Something we are not


There’s two types of people that I have come across. The one where you’ve got people who talk about themselves a lot and manipulate people and you have people just keep things to themselves to themselves. 

Something we are not

Not too sure what or where I got this title from but I think it was from a song that gave me an idea; anything can give me an idea without thinking sometimes that’s how I work, that’s what makes me me.

To my readers this is not at aimed anyone just an observation of myself and people around me. I have noticed and have become more aware that people around me talk more about themselves than think of anyone else around them. People that I have observed throughout life so far; can be so manipulative, brag about themselves and complain about anything under the sun. 

Then you have someone like me who don’t complain, moan, tell my whole life story (unless something that I can relate to like now I can relate to this in a blog but this is like work for me) keep everything to myself bottled up until something happens. Sometimes you guys will know if something has happened that I haven’t blogged for a few days or a day. 

People really are not the same as each other; they really aren’t, I get to the point of when someone has annoyed me to the point that I would most likely to loose it with someone. Don’t rarely loose it with people but when they know that they have peeved me off they know not to say anything else. My friends know when to back off when I need space to calm down then come round and then I’ll talk. They know it might take all day or few hours to calm down or even sometimes to the point of they know when to step in if I haven’t calm down. They know it’s not me and I know it’s not them when they have a rough day.

What brings you happiness? All big and little things.


Everyone has something’s that bring you happiness weather it’s big or little; at least you have something to make you smile about, everyday or when you remember the time that it happened at the time.

What brings you happiness? All big and little things.

All little things that bring me happiness is when things are more magical than anything else; from a child’s progress to something most memorable time that I have had, here is a few things that brings me happiness. 

A nice summer’s day blue sky, no clouds, warm day and lots of positive around the place. 

Being with friends who bring the happiness to ones life; share the most fun positive memories, life long friends can always bring joy to life.

Success in little things that I wanted to achieve and carry on achieving one way or another; shows strength to strength everyday, also to take shape of your life no matter what.

Sorry this one is short but as there’s been four blogs today; might as well keep this one short, wasn’t planning on the other one today but heyho it happens

What does my ideal day look like?


Everyone has an ideal day on how they want it to go; but it may not seem to be like it in the ideal world around us, especially this economic climate and etc. However some people can just do it without even trying to; that is not fair on the rest of the world who have to pay the taxes, and etc, 

What does my ideal look like? 

To be honest my ideal day would like probably most likely to be; running my own business/blogging so I can write all the time, go and explore lots areas of the country so that I can blog about them. Create more ideas weather it’s blogging or story writing; something more creative, so I can achieve more things in life than I am already.

Here would be my ideal day would look like:

  • Blog prep 
  • Paperwork for blogs such as social media, planners and etc
  • What I may need to order for blogging 
  • Go out on adventures to somewhere different to bring new things to the blogging world.

These are just the outline of my ideal day may look like as there’s so many things that I would like to do but no time to do it all in an average world like mine. Unless your someone like a YouTuber whom gets million hits; then you get paid for it everyday, who knows I’m just working it all out still. So I shouldn’t moan to be honest with you; I’ll get there in the end, just need to be patient and keep on doing what I’m doing. Is by loving my work, continue in writing that I love and just go with the flow. I like to go with the flow to be honest with you as it’s more easier than chase the million dollar question because at the end of the day no one really wants to work do they.

What’s draining your energy? How can I reduce it or sort it out?


Everyone has those moments of something that drains your energy; you always find away to reduce the amount of things that you shouldn’t have or trying to sort it out. It also depends what it is that makes you feel like it; I know mine is so draining to the point off, that nothing can wake me up so I do stupid things before it’s too late. For instance putting conditioner under my armpits instead of my hair; without realising what I was doing until I did it, it was literally too late to do anything else. Does anyone else have these moments?

What’s draining my energy? How can I reduce it or sort it out?

What drains my energy at the best of times is Mental Health; my mental heal has been getting worse since February, due to the fact that I have got family problems going on at the moment. So trying to keep busy by working, blogging, seeing friends if I can and looking after my grandma out; but on top of that sleeping doesn’t help at all, two weekends now that I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day. It’s not good when I need to be doing things; however when I’m so tired and depressed, I can’t even physically do it. 

To be able to reduce the whole problem or be able to take some of the weight off; is by talking to people at work, working, being with close friends that know and be there for me as much as they can when I’m going through a difficult time and to be able to continue to do what I love doing is writing. Without writing in my life I think I would be totally lost without if you know what I mean; it’s one of those things that it’s my comfort zone of being there, to express my feelings through the words and how I want to write it.

The biggest regret that I made…

Introduction the biggest regret that I made…

There’s some people in this world who don’t regret anything at all; I’ve seen things that people who still not learning, all it does is wind me up to the point of I want to have a massive go at them because they really haven’t learnt anything what so ever. 

The biggest regret that I made….

One of my biggest regrets is that using social media in my teens as a diary; only did it once, never again. The safety of using social media is dangerous; at that time I was young in my teens, you could say I was young and stupid at the time. I did have a diary at the time as well; but I was so angry and upset at the time of what was going on, what made it worse was they reported back to people who I didn’t want to know. 

Yeah they were concerned at the time; that through more anger and hate, let alone trust and etc. People can do anything even if they are trying to help or want to make more problems in your life then. You soon realise your the one feeding them the gossip and etc. 

Over the years I have learnt not to post things up that could go back to people; who will bring up the past, has happened a few times and it just brings me more down on why would someone would do that to me. I do share some things to make awareness of what’s out there; like mental health, autism, kidney disease and alzimers. No one should hide away or cover them up; because they are frightened of what health and genes can do people, it’s like saying you can’t do this because your giving people what they want or anything along those lines. 

When I see people do it; please don’t shout it out to the whole world, not everyone needs to know. Only if your true friends should know what’s going on; not all the people who could be fake friends, there are lots of fake friends around than real friends. 

All I have to say is just be careful in what you write on social media; be careful who you tell, be careful who you can trust and most importantly write it in a diary. A dairy is more secret and secure place to keep everything in. Believe me I should know. 

Anxiety vs the bed sheets/covers


Think I’ve just gone mad! Haha literally just started to strip my bed at about 2:10am in the morning of Monday 17th April 2017. All because I felt like I was been bitten by something; on which makes me feel really itchy, then made me turn into one over drive anxious person. As I’m writing this right now I can feel every inch of my body itchy; trying to reframe of itching it, just hoping it’s just my figure of imagination. 

Gave up I had to itch it so much; to the amount of nervousness of thinking that I’ve been bitten or something that had been touching me but left something for me to itch, it became an fear of the u known of what is going on why would I end of up starting to strip my bed of the night. 

As I anxiously put one of my blankets over the mattress bed sheet to help cover the mattress; I thought I’ll see if that will help me feel less itchy on my arms and the rest of my body, well it help for awhile just to help me to get some sleep for the night. However my mood still didn’t change in the morning; my skin was so itchy so was my hair, I was starting to loose it for awhile until I forced myself to go and have a shower. 

The nice damp, warm water helped to reduce the most of the anxiety and the irrational itches on my scalp and my skin had stopped. As I was out in my local town centre with one of my parents; that’s when everything had started again, the anxiety and the itchyness of the skin. Felt like I was going to loose it with someone even though it’s not their fault; but when I’m in that state of mind it’s a lot harder to get out off, after my experience on Friday night without knowing what happened after I actually fell asleep. 

Until my friend said the next day I was so jumpy like I was going to kill them or wanted them to save me from something. So all in all I think it was just my anxiety kicking in badly last night; not my bed sheets or my bed covers, something must of triggered it to be that bad. Where I was on edge all day and taking it on people. Such fun. 

Kidney Disease Awareness 


One day it got me thinking when I had received some sad news that I’m not going to say as it’s rather personal; that we should look after our health & wellbeing no matter how old we are, this is because of my current experiences that I am facing at the moment in time. 

Kidney Disease Awareness

People think that they are invisible where they think nothing can hurt them; think that they are super heroes that they see in films, that’s fiction not real life. Some are just lucky that they’ve got a good gene in their family; some are not so lucky as it passes down each generation, maybe skip a generation on which it is odd but luck but still carry the gene if they don’t have it themselves.

Kidney Disease is close to my heart more than it use to be; as I didn’t understand much about it when I was growing up, but now as I’m older and witnessing the start of it unfolding now I know what it means. 

What is Kidney Diseased?

What do your kidneys do?

Very simply, your kidneys take away the rubbish from your body and keep the good stuff in. They also play a vital role in maintaining a good balance of fluid and salts, controlling high blood pressure, preventing anaemia and keeping bones strong and healthy. They are often taken for granted, but they perform an essential service – keeping our bodies clean and healthy. 

Dirty blood comes in from all around the body

As we move around, our muscles produce waste products and toxins that are extracted by our blood and taken to the kidneys via the renal artery to be removed.

Normally our kidneys take away the waste

The kidneys are made up of tiny parts called nephrons, which extract all the waste products from our blood and send them to our bladders. Clean blood leaves the kidneys via the renal vein.

What makes our kidneys go wrong?

Kidneys become less efficient in a slow, steady way after we reach middle age, but it is usually a long time before there are obvious signs of something wrong. When some nephrons fail or get blocked, the others have to work even harder to compensate and so they begin to fail too. A chain-reaction begins, which can be very difficult to stop.

What causes it?

The Big 3

Kidney disease is known as the ‘silent killer’ because the signs are very difficult to spot. But what we do know is that the people most likely to be among the ‘missing million’ are those who suffer from:

  •   Diabetes
  •   High blood pressure
  •   Heart disease

You should be particularly concerned if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, because the kidney damage actually makes these conditions even worse, which in turn goes on to compound the kidney damage.


Unfortunately, your risk of having kidney failure is also increased if you are from an African-Caribbean or South Asian background, or have a family history of kidney disease. Someone of Asian origin with diabetes is TEN times more likely to develop kidney failure than someone of European origin with diabetes.


Other less common causes include inflammation (glomerulonephritis) or infection (pyelonephritis). Sometimes kidney disease is inherited (polycystic disease) or the result of a longstanding blockage such as enlarged prostate or kidney stones. 

Some drugs can cause CKD, especially certain pain-killing and anti-inflammatory drugs if taken over a long time. Often it isn’t possible to say what has caused the problem.

For more information please go to or by clicking on the link. Don’t ignore it do something about it.