Tuesday Online Diary Entries: Just completed 6 days of 14 Days Challenge for Valentines

Exciting news guys you will definitely get 2018 new challenge coming very soon to a blog page near you. On the 1st February 2018 this week you will get a 14 Days Challenge Of Valentines with stories that I’ve created from songs that I relate to in my life. Go to speak close enough anyway. You know I write stories and I use my emotions and how I feel towards certain things.

So far today I’ve written and scheduled day 3 to 6 so I can get ahead of myself as normal; so that I can create the next batch over the next couple of days with their correct pictures to them, in which that once they are sorted I can get them up and running before day 6. Just to keep them going as a flow until the 14th February 2018 when UK celebrate Valentines Day. VOMIT! Haha

Not a fan of Valentines Day to be honest still not going into it but heyho I just don’t understand why or what’s the big deal about it to be honest. I don’t know but I’m doing the challenge for the love of my readers nothing more nothing less because you guys are the love of my life and I’m going to share it with you guys.


Monday Online Diary Entries: You Win Again

Weather you believe this or not it’s your opinion at the end of the day. In this story I will be using my emotions and feelings behind it as I know the truth.

As I sit in my window ledge looking out into the countryside I couldn’t figure why you couldn’t give me what everybody needs; but then I shouldn’t let you kick me down, when I’m already down you are always my baby until I find out that everybody knew that you’ve been using me. Yet you’ll be surprised that I let you stay around me. One day I’m going to lift your the cover and look inside your heart. We have to be on the same level before we tear this love apart.

There’s no fight that you can’t fight because this battle of love is with me. Yet you win again hurting me everytime so little time we do nothing but compete; there’s no life on earth, no other could see me get through the pain and yet again you win again. Some will never try but if anybody can we can and I’ll be following you in your dreams.

I’m going to shake you from now on. I’m going to break your defences one by one because you know how it feels to be hurt; I’m going to hit you from all sides as you lay your fortress open wide, and nobody stops this body from protecting you no more.

You better beware because I swear I’m going to be there one day when you fall; laugh at you as you will loose everything, as I lost everything because the greatest love of all is knowing how you always won but this time it’s my time to win.

Sunday Online Diary Entries: Anxiety of being in a relationship or even the thought of it

The reason why I thought I’ll write about this on a Anxiety suffer point of view because some people may not understand why nice, gentle and kind people suffer anxiety and the thought of being in a relationship or in a relationship makes them like it.

I can definitely relate to this sort of thing wether or not if I’m in one or not just the thought just terrifies me. Sometimes I’m confident, yeah I’m fine and get on with it; all of the sudden it dawns on me what happens if this happened or what happens if that happened, you start to throw things at the person who cares about you the most trying to put them off but stands their ground and not budge what so ever.

Someone I know who has social anxiety every time they think about an event that their friends ask them to join or meeting up with a close friend who’s been there for them. They wouldn’t eat and vomit; over the time with this close friend of theirs who’s been coming to their house, over the past several months she’s been loosing the social anxiety that involves around that close friend to her because they truly care about her and want to spend time with them.

It takes a true friend or someone that you love the most t stick by you no matter how your feeling. The patience, the time and the care that they give to you the most is the one that you may want to be with for the rest of your life. Most people just want to give up and walk away from it all as some people don’t want to help themselves.

Trust me if it wasn’t for few of my friends like Caspian, TP, Terry and Barry. Oh and Megs, Rebekah and Marvel I would of not helped myself as much as I could. However having the confidence from my friends that I can do it and believing that I can do it. I can build the confidence and believe in myself that I can do it too knowing that I know if I start to fall I can go to one of them for help if I needed to.

Saturday Online Diary Entries: I don’t need a man

Wether you believe or don’t or you can relate to this. It’s up to you but this is story based on my emotions and etc that I use in this story. To which I know the truth behind it all.

As I work I see you looking at me like I’ve got something for you and the way you seem to dare because I’m not about to give it you straight away. The more I start to begin to trust you with things in which you know how difficult it is for me to open up but there’s things that I won’t do; you know how afraid I am to tell you like I don’t ever want to leave you, yet I have to leave you and you get confused in why I say that.

Then more you try lie about things to keep me by yourself the less I buy it; no matter how many times you hurt me, I don’t have to think it through no more if you know if I’m not into you anymore. I always telling myself I don’t need a man to make it happen because I get off being free. I don’t need a man to make me feel good I get off doing my thing. I don’t need a ring around my finger to make me feel complete. So let me break it down I can get off when you ain’t around.

You know I got my own life and I bought everything that’s in it. So if you want to be with me it’s not all about the bling that you bring; I want a love that’s for real, without that no deal and baby I don’t need a hand. If it only wants to grab one thing. The more you try to get me back the less I buy it and I don’t have to think it through because you know if I’m feeling you.

I don’t need a man at the time to get me through because I know I’m fine because I feel brand new. I don’t know need a man I’ll make it through because I know I’m fine I feel brand new. I don’t need a man I’ll make it through because I’m fine without.

Friday Online Diary Entries: Autism vs lost of someone that they love

The hardest part when you have a Autism child and someone who they love the most passes away. What do you do and how do you deal with in telling them in the way that they can understand. It’s never easy to tell a child that a love one has passed away; from experience where an Autism child has been told that a love one had passed away, I managed to entertain the child needed for four hours between both shifts of work that I do.
I took them into town for a bit got a few bits. We went back to his we watched a film that he had mentioned that his love one had gave him for his birthday before she passed away, so we watched it in the memory of them. I knew parts that would make him laugh from the minute go.

The film we watched was Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone; the things that might not of been funny to us but funny to him, he would just cracked up laughing especially with one scene with a troll having a wand stuck up his nose and the club landed on his head.
The fact that he laughed at the scenes that made him laugh but also he asked questions about the film that he didn’t understand but he understood after I explained it to him. He wanted me to tell him what was going to happen next a few times but I just said just wait and see.
It was nice to see that to have some fun and laughter inside him to the fact that he had forgotten about the bad times for a while. Just something that has close to put on knowing something was close to him had given its; I knew that he had two close people near him, he had his favourite cousin and watching someone who brought the Harry Potter Collection.

Find ways to do things with your Autism child in away that they can remember them along with something that will help them to stay in touch with them in their special way but also create new memories as well. In the process of letting them go as well.