Everyday Topics: (8.6.18) Friday – People who gate crash

I’m one of those people who hate people who gate crash things whether they were invited or not because they just want to control everything. I generally believe that people who are self loathing people who make it out it’s all about them and be center of attention.

I genuinely don’t understand why people do that because at the end of the day people who they think that they are their friends will turn against them. Either fall out or they will diss them whether it’s on YouTube or in the papers or magazines or even on social media.

No matter if they are rich, famous, youtubers, or just normal human beings because it’s not right; I’m not one for the whole up taking someone down by naming and shaming anyone, especially in public because at the end of the day they are the ones showing their true colours than the one it’s actually aimed at.

I’m not naming anyone or anything. I observe people quite well because I keep to myself unless there’s something to put people back into their place. People may call me a ninja some call me assign just go in for the whole speak my mind. That’s the best way forward to be honest especially for me because I’ve let people like that walk all over me throughout my life even though no matter how much I’ve helped them and what not.

They throw it back into my face and say nasty things about me which aren’t true and what not but also they are the ones that me down not the other way away around. People’s egos do need to loose a few pegs now and then. That’s when they realise how much they annoyed me when I decide to speak my mind about things especially what they do that isn’t right.

Friday Topics: Alzheimers Diease is horrible

The most iconic tv star from such shows in the United Kingdom from Carry On and Eastenders Barbara Windsor; who bravely came out with the help of her husband letting them know that she has Alzheimers, in another words Dementia on 10.5.18. They both decided to come out now about it because they think it’s time before she gets worse; however loads of people all over the country who knew Barbara from different shows, and her charity work that was close to her heart gave their support, love and understanding. There’s always one or two who slammed them to get this a secret; yet reading the article about the complete cock up (excuse the language), Barbara Windsor hasn’t died she’s still living doing her daily activities with the help of her love ones around her, with the public support and understanding that loosing someone that they love and grown up to watch on the tv. 

I find that the TV news program very insulting to be quite frankly and very rude to the people who have the disease. They don’t even know how it feels to see a love one who is battling with it; they don’t know what happens behind close doors, or anything like that I for one should know what it’s like day in day out. I have a relative who also battling with the disease hearing that Barbara Windsor was diagnosed with it at age 76 in 2014 now coming out now as it’s becoming worse. It hit home a lot because the person that I love the most in my family was diagnosed with Alzheimers 5 to 6 years ago became worse but manageable now at the moment. It is a lot harder to contend with at the time but they aren’t dead; they are living battling on everyday, I take it as each day comes with them and I try to help out as much as I can but yes it scares me what I may find. At the end of the day they are still my love one; still special to me, and most importantly they still witty and funny when you know they don’t mean what they say to you. 

I beg of you please don’t treat people who have Alzheimers like they have passed away because they haven’t; they are still living, they are still human beings at the end of the day and most importantly they need support with their daily lives at the end of the day. 

Everyday Post: Why can’t certain men admit that they are wrong?

Before I get started I thought I might give Everyday Post a good spring clean by giving it a new pictures and set of look as I’ve given most of the other categories a new set of meaning over the past few months so I decided to give Everyday Post the attention that it deserves. Now that’s that for its little intro the topic for today is why can’t certain men admit that they are wrong?

I find that people who actually care and know that they did wrong admit it and try to fix the problem but people who are too proud to say that they are wrong. Trust me I’ve experienced that as well it’s like okay let’s be a bigger person here but yet they still haven’t got the gist that they’ve also played the part of the problem as well; you’re like what’s the point in trying to explains, educate them and what not. You may find that you just might as well walk away from it all and them even though they are like you’re closest friend ever but sometimes they soon realise how much help and etc that you done for them they have lost that person because of their actions. Sometimes your the one over time may want to get into contact with them because you still care; they may soon realise how much they effected you deeply, or they might of realise how much they have done and finally become the bigger person and let their pride go because their friendship is more important to them than their pride.

Trust me I’ve let go a fair amount of people especially men go because of their actions and none of them have come back to fix their friendship with me or admit that they have been wrong or help challenge my own problems with me. To be honest I’m quite glad that they haven’t to be honest because otherwise it would be more hard work than normal.

What do you think? Would love to know on other people’s opinions?