Daily Savage – Remember the 9/11 – 9/11 Anniversary 2018

17 years ago today; Tuesday 11th September 2001 was when news just broke out that the twin towers in New York City in USA became under attack by terrorism via two aeroplanes going into the north and the south towers between 8:46 and 10:28am.

There were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic Terrorist by a group called “Al- Qaeda” against the United States. On the morning of that day in 2001 everyone who seemed to be getting up and doing their normal day to day things, jobs and etc. Not knowing that day they would either be killed, injured or having some condition that they will have for the rest of their lives or kill them in the end.

Both attacks killed 2,996 people in total, injured 6,000 others and caused $10 billon in infrastructure and property damage. Referring back to my previous paragraph more people have died of the 9/11 related cancer and respiratory diseases in the months and years after the attacks have happened.

You may find that you don’t remember this happening but only learning it from text books along with many other terrorism over the years. Yes there is and was a life before you snowflakes start questioning you’re parents that you know everything. I remember it very well indeed; I was in school when it happened my first year at secondary school, my history teacher at the time explained that her husband just literally walked out of the building when it happened. She was also pregnant at the time it happened.

People are still grieving about it all over there. Yes America makes a big deal about yes its apart of their history and how they cope with it at the end of the day. It would of been 13 years this year when we had our first terror attack. We aren’t close behind since our first lot yet then they didn’t have many after that than we have expect the normal gun crime that they have. I’m not blaming or calling anyone out here but there is a difference between what they celebrate in remember of others than other crimes.

However never forget those lost their lives that today.