Saturday’s Topic: Where is the safest place to be?

Welcome to Saturday’s Topic for the day on the 24th February 2018; you begin to wonder only 2nd month into the new year you think so far so good nothing bad has happened in your country, unless your in other countries who are still living in terror hoping that it would end as soon as possible and yet you wonder why other countries think it’s okay to turn on their own. What is the cause of it? What’s the agenda behind it? What is it trying to prove?
My deepest condolences and my thoughts go out to the family in the recent events of school shootings out in the US. As most of my fan base are from over there as well. I hate when it children and innocent people are involved in these dreadful things like shootings and terror attacks it’s not right. I just don’t understand how or why they want to do that; is it because they want to claim that it’s cool or other people have done it and got on the news to shock the world to say “I am here notice me!”
Not even sure what the terror attacks want but it seems to have lost all meanings throughout the years; due to certain leaders to saying that the West is taking over killing their country and their people, or they think it’s the act of god wanting them to do it so that they can go into heaven.
No matter what the reason is no where is safe anymore so than it has been. Yet we just get up and carry on like it’s another day. Showing that people don’t scare us anymore. Remember how many times we as a country had multiple of attacks like nearly every two weeks or just barely a month we just ended up running to the scene to help than running away from it; showing that people who do these dreadful things remember that they can’t break us as a country or a community, showing the whole world that they need to also stand together help their fellow citizens who have been attacked.
No matter if you’re in the EU or not but following other countries but helping the others than watch other countries take the fall and not help. It shows who’s great and stands up to the bad people not giving other people like teachers having guns to protect the class and themselves. That’s not right it has to have a great leader ship of who would help others than themselves. Yeah I just quoted something from either Harry Potter or from the bible but it’s true you have to put others before yourself who are in danger.


#Throwbackthursday: Re-Visit of Sorry not Sorry

The best feeling of having the worst morning to the best evening all I can say is that I for one knowing that I can beat anything if I know that I won’t feel threatened from anyone again. So I decided to turn it into a story but a re-visit of sorry not sorry in another wave of some sort of story.

Payback is a bad bitch and when you mess with someone like me I’m the baddest because I’m out there looking like I want to take revenge. Yet I feel like I’m a 10 the best that I’ve ever been because I understand him much better than you did; I know how bad this must look to you but yet you damaged your reputation, that must of hurt even seeing me like this by standing by your man who doesn’t even love you. Guess what it’s going to get worse as you are just about to be kicked out to where you come from; now you’re just looking like you have this massive regret on your face because being over confident, over powering, getting what you want and being to proud of who you are. You will never get a chance like this because me and Caspian are too strong; love, care, understanding and most importantly one main person whose been watching over us both kept us a lot stronger and together.

Now continue to pack your bags because we don’t want to see you ever again as your a fucking savage. Can’t have this life that we have because we owned it like no one else can have it. For me to be nice to take it on you but guess what? I’m not going to do the mind trick that your trying to do by getting me and Caspian to split because I’m sorry I’m not that sorry being bad to you got me feeling kind of good in finding my confidence once again. Now that I got inspired as the tables have turned once again in my life it’s like I’m on fire and that burns like crazy as when you received on a cold day like today.

The most finest people who are made for each other to kill the traumatic experience of someone who’s more dominant than anything else. Telling me how it feels is so much better telling me to take a chill pill; but right now this going to sting you because the grass is greener underneath me, than yours as your sinking in the sticking and sinking in the muddy English countryside. Yes you can see me with him with your bright colour technicolour binoculars; you can always talk about that talk as much as you can, but your still continuing to walk that walk that way off not coming back.

Everyday Post: That night that you can’t sleep

I thought as I haven’t done a story in a while and struggling to write for a topic for Teenagers Life Crisis. I just thought I might as well to do a story for now hoping that it will help me out just a bit.

It was that one night on Monday 27th November 2017 going into Tuesday 28th November 2017 you soon realised your head wasn’t going to let you sleep due to the amount of crying you had done before that. Normally crying sends you to sleep because it wears your body out. Well normally works with me anyway but then again I hadn’t had much sleep for three nights before that anyway.

Why was this one so different? Out of the four nights why did this stuck out like a sore thumb? Then I turn to be on my side; the side that I would face if he was there laying next to me, like he once would of have done before he had told me as soon as I came out of my deep dark depression that he was off again to serve again. I felt like my heart was just been ripped out of me like I was in Once Upon a Time; it felt like I was just about to get better when he decided to tell me, there and then that when he was going.

It felt like just yesterday that he didn’t tell me or what he was doing when he wanted me to be with him all those weeks ago; then a public engagement went out to the whole world to know that he was going to marry her, the women he did not actually want to be with…..