Hauls 2018: Part 2 – Birthday Haul 2018

This year my birthday fell on a Tuesday. It was a bit of hated day more than ever because of personal reasons I’m not getting into because it’s not me to delve about my personal life on here; however I’m not talking about that I’m talking about what I have received on my birthday, to which I am grateful to receive from my family and birthday messages from friends.

True friends helped me get through the day as much as possible even know it should of been the best day spending it with family and etc. Few closet friends know how difficult it can be for me but I’m still not going to get into it. However what I’m going to talk about is what I have received for my birthday.

Bits and Bobs Haul

– Cinema Light Box

– Bracelet Handmade

– Stitching and etc craft book

– Box of heroes

– Lego that’s magnet

– The tiny book of tiny pleasures

– The luxury bathing company by Grace Cole (elderflower, crassis and lemon blossom)

The Body Shop Haul

– Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel 250ml

– Mango Shower Gel 250ml

– Strawberry Body Butter 50ml

– Shea Body Butter 50ml

– Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter 50ml

– Frosted Berries Body Butter 50ml

As you noticed in both Christmas and Birthday Hauls last week (Christmas December 2017) and this week (Birthday January 2018) that it’s been The Body Shop festa haul. That’s what all I got for my birthday.

Hauls Part 1: Christmas Haul

Christmas is now over and soon will 2018 can’t wait to see this year to be well and truly over. Been tough year for me in a whole but got through it with good friends to get me through it. This Christmas I do have to say it’s not the first time I’ve been ill at Christmas but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be the last either. All well we aren’t going to wish the year away are we. This is the last haul of the year of 2017 so I’m just rounded up everything so far that I have received for Christmas. Next week I will be doing New Year Haul 2018 for my Birthday Haul. One way to kick it off the new year.

This year I received a far amount of The Body Shop Products; as I have requested some of them on my list this year, it’s quite nice to have something like that Body Shop.

– Strawberry Collection Gift Box – soap (100g), 50ml Body Butter, 75ml softening body polish, 250ml shower gel and puffer thing.

– Shower Gel 250ml – Frosted Berries, Strawberry

– Body Butter Handcream 50ml – coconut, mango x2, frosted berries, strawberry

– Calming & Caring Milk 400ml – Almond Milk & Honey,

– 300ml bubble bath – Frosted Berries Foaming Bath

– Butter Bear Bath Bomb

– Golden Wonder Bath

– Cosmetics silver box to put my everyday usage of make up

– New makeup brushes

– Pro Hygiene Sanitising Solid Brush Cleaner

– Warm woolly socks lots of them

– Warm PJ oversize as I like my oversize things

– Boux Avenue underwear

– “Be your own kind of beautiful” – A4 notebook

– “Follow your dreams” – Small Version Notebook

– “You are Epic” – Small Version Notebook

– Owl decoration/ornament