Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Every bloggers worst nightmare!

Every worst blogger feeling is when a camera battery dies on them thinking that the battery was full, the camera decides to turn off or editing goes wrong or even when the video doesn’t seem to load. You know what mine is? Correct non above because I don’t use these any of these things I just simply use pages, iPad “currently” and WordPress along with canvas and photo edit.
Each of their own silly ways they have their moments when it’s at the crucial moments whether the pages decided to go to a froze space of I’m not going to load where you were before as I know how much it was important to you. So that you have to rest the iPad by turning it off and on again. Your like really you have to do this now as your the only thing that I have that I can rely on right now you start taking ages to turn on and off again.
Sometimes WordPress decides to be almighty dosh bag because sometimes it doesn’t pick up the pictures or something was wrong then I realise that I haven’t paid for something which isn’t a yearly thing to be honest I should do so I don’t have to worry about it. When do I ever have any money to do that to be honest with you ay ay. Sometimes it just needs updating I’m like nice one iPad. Do need a laptop again it’s so much easier when I have money to save would be great to just sit and plan what I want and take out with me than looking at the screen and holding it giving me lots of pain.
Canvas app it likes to have its moments where I have an idea and it’s like “nope nope sorry not today. Any other day just not today” and I’m like “come on little fella we have to do a bit of work”; “oh p-p-please I don’t want to today” it gives up a fight and I win so that we get some sort of work done and I’ll leave it alone until I need to use it again.
Pretty much photo edit doesn’t really have an issue to be honest saying that now I’ll probably have a fight with it now. Haha. So my list of things that I want to get to replace is my laptop, iPad and camera because those are things that I really want to get back into my life so that I can focus on my creativity much more than I am now. That’s my dream for this year and onwards I suppose not sure how that will work but time and patience will tell.
Don’t forget to donate money if you can to two of my causes as 50% goes to them and the other half will go towards the blog. To help keep it running thank you.

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Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: My biggest struggle as a blogger.

Uh, Monday again are we guys? 7:00am start 5:45am wake up but actually get out of bed between 5:45-6:15am then wait for extra 15 minutes in the cold or starting to get warm but cold again outside for someone haha. The fact that I fell asleep doing this yesterday (18.3.18) shows one of my struggles of as a blogger when I don’t sleep properly I can’t focus on what I’m doing.
Sometimes when I have a bad day or when one is ill sometimes I can’t be bothered to blog because all I want to sleep to get better or forget the day even existed to be honest. Then other times it’s easier for me to write it all out and I’ll decide whether to post it or not as I may off used it to vent and not worth posting.

I do have days where I’m struggling to come up with things like ideas because I use great ones then take a few days off or so but try something out to see if everyone will like it or not. Playing the hit and miss game of is it going to be good or not so good. Sometimes I just play games like candy crush and word scrabble on the iPad just to get ideas.

Well the snow is definitely back with the idea of an invasion because it can love the climate change to be honest. Didn’t even realise that I’ve got my cold back from the last time cheers snow won’t be happy if I lose a day of work due to snow because of it. All well what can you do to be honest.

Tiny little bits that turns into one of the biggest problems for me as a blogger as you could see. Sometimes the coldness affects  the internet and so that everything else goes wrong or the app that I use is playing up for some reason or another. I’m like why are you a pain in the arse and then I’m like oh that’s why you dumb arse. Haha yeah I do talk myself down when something like that happens. Would love to document what I actually say to myself to show you guys how negative I can be towards myself on a bad day. Haha not sure if I would share it or not though….

The fact that I just wrote this in advance I might actually have a snow day off but on the adverse side of things it would be my normal start on a Monday morning and by still be at work whilst this is being published as I scheduled it. Yep definitely tired and stressed haha starting to notice that I’m struggling with words whilst reading it in my head. Haha… such fun.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: What did you do to grow your blog?

Why shouldn’t you know how to grow your own blog posts over time. Ever wanted to know how other bloggers do it? Always envy others because they boost that they’ve got more likes, more followers and etc. I know how that feels a lot of the time; it’s okay I try not brag about it to be honest with you I don’t see the point because at the end of the day people do what they do, and most importantly I do it on a positive side of things where I help people to achieve to where they want to be. Help them to build their confidence up and be with them one step of the way. Knowing that they can refer back to my Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging when they need to as the advice is there for them when ever they need it.
Yeah I have confidence issues I think my work is rather shocking but each day I reach over the 20 make each day some days I reach over 30 mark of views. That to me is my proudest moments of views I get; even bonuses that I get at least up to nearly 10 a day nearly of likes than I use to get in the past, it’s just the time, practice, knowing what your niche is and how you feel comfortable about yourself in the world of blogging. I’ll give you my first 6 tips of how I manage to grow my blog post in 2 years and 3 months from November 2015-present. I will revisit this blog over the next year or so if someone who’s really clever in remembering tell me in the next year or so. Thank you hehe.

6 tips to be able to grow your blog post

  • Create 1-3 blogs over the cause of the week to begin with
  • Keep a record of views, visitors, likes and comments etc if your on WordPress this is good because it gives you everything everyday. I use blog planner sheets that’s been created by My May Sunshine mostly use the Social Planner and I write the dates down one side or across the top depending how I do it. I’ll give you two examples for views, visitors, likes and comments at the top and date down the side so I know that I can continue the same page for 20 Days before adding another page to the data collection. Then with the my blog post I make sure that I write the categories down the side, date of the month that I’m doing so I know that I know that I’ve started a new month for the blogs and along the top I use everyday dates as much as I can before the next page is added. I do this with every section for the WordPress has in the everyday part section like refers/ social media, countries and I keep a tally of how many I’ve posted that day and write down the post that I have posted just as a keep sake so I know what I posted and what date I wrote on a plan piece of paper. You’ll find the link here to have a look.
  • Work out what works and what doesn’t work. It’s okay your just finding your feet of what niche that you want to write and that’s goes inside with the records that you’ve been kept because you know what works and what didn’t.
  • Showing that your making process by letting people know your trying your hardest; at the end of the day it’s just a hobby it’s not got to magically happen over night, trust me I have bad days and I don’t want to write so I don’t bother for a few days that’s even I’m stuck.
  • Sometimes rambling blogs like for example my Everyday Online Diary Entries that are Story Based has kicked of dramatically over the past few weeks because I wasn’t too sure what I was doing. Yet everyone seems to be coming back for more each day and I know my regulars as well where they like the blogs.
  • I always added a few other categories some have different types that’s not story based just because it keeps my readers something else to read at the time and on the day.

So that’s my hot 6 tips because I was actually struggling to think of having 10 tips. All I can say is keep trying no matter how much you struggle to write or find ideas sometimes it’s good to take time off now and then just don’t leave it too long. Good luck.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Payment/Donation

For months I’ve been trying to decide how to keep this blog running and raise money at the same time; until it happens to be on a snowy day that I manage to work around the idea to which I read someone’s blog, that convince me to do the same but use it on a base line of donating 50% off the profit that I make from it to two charities.

Obviously it’s up to you guys if you want to donate money towards the charities that I have put up in my top box of where the money is going. Knowing that this blog will still be running for with what ever is left each month from the money that’s been sent to the two charities.

Every so often I’ll add a donation button on a blog post that seems fitting at the time but it probably be most likely to be on my Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging each reach because it’s more suited to be on here than any other blog post. It’s just a thought at the moment but you can find it in the top box with other pages under payment – 50% of the money will go towards the charities.

I hope you guys will help me raise the money for the two charities to help get their voices be heard as they are the ones suffering in silences get forgotten about at the end of the day. They still get ignored by the public because they seem different one charity s that they were born with the conditions that they have and the second charity is that they gave their lives to save ours and our country, let their voices be heard and let the public accept them for who they are.
Thank you

Lizzy x

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Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Invisible and Non – Invisible Of Blogging

Sometimes you think what’s the point of me writing because everyone seems to not like my blog work or anything; what’s the point of carrying on? What’s the point of doing this? What am I doing wrong? Don’t panic I have those days I can tell you that right now even with the whole I think my blogs are rubbish and etc. It’s all okay to be invisible at the best of times but you just have to sit tight and work through it. Even if you get reviews that are between 20/30 or below it’s still good that’s your good that’s a stable amount yeah you think your still invisible.

At the best of times you get something out of the blue a massive big spikes of views and visitors you then get the whole non-invisible everyone know who you are. That’s when you know that you have written like good and people are interested in your work. The fun fact is that just don’t give up on writing just carry on; take a break if you get stuck because you are allowed to it’s not against the law if you get stuck, and you always have your other blogs to fill you in whilst your working on your new niche.

True writers like J.K.Rowling she became invisible because publishers at the time declined her first Harry Potter book so many times but she never gave up; until her current publisher took a gamble, and now look at her a multi-millionaire author who still continues to write stories and experimenting new things as well. Now the publishers that declined her novel writing are kicking themselves years later for not believing in her or her stories. Just believe in yourselves and your work it will take time. Just keep knocking them dead with your work.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Is the stories going to be a new thing now?

You may have noticed that I may of been writing or shall I say typing up and posting stories recently. It’s all because when I’m stuck for ideas what to write about these days I tend to try and go back to my original plan by being creative and just write to be honest with you. Stories at the end of the day is my dream job in life so I tend struggle in writing with stories when I haven’t got the ideas of a plot; yet that’s when the challenges, topics, hauls and etc come in to give me a hand so when the idea of a story comes in I can write them and post them. So it will be having lots of contrast for you guys to read and also be more entertained.

Is the stories going to be the new thing now? Well like I said I’ve always wanted to write stories but I’ve never really had the confidence to share my work out there until I decide to join WordPress and it gave me the confidence to be able to find my away around the whole publishing my work. Even if I have thoughts if I think my work is rubbish but then when I look at my reviews and etc that’s when I soon realise that my blog work is actually worth pursuing.

Yeah I’ll do Topics as normal when I can for the rest of the time for main ones as of when; I even struggled to write for Friday Time Recap Time last week (16.2.18), but I got through it no matter what. Here’s to our new adventures everyone.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Acknowledge who you are as a blogger?

You begin to wonder why I wanted to talk about this today. It’s because people are either just out there doing it for money or just want to do it for fun and it’s just a hobby. For me it’s just for fun and a hobby to be honest yeah it would be nice to get paid from it but that’s not who I am. Who what I’m about. I enjoy writing I use this blogging as a platform for me to write my stories and other interests that might prop up during the weeks.

To acknowledge who you are as a blogger you need to know what you want from it. You just need to remember of who you are and what your goals in life. You just need to learn to not be so big headed about everything because at the end of the day if you are going to be big headed about things; no one will read your blogs or any thing, they will know by the way you write or watch you from YouTube.

You just need to know the reality of what you actually want in the blog life. Like me I always want to become a writer but it’s taking me years to share my things and decide to take on blogging side things. Youtube wasn’t for me but writing was for me; so I decided to stick with writing because I acknowledge that writing is my strong point, not talking to the camera because I feel weird looking at myself on the camera.

That’s all I can really say about this topic because you have to find ways what suits you. What works and what doesn’t. It’s just learning about yourself along the way of what you want in life.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: 2018 Blogging has officially started!

Happy New Year everybody! So glad to see all of you guys back and ready to start the new year. Before I start with the original blog for the first day of the year you guys probably want to know what’s going to happen this month, this full year of the world of blogging. You know me guys right I take each day as it comes if something good comes out of it then you guys are the first ones to know right.

Right guys? …………….guys? Where did you go? ‘Looking out across the audience and all you could see the barman and a goat’ thinking process that came to my head.

New blogger wanting to know how to set up a blog. Also a recap for current bloggers.

Welcome to my Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging every Monday of each week I write about how to improve your websites and how I do it. Mainly I give advice on how certain things work and what doesn’t work but it may workout for you it might not you will never know. As your new or just want a fresh reminder/crash course then here we are; you have come to the right place, the right time for the new year as well. Have you got a notebook and pen to write down or do it bullet journal or check list. However it works for you go for it because everyone is different.

How do you decide a catchy domain name for your blog?

If you have a catchy name already and you tried to come up with other names as well but that one you thought of first has stuck out at you the whole time then stick with it. At the end of the day it’s the one that you will use for the rest of your blogging hobby; what I mean by that is once you start building up your fan base, and your work around the domain name it will get people talking and will help you build your profile up even more.

What websites are free to start out on?

The best way to start first is to take baby steps into blogging world because if you go straight into the deep end and pay for your domain and you work out that this isn’t for you or you haven’t got time your paying like £7.99 amount for something that your not using. Free sites are the best start in this line of hobby because you know that if your busy you don’t have to worry as much.

Sites that are free

– Wordpress

– Blogger

– Google +

– Tumblr

What niches can you write?

You can decide what ever niche you want to write at the end of the day. You don’t have to follow the trend of your favourite bloggers or YouTubers because at the end of the day; it’s your platform, your blog and your work no one else’s. You can’t copy your favourite YouTuber or blogger to the exact because they have their own way of doing things that might not be helpful or any use to you at all. You have to find your own way of working with the blogging and etc to help you feel comfortable with yourself.

Niches that you can write (a few ideas that I can think off)

– Travel

– Politics

– Beauty

– Humour

– Stories

– And many more

Research and knowledge?

The best bit when your writing or videoing your videos especially if your out and about and you think hang on a moment this would be a great idea for a blog. Research is good by reading and watching other bloggers or YouTubers to see what they do; just observation purposes, and etc.

Also having the knowledge of what you know to help support your writing as well that will gain your attention of your readers as well. My advice is don’t talk about yourself too much on the blogs and etc. I know these days people do weather they do mean it or they don’t but one day it will come back to bit you.

Start building up your blog space by using social media and how often you do them.

To be able to start up your blog space using social media and how often do you use them? I use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Page for my blogs and many other things like when I’m going out or something. I like to document them if I don’t have a chance to write them down on my blog I use my Instagram that’s just for my blog that is linked up to my facebook page and my twitter account for my blogs.

It’s just helps to keep on top of things whilst being on the road or I’m aways from my iPad at the time because at the end of the day I may be so exhausted or something I just don’t bother in doing so. Always look for other ways of attracting attention to your audience is a key in life. That’s what I always told myself.

Once you get the flow of what you have in mind for a year or so. How do you know when your on the next level of setting your next goals?

To be able to feel comfortable and confident with your blog work and the amount of audience that you are gaining. You can set yourself a next lot of goals and gradually increase your flow of work that you want to do; that will also increase more of your audience, and where they are in the world.

When is it time to own your domain?

To know when it’s time to own your own domain that you have built up can only work when your ready to. It’s only you that should know within yourself you feel the confident enough to take that step forward. Only you can decide to take that leap of faith not anyone else’s.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: What happens if you get snowed in on a snow day?

You may think this is the most stupidest idea of a question to have but you never know on a snow day if I would go out in it or just plan my blogs for the day or the week or so. The fact that in the UK the only parts that actually get heavy deep snow is the Midlands from right and all the way through Wales top to bottom in that country then all the way up to top of Scotland. The Southern East, Southern and Southern West we don’t really get much snow or heavy amounts for so many years but we have had a fair a few years when we had bad snow luxury of not having to go to work, school or anything like that.

Personally if comes today (Monday 11th December 2017) and yesterday’s heavy snow fall (Sunday 10th December 2017) I actually don’t even know if I would go out into to be honest because I’m too cold as it is. I would probably sleep the day out or blog or something just to keep my mind occupied to be honest with you as I wouldn’t be able to go to work in the first place. I probably go out in it for a bit but not old day; it’s way too cold for that I can barely cope with my room at night being at freezing temperatures, it’s like a blooming freezer in there it’s just one of those things I get bored with it quite easily. Especially when you know you have at least had three days of it and there’s nothing else to do. That’s when your like your watching the paint dry.

A child asked me one day how snow was made. I was like in my head no idea quick make something up and they will take it as for the answer. I just told them it’s made out of cold, rain, ice and cloud. That was basically the best idea I could ever come up with at the time and I might actually stick with that idea as well because I’m only in my late 20’s so I could get away with making up excuses of something that I haven’t even asked myself or someone else the question.

So basically if I didn’t have to go to work on a snow day; I would certainly stay inside the nice and warm, not going out at all just watch just sitting there being cold. Stick a film on or something and just write until my heart content as much as I can without falling asleep. Falling asleep would be a bonus if I did on the day because no one would moan about it as it’s cold out there bed is more warmer than out in it. I would also do a bit more research and planning if I ever had a snow day because I love finding different ways of blogging or writing just to improve myself and my work to be able to interest my readers and followers more and more.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Proof Reading is important key

Morning campers how are we all doing? I hope you all had a good weekend. I practically slept all day yesterday (Sunday 3rd December 2017) obviously I must needed. Today’s topic is called “Proof Reading is important key” the idea came from helping someone with their blogging piece and I had noticed a few mistakes on their blog website.

I am not naming any names or anything but I can guarantee you this is detected to them and everyone who need to some confidence to know that they need for the blogging world or writing world. I can promise you that this isn’t a get at all just wanted to help you to understand and help you to learn more about your work and yourself.

I want to do it in bullet points than in paragraphs because I find it easier that way and more understanding than having a serious telling off like you’ve been told off by a horrible teacher or drill Sergeant.

• Taking your when your planning and writing it because if you rush the whole thing to put it up. You won’t even notice that you made and think that you master piece is great.

• Just be patient about your work because turning your notes into the full thing is harder than writing it straight away. I even catch myself out at the best of times with my note takings because I find it hard to expand my bullet points because it won’t make any sense trust me it isn’t that easy.

• Don’t panic in asking for someone to read it over before you post it but if you wanted someone anonymous to read it over. I am more than happy to read it over when you published; for me to be able to do that email on don’t panic okay, what I do is take a screen shot of the section and cut the bit that is wrong and highlight the bit is wrong and give you what it should be. Also get you to look over it as well to see if it makes sense but it’s okay to get it takes time the correct section.

• Just be yourself and your awesome no one is perfect writer everyone has to work harder and make it right.

Good luck guys