#throwbackthursday: Do you believe in people who would want to make a career out of writing?

I’ve never stopped believing in others who want to make a career in something that they love to do; unless they haven’t got the passion or self driven to help themselves to push themselves forward to do it, if they expect to have it handed to them. Then why should I even bother trying to help them at all.
I always have time and see people’s potential in them if they want to write them write; I can help them as much as I can with knowledge, experience and how I work around the difficult times when it comes to a writer’s block. I help a blogger out time to time; when they don’t PROOF READ THERE WORK! Haha I know at the best of times it’s hard to see where the wrong places are or you’re not sure where you put your grammars. Even if your grammars are in the right place or not.

I even get them wrong half the time. It’s not easy. It just practice and get someone to help you or have someone secretly do it for you and email them to you. That’s what I do to be honest and I get the whole OMG! Or that’s cool. I’ve only get like one whole blog needs correcting or just one or two paragraphs needed editing. I like it even better that I don’t have to do anything at all.

I’m like yay night off from proofreading someone’s work. I always make sure that I write my blog posts or stories out by hand or on a word document because I can proof read my work as I’m going along. I don’t read many books but when I do it takes me a month or so to read them; but that’s me struggling with reading anyways due to learning difficulties, however reading other people’s blogs, reading over my stories and blogs I can prove my reading other ways. You have to find away that suits you because it’s not work but being a better writer you have to proof read your work before hitting the publish button.

Plan what your going to write out on a word document or be old school and write it out on piece of paper because at the end of the day that’s the only way to learn and teach yourself to learn from your mistakes as a writer. This isn’t a nag just away to help you proof your writing skills.

Wednesday Evening Post: New year goals 2018

Welcome to Wednesday Evening Post 2018! First one of the year. Didn’t actually realise how tired I am after drinking a cider can’t even remember what it was now but it was my favourite anyways. No I’m not drunk. So don’t ask a stupid question I’m just tired that’s all.
This year I rather not get a new year resolution or resolutions because they never seem to stick or anything plus I forget or they break in day one. So what’s the point in making goals if they aren’t going to work. Goals on the other hand I think I can stick to those quite easily if you ask me.

Goals of 2018

  1. Save as much money as possible
  2. Work on my blogging and writing throughout the year
  3. Be as positive as I can be
  4. Over come things that I thought I never could
  5. Prove to myself that I can do things for myself
  6. Be able to achieve a successful writer (on going goal since between 5-7 year old kid.)
  7. Keep on proving my dyslexia with my writing (have come along way since school) given up on maths.

That’s about it to be honest. Sorry I just went straight into it because I know I’ll start talking jibberish and not get anywhere. I am now going to say good night as I’m starting to fall asleep now. Good night.

Hauls 2018: Part 2 – Birthday Haul 2018

This year my birthday fell on a Tuesday. It was a bit of hated day more than ever because of personal reasons I’m not getting into because it’s not me to delve about my personal life on here; however I’m not talking about that I’m talking about what I have received on my birthday, to which I am grateful to receive from my family and birthday messages from friends.

True friends helped me get through the day as much as possible even know it should of been the best day spending it with family and etc. Few closet friends know how difficult it can be for me but I’m still not going to get into it. However what I’m going to talk about is what I have received for my birthday.

Bits and Bobs Haul

– Cinema Light Box

– Bracelet Handmade

– Stitching and etc craft book

– Box of heroes

– Lego that’s magnet

– The tiny book of tiny pleasures

– The luxury bathing company by Grace Cole (elderflower, crassis and lemon blossom)

The Body Shop Haul

– Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel 250ml

– Mango Shower Gel 250ml

– Strawberry Body Butter 50ml

– Shea Body Butter 50ml

– Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter 50ml

– Frosted Berries Body Butter 50ml

As you noticed in both Christmas and Birthday Hauls last week (Christmas December 2017) and this week (Birthday January 2018) that it’s been The Body Shop festa haul. That’s what all I got for my birthday.

Everyday Post: Birthdays ay! (Going inside with mine)

Come along, come along, come along now. Got yourself a nice cuppa of something to drink or something that suits your needs. Cool. Today I just fancied a birthday chat with everyone just because I can and I just did; as you can guess today is my birthday (2nd January) not like I’m getting any younger, but some of you may guess I look younger and some of you may think I look older. A fair few might actually think I’m the right age.

Only rarely people get it spot on how old I am because when I get people to guess how old I am; I then tell them my actual age, and they are like well you don’t look it. Over the years now I’ve decided to become more hatred towards my birthday than ever before; I’m not 100% why maybe it’s because of personal reasons that I don’t actually want to get into, it’s no one else’s business especially social media’s no one needs to know or the whole world. I may write a topic for Teenagers Life Crisis for this afternoon for you guys depends if I can get it done and think of something for it.

I’ve actually soon started to want to cancel my birthday as much as possible; as it’s been literally drawing near and near I just become more anxious than anything else, not sure why that is but heyho I just feel more I think about it and people ask me what I want to do for it. I’m just like I don’t know I rather not have it to be honest. I’m a new year baby so it’s one of those things where you find that you have Christmas and Birthday too close together then you have nothing to look forward to for the rest of the year.

I’ve only learnt recently that one of my parents didn’t want to call me the name I got because their cousin was a troublesome but my other parent was like it’ll be fine. Think I’ve just for filled my name to be honest over the years I think. Not even sure to be honest how I’m like them but there we go maybe I need a decent guy to hold me down and tame me. What do you reckon? Decent bloke for birthday present yes please haha. Not going to happen I know. I just keep dreaming about it.

Not sure what’s happening today for my birthday because I never know in the first place. Fish and chips for dinner because everyone can eat it so the actual thing that I want few people can’t have so that goes out the window but it doesn’t bother me rather make sure everyone can have what they have. Ugh but there we go life isn’t always about you at the end of the day it’s the people who you want to share it with and have to caterer for. Plus everyone else is working late or on a late shift due to their work so you can’t do much about it to be honest.

I’m not really bothered anymore. I hate center of the attention in the first place I rather sit quietly and keep to myself. As I’m writing this yesterday (1st January) starting to feel the alcohol that I’ve had with my dinner only had the one haha. All well who cares at least I’ll be able to get some sleep one way or another. Haha you guys will never know unless you follow me on twitter or Instagram or my facebook page.

Enjoy the rest of the day. Xx

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: 2018 Blogging has officially started!

Happy New Year everybody! So glad to see all of you guys back and ready to start the new year. Before I start with the original blog for the first day of the year you guys probably want to know what’s going to happen this month, this full year of the world of blogging. You know me guys right I take each day as it comes if something good comes out of it then you guys are the first ones to know right.

Right guys? …………….guys? Where did you go? ‘Looking out across the audience and all you could see the barman and a goat’ thinking process that came to my head.

New blogger wanting to know how to set up a blog. Also a recap for current bloggers.

Welcome to my Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging every Monday of each week I write about how to improve your websites and how I do it. Mainly I give advice on how certain things work and what doesn’t work but it may workout for you it might not you will never know. As your new or just want a fresh reminder/crash course then here we are; you have come to the right place, the right time for the new year as well. Have you got a notebook and pen to write down or do it bullet journal or check list. However it works for you go for it because everyone is different.

How do you decide a catchy domain name for your blog?

If you have a catchy name already and you tried to come up with other names as well but that one you thought of first has stuck out at you the whole time then stick with it. At the end of the day it’s the one that you will use for the rest of your blogging hobby; what I mean by that is once you start building up your fan base, and your work around the domain name it will get people talking and will help you build your profile up even more.

What websites are free to start out on?

The best way to start first is to take baby steps into blogging world because if you go straight into the deep end and pay for your domain and you work out that this isn’t for you or you haven’t got time your paying like £7.99 amount for something that your not using. Free sites are the best start in this line of hobby because you know that if your busy you don’t have to worry as much.

Sites that are free

– Wordpress

– Blogger

– Google +

– Tumblr

What niches can you write?

You can decide what ever niche you want to write at the end of the day. You don’t have to follow the trend of your favourite bloggers or YouTubers because at the end of the day; it’s your platform, your blog and your work no one else’s. You can’t copy your favourite YouTuber or blogger to the exact because they have their own way of doing things that might not be helpful or any use to you at all. You have to find your own way of working with the blogging and etc to help you feel comfortable with yourself.

Niches that you can write (a few ideas that I can think off)

– Travel

– Politics

– Beauty

– Humour

– Stories

– And many more

Research and knowledge?

The best bit when your writing or videoing your videos especially if your out and about and you think hang on a moment this would be a great idea for a blog. Research is good by reading and watching other bloggers or YouTubers to see what they do; just observation purposes, and etc.

Also having the knowledge of what you know to help support your writing as well that will gain your attention of your readers as well. My advice is don’t talk about yourself too much on the blogs and etc. I know these days people do weather they do mean it or they don’t but one day it will come back to bit you.

Start building up your blog space by using social media and how often you do them.

To be able to start up your blog space using social media and how often do you use them? I use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Page for my blogs and many other things like when I’m going out or something. I like to document them if I don’t have a chance to write them down on my blog I use my Instagram that’s just for my blog that is linked up to my facebook page and my twitter account for my blogs.

It’s just helps to keep on top of things whilst being on the road or I’m aways from my iPad at the time because at the end of the day I may be so exhausted or something I just don’t bother in doing so. Always look for other ways of attracting attention to your audience is a key in life. That’s what I always told myself.

Once you get the flow of what you have in mind for a year or so. How do you know when your on the next level of setting your next goals?

To be able to feel comfortable and confident with your blog work and the amount of audience that you are gaining. You can set yourself a next lot of goals and gradually increase your flow of work that you want to do; that will also increase more of your audience, and where they are in the world.

When is it time to own your domain?

To know when it’s time to own your own domain that you have built up can only work when your ready to. It’s only you that should know within yourself you feel the confident enough to take that step forward. Only you can decide to take that leap of faith not anyone else’s.

Newsletter December 2017 – Round up of the year of 2017

I was just looking up when the next century was and that’s not until another few years or so. Never understood that to be honest but heyho then it just occurred to me what century was I born in. I looked it up and I was born in the 20th century the last part of the 1900s.

I want to take on 2018 like no other give me an inch that I promise I’ll take a mile; as the danger is beauty that I face, I will face it with a smile because I’m on a mission with no restrictions so don’t give me a second guess and I’m born to be wild. I’m that type of chick that likes to rock the beat in my own way. 20th century girl I do what I like; because I’m going to take you for a ride, I’m going to live it up and not going to give it up.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you guys readers, followers and everyone who has giving me support to not giving up on my blogging and writing skills. No matter how hard things were in my life throughout 2017 but you guys were the ones that got me through it all. Yes there’s been bad times and good times at least we’ve all got through the year together.

Let’s bring 2018 more happiness and fun. Let’s see where this year is going to take us. As I have said and will say it again you guys were the amazing people on earth to get me through it all; along side my closet friends, family and even people who I have met along the way.

Let’s fight together and remain strong for each other no matter how low or upset we get. We know who to turn to at the end of the day. Happy New Year to you all. As my cousin messaged me saying “2018” “Great Big 2018” in his own special way of saying “happy new year!” God bless him and his special needs. God bless everyone.

Everyday Post – The Voice Within

Young girl please don’t cry I’ll be right here when you start to fall because this young girl will be alright; your tears will dry, and you’ll soon be free fly. As you lay in your room your safe and you tend to dream of a place where nothing is harder than it seems. Yet no one ever wants or to explain the amount of heartache that life can bring and what it means.

When there’s no one else you can look inside yourself like you had the most oldest friend; just trust the voice within and you’ll find your guide to find away out, all you need to trust the voice within. Young girl please don’t hide. You’ll never change if you just run away. Young girl just hold on tight soon you’re going to see your brighter day one day soon.

Now in a world where there is innocence has been quickly claimed that it’s so hard to stand your ground because when you’re so afraid and no one reaches out a hand for you hold. When you’re lost outside looking inside to your soul there’s no one else to look inside yourself. You find like your oldest friend has never disappeared just need to trust the voice within and you’ll find the strength that will guide your way you will learn to begin the voice within.

Life is a journey it can take you anywhere that you choose to go; as long as you are learning along the way you will find all what you ever need to know to be strong, as it breaks just hold on tightly you will make it strong again and just don’t forsake it because no one can tells you what you can’t do. No one can stop you, you know that I’m talking to you.

Young girl don’t cry because I’ll be right here when your world starts to fall.

Day 24 Christmas Log Blog: Brian’s Santa is coming to town

On Christmas Eve Honey and Brian were sitting on the sofa by the log stove in the cottage; waiting for his uncle and aunt to come home walking the dogs, as they loved the snow more than Brian did not even sure why or he couldn’t remember why the reason was. Yet his uncle always knew why but he didn’t want to remind him of it especially when he just came out of hospital from the attack the other day. So he was that kind to Brian that he took Scout the husky out for his walk with his wife and their two husky dogs; Scout sometimes knew he didn’t want to leave Brian more and more since the accident, he was like guarding him from everything and everyone but Brain reassured him that he’ll be safe when he came home.

He knew that Scout would be fine and want to bring his uncle and aunt back within 20 minutes of being out. “Don’t blame him to be honest thought” Brain it wasn’t that long until they came back and all three huskys wanted to be around Brain than go out for a walk in the big garden. In the end Brain let all three in his room to keep him company; normally it was just him and Scout because he felt safe having him near by than anyone else, Sky had found a wrapped up Christmas by the side of his bed took it to him as he sat down. Sky barked like she was telling him to open it or she will.

He opened it as he got into bed Scout jumped up and laid next to Brian; he looked at the other two who way laying next to him on the floor, looking up at him with big puppy eyes. He looked back down at the book. He noticed his grandads handwriting but he hadn’t seen his grandad for awhile but then again he had passed away last year. Not sure how he manage to put it at his bed side table but it didn’t matter because lots of strange things happened since then that he couldn’t explain.

The note has said “our favourite Christmas Eve Story. Got it published just for you. Limited Editiinn” Brain smirked and said “Limited Edition Grandad. Haha not what you put” Scout barked twice “too right blooming dyslexia. He would say wouldn’t he boy” He read the front cover “Brian’s Santa is Coming Town” he always loved his grandads illustrations. He turned to the first page and started to read the book laying down with just a lamp on.

“You better watch out Brian,” “you better not cry Brian,” “you better not be pouting Brain” I’m telling you the reason why Brian because Santa Claus is coming town, Santa Claus is coming town, Santa Claus is coming town. So you better hurry up and get into bed my good fellow man; he’s making a list, checking it twice, he will find out who’s naughty or nice.

He knows when your awake “Brian go back to sleep”; as grandad walked passed the bedroom door, he sees you when your sleeping “good night my boy” as his grandad turned the light off and closed the bedroom door. He will soon find out if your bad or good. “So be good for goodness sake Brain”

In the morning the kids on the girl and boy land will have a jubilee because all of their Christmas presents are under the tree; they are going to build their toy land all around the Christmas Tree…..

Brian didn’t get far as he fell asleep always at the same part when his grandad was reading it to him; his aunt and uncle walked pasted, noticed that his bedroom door was still open maybe the fear is still there and getting worst since the attack. His aunt crept in took the book off Brian and placed the book down not knowing that it was unfinished book and Brian had to finish it off for him. She turned the lamp off and both his aunt, uncle and grandma decided to leave the door open because for his safety if he had a nightmare his aunt and uncle can run in to calm him down. They all said “good night my boy” as they would echo the granddads words to him like he would normally would.

Day 23 Christmas Log Blog: “We belong together” Diary Online Entries

Weather you believe this or you don’t it’s your own opinion but I know the truth and some of my close friends know the truth too.

I didn’t mean it whenever I said I didn’t love you so; I knew I should of held on tight but I should of never let you go because I didn’t know nothing, I was stupid, I was foolish and I was lying to myself. I wouldn’t be still here without your love never imagined I’d be sitting here by myself. Guess I didn’t know you, guess I didn’t know me but I thought I knew everything but I never felt that I’m feeling now that I don’t hear your voice or have your touch and your kiss on the lips. I don’t have a choice what I could give to have you lying by my side right here.

When you left I knew I had lost a part of me; it’s still so hard to believe even when I ask come back baby please, because we belong together. Who else am I going lean on when times get rough? Who’s going to talk me out on the phone till the sun comes up? Who’s going to take your place because there’s ain’t nobody better than you? We belong together.

I can’t sleep at night when you are on my mind; Bobby Womack’s on the radio singing to me, if you think you’re lonely now? Wait a minute this is too deep, too deep. I got to change the station so I can turn the dial trying to catch a break and then I hear the baby face. I only think of you it just breaks my heart I’m falling apart; I’m feeling all out of my element I’m throwing things, whilst crying trying to figure out where the hell I went wrong. The pain reflected in this story ain’t even half of what I’m feeling inside; I need you, I need you back into my life.

Day 19 Christmas Log Blog: “Hero” – Christmas Story

As every child starts to go to bed on Christmas Eve excited that I would arrive in the middle of the night delivering their Christmas presents and fill up their stockings. Yet there’s always one child who can’t not sleep; too afraid to sleep or more to the point keeps wishing one person would come home, yet I have a surprise for him and he will get a chance to see me and talk to me.

By the time I got to Tiny Tim’s house I parked my sleigh outside his house; Tiny Tim blinked a few times to see what he was seeing, I waved and beckoned him to come over. So Tiny Tim quickly put his dressing gown and his wellingtons on over his pjs. He opened the front door and closed it quietly so he couldn’t wake up his mother or any of his siblings up.

Once he got close to Santa and his sleigh he couldn’t believe what he was seeing in front of him. “You ready to go Timmy?” Asked Santa. “To where?” Replied Tiny Tim “why rescuing your father of course. You are a hero are you not?” Answered Santa looking rather puzzled as he looked at Tiny Tim’s face expression of great sadness. Santa casted something over them which made Tiny Tim look up; as he could hear his father’s echoing the words “There’s always a hero inside you if you look inside your heart; you don’t have to be afraid anymore or what you are, there’s always an answer. That’s if you reach into your soul and the sorrow that you know will melt away…”

He could see his father in a locked up campsite battered and bruised but he recognised the markings on his army uniform but one distinctly stood out to him. It was Tiny Tim’s mark that he had made before his dad went away again on tour. Tiny Tim knew what he had to do; however he felt something brush his hand in his pocket, it was his father’s trademark that only him and his father knew about no one else. It then gave him the courage to do this mission that no one else would do; all of the sudden he could feel someone’s hand on his shoulder, he turned round and he saw his father’s commander towering over him.

“Ready son” he asked. Tiny Tim nodded. “Lead the way Master Tim. We follow you and Mr Claus.” He answered without a batter of an eye lid of looking at Santa; which made Tiny Tim smirk because he was taking orders from Santa Claus and a 8 year old kid, and Santa is real as he’s standing right in front of him.

It was a long road up in the sky when Tiny Tim use to face the world alone; when he he had no one to reach out a hand for him to hold when he was told that his father was captured because it didn’t seem right, yet he found love when he searched within himself and the emptiness that he had felt had disappeared. Tiny Time knew it was time for him to rescue his father and hold his hand out of the captured jail.

The more closer they got to the campsite and the building they all dropped lower; well except Santa and Tiny Tim as they were in the search of Tiny Tim’s father, and become a distraction for the British Army to attack. The badge of Tiny Tims father’s trademark had started to glow inside his hands; like it was telling them where to go but he could hear more of his father’s voice, calling to him and taking them in the right direction.

Lord knows that dreams are hard to follow Timmy but don’t let anyone tear them away or put you down. Hold on tightly on the side of the sleigh now Timmy; your almost there, but in time you’ll find away around your blocked off walls like no tomorrow…

The sleigh stopped outside the tower. Timmy jumped onto the wall path as Santa stayed close to him but on the sleigh; Timmy heard the voice of his father loud and clear even with the trademark, telling him what he’s saying to him. A true hero comes along with the strength to carry on; which meant you have now casted your fears aside and you know how to survive, when you feel like the hope is gone. You can look inside yourself and be strong. That’s when you finally see the truth that a true hero lies in you.

Tiny Tim turned round and he could see a man sitting up against the wall in the shadows; he started to walk slowly over to the jail metal door, the trademark was shining brightly and it was his father. “Dad” whispered Timmy. His father looked up he saw Timmy standing there in front of him with the moon light shining on him. He got up and ran too him; “what you doing here? How did you?” He looked down and saw the trademark that he made for Timmy; he looked back up, he could see one of the guards coming up behind Timmy but Timmy didn’t know until his father told him to duck and the guard fell backwards back down the stairs where he came. Timmy only heard the explosion of a gun.

Santa on the other hand was a sleep not looking until he had heard the gun shot that had woken him up; he quickly got out as fast as he could he got his Santa bag, rummaged inside to look for something, once he had found it he gave it to Timmy for some reason Timmy didn’t really take much notice of the glow he said something no one knew what he had said.

Timmy’s father had quickly grabbed his son round the waist as he could tell that more German soldiers were going to come any second as they would of heard the two loud bangs at the tower they were at. All three clambered into the sleigh and disappeared. It wasn’t long before they got back to Shamley Green in Surrey; loads of people were out looking for Timmy that morning as Timmy would of expected, luckily Timmy’s dad knew the secret way to get back into the house without being seen by anyone else but knew that Timmy’s mother would give him a hard time to begin with.

However it back fired when they were spotted by Timmy’s mother in the kitchen looking out of the window as they came through the back gate. She shrieked as they both thought she would do to begin with; they both stood by each other as the same routine when they both normally get into trouble when they are together, they both said together.

First the shriek

Second the running out of the back door,

Thirdly get whacked around the head to see if we are both alive

Fourth a hug

Fifth a kiss

And last but not least sixth group hug of us three with kisses.

That fact the first two had happened Timmy’s mother went straight for number 6 which stunned both at the same time. They started to wonder what the triplets put in her porridge that morning because it wasn’t her. However they were happily ever after.