Daily Challenges – Challenges On Hold – Summer Challenge on hold why?

The reason why Summer Challenge is currently on hold at the moment is because I’ve decided to have a break from it but however I can split it into August 2018 due to the fact that it will still be summer and I have more stories for you by then for the rest of the Challenge I know it’s only 11 Days left to go but why not finish it in August. Especially with new content and I can think more for it all; explore more, write more and to be able to focus on a bit more. 

Yes I do have to confess I am struggling with some of the ideas of what to do for the rest of the days; I hope you understand that more are coming but at a later date, as you can tell I’ve completely forgot about Teen Lifestyle this week because I was focusing on daily challenges and diary entries and so on. 

So please don’t panic about your daily challenges they are coming back. Just need a bit of breather; you’ll get your stories back soon in a few weeks time with some new story content, be back on the 1st August 2018 so watch this space around them.