Sunday Special- Our Cases, Our Stories, Our Voices – Can’t afford School Fees

(The fact that I haven't made my good morning Sunday Special Post for this week I've decided to use Sentebaleblogs post just help me out a bit. Just to cover my arse really. Haha not literally guys; just been a paperwork weekend, and I have s new system for Sentebaleblogs I thought hey why not try it out with the lizzysweeklyblogs. Well we all know how that went didn't we? As you have worked out what I'm like on here. Yep compete utter mayhem. Anyways I'll let the kids do the talking now not me. Chow for now)

"Young lives who’s family has no money to send their children to school." – Sentebaleblogs
“I'm Jackson age 7 on the right looking rather cool and really? Really do I have to have my photo taken? Question face along with Ekure really? I rather hide away”
“I'm Tobe I'm 6 years old I will be 7 in December. If my parents didn't come to the home for help I'll just be looking at the pictures and no idea where places are. Fortunately for me I got that chance to change my life. Oh I'm the one next to Jackson reading supposed to be”
“I'm Theresa who's sitting next to Tobe and my annoying funny twin brother Tony who's invading my space as normal. I'm 5 years old I'll be turn 6 in November yet I'll be sharing it with Tony’
“I'm Tony. I'm also 5 and be turning 6 in November along with my twin Theresa; I'm the most outgoing out of the two of us, as you can see in the picture and I am the most cheesiest but I have this special connection if there's something wrong with Theresa I would feel it too. But also she has that special super power too.”
To the start every parent worst nightmare is not being able to provide, support, or even give their children the best start in life. That's what happened to these lovely children; there parents couldn't afford the school fees as it was too expensive for them to pay for the material, uniform and many more. Yet for these awesome guys they are going to school because their parents came to us for help; we've given them the life time of having the best start, achieve the goals that they want to achieve.
Their parents quick thinking and no who to come to for help. We worked with their parents to proved their school fees; to which now they are going to school everyday to be able to learn, and to succeed in life that they want to be when they grow up. There are so many families like our four stars that need our help to get their children into schools to achieve what their parents couldn't achieve.

“See…we need help just to go to school otherwise we end up not being able to read or write or even achieve our dreams of what we want to do in life.” – Promise
“Without your help by donating as much as you can we are able to go to school; meet new friends, learn and a sense of where to belong in the world. If you can donate either through the donate page or through Western Union please follow the links and etc that are listed down below”. – John
How to donate:
Western Union: email us on with subject of Donations Via Western Union. We need your full name, address, email address so we can confirm to you we have picked it up and the reference number.
Just Giving: to donate via Paypal or by card follow this link here
Go Raise: love a spot of shopping why not go to go raise which you will find your favourite stores along with their donations that they send to us.

The Summer Top Up Sale

Just as July about to start; I start running out of cream, where best to get nice moisture cream. None other than The Body Shop think I have found me go to store guys; even when it’s a bargain bucket going on there guys, if you work out the best deals when you go in. 

After a series of researching of how much of my fine luxury items that I had brought in The Body Shop summer sale; I had to do a bit of maths to know what the percentage was of each product, I do have to point out that I did have to use a calculator to workout. Never got on with maths in the first place; plus the receipt didn’t really have much of the original price to it, so I had to look it up for starters. 

I do have to confess my dear sweet readers; I don’t even have Maths GCSE, not because I didn’t want to learn. It was because I didn’t like it and it didn’t like it; so I gave up even trying to get on with it, that’s what calculators are for in my book. Along with I prefer the whole writing side of things than maths calculations; that’s why I wouldn’t want to work in a store again, however is a maths question for you. I want to see if you can work it out; by the time you get to the end of the bottom of this blog, which one will last the longest and more cheapest way of doing it. 

Okay. I walked into The Body Shop with one of my closest friends Megan Ann; to begin I started picked up three different types of body cream Shea, Strawberry and Almond & milk. Each product had 200ml with the costing of each pot of £15 a time; with one pot it may take me a month and few days to use up, if I had three of those it would cost me £45 for three months.

As I went round the table I had seen a sale on the table. Once I had got round to the other side; to my amazement I could get more in a big pot of moisturising cream, in each one pot came with 400ml. The original price of the product was £30 each; however with the sale on using the 10% which came down to £20 a pot. From the original price of £30 I would get 60 days worth of money from having two products that big; using the sale of 10% which comes to £20, I would get 40 days out of the two products. 60 days is roughly 12 weeks in total use of both products; with the summer sales of £20, the number of weeks of 40 days are roughly 12 weeks. It looks more likely the 400ml is more worth it than the 200ml moisturiser that I had originally. 

When it comes to the shower gel if I went for the 250ml strawberry shower gel costing me £5 a time. Compare it to the big strawberry shower gel at 750ml at the original price of £15.00 to the sale price of 5% which came to £10.00. This big bottle can last me about 3-5months; as I had brought this on my birthday at the start of the year, yep that’s a lot of showers and baths in that time. 

All in all my little goodies came to £50 just for three items that I use daily; what’s more is that if I brought three pots of 200ml and the shower gel, it would be £55 all together. So the best option for me to get the three goodies for £50 than four goodies for £55.

Apologies if my maths isn’t correct it’s just an average estimate thing than the full thing. Love my little hauls that I love getting that I use daily. I will have another haul coming soon keep an eye out for it in the next couple of days; something that you may think, hang on this is completely different to than any other haul she has done

When your best friend tries to do a surprise/how to create new friendships.

The day that you best friend gives your email address to their grandmother; even if it was a massive surprise, your immediate reaction is to want to punch them. Of course I wouldn’t do that but as a friend/friendly punch that I do to my friends.

The most awkward thing can ever happen is when your best friend trying to do a surprise for you; you know when you hate surprises but they still trying to do something nice for you, it was still a surprise when you know who it is. 

Yep my friend had just done that number on me; thanks Caspian now I’ve got to get use to that one as well, not like it’s awkward enough. To be fair good call on the whole front of introducing me to the family slowly; than quickly throw me into the deep end of everything, but really I’ve just got use to you haha. All well. 

I don’t mind with the whole family affair of people talking to me; but I do love Caspian grandmother, the way he talks about her and that we have similar characteristics. On which reminds him that I’m like her in so many ways; to which point Missy his grandmother, I do have to say is one incredible woman being determined to talk to me even on a late hour. 

My grandparents wouldn’t even know what half of the social media is; even when one of them has it, but still doesn’t understand how to use it but wants to look at what his grandchildren are doing. 

However creating new friendships through people is the best way forward; otherwise you will never get very far in life, if your going down the same road with the same friends etc. It’s hard that once you got use to your friends that you made; then when you make new ones somewhere else, you don’t know what to do or what to say. Here are some useful tips on getting passed that initial fear of meeting new people.

  1. Realising that your fear of meeting new people is most probably all inside your head – Each time you move around wether it’s from moving house, jobs, schools or even just want to meet new people to get out of your comfort zone. You start to think no one will like me, they will look into my past and judge me, judge me for who I am and etc. Which isn’t true; unless they are a bad egg then ignore them; they are worthless people, who need to change.
  2. Start out with a group of people who you are already friends with – No matter don’t forget your other friends when you move on; the best part is that they’ve always got your back no matter what, also you can expand on meeting new people through them as well. 
  3. Get yourself out there – Most people like me are quite shy and etc but at times you have to push yourself, keep showing up, do something that’s strong and that will help you get noticed.
  4. Take the first step – realising of taking the first step is the hardest thing ever; look for something that’s more interesting to you, than that doesn’t interest in you. Stimulating your mind helps you focus and explore more to help open more in your brain to connect with each other. 
  5. Be open minded – be open minded because if you don’t you will never know; embrace the unknown, don’t knock it before you try it, say “yes” than say “no” otherwise people may think your lazy or something, think 3 positives and one negative and etc
  6. Get to know the person – Get to know the person you could either play games like would you rather, get to know someone knew by learning how they think, instate the conversion, show your best self, be friendly, be patient, respect other people’s interest, pay close attention to the person, stay independent, spend time together, let there be positives and negatives, let the person know your interests are, share information and feelings, invite them to gatherings, spend more time together.
  7. Connect with genuine person – Always try to understand what people really mean when they speak, Always let the speaker be the star, The Barrier. This is going to back fire on me is so many ways; as you will see the next value point, in this moment in time. You may have your own thoughts and feelings about things; but you have the right to have opinions, so does the other person if you don’t agree with them. Nevertheless they may become over powering but let them; as long as you know that your true to yourself, what’s more you know your rights. 
  8. Be yourself – Get in touch with your inner child, Become more aware of your thoughts. As I said in the last point I’m going back fire on myself here but it all ties in together; just be yourself and stay true to yourself no matter what people say or do, you have your own mind. 
  9. Be there for them – Reach out – a conversation, text or call goes a long way, Listen, don’t judge, Do something together. Good friends are always there to reach out to their friends in need; no matter how far away they are, they will always be there by a phone call away. 
  10. Make the effort to stay in touch – Social Media: A Blessing and a Curse, Why Don’t You Just Call Them?, Coping With Guilt, Overcoming Awkwardness. No matter if a friend has moved away or moved on; always make an effort to stay in touch no matter how busy you are, or what’s gone on just get in touch every so often.

When your bored! 


Well did have a plan for today’s blogs but in the end had an idea and it was a new exciting one if that. Nothing like creating something new when you bored let me explain down below. 

When your bored!

So this morning it took me awhile to get ready and etc; doesn’t really matter as it’s a Saturday, means now work and etc. Me and my best friend decided to snap chat each other like everyone else does these days; it occurred to me that I can save them, the ones that I made and do a video. That’s what I did. I think I’ve just unleashed the whole new social media side of blogging as well but still carrying on writing blogs and etc on here. 

The link is here to check it out apologies if some of them are repeat I put them on Instagram and didn’t realise until it was too late to change it.

Something we are not


There’s two types of people that I have come across. The one where you’ve got people who talk about themselves a lot and manipulate people and you have people just keep things to themselves to themselves. 

Something we are not

Not too sure what or where I got this title from but I think it was from a song that gave me an idea; anything can give me an idea without thinking sometimes that’s how I work, that’s what makes me me.

To my readers this is not at aimed anyone just an observation of myself and people around me. I have noticed and have become more aware that people around me talk more about themselves than think of anyone else around them. People that I have observed throughout life so far; can be so manipulative, brag about themselves and complain about anything under the sun. 

Then you have someone like me who don’t complain, moan, tell my whole life story (unless something that I can relate to like now I can relate to this in a blog but this is like work for me) keep everything to myself bottled up until something happens. Sometimes you guys will know if something has happened that I haven’t blogged for a few days or a day. 

People really are not the same as each other; they really aren’t, I get to the point of when someone has annoyed me to the point that I would most likely to loose it with someone. Don’t rarely loose it with people but when they know that they have peeved me off they know not to say anything else. My friends know when to back off when I need space to calm down then come round and then I’ll talk. They know it might take all day or few hours to calm down or even sometimes to the point of they know when to step in if I haven’t calm down. They know it’s not me and I know it’s not them when they have a rough day.

How do you set up a blog notebook?


Amazing where you get your ideas from at the best of times; just had an idea in the mist of having a conversation with someone suggesting something, along with best not to say way don’t want be too gross. Haha. Might tell you might not tell you. I don’t know if it will work if you ask me. Who knows. 

How do you set up a blog notebook? 

How do you set up a blog note blog notebook? To be honest it depends on how you work; each blogger and writer work differently but they still come out successfully, but most importantly on top. You just need to work with yourself more; find different ways of doing things that are more suitable and easy, you can stick them in or use the pages no matter how you work in the notebook. 

Personally I’m a scrap piece of paper, receipts, pages of the notebook, post it’s and anything that I can lay my hands on basically. I’ve been like that for years because being writer for so long; I’ve been working on a routine that helps me to keep my ideas down, I’ve recently Stuck labels on my blog notebook but also labelled the year that I started it and when the notebook is finished I’ll write in it when the book is completed. 

You can get also ideas of how to set up a blog notebook or story notebook or anything along the lines of creatively using notebooks. It is simple way of doing things but I would recommend Pinterest for that sort of thing for creative things. Can’t stop you from using my idea to try out; there’s no harm done in working out how to do things, you just have to find your own leash that is more comfortable for you at the end of the day. 

What is the nastiest thing someone has ever said to you in real life or via internet comment?


The real life of the real world; that kids want to get out into before their time, when everyone else want to keep them safe and sound. Life in the real world isn’t nice I can give you that right now; people aren’t that nice I can tell you that, as I have experienced it myself. I’ll give you one example right now.

What is the nastiest thing someone has ever said to you in real life or via internet comment?

The accident has happened when I was at my first job; I was getting pretty wind up that I couldn’t even get much work done, I said something to my colleague/friend. The next time I went in; went into the staff room and someone had a massive go at me, called me names and what not. Fortunately someone was already upstairs and heard it all; as soon as they had finished calling me everything under the sun, they left and the person who over heard came and checked if I was alright. Then went to go and inform the manager at the time what happened; then the manager came up to which point I was in floods of tears, even thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes. 

Told her what just happened; the next time I saw this person, I was the one to break the ice but they still kept on going on at me. Even though I apologies a thousand times before and apologies again but never received one back. I went on to the shop floor and I told the manager that I did what I was told and she still carried on. I did my bit and that was that.

At the end of the day if you can’t accept someone’s apology or anything like that; just think your the bigger person than they are once you said your piece, and walked away then it’s their problem not yours. 

What did people tease you about when you were a kid?

What did people tease you about when you were a kid? 

Everyone gets teased one way or another; however in my opinion its still bullying one way or another to me, especially when you have same name as the Queen. I would get “oh look it’s you on the tv” I would get upset saying “it’s not me” I absolutely hated it whenever it was being shown. No wonder why I hate my name so much because of it. 

The other one people use to tease me about was when I was 5 or 6 at the time; I couldn’t spell “girl” properly, I would spell “grill” instead but I didn’t understand at the time and also I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t hear the word properly. Everyone thought I was actually doing as a joke or something but I wasn’t; I generally had the whole not hearing properly, because it wasn’t my fault. 

Sorry this one is short I just couldn’t think what else to write to be honest; try not think about my childhood as much as I can, half it I don’t even know what it is but I do get some sort of memory here and there doing something, 

What will it take to make it happen?


People dream about what they would like to do with their lives; there’s people who go to achieve their dreams because they have that determination of doing something with their lives, me on the other hand I dream about it and I try to make it happen.

What will it take it to make it happen? 

In my previous blog that I can’t remember what it was now; where I have mentioned about becoming a writer as a full time job, that would be nice if had loads of money saved. To which I could live on and not having to worry about anything in the world; just write for ever more, then I can get paid for my writing. That would be luxury. 

What will it take it to make it happen is that I have to continue to write no matter what; as long as I know that my readers are enjoying the blogs, then I know that I can write anything without giving up.

It’s okay to give up now and then but don’t give up entirely as you won’t get anywhere; this is what I should go by to be honest, it does work honestly it does. Without having set main events for my blogs; I don’t think I would of gotten anywhere in life, knowing that people love reading them. Makes me wonder how good my stories are that I have written over the years; might try them out on here one day, and see what you guys think about it.

What is something that you really want to do, but you haven’t done it because your afraid?

What is something that you really want to do, but you haven’t don’t it because your afraid?

I’m going to go straight into this one without an introduction; because otherwise I will forget what I want to write about, plus this really doesn’t need an introduction does it? I’ve just given you one just now.

There’s always something that I really wanted to but haven’t done it because I’m so afraid of doing it; is becoming a writer, it’s been my all time favourite thing to do but I don’t know how it will plan out. It’s like I want to pursue it but I’m too afraid to do so; as I don’t believe my work is good enough for anyone, this is why I’m doing a trail and error with blogging to see if it will workout or not. 

One day I will see if I can be successful in doing blogging; then if it does work, I will go on and purse the whole writing career in one go. Would love to hear you opinions? Either your wish you could do or give me advice on what I can do myself? All are welcome.