Peer Pressure


Well, I’ve been thinking as this week; I’ve been talking in my other two events about our safety at all ages, we find peer pressure a lot of the in schools, magazine and the world of celebrities. 

Peer Pressure 

The most astonishing thing about peer pressure of all ages of life is that people have to follow every fashion, every technology, every hair style and many more. Everyone has to have the very next big thing; otherwise if they don’t, they will think that that their friends or their peers will be ashamed of them if they don’t have the next new thing. 

This will cause children to have mental health problems because people who bully others for their looks, poor backgrounds and etc will think it’s all their fault. Which will make them do drastic measures of either self-harming, suicide or even put pressure on their parents to help them look good and do things that they may regret later in life. 

Mental health problems have now been picked up now than it has been in the past years; no one really had a clue what can cause it to have it, as soon as people realise that the children are getting the symptoms. Even if the government are putting pressure onto the staff; the staff having to put it on the children, you will soon get a back lash of children of that generation being diagnosed with it. 

I didn’t really suffer much of peer pressure or anything like but did struggle with fitting in as people who had loads of friends, boyfriends and etc. I didn’t really had an easy time through school other than doing things like plays and sports etc just to get out of classes. I think that’s what got me through secondary school to be honest because I hated being in classes or something. I use to cry like maybe once or twice or maybe more when I was a school; I didn’t know why or anything until like my last two years of secondary school I kind of given up the whole I don’t give a too hot about anything, didn’t even bother claiming things for the house that I was in. 

I was known to be the quiet boffin who would cry at something; or even just get on with their work because the teacher says or things would go back to my mum, sometimes things did and it would cause tension etc. Did I know then that I had mental health problems? Probably not. Did I know then? when I could hear for the first time when I was about 4 or 5 years old! No I didn’t. Looking back at now I can perfectly say to anyone; was I under the influence of peer pressure throughout school as everyone was cleaver than me, smarter than me and have more of the social life me and have loads of friends. I probably say “yes I was”. 

Peer pressure can cause even at work because everyone has different skills, different ways of doing things, different levels no one is wrong but you can feel the peer pressure of it all when things go wrong or something. Peer pressure can be harsh and horrible. 

All I can say is speak out. Get help. Don’t shut people out. Yeah it’s frightened to speak out as you don’t know how people will react or even respond to the whole thing. The more people talk about it; the more people will recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health issues in which they can raise the alarms, on your behalf if you can’t face of telling someone you can’t trust or be judged. I’m like like my that I’m scared of being judged by someone or by people if I mention to people that I suffer with it.

Internet Safety 


It was one night that I really couldn’t sleep; things just kept on playing over and over my head, which isn’t healthy for myself or my mental state of mind. Internet safety kept on propping up in my mind; on which we hear on how dangerous internet can be no matter where we are, or what we are doing. We just think we’re doing things so innocently; but yet at times it can cost us our lives, where no one knows what is happening. Then all of the sudden; it’s another case on the news across the whole world, that someone has gone missing or turning up dead. 

I don’t mean to frighten you; but internet is a dangerous game to play within itself, people say “oh I’ll be fine…what harm will come out of it” before it’s too late to stop it. The dreaded thing has happened; no matter how hard you try, you start blaming yourself that you could of done much better than you did. 

Internet safety isn’t just there for younger generation; it’s there for everyone to use as a guideline, it does go for young adults, adults and the elderly. All of the chat rooms; social media, internet games, videos on YouTube and many more. They all link to people who we all think are really nice; friendly, caring and think that they are our friend. Until one day they start changing their tone; once they have got you where they want you, make you do things that you don’t want you to or listen to them more over your true friends and family.

Younger generation may think that their parents maybe intervening with their lives but they aren’t really; they only care about you, want you to be safe. They will continue to care about you when your in your adult life; even when they have passed, they will still care about you know matter what. Believe me my parents care still even when I’m an adult; I’m still their child no matter what happens to me, they are always there for me when I need them.

How do you know what’s good on you? And what doesn’t look good on you?


By now that as soon as this is posted up; I’ll be away for a night with a friend to get away, down in the south west of the country, I am looking forward to but anxious at the same time as it’s the first time being away from home in awhile. I know I’ll be safe and be having fun. I need it to take my mind of things along side to help me feel well enough and prepared to go back to work on Tuesday. 

How do you know what’s good on you? And what doesn’t look good on you?

I always find that you may need a second opinion weather it’s your best mate or your relative. For me it’s myself or with a best mate that I’m with at the time to help me pick out what’s good and what not. It has taken me a very long time to know what looks good on me and what doesn’t look good. 

I use to wear lots of things that didn’t look right on me for years; always looked out of place, always tried to look different but at that time no one really knew what to wear in 2000 to 2010 really. It was a new decade or century not sure what it’s called but as the years gone by clothing became more nicer than it has been. It’s my personal experience; since leaving college in 2012 I became custom to explore more what I would like to wear; as I was working and money was coming in, so it was easier for me to go looking what suited me more. 

Then about 2013/2014 I think after changing jobs with more money coming; I had found my comfort of clothing that I love to wear day in day out, as I knew I had found what my leash of what suites me more than in the past. I still have my jogging bottoms and etc; I use them for my down time or an ill day because that’s what they are there for, and nothing else.

It’s just finding your own leash and not coping anyone else’s; you don’t have to follow people’s dress sense to fit in, believe me if I told you that I dress quite posh but my sort of poshness of Primark clothing that are cheap. You wouldn’t think that if you saw me walking down the road; looking posh and stylish looking confident in what I’m wearing, nearly all my shoes go with my outfits that I put on so I don’t have to worry about the whole I don’t know what to wear. I do have moments but not that often.

I do a trail and error like get a top that I think I might like and see what I can do with it along side my other clothing that I have at home. If it works that’s awesome but if doesn’t then you haven’t really lost that much money. I reckon you should give it ago. Just get a top or what you fancy give it ago it doesn’t hurt just to try out one thing with your other clothing that you have.  

Good luck lovely people 


Recap Time of my new blog and prep


This weeks Friday Time Recap Time I’m going to be recapping over the course of this week of blog prep and the new blog website. I do have to say it isn’t that easy when your relaunching a new website; along with all the prep work that has to go around it, also the paperwork that you have to put forward for it. 

I’m already a weeks behind on my paperwork for this month but will catch up for it; as I have the evidence for what I have done so far this week, hopefully I’ll catch up with it soon as I can. 

Recap Time of my new blog and prep. 

Today in hustle and bustle of blogging advice; this week I have finally got the official blog up and running, put up a few of the last three months of newsletters up so that old and new readers can catch up on what’s been happening. Have created new blogs like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and etc blogs where if I have something perceive that I want to talk about that will happen with that correct day. 

Along the normal blog post that I have had in the past will still follow; along with the three nights events plus Sunday’s event, as per normal because it seems fair that everyone one enjoys the whole events on certain times. Apologies this is a late one due to having personal things happening; so it took a little while longer to write, this one as I was planning this all day but haven’t had a chance to write it all out. 

I have spent monjority of the day cutting out pictures and have started laminating things for my clipboards, blog boards and folders. As I have finally got a new laminator that arrived on Monday; still need to laminate the rest of the pictures before they go onto anything, I like to have them laminated so that if anything does happen like something gets spilt on or something I know it’s okay. I can just replace what is actually damaged.

With the new blog it is hard to rebuild your readers and etc again but in time it will bounce back. It won’t happen over night but giving me a chance to rebuild the audience and get good blogs out there in time will be amazing to get more notice. 

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February Newsletter – Friday Time Recap Time 


Another month gone. Lots of things happened this month to which are some sad and some are happy. New memories have been made. New blogs have been made. There’s nothing more that I can say without my readers and my friends support through my darkest times that I have had. I am grateful for all of the support. Thank you.

I thought each month on every last Friday the newsletter has it’s own slot on the Friday Time Recap Time. As we can look back over the month that we have achieved ourselves and myself.

February Newsletter 

This month I feel like I managed to achieve somethings that I wanted to do with my blogs. The pass month the stats has been great overall due to the fact that my creative writing juice has been excellent even through the darkest at times. However it goes to show that I am still getting amazing reception from my readers who take their time out to read them. 

The Elephant Trump has lost one of his bans already; however is still trying to get around it one way or another, the White House is up in arms with the whole Trump shake up. Doubt it will calm down anytime soon. Had the women march across the whole country of America and even London had one in support which started in the end of January. Sacked a few people. Yelled down the phone to other countries. Petition for stopping Trump coming to England; along with public speaker under fire as he doesn’t want Trump to make a speech, on which the lord speaker had to step in as well.

Valentine’s Day happened in the half term in my local area; on which I didn’t have a brilliant time but it was okay, met up a friend for a bit and then stayed over another friends house later on that day. Did have my whole day planned but had cancelled one of them not me who cancelled it but someone else due to they had to work.

Meet up with the friend Woody who I should of met up on the Tuesday but instead we met up on the Thursday afternoon. On which it was quite nice to have the time together as we don’t get to see each other. Then Saturday of the last half term was meant to meet up Mark but he never messaged or called me when he had finished what he had to do. So I got stood up for that. Went on a date with Jay Camp on the last Sunday and it was very nice and enjoyable. 

On the 6th February 2017 The Queen has celebrated her 65th (sapphire) reigning the country (United Kingdom) as the longest monarch to live and to continue to serve her country at the age of 90. She has brought the whole royal family to the 21st century; still finding ways to reach out to the public, and still standing strong. I asked my parents one question and one question that all parents should know but on this one they couldn’t even answer themselves. When Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth turn 95 and 90 years old last year; I had asked “what will happen when they reach 100 and would they have to send themselves a birthday card of each other saying happy birthday?”, my parents couldn’t even answer that one as no one has reach this far in day in age nor being this long of being a monarch. We will soon have to find out in years to come what will happen.