Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 26 – An outfit or outfits that make me happy.

Originally I was going to write the most boring challenge ever but then I thought I’ll look up the what I can actually write about than boring life of how I took a long toe nail off and made it bleed the other day due to anxiety. I know not the best idea or do but I am currently writing this blog in bed with a throbbing little toe, throbbing knees and back. 

Any who the outfits that make me feel happy is where I get to wear neutral colours with shorts and I’m just getting comfortable without having my leggings on. However everything works with shorts, black leggings and etc I’m pretty much like the girl in the picture for day 26. Minus the frilly sleeves it’s either long sleeves or no sleeves at all I’m just one of those people who get claustrophobic I need some sort of movement space and need to bring the sleeves down if I needed to. 

I like to dress well and look nice rain or sunny no matter what it is I prefer that than looking scruffy if I’m going out. Scruffy is only when I’m home and not having to do to much at all. Other than that I prefer to look nice than anything else especially with make up and hair done nice. 

If you follow me on Instagram at @positivityinlifelizzylou you’ll get to see most of my outfits on there and be updated in what I wear and etc. I pretty much try and Instagram as much as I can but recently it’s been a bit difficult being busy and too hot and etc. However I do stay up to date on it everyday follow people back and what not. 

Day 25 Christmas Log Blog: Victory! We have reached Christmas!

After all blood and sweat of Christmas presents and everything today has arrived for all of us in the UK. To be able to spend time with our family and friends at this amazing time of year. However I had the amazing gift so far this year is from you guys who continuing to follow my Christmas Advent

Calendar Blogging and reading my other blogs that I have completely forgotten about.

Without you guys support of tuning into my blogging world I don’t think I would have the strength to care on; yet you guys proved to me that I’m worthy, my writing is worth more than just getting paid for (even if I was getting paid for it) and gives me the sense of hopeful as I’ve now completed my first month into my third year of blogging I can look forward to 2018 to work on some more preparation for what’s around the corner.

I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my readers and followers. I hope you have received the things that you have wanted and enjoy your day whatever you are doing. Love you all. Stay safe.

Day 24 Christmas Log Blog: Brian’s Santa is coming to town

On Christmas Eve Honey and Brian were sitting on the sofa by the log stove in the cottage; waiting for his uncle and aunt to come home walking the dogs, as they loved the snow more than Brian did not even sure why or he couldn’t remember why the reason was. Yet his uncle always knew why but he didn’t want to remind him of it especially when he just came out of hospital from the attack the other day. So he was that kind to Brian that he took Scout the husky out for his walk with his wife and their two husky dogs; Scout sometimes knew he didn’t want to leave Brian more and more since the accident, he was like guarding him from everything and everyone but Brain reassured him that he’ll be safe when he came home.

He knew that Scout would be fine and want to bring his uncle and aunt back within 20 minutes of being out. “Don’t blame him to be honest thought” Brain it wasn’t that long until they came back and all three huskys wanted to be around Brain than go out for a walk in the big garden. In the end Brain let all three in his room to keep him company; normally it was just him and Scout because he felt safe having him near by than anyone else, Sky had found a wrapped up Christmas by the side of his bed took it to him as he sat down. Sky barked like she was telling him to open it or she will.

He opened it as he got into bed Scout jumped up and laid next to Brian; he looked at the other two who way laying next to him on the floor, looking up at him with big puppy eyes. He looked back down at the book. He noticed his grandads handwriting but he hadn’t seen his grandad for awhile but then again he had passed away last year. Not sure how he manage to put it at his bed side table but it didn’t matter because lots of strange things happened since then that he couldn’t explain.

The note has said “our favourite Christmas Eve Story. Got it published just for you. Limited Editiinn” Brain smirked and said “Limited Edition Grandad. Haha not what you put” Scout barked twice “too right blooming dyslexia. He would say wouldn’t he boy” He read the front cover “Brian’s Santa is Coming Town” he always loved his grandads illustrations. He turned to the first page and started to read the book laying down with just a lamp on.

“You better watch out Brian,” “you better not cry Brian,” “you better not be pouting Brain” I’m telling you the reason why Brian because Santa Claus is coming town, Santa Claus is coming town, Santa Claus is coming town. So you better hurry up and get into bed my good fellow man; he’s making a list, checking it twice, he will find out who’s naughty or nice.

He knows when your awake “Brian go back to sleep”; as grandad walked passed the bedroom door, he sees you when your sleeping “good night my boy” as his grandad turned the light off and closed the bedroom door. He will soon find out if your bad or good. “So be good for goodness sake Brain”

In the morning the kids on the girl and boy land will have a jubilee because all of their Christmas presents are under the tree; they are going to build their toy land all around the Christmas Tree…..

Brian didn’t get far as he fell asleep always at the same part when his grandad was reading it to him; his aunt and uncle walked pasted, noticed that his bedroom door was still open maybe the fear is still there and getting worst since the attack. His aunt crept in took the book off Brian and placed the book down not knowing that it was unfinished book and Brian had to finish it off for him. She turned the lamp off and both his aunt, uncle and grandma decided to leave the door open because for his safety if he had a nightmare his aunt and uncle can run in to calm him down. They all said “good night my boy” as they would echo the granddads words to him like he would normally would.

Day 23 Christmas Log Blog: “We belong together” Diary Online Entries

Weather you believe this or you don’t it’s your own opinion but I know the truth and some of my close friends know the truth too.

I didn’t mean it whenever I said I didn’t love you so; I knew I should of held on tight but I should of never let you go because I didn’t know nothing, I was stupid, I was foolish and I was lying to myself. I wouldn’t be still here without your love never imagined I’d be sitting here by myself. Guess I didn’t know you, guess I didn’t know me but I thought I knew everything but I never felt that I’m feeling now that I don’t hear your voice or have your touch and your kiss on the lips. I don’t have a choice what I could give to have you lying by my side right here.

When you left I knew I had lost a part of me; it’s still so hard to believe even when I ask come back baby please, because we belong together. Who else am I going lean on when times get rough? Who’s going to talk me out on the phone till the sun comes up? Who’s going to take your place because there’s ain’t nobody better than you? We belong together.

I can’t sleep at night when you are on my mind; Bobby Womack’s on the radio singing to me, if you think you’re lonely now? Wait a minute this is too deep, too deep. I got to change the station so I can turn the dial trying to catch a break and then I hear the baby face. I only think of you it just breaks my heart I’m falling apart; I’m feeling all out of my element I’m throwing things, whilst crying trying to figure out where the hell I went wrong. The pain reflected in this story ain’t even half of what I’m feeling inside; I need you, I need you back into my life.

Day 22 Christmas Log Blog: Against All Odds (Take a look at me now)

As you looked at me across the charity ball you were like “wow” there’s me thinking all those years ago; how could I just let you walk away?, let you leave without a trace? But now when I’m standing here your taking every breath with you. You’re the only one who really knew me at all.

The thought of “how can you just walk away from me?” When all I can do is watch you leave because of all the laughter and the pain that we shared even the tears. You were the only one who really knew me at all. Baby take a look at me now because there’s just an empty space; there’s nothing left here to remind me of you but just the memory of your face, I wish I could just make you turn around to see me cry and there’s so much I need to say to you. So many reasons why you’re the only one who really knew me at all.

Just take a look at me know because there’s just an empty space nothing left here to remind me of you but just the memory of your face. Just take a look at me now when there’s an empty space; there’s always a chance of you coming back to me is against all of the odds, and that’s what I’ve got to face. Take a good look at me now because I’ll be standing here and you’ll be coming back to me; I know it’s against all of the odds but it’s the chance that I got to take, just take a look at me now. I’m standing here like a beauty queen when never noticed it at the time. You made your way over to reclaim your space beside me and not hers. Just take a look at me now.

Day 21 Christmas Log Blog: When You Believe

Many nights that we had prayed to be saved but there was no proof that anyone could her our hearts that are so hopeful with a song that we barely understood. Yet we are not afraid of what’s about to come around the corner; although we know there’s so much to fear as each mountain we move way to long ago we knew that we could.

There are miracles to which we can achieve when you believe in yourself; though the hope is so frail but it’s hard to kill when know one will know what miracles can do, when you can achieve in life when you start believing as somehow you will when you believe in yourself.

At this time of fear prayers are often proves to be in vain; when hope seems like the summer birds swiftly flown away yet now I’m standing here with my heart is so full that I can’t explain, yet I’m seeking faith and speaking the words that I would never thought I would say.

They don’t always happen when you ask and it’s also not easy to give into your fears when you are blinded by your pain. Yet you can’t see your way clearly through the rain but a small still resilient voice says there’s help is very near.

Day 20 Christmas Log Blog: “Her name was Honey and his name was Brian”

It was one dark winters night in December. Brian had just finished college in Old Woking he was heading through a gap in between some old cottages that had seemed to have been there dating back before Second World. He really didn’t think about it to be honest his grandmother didn’t mention it to him about it; he was only told snippets of some stories but he wasn’t allowed to ask why because he could see that she was still upset about it, even though so many years has passed but it still stayed with her.

He didn’t realise that he was actually sitting at the bus stop in Kingfield Green when he turned to look at his watch that use to be his father’s before he had died in the car crash with his mother just a day old and hadn’t been given a name yet. Ever since then it was just him, his grandmother and his uncle and aunt. His uncle is his dad’s brother he was more of the father figure when he came home from serving; Brian always knew his grandmother hated it when his uncle had to go away because they all knew something in the past would set her off, but wouldn’t tell them other than taking her to the cemetery and stay put in the car as she wanted to be left alone.

Brian on the other hand knew that his uncle and dad grew up in the shadows of this mystery person but something had to do with his name but none of them knew the reason why. As he cast back to looking at the time it was ten to four but no 34 had turned up yet he had been waiting for the bus for almost an hour.

Then all of the sudden the old double decker 34 bus had arrived; to which it look like it was ready to break at any moment, he didn’t blame it to be honest and he got on the bus and sat at the back instead of being at the top like he normally does. The interior was that old mud like brown colour with the seats looking like they were out of carpet material than any other material with a splash of green into it.

There was sounds of tapping and ticking noises all around the bus which sounded like a bomb was going to explode but he was pretty sure it would of gone off ages ago before he even got onto the bus. Brian looked down at his bag thinking what he needed to get out of it but he didn’t realise for a moment that it actually changed.

As he looked up again that’s when reality had hit him hard; he had gone back in time but not sure what year it was but he soon work it out in no time, well maybe he can work it without any help. As looked down the gang way as the bus bulled over he had noticed that a young women and a solider climbing on board; they had made their way towards the back of the bus near him, the women looked familiar but couldn’t think where but all of the sudden it dawned on him. The women was his grandmother and the mystery man was her boyfriend at the time.

The women said “hello” sat down near him and the solider saluted to him to which gave Brian a puzzled worried look before he realised what he was wearing and quickly saluted back. The solider sat down next to the woman. The woman looked worried that Brian didn’t know what he was doing but made a small talk to him as she turned round. “Awful Time isn’t Sargent” she said. It dawned on Brian what year it was; he quickly replied “yes terror able but I’m pretty sure we would win this”, “with your expertise sir I’m pretty sure we will” replied the private.

The fact that he soon realised that private is the one that his grandmother gets sad about. He pressed his button to leave the bus. He heard “good call sir…your being tracked” he murmured to Brian who hadn’t noticed that a few dodgy people were lingering had disappeared up to the top deck. That’s when Brian had an idea he got up and said to the other two “you two come with me…if I’m in danger so are you” they both stood up along side a few other soldiers who knew the que of their safety. He explained to the bus driver that he should get off the bus right now as well as it was only the soldiers that were actually left on the bus and the group of people who weren’t in uniform but he realised what was going on.

They pulled over making them think that someone was getting off and coming on so it didn’t matter as much to them what was happening down stairs. As the Private was last to get off the bus he chucked a grenade onto the bus both Private and Brian told “Honey” the lady to run and all the soldiers, the bus driver and both “Brians” started to run to the dip of the bank side of the field. The grenade exploded to which point that bus was now lit alight but it didn’t accurately go to plan because now the air raid sound started to go off.

Brian heard the Private murmured a swear word under his breathe; he knew perfectly well that wasn’t meant to happen, he didn’t care really even if his uniform says otherwise. He told him it’s alright things happen for a reason that couldn’t be helped. The Private was taken back that Brian had quoted him on something that he would normally say. “Now we need to run to find shelter for these two right now” said Brian as he ordered all the men to get to safety of the nearest barracks door as it wasn’t too far just across the field; both Private and Brian had to take care of Honey and the bus driver, there was a shelter not far from where they were if Brian remembered rightly.

Not even sure how he got to DeepCut in the first place but there was a little stone army shelter thing that was ready to be used in case the Germans had ever invaded England. They just about managed to get to the bunker but Brian somehow managed to get shot in the back by someone to whom they couldn’t see; Private and the bus driver dragged him into the bunker, before he got shot anymore by the unseen agent or solider at the time.

Honey managed to find the first aid kit in Brian’s bag; to which to her surprise had her name on it but didn’t ask any questions at all because it wasn’t the time to ask, or cause a seen as Brian was blacking out due to the amount of blood that was coming out of his leg. The Private had noticed that Brian had actually shot twice but they only heard it one gun shot. All three throughout the night endlessly trying to keep Brian alive by the morning when rescue had arrived he didn’t make it.

In the distance Brian could hear a voice talking to him. He slowly woke up from his coma and he noticed that it was his grandmother talking to him about the time she had tried to save a sergeant life but he had passed away in action of trying to save her, the bus driver and grandad. Himself Brian did the same thing on the bus when he soon realised that the bus was going to go off any second because someone had left a bomb on the bus.

Day 19 Christmas Log Blog: “Hero” – Christmas Story

As every child starts to go to bed on Christmas Eve excited that I would arrive in the middle of the night delivering their Christmas presents and fill up their stockings. Yet there’s always one child who can’t not sleep; too afraid to sleep or more to the point keeps wishing one person would come home, yet I have a surprise for him and he will get a chance to see me and talk to me.

By the time I got to Tiny Tim’s house I parked my sleigh outside his house; Tiny Tim blinked a few times to see what he was seeing, I waved and beckoned him to come over. So Tiny Tim quickly put his dressing gown and his wellingtons on over his pjs. He opened the front door and closed it quietly so he couldn’t wake up his mother or any of his siblings up.

Once he got close to Santa and his sleigh he couldn’t believe what he was seeing in front of him. “You ready to go Timmy?” Asked Santa. “To where?” Replied Tiny Tim “why rescuing your father of course. You are a hero are you not?” Answered Santa looking rather puzzled as he looked at Tiny Tim’s face expression of great sadness. Santa casted something over them which made Tiny Tim look up; as he could hear his father’s echoing the words “There’s always a hero inside you if you look inside your heart; you don’t have to be afraid anymore or what you are, there’s always an answer. That’s if you reach into your soul and the sorrow that you know will melt away…”

He could see his father in a locked up campsite battered and bruised but he recognised the markings on his army uniform but one distinctly stood out to him. It was Tiny Tim’s mark that he had made before his dad went away again on tour. Tiny Tim knew what he had to do; however he felt something brush his hand in his pocket, it was his father’s trademark that only him and his father knew about no one else. It then gave him the courage to do this mission that no one else would do; all of the sudden he could feel someone’s hand on his shoulder, he turned round and he saw his father’s commander towering over him.

“Ready son” he asked. Tiny Tim nodded. “Lead the way Master Tim. We follow you and Mr Claus.” He answered without a batter of an eye lid of looking at Santa; which made Tiny Tim smirk because he was taking orders from Santa Claus and a 8 year old kid, and Santa is real as he’s standing right in front of him.

It was a long road up in the sky when Tiny Tim use to face the world alone; when he he had no one to reach out a hand for him to hold when he was told that his father was captured because it didn’t seem right, yet he found love when he searched within himself and the emptiness that he had felt had disappeared. Tiny Time knew it was time for him to rescue his father and hold his hand out of the captured jail.

The more closer they got to the campsite and the building they all dropped lower; well except Santa and Tiny Tim as they were in the search of Tiny Tim’s father, and become a distraction for the British Army to attack. The badge of Tiny Tims father’s trademark had started to glow inside his hands; like it was telling them where to go but he could hear more of his father’s voice, calling to him and taking them in the right direction.

Lord knows that dreams are hard to follow Timmy but don’t let anyone tear them away or put you down. Hold on tightly on the side of the sleigh now Timmy; your almost there, but in time you’ll find away around your blocked off walls like no tomorrow…

The sleigh stopped outside the tower. Timmy jumped onto the wall path as Santa stayed close to him but on the sleigh; Timmy heard the voice of his father loud and clear even with the trademark, telling him what he’s saying to him. A true hero comes along with the strength to carry on; which meant you have now casted your fears aside and you know how to survive, when you feel like the hope is gone. You can look inside yourself and be strong. That’s when you finally see the truth that a true hero lies in you.

Tiny Tim turned round and he could see a man sitting up against the wall in the shadows; he started to walk slowly over to the jail metal door, the trademark was shining brightly and it was his father. “Dad” whispered Timmy. His father looked up he saw Timmy standing there in front of him with the moon light shining on him. He got up and ran too him; “what you doing here? How did you?” He looked down and saw the trademark that he made for Timmy; he looked back up, he could see one of the guards coming up behind Timmy but Timmy didn’t know until his father told him to duck and the guard fell backwards back down the stairs where he came. Timmy only heard the explosion of a gun.

Santa on the other hand was a sleep not looking until he had heard the gun shot that had woken him up; he quickly got out as fast as he could he got his Santa bag, rummaged inside to look for something, once he had found it he gave it to Timmy for some reason Timmy didn’t really take much notice of the glow he said something no one knew what he had said.

Timmy’s father had quickly grabbed his son round the waist as he could tell that more German soldiers were going to come any second as they would of heard the two loud bangs at the tower they were at. All three clambered into the sleigh and disappeared. It wasn’t long before they got back to Shamley Green in Surrey; loads of people were out looking for Timmy that morning as Timmy would of expected, luckily Timmy’s dad knew the secret way to get back into the house without being seen by anyone else but knew that Timmy’s mother would give him a hard time to begin with.

However it back fired when they were spotted by Timmy’s mother in the kitchen looking out of the window as they came through the back gate. She shrieked as they both thought she would do to begin with; they both stood by each other as the same routine when they both normally get into trouble when they are together, they both said together.

First the shriek

Second the running out of the back door,

Thirdly get whacked around the head to see if we are both alive

Fourth a hug

Fifth a kiss

And last but not least sixth group hug of us three with kisses.

That fact the first two had happened Timmy’s mother went straight for number 6 which stunned both at the same time. They started to wonder what the triplets put in her porridge that morning because it wasn’t her. However they were happily ever after.

Day 18 Christmas Log Blog: Would I do Christmas Advent Calendar Again in 2018?

As this is the last Monday before Christmas Day. I thought I’ll do my over all Christmas Advent now before I forget but also to tie in with todays Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging as well. Well you get both at different times today as the Christmas Advent has taken over its normal schedule today or has been for the last couple of weeks as you may have noticed.

The question is would I do this again next year in 2018. I am not too sure if I want to do it next year or not it’s just because I’ve become a bit confident in doing it this year than last year as I knew what I was doing this year. I’m not sure if I am going to be that confident of doing it again next year.

It’s another whole year to think about to be honest with you. I haven’t even set any goals yet for the new for lizzysweeklyblogs for the year. So I don’t even know what to bring out yet might tend to get cracking during my holidays or as soon as I’ve writing the last 7 days of Christmas Advent Calendar and then start thinking what’s next for lizzysweeklyblogs.

Day 17 Christmas Log Blog: The day I actually slept away – True Story

It’s that time of year where for me it’s a lot harder to switch my mind off; my sleep patterns get worse, I go down with something and everything else just gets on my nerves. The fact is that I never actually realised how much my body was craving the sleep until one Friday afternoon I got home from work I just slept for hours. Until about 20:45pm (8:45pm) had my dinner with the whole house empty for awhile and then got back into bed after letting my sister in 45 minutes later.

I then slept practically all day on the Saturday waking up now and then. Having a bit of a crisis’s let’s say late 20’s Crisis shall we; as you do when your not well or anything else, the fact is I’m just rambling of course because I’m so tired could sleep right now.

Guess what? Yeah your right I can’t I’m so anxious right now that I can’t do anything. You know when you want one of your closest friends with you just to keep you safe? Yeah that’s me I want to be the one kept safe I want that feeling. Just miss them too much right now. This cold doesn’t help in the slightest.

Sorry this Christmas Blog is a bit of a ramble as I actually don’t know what I’m talking about. As you know me I plan them carefully but this was a last minute thing last night (Saturday 16th December 2017) blog thing. As I’ve forgot or well slept the day away shall we say haha.