liked it very much. Sometimes I write them just because I needed to share my frustrations out at the best of times but don’t post them. This is because they maybe too personal and I don’t like to post much about my personal life. I do have days I really can’t write what so ever. That just upsets me more and more. I just have to get on with it as the best I can at the best of times.

Apologies there’s no Wednesday Evening post tonight (29.11.17) struggled to write something for it. I hope this makes up for it. Hehe.

Day 26 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: What have I done something that I thought I couldn’t do?

The fact that blogging has been apart of my life as a writer to be able to achieve things that I wouldn’t be able to do. Becoming a blogger has given me the great opportunity to be able to write and improve my areas that needed to be worked on. Yet it’s given me the confidence to know that my work and my ideas work without the fear of being judged by people who may not like them.

This may sound a bit cliche but before I thought my work was rubbish and still do. Yet every so often throughout the day I would look on my stats and I would criticise myself for having poorly views at the time or I’ll be impressed on how many I get that’s above and beyond the previous days.

I still criticise myself just a tiny bit about the whole I could do more than that on a good day but that’s just me being stubborn. As I’ve been told quite a lot. Achieve something that I thought I wouldn’t of been able to do with Learning Difficulties such like dyslexia and language difficulties and Mental Health Issues. I’ve learnt how to adapt the whole issues that I have to face each day within my everyday life along side the most favourite hobby creative writing.

Sometimes take a risk or believe that you can do it. At the end of the day it’s your choice how you want to achieve it; just don’t hold back and let people walk all over you, otherwise you will never be able to do. Just do it.

Day 23 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Christmas Advent Calendar Blogging prep work

It’s not long now that November is soon leaving us in about two weeks time; I’ve decided to get things ready for Christmas Advent Calendar Blogging, here’s one of the sneaking peak of what the days picture looks like.

I thought this year would be different to the one last year so that it stays in theme with each other. This year’s content I really not sure what to cover to be honest with you; maybe a bit more Christmas themed I think, but I’m not really sure because I have no clue what yet unless you have some ideas do let me know as I have 25 Days to fill on this next challenge that I want to do.

I’ve got a fair few ideas that I want to do like, favourite Christmas Movies, what do I watch or listen to whilst wrapping up Christmas presents, do I listen to Christmas songs to get me into the mood, what is your Christmas decorations themed on this year, if you could have a hot drink all year round but only comes out around Christmas what will it be.

If you have any ideas to help me plan for the next challenge please let me know in the comments below because I want to get them in the place ready for me to write them as soon as possible for me to get them up and running.

Thanks guys


Blogging Essentials that I can’t love with out

The fact that I didn’t get much sleep last night nor had a good start of this morning with my job. The fact that I had thrown myself into doing some paper work for my blogging; whilst watching 6 Days which based on a true story that was based in 1980s in England, then carried on watching it for awhile before I turned to writing this blog for today’s Monday Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging.

Just thought I’ll do something else for a change than doing 30 Days Challenge for Autumn Planning there’s too much to figure out and gets boring after awhile. It needs to be written at some point. I’m going to share with you in bullet points of what blog essentials that I can’t live without when I blog.

• My iPad where I do practically everything on

• My blog journal

• Pinterest

• Wordpress

• Colour pens

• Paper

• Canvas

• Photo edit

• Pages

• File for my stats/data collection

• Data collection

• Research

These 12 things are roughly what I believe are my essentials due to the fact that I use them everyday without fail. Without them I don’t think I would get very far with it at all. I prefer to be organised and have a system that works easier than me to use than be completely hopeless; I’ve had so many other systems that I have had tried to use in the past, but each time I change how I would like to do it so I know how I want to do it professionally and get my head around it all.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve missed a lot more out of the list of essentials that I can’t live without but I can’t remember what. I do have to say this was a quick and easy Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging for this week ever to write. I knew what I was writing and drawing it up was easy to do than not knowing what to write at the best of times.

What are your blogging essentials? What would you recommend me to try out? Let me know.

What do you look for in a blog?

Introduction –

Due to making up for last weeks Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging; I decided to treat you all with two blogs in today’s Monday Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging, one like normal like this and the second one is in my 30 Day Challenge for Autumn. The reason for making it up to you guys for not having it done was that I was feeling poorly due to a cold and my left ear is now starting to play up again. Such is life when your on holiday for a week and you end up being ill because of stopping.

In a blog I like to find-

In a blog I would love to find heart warming, funny, own sense of style but also to be able to engage with the writer or YouTuber as much as I can. Not fancy pansy copy what everyone else does because that just boring and typical thing to do.

Attract my eye attention –

I like to be able to get into a blog by grabbing my attention of a worthy quirky way of writing to be able to drag me to come back to read another few blogs.

Blogger –

I feel that each blogger needs to be the own blogger and no one else; this is because there is so many wannabe bloggers who want to make money just like their idols that they watch, but they feel unsuccessful because of it. Just be you and no one else no one wants to know or care if you like someone so much you want to be like them. I could think of a few people that I’ve seen who wanted to be their famous idols and put all of their work into just to look like them. The worst one recently is people trying to make them look like ken or barbie doll in real life. Wrong! Just wrong man!


To be a better blogger is to be able to take their time on their work; not rushing their time or making loads of mistakes, and posting it up straight away. This won’t help you to gain your audience or anything it’s okay to have a few mistakes even if you go over it and you think you’ve done it. However it’s okay to ask someone to check it over as well if you feel comfortable to do so.

It’s okay to feel like a bit of a turniphead most of the time because I always do that’s why I have a journal full of notes; will I use some of them probably not most likely to have forgotten all about them, at least they are there if I need them. Also it’s okay to feel like a turniphead if you haven’t got a clue what to write that’s also fine.

The way how I work things done in my own blogging way –

This sentence doesn’t make any sense what so over; I’ll let you sort that one out, as at the time I thought I had made sense of it all when I wrote it down but obviously I didn’t. I like to make up my titles and also look up for references of titles to see what I can use and what I can’t use to what I can work with and what I can’t work with. It works.

Who wins between anxiety or the creativity of blogging?

Both win at different times because I have good running with blogging and then I have terrible days when anxiety comes kicks in.

What happens neither wins?

Basically what I just said neither wins when they play off each other. Not cool man.

What makes your blog successful?

To make your blog successful is to treat it like a best friend because you will have days that you will love it and you will hate it at the same time.

Day 3 of 30 Days Challenge of Autumn: The success of getting X amount of likes on my facebook page

Positive outcome that I needed was looking at my facebook page that I created when I first started my blogs; the fact that I started out with at least 35 likes some where just friends and family, since August I took a risk on the promote me page which took me up too about 2,600 likes roughly around that number and that’s when it stopped. Since then I was starting to loose my likes it didn’t matter to me as much but then; it did start getting to me just about, I know I should of let that get to me and I tell you guys all the time to not beat yourself up about a few hick ups once in awhile. Unless you know that taking the risk again like you did the first time around paid off; why not do it again and see where it will take you this time, and that’s what I did I took another risk in doing so. To which leads me to show you what to look out for if you are on facebook and like the page and how many likes that I have received so far.

I will be doing a normal hustle and bustle advice of blogging this week as I didn’t get a chance to do so this week Monday 23rd October 2017 as I was being a bit of a arse and couldn’t think or do anything other than looking at the blank piece of paper on my screen of my iPad after deleting the original cope of what I started with as I didn’t feel comfortable with at the time.

Where are the best places to get your blogs noticed?

Wondered where to go after hitting published and get more readers?

Wonder where to go after hitting published and get more readers? Wondered what media is the best used to advertise? Fear not I’ll guide you to the right places that I use that maybe useful for you. Some just say oh I did this to make this happen and used that to make it happen; but however never really told or explain how it really works or how it actually happened to get it to happen. There’s no icing on the cake when you start out you have to put the icing onto the cake to make it work.

1. Facebook: fear that your friends and family would judge you on what you are writing and go behind your back because you had said something in your blog. Yeah that happens a lot to me but that’s only because people just looking out for you; at the end of the day it’s what you choose to write, wether its true or not it’s you know the truth not them. Let them decide what’s good and what’s bad.

2. Facebook Pages: Facebook pages is a great way to get people to read your blogs and also see what you get up to whilst not blogging. That’s if you have Instagram linked up to the account as well. You can advertise your facebook page with a certain amount of money that you want to spend at the time. Also get it across the world as well for people to read; yeah you could just say it’s marketing and research, but I don’t mind spend so many pounds a few times.

3. Googled +: I don’t really check on google + that often but I link it up to my blog website for the sake of doing it to be honest. It depends what works and what doesn’t work at the end of the day. Also what works for you as well due to the fact that you might try the others but you may find they don’t work for you. It’s basically a trial and error for you; you won’t loose anything or gain something that might not 100% for you.

4. Tumblr: Tumblr didn’t work out for me either to be honest but then again it might work for you. I just publish my blog and it gets linked to Tumblr. Basically the same answer as Google +.

5. Instagram: Using Instagram you can advertise the whole content of your blog by just using the picture of what topic you are going be talking about with a brief summary in the caption. Or you just use the link of your website in your bio for people to click on. I have my link in my bio so that people can just click on it if they fancy having something to read.

6. Pinterest: With Pinterest you can create a board for your own blogging for people to read like by adding a link to it or just put in website to the board itself. That’s what I did I put a link of my website on a board and have people clicking onto and having a look. Also you can research lots of ideas and see how people create their blogs for ideas to help you out.

7. Twitter: Twitter is a great investment to have. Not just staying in touch with the world but you can get lots of people all over the world to read them. I rely on Twitter a lot to get my readers to come in have a look really.

These 7 things generally help me with my blogging and to be able to get my blog work out there. My two biggest assets are Twitter and my Facebook Page and a few others are just a hit and miss. On average I get about least about 10 a day nearly by Twitter and my facebook Page; if I’m lucky but they are my best value of the times of being able to know, where my source of income would be coming from.

Going back to the basics

To be able to go back to the basics when you have lost your way in life and blogging.

Since finishing tidying my room; getting rid of the horrible big spiders that caused me to start cleaning my room in the first place, now back into my room and nice clean for me to start again and on the road of recovery. I thought it’s time for me to go back to basics with my blogs as well so I could get back into writing again; along with sorting myself out, sorting my blogs out as well and go along with this journey with my blogs and my life.

Going back to basics for me it’s like why do I like writing? What got me into writing in the first place? What does this mean to me? Who am I doing this for? Why is this helping me to survive through the pain and confusion of things in life?

It’s okay to go back to the basics as I believe when you have a lot going on in your life; you just feel like your work is rubbish, giving up on this side of things. I know you have noticed things have been going up recently but I’ll explain in another blog for another day or so.

Here are the answers to my questions that I have mentioned in the second paragraph. In why and how I haven’t given up with my blogging and my writing even though even though I just want to give up on everything and what’s happening around me.

1. Why do I like writing? The reason I like writing is because it gives me this world of sense of well being; I can escape from the troubles of what I’m going through by putting it down by pen to paper, fingers to screen or fingers to keyboard. I can use all of my feelings by expressing the hatred of life and pain through either my stories or my experiences to help others to cope.

2. What got me into writing in the first place? From probably the age of 6 or 7 when I first started to be able to hear and write down what I could hear for the first time. Along side with J.K.Rowling Harry Potter series and listening to her stories; it gave me the encouragement to be able to express my feelings, my liking of coping to write down my feelings than talking about them. As I wouldn’t know how to express my feelings or talk to someone about them.

3. What does this mean to me? This means to me that I can move on with my life and knowing that I can show the world that I can move on. No matter how much I have been through at that the time; I know that my writing is waiting for me to return, and express my feelings and how to deal with things like I use to do.

4. Who am I doing this for? I’m doing this for myself. No one else but I like to share my work on my own accord and no one tells me when to do this things what I should do it.

5. Why is this helping me to survive through the pain and confusion of things in life? I’ve mostly answered this question in one and two really but when I have lots of things going on in my life there’s so much in my head that I cannot seem to get away from it all. The fact that I have so much trust issues within myself that I can’t seem to get away from it all and sets off my anxiety badly to the point of I can’t breathe. Then it’s like why is it that I can’t breathe all of the sudden. Writing it all down weather it’s sharing or not I for one glad it’s all written down in one piece

How to get rid of blogging blues

The fact that today Monday 11th September 2017 is a working day for me in which I have to get up at 5:30am; so my body clock is saying to me “oh I’ve had way too much sleep yesterday because I was feeling dreadful. Let me throw in as well a anxiety attack along with a freezing cold weather into the room” thanks guys I love you so much. Not complaining as much as the coldness due to what’s happening out in America and the Caribbean I wouldn’t want to be out in that.

The fact that I have had so many blogging blues recently; I’m sick and tired of having them it’s ridiculous, it’s like saying why am I doing this? Who am I doing this for? Why I’m still writing? I know everyone gets them now and then. I just find them frustrating that I’m for ever getting them; unless I’m just not concentrating enough or something, I don’t know really. I just get a complete good runs and I’m perfectly fine with it all but then all of the sudden bam; that’s when it hits me to the point of do I actually give up, or do I actually carry on with it all.

For me no matter how painful and hard it is to get through the pain barrier of the blogging blues it’s one of those things you just have to find away to keep going. Even if it takes days and days to write something but at the end of the day at least you got something that’s good to post. Sometimes you just have to go with it and see where it goes. I’m afraid.

Anyone else have the same problem or is it just me? Let me know so I can learn as well by leaving a comment below.