Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Whole wide world goes crazy about Youtube.

Apologise for not blogging as much last things happened and everything else. I couldn’t think what to write and etc. Yet I had this topic idea last week because it literally happened but yet I was having fun out so I didn’t know anything happened to be quite honest. I was pretty much happy being out of the house for a change and spending it with a friend. 

Some youtubers say it’s due to theses hackers called “Game Masters” and “Zargo Project” something rather to be perfectly honest with you it could be just a technical glitch to be quite frankly with you. Yes so many people get paid for making YouTube videos and etc which I can understand but going over board with it all really. Especially when everyone takes by storm about the time where the whole world looses Youtube for x amount of hours; it happens time to time where there’s glitches  doesn’t mean your whole world comes tumbling down because of it, there is other ways of doing it and what not. 

I could be just old fashioned to be honest but I get glitches on WordPress quite a lot but I don’t make a complete drama about it. I just write and wait until it comes back up or see what the problem is. 

All I’m saying is that if it goes down it’s not the end of the world stop being a snowflake there is other ways of doing it whilst it’s down because there’s always someone trying to fix the glitch one way or another and most importantly don’t be an idiot and ring the police saying that Youtube is down because it’s that’s really unnecessary what can they do. Absolutely nothing it’s not a crime. I read it on a tweet somewhere; seriously that’s just over bored to be honest with you, it’s like telling my autistic cousin ringing up the police about something that’s really silly and guess what he actually doesn’t go and do it because he knows it wastes their time. I just don’t understand why or what goes through peoples heads when they do these things. 

Just be patient and it will come back up when the problem is solved it really is end of the world. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Fitting in time to blog around work.

Since going back to work it’s a bit hard finding the time to blog as I’ve been doing three school runs and only been back two days. I think in between shifts I think I’ll manage to fit some time around then to get some sort order of blogging, work and chilling out one way or another.

Just need to find away to get things running swimmingly and in order the way I want it too keep myself busy as much as I can so in the long run it’s easier for me to stay on top of things.

Might do a time table of my week so I should know what I’m doing; in like what times I’m working, blogging, feeding the kittens and everything. Might as well see how it all goes if you know what I mean; doesn’t really hurt if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work at the end of the day, you might as well try and work around the times you have got than the times you don’t have.

It’s like saying you can’t do this; you can’t do that, at the end of the day you need to work out your own path than anything else. You need to work out what suits you than what doesn’t suits you at the end of the day.

Who knows what will work out or not. Until next time I’ll let you know.

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Planning a weeks worth of Star Light Categories – 20.8.18

I’ve planned out what titles I wanted to write about for this weeks Star Light Categories; well hopefully I have by the time this goes out because I’m putting my time and effort into these blogs after taking a week out or so for it, the reason why I have tried this out is because firstly I had a few ideas propping here and there to which I was like this is cool and I’ve never had a continuous ideas that kept coming to me for a week. Second of all I’ve also been planning a few ideas for my everyday post along side them as I couldn’t really see or seem to make it fit or work with any of the other Star Light Categories at the time.

I prefer to plan a few days or a week of blogs because I know there isn’t any pressure or having to worry what I am going to write about. I’ve pretty much spent a week writing about mini bio’s for our two little animals over the week and will continue to do so for a bit longer due to the fact that it keeps me going but also would be nice to know how far they have come each day for a year. 

I am pretty much hoping to write their bio for a year because they tell the tale of their daily lives and something is always different with them that we haven’t seen before. It’s like their little diary entries each day were we do something new each day that they haven’t done before. It’s like my Everyday Online Diary Entries for myself but in kitten world from day one to their year date of arriving to the house. 

That’s pretty fun to be able to do because it keeps me occupied and continually writing and etc. Gives me some sort inspiration to keep writing may give me some sort of ideas for short stories based on the two new animals that we have. 

Star Light Categories- Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Decluttering my blog website

Don’t panic! Don’t panic! I’m not getting rid of my blog; I’m just decluttering my blog because some of the things that I have on here are either useless and not getting anywhere or I’m starting to have a theme running through. I start to think when I try to find some of the categories or tags I always hit the wrong one or can’t find what I’m looking for. That’s when you rewrite it again and have like three or four of the same thing and your like oh my god. 

I try not declutter too much but if it’s getting a bit too much or things I’ve got new ones coming through I prefer to clear out a few things to make a new fresh set of things to make the house hold name of themselves as they deserve to be there. Along with that it’s good to grow your blog and refresh it time to time because it brings in the positivity of the blog website and yourself esteem too. It’s all about positive and what makes you feel good about yourself.

Don’t worry you can still read my old blogs you might find them in my Everyday Post Categories you will hardly miss them because they aren’t labelled Everyday Post like I have been doing recently. It’s like giving yourself a tlc but giving it to your blog don’t ask me what tlc stands for I can’t remember what it means. I think it’s “Attention Loving Care” not sure how that works but it does and always has done. I’m not the English Language person bad enough I can’t even speak my own language without getting tired and can’t be bothered to concentrate for much longer. 

That’s because I have a language difficulty so it’s one of those things I live with but joke about with it. For example when someone asks me do you speak any other languages than your own. I reply nope didn’t spend much time in French classes to learn it but bad enough I can’t even speak my own language let alone learn a new one. 

Star Categories: – (25.6.18) Monday Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: 3 reasons why you should appreciate bloggers and 2 reasons you need to look out for desperate bloggers.

Okay so my pitch for you this week for Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging is 3 reasons why you should appreciate bloggers also 2 reasons you to look out for desperate bloggers. To be fair I don’t think of myself as a blogger even though I’m using a blogging platform; I prefer to be a writer because I love to write, and don’t care what people call me blogger, journalists whatever you call it. 

I like to write and writing is what I’m good at because at the end of the day I’m not good at talking to the camera or talking people in general. I’m just use to keeping myself to myself at the end of the day. However is 5 reasons why you should appreciate bloggers in my opinion. 

  1. Genuine Bloggers – True genuine bloggers who talk to there fans who treat them like family, friends and engage with their audience in away that their fans have their respect to the blogger and the bloggers who give them respect.
  2. Bloggers taking their time – True bloggers take their time to come up with new content each week or each day. Take their time to edit and schedule them so that they can work on new projects/content for the fans. 
  3. Bloggers who love what they do – Bloggers who take time and love what they do shows by the amount of views that they receive and love creating content. Most importantly showing that their talent off in a most positive way. 

That’s 3 reasons why you should appreciate bloggers all the time because at the end of the day they are doing things that love. Also giving out the most positive things that you can do in away that you can do the same. However you have bloggers who don’t appreciate their fans/subscribers in so many ways. I’ll give you two reasons so you can look out for. 

  1. Big headed bloggers – You may find bloggers who are disrespectful in what they do; don’t care about anything that they do or care who watches it, they want to be in other people’s videos to get more subscribers and become big head because they rose to YouTube fame. 
  2. All in for money – They only want to create videos or any other blogging platform because they are in it for the money and nothing else. It also goes in with the big headache category of no respect what so ever. This is because they don’t want to work in a normal job and just stay at home creating things. Also you can tell their alto ego shows through the platform that they are using. 

I could go on with so many reasons why bloggers don’t appreciate what they do but maybe another day or another time because I know so many people who work hard and be positive about what they do. So many people appreciate the bloggers in what they do giving them the respect and getting respect back. 

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Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: (11.6.18) Monday – Recap Of Consistent Of Blogging

It’s been two weeks since I’ve first talked about this I think; I could be wrong did however check when I last did this, and it was on the 29th May 2018. I thought why not do a home check with you guys with my recap of the consistent of blogging for the past two weeks; I wanted to share the achievement within the two weeks process, and try make this as a regular a thing so that you guys know how to achieve it as well. 

Since doing the consistent blogging, creating new posts and pictures of the whole of the categories reinventing the blog categories and bringing back some of the old ones that I haven’t done in awhile but also creating new content and categories to go with the content. 

Talking about a new content and new categories as you have recently noticed that  I’ve been slowly introducing “Life On The Open Road Project” I have finally decided a logo for it as you can see on your right. The reason why the whole stag logo and saying “The Stag that came to the rescue” is because sometimes you feel stuck and lost on your open road to you’re castle of your dreams. The stag will come to you to rescue you and help you get back onto the right path until the next time you need the stag on the road. 13192DBD-FB3A-4190-B0BC-EAD0F1326EE9

I am currently working on a store for Life On Open Road Project as I’m trying to create some sort ideas of what I wanted and so on. I have got something planned but I can’t say right now because I’ve got it in my basket but my friend might be reading this so I can’t say. That’s a work in progress at the moment. Life On The Open Road Project is for all positive and how to achieve things no matter how long it will take. So watch this space for all Life On The Open Road Project.

Consistent of blogging is always a good thing to do by updating you’re old and new content seeing what you can work with. What’s been you’re viewers and readers favourite in the past and present. I always find recording my views on things like social media planners; that’s always upgrading to fit what I need because sometimes that’s get confusing in what I need to look at at the end of the day, currently swapping all that around at the moment to help me to work out where I’m putting things. Yes you can say I’m a bit OCD on my organising and filing but no one can stop me from doing that even one of my parents tried from a young age when I had a habit even when it was a school holiday I would line up my siblings shoes and etc. I didn’t understand at the time but it was like my little thing I needed to do at the time. 

To be honest I’m like that still with myself because I have to make sure I’ve got a phone charger, a plug, a note book, a pen and etc. Bottle of water I tend not to worry about that as much but the things that I think is necessary to me but my youngest sibling on the other hand is slightly opposite to me at the best of times I give them credit when they do. 

I am pretty much trained myself for a very long time that I have to have a certain way of doing things and if people tell me to do it the other way. All hell breaks lose to be honest. I like to do this Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging because all I’m doing is giving advice on how I do things; you don’t have to take the advice or take it and see if it works because at the end of the day, you have to find away that works for you and you alone. 

I see so many people saying that this is how I made this x amount of money in space of a month or so. To me I think it’s wrong to say I made this in a space of x amount of money; it just makes me think that they are just doing it for the money, and nothing else because people work the arses off doing blogging to get where they are. 

I’m pretty much loving the fact that it takes me a long time. Yes I have days I want to give up and what not. At the end of the day it’s my choice whether I want to give up or not but it’s not in my mechanism of giving up for some odd reason. I always want to find away around things that I don’t let it define me. As you can tell I don’t let my mental health define me no more, my dyslexia or my language difficulties define me and many more things that can stand in my way. 

I believe anyone can achieve things no matter how much they work hard on things like blogging and etc hence why Life On The Open Road Project is for people who can achieve things in life no matter how hard things can be in life. 


Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Life on the open road project online diary entries

You may seem recently that I’ve been writing life on the open road project online diary entries over the weekend; the reason that I’ve started this sort of blog project I wanted to create a positive vibe, and positive vibe out there for everyone who suffer any mental health issues, confidence issues and many other things.

I can tell you that in my blog notebook for ideas I have quotes inside them the journal book that I have is called “Angel Journal book”. Brought it in the Works Store in my hometown pretty awesome notebook throughout the book it has quotes that are very positive.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet this week because I’ve got a page up and running at the top of my blog website called “Life on the open road project” for you all to check out with all of the information that you need. Watch this space you beautiful people because your worth it.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Reminder of Frauds

It’s been brought to my attention on my other blog site that I haven’t much used for over 9 months on which is now under review wether to take it down or not as I don’t use it but also someone used the name of it to access money under another name. I beg of you if someone who is pretending to be a celebrity or a royal who is asking for money please don’t hesitate to ask me for help. I will leave my details down below due to the fact that frauds are still at large and I have got people I can double check with as well to be certain.

I will had this up to my page site as well just for reminders and help if needs be please remember that celebrities and royals will have certain certifications by their name which is normally a blue star with a tick inside. That is when you know they are real people. I must warn you non of the royals in United Kingdom have their own personal social media it is run by the people who are working for them. If you would like more information about that please let me know by using my details down below to which I will give right now.

To contact me for suspicious frauds but not sure if they are real or not contact me on I can receive the emails day or night and I’ll get back to you promptly and quickly.

Thank you for being careful and have a great day.

Lizzy xx

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Beware of hacking

Beware of hacking because last night (15.4.18) my emails got hacked not hundred percent why they decided to hack into my account to be honest but they are just low scum bags who haven’t got much better things to do of their time. Hacking can happen at anytime whether it’s your blogs, your emails, your phone, your bank (frauds) and so on. 

You have to be wary of these things because at the end of the day you’ll never know what might leak out that you don’t want to be leaked or they can put viruses on any of your emails without you knowing and people will think that you sent it but actually you didn’t. 

The best advice is every so often change your password to keep your social media, blogging world, emails and what not safe phones you can’t really do much about to be honest other than changing your number I suppose but that’s not much use to be honest.

However hackers are also cleaver with the phones as I’ve just remembered that they can claim to be you’re bank ringing you up saying that they need you’re card details and etc. Due to the fact that they try to get you worried by saying there’s something wrong with you’re account or they want to move you’re money over. Don’t! They are cleaver that way to trapping you into doing so. They are also handy on staying on the line when you think they’ve put the phone down but actually they haven’t it’s another way for them to hack into you’re account when you ring you’re bank. Especially if you’re a business they will do the exact same thing if it was you’re personal bank. 

Just be wary of what’s around you and what’s going on. Don’t leave any apps open like your online banking they will manage to figure out away to get into it no matter what. Always report it to you’re bank by going into your bank yourself to double check and report it to the police. 

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: When my head decides to stop screaming!

As you may of noticed that I haven’t posted much recently but I’ve been trying when my head decides to stop screaming at me causing me to have a headache. No matter how much I try to push through it all it’s a lot harder to think what to write and what to write about. However I’ve recently paid a monthly thing on iTunes where I can find songs that I like to listen to and etc. My closest friend introduced to to me I was like well this is dangerous for me in the first place since paying for the month I’ve downloaded way too many songs even songs that I use to listen that I haven’t heard in years.

Hoping some of the songs will give me some sort of an idea for things to help me get back into the writing side of things. I’ve finally decided to write up my blog post titles that I have written over the past three months in a neat tidy book; bits of loose scrap pieces of paper have become rather annoying to say the least, but it good sense at least I’m looking at the titles that I have done so far I can think about what I can do next.

It’s like going back in time to where I was struggling at the beginning of the year then became quite good at making the whole thing of loads of post about different things. Also it’s good to actually say to my head “stop screaming your fine!” I was literally plugged myself in listening to Hell on Earth the urban adventures show I think that’s what they are called haha. They are quite funny when they want to be sometimes want to punch them depending who’s being the most annoying at the time.

Yet it’s drowns out my head at the best of times. I did start this twice now once on a piece of paper and once on here. I’ve decided to combined both because all goes into one as I realised that they are both similar. I like to go over things that I’ve done in the past because at the end of the day you never know what you have done or can’t remember what you did at the time. You look back and you’re like oh yeah I did that; that was awesome because that worked really well that day or that week and so on, like you get the jist of it all.