Friday Time Recap Time: Consequences of other people’s actions

Meanwhile whilst learning the consequences of ones own actions but others around them or around you seems to think that their own actions doesn’t seem to matter but to blame others but not themselves. I do find that I find myself in these situations now and then but when you try to remind the other person that they have to take the fall too but yet they are too far up themselves to realise. Until one day it comes back round to bite them in the arse; they soon come running back to say “you know something you’re right”, you’re like well guess what when I say this is going to happen then you know perfectly well it’s going to happen but thank you ever so much for the whole acknowledgment of your own faults.
It’s like you may call me everything under the sun but at the end of the day your words hurt more; especially with someone who may have mental health issues who already know that they are like it at the time of feeling down, who can’t defend themselves as they normally would and so it make them feel a lot worse. Then remind them how much they hurt you and everything but ignored it and etc in the past no matter how much you forgive them. That’s when they soon realise that they have done far worse than you ever done; your like well then sort yourself out and let me know when you decide not being an arse, help them not make it worse for them in the long run.
To be honest sometimes it’s best to cut people out or go away for awhile so you can clear your head. All I have to say actions speaks louder than words and consequences will all ways come back to bite you’re arse one way or another. No matter how much you try and stop it.

Friday Time Recap Time: “Humour of life” what’s that when it’s at home

What a week! Don’t even know if I was coming or going to be honest with you; it’s been like works been busy to which I don’t mind to be honest I needed the distraction until I get home, and the almighty head starts to kick in with the whole anxiety, stress and everything about stupid things. You then think what the hell are you doing with your life really and that’s when you soon realise your worrying over stupid things.

Yet I have noticed that when I’m a bit behind of blogging or I’m struggled to even open up my iPad to turn to my pages this week especially two days this week that I just couldn’t schedule anything. That’s when I knew that there was a slight problem and personally I don’t think it should effect my blog stats but it does for some reason. This isn’t a get at its just that it’s an observation to be honest and I shouldn’t have to justify myself if I’m having a blip in my life to be honest. I know in the past I would give you guys a heads up but sometimes it’s will catch you by surprise that I haven’t scheduled anything for that day. Just think “oh maybe she’s been busy or she’s ill or something. She has got other blog stores and what not” it’s really not a get at its just that I do have others as well you can check out as well.

However thank you for being patience though even when I’m having a very bad blip in my life this week. I’m just got a lot of things going on in my head then work as well to be honest I like the whole going on long trips but sometimes it does make you tired. Especially when you got to occupy kids for x amount of minutes sometimes they just completely ignore you and your like alright then be in your own world of music. That’s a best bit to be honest with you. I’ve learnt I’m more pro active with behaviour needs and medical side of things.

Life can be so miss leading at the best of times it’s actually quite funny. I have worked out how my life turns out quite funny at the best of it sometimes but then you got to think hang on a minute I’m doing this one minute and the next I’m doing this. It does feel like I’m back at my old job it’s like on the go all the time you don’t have a chance to think unless you stop to be honest with you.
Yep I’m starting to ramble now haha. Remember if I haven’t scheduled anything I have others for you to read just check them out. Here’s a few rules haha.

1.Remember I could be having a blip if I’m struggling to write

2.I’m probably busy

3. I’m probably ill with something

4. Stressed and probably want to punch someone (happens most days mostly my best friend Meg haha) I know I won’t punch someone but it’s one of those days.

Friday Time Recap Time: Time to chill

I’m not your average 20+ year old who goes out on a Friday night just to get hammered or anything like that; I just like to chill, blog if I need to, watch things and have my bed to myself monjority of the time. I tend to go out if I have arranged something but that’s not all the time because money is tight these days but people who go out drinking wish they didn’t after the next day with a massive hangover. I happily just chill with my peeps over the phone and what not.

Wish I never read out the menu of Burger King now to a child to keep them occupied I really want a junkie food again. There’s my alcohol money goes to on junk food haha if I wanted to get waisted I would of gone out and do that but it just doesn’t appeal to me to get waisted like other people and cause fights.

What do you do on your Friday nights let me know? Just for fun as I’m just chilling out and not bothering to do anything.

Friday Time Recap Time: What makes you fabulous?

This morning I posted a Superdrug Haul (2.3.18) the things that I had brought only if I could film what I do on average morning of my make up I would of done. Along side the idea of what the full works of readying my hair; drying my hair, make up and the full works it’s my hair and extensions it would be so easier than me typing it up. Plus I don’t have to talk either haha all I have to do is film and do what I normally do in the time of the process of everything.

The question of tonight’s Friday Time Recap Time I wanted to do this a few days but I was in a sort of a bad place where I couldn’t write about it because I didn’t feel fabulous at all. Yet this passed week it’s been snowing and what not so I had a bit of time to myself; where I’ve had words with myself because my eyes can always tell you there’s a storm happening, and then you know when I’m calm because my eyes go back to light blue.

I always terrified of myself because I never felt fabulous about myself; I always see how pretty other people are, people always compliment me and etc. Yet as soon as I redo my hair and make the time to do my face and everything I know I feel fabulous and confident. Being able to put make up on and doing my hair everyday gives me a purpose in life that I’ve actually accepted myself that I am pretty and etc.

I should be happy with myself knowing that it’s okay to me; yes it’s taken me a long time to accept myself but now that I’ve got an idea of who I am, how I like myself and what not the scares that normal open and shown had faded away it’s not psychological scaring that its on the skin. Mentally and internal inside it goes to show who is winning and whose loosing; yet sometimes it’s no okay when your doing so well, then bam the scares and mental state comes out without warning. All that I can say is it’s okay to be you and no one else.

Friday Time Recap Time: Common misconception of life

Common misconception of life can come in lots of shapes and sizes really; you think your going one way for awhile, then goes another direction for awhile and then another and so on. Believe me it happens to me quite a lot to be honest I think I had only 4 jobs in my life that I spent a fair few good years at them; then move on because at the end of the day it’s a job if you don’t like it you don’t like it, yet for me I don’t understand why people quit so quickly when they haven’t worked at one place for awhile.

Don’t even know to be honest the last job that I had; I was there for about good 4 years before I decided to leave to do something but then again I didn’t really think about it at the time, I just quit not the best way to do it but it gave me time to think what I wanted to do with my life and then that’s that. However after leaving barely had time to think about it someone I knew told me to apply for a job that they are doing; so I thought I might as well give it my best shot to be honest as I wasn’t sure I would get it, yet I was being reasonable to be honest and then all of the sudden I actually got the job after a week later. So I still had my 3 months off before I started but yet continued to going in throughout the months to do bits and pieces for the company ready for me to start for the September.

Yeah I enjoy it a lot. So currently that’s another journey I’m on at the moment but sometimes you think to yourself when your growing up I want to do this; I want to do that, and etc but yet as soon as you’ve done the work towards and the grades for it you soon turn a different direction of life that you want to do. Even you think this is actually not what I want to do to be honest; I wanted to be actress when I was a teen but then I decided not by the stage I left because I knew that my teachers didn’t believe that I can do things like that, then I went to another college after my first year at different one. Spent 3 years at another one doing sports I’ve got the qualifications for it all; I’m not even using them at the moment but it’s there if I do, I then just went into volunteering for a few months then got a job in a store. Wasn’t the best job in the world to be honest yet I was there for two years.

I had two jobs by that stage because I needed the money at the time then moved jobs in a school and still having two jobs then quit my second job in the second year in at the school. I then spent another two years at the school until I moved on. Basically I’ve been working with special needs a fair bit in the space of 7 years in that 7 years I’ve still write my heart out hoping that it will take off but that’s just in the near future I suppose.

You never know when your life will take you in the few months or years to come because at the end of the day you take each day as it comes. You never know where you going to go at the end of the day. Either you take the wrong path and stay on the wrong path or take the right path and then take the wrong path by accident then back onto the right path again. Life will just throw anything at you at the end of the day.

Friday Time Recap Time: Happy Australia Day!

Today on Friday or Saturday 26th January 2018 is Australia Day as they are a day head of us; as we are on Friday 25th January 2017 supporting Australia Day in different ways throughout the day, as Australia is apart of the U.K. for so long I wouldn’t tell you how long. I thought just for as my readers and subscribers for Australia I should honour them in style.

What Do People Do?

Many people have a day off work and use the day among other things to barbecue, go to outdoor concerts, and to play or watch sports events.
Different places in Australia celebrate the day differently. For example, Sydney has boat races including a ferry race and the tall ships race, while Adelaide celebrates with a parade, concert, fireworks, and a cricket match.
Australian citizenship ceremonies are often held on Australia Day. These are ceremonies to welcome immigrants who have been granted citizenship to the country. Although official, these ceremonies often have a festive atmosphere.

Public Life

Australia Day is a public holiday in all states and territories. All schools and post offices are closed. Some public transport services do not operate, and others run a reduced service. Stores are often open, but may have reduced opening hours. There may be some congestion on roads, particularly close to major events.
January 26 marks the landing of Captain Arthur Phillip at Port Jackson in 1788.

The landing is known as the First Fleet and had 11 ships with convicts. The arrival of the First Fleet represents the founding of the colony New South Wales.
In 1818, on the 30th anniversary of the founding of the colony, the Governor of New South Wales gave all government employees a holiday. He also celebrated the day with a 30-gun salute and a ball. In the following years, employees of banks and other organizations were also given holidays.
Initially, it was only New South Wales that celebrated the day, and it was known as First Landing Day or Foundation Day. In 1838, 50 years after the First Fleet arrived, Foundation Day was declared Australia’s first public holiday in New South Wales….”

To find out more about please check out this link


Friday Time Recap Time – Friday Diary Online Entries: Break Free Of The Pain

Whatever you believe this or not it’s up to you. I know the truth that’s all that counts.

I told you when we first met that I had problems but you still loved me know matter what; if you want to help me and be with me take it, because I shouldn’t of said that you should of leave as the amount of times I pushed you away. I tried to hide it. I tried to fake it but I can’t pretend anymore; I only wanted to die alive because of my open wounds have now been opened, knowing that you’ve seen my vulnerability more by the hands of people in my past and I don’t want to hear about the person anymore.

Now that I’ve become who I really am because of you I’m now stronger than I’ve become who I really am; this is the part where I want to say “I want you more than ever” as this is the part where we both know I’m breaking free from my past, because I can’t resist it and can’t go back to it no more. Your better. Deeper inside me with hope and kindness like the highway of goodness.

You always had this little patience with me but I’m still hurting from all of the love that I had lost in the past; I can feel your frustration because all you want to do is stop all of my pain, you just want to hold me close and keep me safe in your arms tonight. Don’t be hard on my emotions because I need time as my heart feel so numb as I’m still healing. Please still have the little patience as I really want to start over again I know that your my salvation because your the one that I can always depend on.
I’m trying to be strong believe me it’s taken it out on me no matter how much anxiety I had to face believe me I’m trying to move on and take control. You know how complicated it is but your the only one that understands me. You can see the amount of scars that have been running so deep; it’s hard to believe that you have been fighting for me, it’s been long for you no matter how painful to see me go through so much and yet still continue to stay put no matter what I chuck at you. You always had that patient for me.

Yet I’m breaking free from all of the pain; finding my confidence once again, making me feeling strong and know when I’m weak. Your my everything as I’ve cried so many tears for you; it’s taken me lot to say but I’ve pushed my pride away to tell you that I love you so much, because what we got is worth fighting for and you are my everything.

Revisit Case….Annabel Inorin how her story began and how it en

(Don’t worry this isn’t a scam all of my information came from a good friend of mine)

Annabel Iron. Let me cast your minds back when I introduced you to her back in July/August 2017. I just wanted to refresh your memory why theses children need your help. At the time Annabel was 11 year old little girl; who looked like a normal little from Nigeria, she is a normal little girl but suffered from “Arrhythmias” yet she didn’t really have much of a life due to this horrible disease that effected her heart. She couldn’t do anything like any other child her age without fallen tired or become very sick. The fact that she was fighting it without any medical care or medication that could help her cope with it.

At the time of her being alive she didn’t have the right equipment or the right medication to be given the have a normal life. Annabel had to continue throughout the night and rely on the hand and foot by the hospital staff and her parents. Knowing that someone like Annabel who is suffering with “Arrhythmias” could pass away at anytime; due to the fact that they don’t have the right equipment and medical attention that they need throughout the day, to which they are missing out on having a normal life and not having to worry about her life wouldn’t be life threatening everyday but also to meet new people and be able to play with friends. However between 31st July – 6th August 2017 Annabel had passed away in her sleep with her family around her. The doctors and nurses tried everything to make her feel comfortable as much as possible but due to lack of equipment and medical care that they didn’t have at the time. Her tiny little 11 year old body couldn’t keep on fighting for much longer.
I have a huge respect for her family, her parents, her doctors and her nurses who have tried everything to help her feel comfortable and help her to be positive about everything. Even with all the odds were stacking up against them all. Trust me I’ve been working with special needs children from the age 21 until present still working with them.

I’ve seen first hand of children like Annabel coming and going with so many medical equipment that they need, medication that they need due to the health conditions. They are lucky in the U.K. that they have good health system that they depend on because you would never know each day to the next what will happen. The day I was told the news of Annabel passing it had truly hit home because I knew what it was like working with someone like Annabel.

All I can say is if you can find your heart to support a child who has a medical condition or a disability in the U.K. or your country; you can branch out a little to get some medical equipment and medication that they need in Nigeria, all I’m asking is to give a little amount that you can give by donating to this link below. That covers everything from the cases you read.

Friday Time Recap Time: First 5 days of 365 days of the year 2018


Yay can’t believe the first 5 days of the new year has finally been completed feels like it’s been longer than that but that’s probably because lots of things has happened in the first 5 days of 2018 that you wouldn’t probably expect. In the title I could of been wrong with x amount of days it’s either 364 days or 365 days; do I really care most probably not, because I’m that exhausted that I can’t think or anything. Let me explain my first 5 days of this year had come about.

This year instead of resolutions I started with goals because I know I can go back to them throughout the year; along with two close people who I trust know will help me stick to them as much as I can, if you want to know what they are. Why not check this weeks Wednesday Evening Post (3rd January 2018) as it’s on there.

The first two days weren’t the best start of the new year due to personal reasons along with me not sleeping properly as well. It never starts well for me in the new year I believe but I could be just being sensitive or something I don’t know; I’m just taking each day as it comes than rushing it all the time, I had two successful positives so far already to which is a good start in my book.

I have challenged myself to take control of my life the way I want it; I’ve actually started to save money which is a good start, and along side that I had the best positive news about my hearing where there wasn’t anything wrong with my hearing. The fact that one is weaker than the other one but the dr was confident that I should be fine and don’t need to worry about anything; yet its me being paranoid and anxious over my hearing, yet asked for hearing aid assessment just to be on the safety reasons and double check.

Friday Time Recap Time: Emotions run high when ones ill.

After all week trying to figure out what to write for this blog tonight; it occurred to me how much my emotions have been all over the place because of being ill with the flu, didn’t even realise or remember how much having a cold effected me that badly before until now.

The fact that I’ve had been waking up at stupid o’clock not thinking that I’m going down with anything to begin with; yet feeling hungry in the middle of the night, can’t sleep and etc. No one likes being ill at the end of the day but I find it a lot harder to express my feelings more when I’m not well because I could never express them in the first place. Long story for the reason why; let’s just say no one knows if I’m okay or not, because I keep to myself and don’t say anything until I end up in tears.

That’s when people notice something isn’t right to be honest; I don’t even notice when I’ve got a cold or anything because when I can’t hear that’s when my parents and my sister notice apparently I mumble and talk quietly. I never know that I do that until they point it out.

I generally don’t know when I’m going down with something until one day out of the blue like I had the other day; didn’t even see the signs of going down with something until I got it, and felt dreadful with my body that ached and etc.

Going to rest up as much as I can good night peeps.