Daily Challenges – Halloween Challenges – Please stop associating black cats as witches cats!

What annoys me is that people have this idea that black cats either bring you bad luck or they are witches cats. Firstly it’s an urban historical myth back in the day when people are tryed for being witches and lead to think black cats bring bad luck. Today’s society people still believe that black cats bring bad luck or some lame excuse to either not adopt or want to kill them etc. 

They actually done nothing wrong firstly I have two gorgeous black cats with a hint of brown in; they have not once giving me a bad day or bad luck, they are just gorgeous little creatures been rescued from adoption rescue centre and if it wasn’t for them I would still be in a dark place by now. 

They are just the same as every other cats out there. People just need to stop listening to the old wives tales and get over it all to perfectly honest with you; in my research that I did the other day into black cats, British people actually think that black cats give them good luck and yet people think otherwise. 

Just stop listening to the historical myths people have been talking about black cats because clearly we would still have witches to this day we wouldn’t we. Just grow a pair because black cats are the best things ever; in my opinion everyone just scared that they can’t see them in the dark yeah and what’s the matter with that, their personalities are more important than anything else. My ones spook me out when I don’t shut the bedroom door; I don’t hear them come in, and they just sit there quietly or just be a ninja and creep up behind you. 

That’s just them to be honest they are my ninja cat’s at the end of the day no matter what they do. They are just gorgeous black cats and just need to remember to turn on the lights before you trip over them trust me the amount of times they’ve tried to do that or scare the crap out you because they are silent. They give you that look of what? What did I do? I didn’t do nothing? When you know perfectly well they did but their cute adorable face changes everything. 

So the conspiracy theory about black cats aren’t true in my opinion whatever the culture is means to them about the black cats.

Daily Challenges – Halloween Challenges – What’s the most frightening experience you ever had?

The most frightening experience that I’ve ever had has to be delivering newspapers in October onwards when I was a teen because I hated the dark doesn’t matter if it’s around Halloween or not. Delivering newspapers aren’t the great job to say the least along with not getting paid enough when you delivering more than 100 houses around your area. 

There’s a few houses I hated the most and still do to this day where you get houses sit side by side and their front doors facing each other. I always think I’m going to get murdered, raped, or kidnapped especially when it’s dark because I never knew who was behind that door when I posted the newspapers through. 

The other two houses where they have very long driveways without lights on to see where you’re going until you reach the property; that always scares me because anyone could jump out at no matter if they know me or not, I have always had that at the back of my mind because of it. 

Last but not least my road when it becomes dark and I’m either walking home from work or somewhere else the cars that parked along the sides making it more condensed and by the time you reach the first lamppost I’m home. I’ve only have two lampposts in my road. Do I use my phone torch when I go down my road? No not really I just hope for the best that I’ll get away with it. 

Daily Challenges – Halloween Challenges – Why do you love or hate Halloween?

To be perfectly honest with you Halloween hasn’t really bothered me in the slightest;   I don’t understand it because I haven’t really much celebrated it, I’ll explain the reason why in another blog and I have a value good reason for it. It’s only when I’ve hit my late teens early adult hood that college friends and when I was working in a job that celebrated it.

I was always put on at the Halloween nights so I had to dress up as something but I wasn’t perfectly good at as I never knew how to do it. I felt like a spare part to be honest haha a spare part. 

At the end of the day people can celebrate it if they want to or not it’s up too them at the end of the day. I’m not going to stop them by all means they can have fun as much as the next person. 

I do like to create scary stories and what not because it’s me and being creative. I am currently working on one for Halloween for my other blog; going to take me awhile to do but I’ve got it started for now, I’ll let you know when it’s up and running so you can check it out.

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 28 – Creating, colouring pictures and tidying.

Over the next coming weeks or months you may notices that there will be new pictures with different pictures that I’ve coloured in from my apps that I colour on. This is because I do at least 4-5 colouring in pictures a day where I can relax, chill and so on. I prefer to challenge myself the number of colouring pictures because I find it exciting and fun to do. 

The fact that I use my pictures that I colour for my blogs I do post them up on Instagram as well but with the blog post design because I think it’s a sense of achievement of being able to do things with ones mental health and etc. 

Yeah I’ve put tidying up there as a challenge believe me when it comes to my room it’s always a challenge trust me. Especially when we are getting a few animals soon I have to get it tidy and clean incase they decide to explore my room. Everyone hates tidying one way or another but for me I find it slightly difficult not sure why but it does. 

I have good days where I just get on with it and be okay with it sometimes I’m like I really can’t bothered to the point of I’m so stressed with it I become all negative with myself I know it’s not great but it’s who I am. I have to stop because I know that I’ll end up crying and can’t do anymore with it. Then focus on it the next day because I’ll have a clear head by then. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 27 – Kitten Proofing everything

(7.8.18) Today’s challenge and the next few days leading up to getting the kittens we’ve been getting things ready by getting things for the kittens and kitten proofing the house and the garden as much as we can thinking what would they do get into and what not. 

It’s a bit of a challenge in the first place just getting things done, washing the things that they could be sitting on and get infected by etc. It’s like saying there’s a new born baby coming and you got to proof everything around the baby in so many levels. 

We literally read up about our fishes this morning and I confirmed what my parents that they were up too. So we more likely getting baby fishes too anytime soon due to this weather. “Great timing guys” unless they were jealous that we probably won’t give them much time we will. We just need to remember to close one of the doors in the kitchen and lobby to stop the kittens escaping for the day. 

It’s pretty much go go go at the moment in the house hold. I can’t wait for them to come to be honest with you. Going to be such fun. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 26 – An outfit or outfits that make me happy.

Originally I was going to write the most boring challenge ever but then I thought I’ll look up the what I can actually write about than boring life of how I took a long toe nail off and made it bleed the other day due to anxiety. I know not the best idea or do but I am currently writing this blog in bed with a throbbing little toe, throbbing knees and back. 

Any who the outfits that make me feel happy is where I get to wear neutral colours with shorts and I’m just getting comfortable without having my leggings on. However everything works with shorts, black leggings and etc I’m pretty much like the girl in the picture for day 26. Minus the frilly sleeves it’s either long sleeves or no sleeves at all I’m just one of those people who get claustrophobic I need some sort of movement space and need to bring the sleeves down if I needed to. 

I like to dress well and look nice rain or sunny no matter what it is I prefer that than looking scruffy if I’m going out. Scruffy is only when I’m home and not having to do to much at all. Other than that I prefer to look nice than anything else especially with make up and hair done nice. 

If you follow me on Instagram at @positivityinlifelizzylou you’ll get to see most of my outfits on there and be updated in what I wear and etc. I pretty much try and Instagram as much as I can but recently it’s been a bit difficult being busy and too hot and etc. However I do stay up to date on it everyday follow people back and what not. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 25-Where in my life do I feel like I need to take control?

Sometimes I either challenge myself a lot of the time and to be able to achieve things in life. Sometimes I challenge myself feel great about myself until someone tears me down or I don’t even bother challenge myself because I know that I’m not good enough or people say I’m not good enough. 

I basically hate that feeling so much to be honest with you. This is one of my fears and one of the things that I need to take control off because I genuinely want to feel positive about myself knowing that the challenges that I have set and that I’ve taken control I know I’ve set in the right direction. However it’s either my mental health that brings me down or someone else. 

That’s probably partly why I’m so defensive all the time because I hate when people bring me down when they are either constantly reminding me of things or my own mind is reminding me the things that I can’t do. One of the reasons why I need to take control of my life because I don’t want to live like that anymore. It is harder than you think. 

It’s one of my continuely thing that I have to take control no matter how hard it is like one of my sisters kittens name Boghney don’t even know how to spell or say it. Yeah it’s not my cat at the end of the day so I literally have no choice in the matter. Sorry just feeling pretty miffed with a few things just before going to bed. Good night for this challenge.

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 24 “What is your dream job?” Not taking the question seriously

I normally do a story for these challenges but today’s one I’m just going to just a challenge with a question; I’m not going to take this seriously because it’s just for fun, I know this is going to be delayed by a day but I had a bit busy day on this day. I’ll let you know in the Daily Stories because you never know what happened. 

What is my dream job? I always joked with my sister when we would watch Most Haunted when they use to bring in mediums and they start picking up things about the house or where they have been too. I was like if I was dead I would so be listening in; would most likely to punch them in the face or something like that, just to scare them and muck about because that’s what I would so do. 

That would be my dream job if I was dead as a spirit I would just muck about and send everyone on edge as much as I could because I know I would be dead. Didn’t need tell me twice or a third especially if you asked a stupid question just get a hit around the head or something. 

I would so love that job just to scare a Paranormal Team once I’ve passed over because they wouldn’t know if I was demonic or just a friendly ghost just causing mayhem for the fun.  

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 23 – Breathe Slow

I put my ice skating shoes on I’m running out of patience because I can’t believe what the hell I’m hearing and speaking of hell. It don’t compare to this heat that I’m feeling because I love what I am doing too much. It goes to show that all my emotions go into the dance on the ice rink; you think it’s out of control but yet it’s so good for me bad for you, yet you realise I can hardly see from the tears that flow down my face and I count to 10 as this song means so much to me.

I am going to breathe slow count from 10 because you better take it in this competition is mine I’m not going to lie or even try. The wheel keeps on spinning and I ain’t the one to show that the gun isn’t going to threaten me like it did all those years ago. This competition and the song means you know who will be winning because I love this too much and all my emotions are out of control as it came to the end I can hardly see from the tears that flow from my eyes. 

I can’t believe that I did it and not to forget to breathe or close my eyes at the end. Somebody better hold me back because you’re so lucky I know how to act on the ice knowing my parents killers are still out there. I’m being calm and cool about this believe me it’s taking everything that I had to just breathe slow and count to 10. Knowing that I’ve got the top score on the leaderboard with the judges in tears of the dance and the montage of memories that was being shown on the ice. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 21 I’m begging for mercy

Hitting the beat by taking it out on the bass now. I love you that’s because I got to stay true to myself but I got my morals got me on my knees yet I begging please to stop playing games with me. I don’t know what this is but you got me good just like you knew you would. 

I do t know what you do but you do it well because I’m back under your spell. You got me begging you for mercy why can’t you just realise me; I said realise me because I’m begging you for mercy yet you won’t release me, now you think that I will be something on the side but you got to understand that I need me who can’t take my hand and say “yes I do”. 

I don’t know what this is but you got me good like I knew you would because I really don’t know what you do but you do it well I’m under your spell like I’m begging you for mercy. Why you release me? I said “you better release me. You look at me and think we’re the same kind; I know we aren’t because you don’t know what I’ve got in mind, I really don’t want to waste my time I want a bit more than I’m asking for and you think that I’ll be the other girl. 

Even if it’s from your past who did you wrong or I’m like no other in this world. I just want to have fun, be happy but I just don’t know where you’re coming from and I’m just begging for mercy why can’t you just release me.