May Bank Holiday 2018: Summer/Spring heatwave weekend

It wasn’t that long ago that we had a week of heatwave in April 2018 as you may remember me writing about it back then to which we ended up having rain for awhile; now ready for the bank holiday weekend for 3 day weekend in the uk, everyone going to spend more time outside getting a tan, bbqs and many more things that are fun to do. I even got my feet out properly today because I can and I hate socks monjority of the time any way.

Today it’s been a bit of a chilled one on the first day of the bank holiday weekend; went into the town for a bit didn’t really get anything to be honest, slept as I was up at flipping 5 O’Clock this morning and went to see my grandparents. Now I’m just chilling out to be honest with you. 

Sunday having a birthday party I wish it was mine because of the nice summer time warm weather and what not but it’s not. It’s one of my grandparents birthday the other day but we were all at work so in the end we had to do it over this weekend instead to which actually is better because it’s nice and sunny. Also get the grandparents out into the garden to get the fresh air to which will be cool.

Monday no work but hoping that I get see a friend in the afternoon hopefully as he be close by as he’s taking some friends to Heathrow Airport which isn’t so far from where I am to be honest. So I’m excited to say the least can’t wait for that one. 

I’m going to love you and leave you with this awesome picture that I took of my  hometown Guildford. The highstreet has cobbles and original historical buildings that were apart of the town.  Guildhall was actually used in the scene for a film of The Adventures of Professor Branestawm but also the main filming was taken in the little quiet village not far from Guildford called “Shere” with lots of original historic buildings.