Behind the Creator – Good Morning Lizzysweeklyblogs

I could be a creator. What sort of creator would I like to be? There was a pen to my right of me. A notebook to my left of me. Speech and language in front of me. In a big room all to myself. At this time I just barely manage to scrape through infants just about mange to write; to be honest I kind of blanked it in all matter of truth, not because of not listening and not concentrating.

It was down to share dumb luck of having hearing impairment; dyslexia, language difficulties and I didn’t really think much of it to be honest at the time of picking up a pen and paper. Like I do now pick one up and write then forget where I place them so I have to pick up another one. I am getting better to stick to one notebook at a time.

If I didn’t have writing and share determination of not giving a s*** about learning difficulties now: at the time of going throughout school and college, who actually gave no the flying monkeys about it all. I generally went with the flow of even trying to learn if the teachers have no hope or faith in me in that area. Unless your my ex college teachers reading this you turned that around by the time I left.

Writing saved my life in so many ways it’s hard to describe in one blog page. I’m one of those people who don’t give……much unless something really bothers me to the point a friend will pick it up that I’m going to burst out or do something that could lead me into trouble. Yet I can be very feisty for a 5ft4 1/2 adult; to the point of no one wouldn’t want to mess with me if they got on the wrong side of me, once you get the wrong side of me your done for. Heyho it’s alright I’m cool as a wosit.

Being a blogger it has given me lots to explore on; through different topics, different categories and different ways of expressing myself in so many levels. I have two blog websites this one is my main one and my second one is I do try and keep them separate but there’s times where I need something to talk about and I haven’t got anything. I start to panic then I realise wait hang on I’m supporting a charity here they are relying on me to raise money and talk about the children who need people’s help. Being a charity worker and working with kids are the two amazing things you could ever do.

If you can please check out my charities in the charity section there is one that I can’t remember what its called but you’ll find out which one it is soon enough. I would love you to give some money towards the chairty of Sentebale – Nigeria but it’s up to you to donate or not.


All charities that lizzysweeklyblogs supporting is all company doing; there is no fraud taking place, it is all the hard work putting into is by lizzysweeklyblogs owner and self driving hardworking making awareness of the charities that they are working with. If there is any frauds happening or thinking there’s someone that is a fraud please follow your gut instinct of contacting if you think that someone is pretending to be a member of the team. Please inform them right away; we will look into it, along with the care, guidance of one of our members.

On behalf of Sentebaleblogs thank you