The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale

“Sentebale supports orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Through education, psychosocial support, and care we give them the tools they need to lead healthy and productive lives.”“TAKE ACTION NOW”

The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale 

The charity has been set up by one and only Prince Harry himself; which quotes “The Prince foundation for children in Africa”, since the lost of his mother in 1997 from a dreadful crash. Prince Harry behind closed doors had lost his way in life; where he didn’t feel like he didn’t have a purpose in life, wanting to break the rules, test the system and wanted to quit his role. 

However Prince Harry had turned the corner in so many ways; by coming out in what it was like loosing a mother like Princess Dianna at a young age, things that he had to do wasn’t right and he shouldn’t of had to do it. 

In his late teens if I remember Prince Harry went back to Africa with his brother Prince William now Duke of Cambridge; to see what their mother had done over there, she had shown so much passion for the children in Africa that they took on that role, by taking a huge responsibility of carrying on her legacy in the way that she would of done. 

Prince Harry has taken on his late mother’s charities but more importantly he has created his own charity called “The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale”. To enable him to be able to make a mark on the world like his late mother before him had done; to know he that this is the path of for him to go down, why not check out the website by clicking onto this link here. you can also place a donation via this link too.
Meet Annabel Inorin

Meet Annabel Inorin from Nigeria in Africa. You probably thinking she’s just a normal kid who doesn’t have much in Africa; guess what your right, she doesn’t have much in life over there. What’s worse is that even though she may have nothing at all; she’s fighting for her life to survive, just at the age of 11 years old. At 11 years old Annabel has a heart sickness called “Arrhythmias”; Arrhymias or heart rhythm problems most common and more experienced by more than 2 million people in a year in the UK. Most people with an abnormal heart rhythm that can lead a normal life if they have the proper diagnose. 

We are more lucky to have a good working doctors and nurses along with the right equipment; the right treatment, the right medication. Poor Annabel has nothing to keep her going; each day she counts her blessings that she pulls through the night and through the day, on things that can help her but she’s barely surviving. 

Lizzysweeklyblogs wants to go on a adventure!

 As a blogger it is always an opportunity to be contacted or be found by people who barely think; oh wow you want me to work for you and whatever the company or that person does, I had that pleasure with the manager of the The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale. You couldn’t really turn down the job on that front can you for a good cause; off course I wouldn’t be working closely with the good man himself, obviously for security reasons and what not. 

I had to take the job no matter what; the children have the right to have a voice, no matter weather it’s in this country or not, Africa is the most screaming out country to me for their voices to be heard. I’m not giving up on my own country and their voices; but to help raise another country voice in need of help, then why not go and do it. Believe me when I donated some money to the charity; I had received an email with a couple of pictures of the children who had things been given to them, on which the money I had given to the charity who had given them books and colour in things. 

You never know how that makes you feel; when you see there warm happy smiles, along with there graduated of thanks for the lovely gifts that you sent us. As you can see in the pictures that I have received so far; you know you have done the right thing, making them feel positive about their lives because of your positive and kindness. 

This makes me want to go out there in Nigeria to meet with the people who are helping running the charity; to get the sense of what it’s really like out in Nigeria, they did offer me to pay for my flights and everything but I wanted to show them that I can fund money this time to be able to go out there. They are even as members who are behind all of it said they are happy to chip in on my go fund me page. I hope you would help me to get that target or more than that mark I wanted; it doesn’t matter how little or big amounts of money, anything helps me to be able to fund my little adventure. 

If you would like to see more of these types of blogs; you can help me reach that goal by helping me on my way to go out there, visit, write about it, explore what’s out there and what is actually happening for myself. To be able to donate money please follow this link by clicking it and donate the money as much as you can. 

This is my only way to go out there; to see for myself what it is like to live in horrible damp, smelly, no electricity, no nothing. We take things way too much for granted these days; that’s why I’m going to raise as much as I can, to be able to show them I am passionate about these types of charities. Every child, every teenager, every young adults and their parents and grandparents want the best in life. Especially grandparents and parents who want to see their child or children to make something of themselves than being; here stuck in the same life of poverty, day in day out. Let me help them by raising the money for them and raising money to go and see them. Every little money helps. Go on donate know one is noticing you doing a sneaky one. I won’t tell if you won’t. 

Here are the links again if you would like to donate money to a good cause or help me go on adventure: 

Or donation can be made through the official website here for the children 

The Fear Of The Unknown Part 1

How can one dream; turn into a reality of another’s one soul, but she’s not all cracked up to be. Is she?

One night I was in bed alone; in one big massive mansion, security stood outside my door, my body guard was sleeping on the couch that was by the fire place. I always liked it when Caspian gets over protective; especially when I’m ill and I couldn’t go to a social event with him, he wanted to make sure that I was properly protected even if I was with him or not. 

It took me awhile to dose off because I had been crying; my throat was hurting, struggling to breath. I refused them to call Caspian because I knew how important this function was for him; I didn’t want him to panic or worry that my mental health or my current bug or something whatever it was to ruin his big moment for his business. 

I was slowly drifting off to sleep; Darrell my bodyguard looked over, he said quietly as he was coming over. “Come on I think that’s enough work for one night” as he took my iPad off me and laid it on the side table. He then put blankets over me because he knew I liked to cuddle the duvet for comfort….

As I laid my head on the soft pillows; my eyes were getting heavier and heavier, I knew my medication and paracetamol had started to kick in. Due to the heavy anxiety attack I had endured the hour before; which lead me to struggling to breathe, a massive headache and really bad sore throat. Everything was too much for me to handle. I was completely out of it; I was in a deep sleep no one couldn’t wake me up, I had found myself in by this pond pondering of what I should do. 

The water was deep and inviting; this was when I was at my weakest point in my life, no one was here to stop me from doing anything. I had started to walk in; I could barely hear voices shouting my name, I stopped to have look with my eyes full with tears. I could see a man in a white shirt and cameral colour trousers on running in; couldn’t even think who it was until he picked me up in his arms, as I put my arms around his neck I could smell his aftershave of Jean Paul Glitter. My favourite aftershave on any man; this one I liked more, I knew it was Caspian coming running in after me. 

We had reached to the bank where everyone else were; I had started to shake in his arms, he knew I was freezing as I was only wearing a strappy top and shorts. The air had changed; winds have started to pick up more heavy, clouds had formed to which part turned dark and black. Threatening with a massive downpour of rain; I could hear him giving orders, to head back to the vehicles quickly and officially. 

I could feel the rain starting to fall; Caspian’s nice white cotton feel to it, that I always have thought he was going to burst out of them with his muscles and joked about that he works out too much was getting wet. I was murmuring something to Caspian about something but he couldn’t make out what I was saying. I could hear his panic in his voice with a bit of reassurance that we were nearly there; I struggled to open my eyes, my lips were turning blue. I could hear the doors wide open; blankets wrapped around me, the doors closing I could feel Caspian sitting in the back of the car. He told me that he was going to take me back to his place; without any arguments, or anything because he was a lot closer and he can look after me better. 

The feeling of being a stranger in his house was like feeling a stranger in a different land; as I woke up in in a cold sweat, fever as everyone rushed to my aid even Caspian who could hear her from the other side of the house….

I actually woke myself up from the dream screaming; Darrell and the security were running to my aid, Darrell was trying to calm me down whilst few others were on their phones calling around to see where Caspian was. It wasn’t before long that he had finally arrived; running in from the front of the house to my room, I had begged him not to leave me on my own. I know the rules that his family had to follow; if he could he would, Darrell and Caspian’s bodyguard Luka’s had agree along with the security that it wasn’t the best solution but as long as I manage to fall back to sleep. Knowing that he was in the house; Darrell will sleep close by even further, as long as I need him…..

What is May’s next move?

You start to begin to wonder if there’s anyone going to shut down Theresa May; as soon as possible, whilst trying to shut down nearly every political person who does not understand.

Things that May has been trying to do since the general election or as she puts it a snap election. To be honest May has made so many mistakes, so many u-turns, trying to preach the Good Friday Agreement with Northern Ireland. Even with agreement with them still not looking good; however she’s asking Liberals (Liberal Democratics) for help to prop her up; along with asking David Cameron to back her on things, this goes to show how much she is desperate to say in power and for the money. 

 I am glad that the fox hunting u-turn because otherwise if they did bring back fox hunting; they would want to bring back everything else that is being protected, to which what time period are they trying to go back to? 

I personally think delaying the queen speech was pretty much stupid and waisting everyones time. You knew it was going to back fire one way or another; I take my hat off to the queen making a statement with her outfit for the day, to say to Theresa May that it’s better to stay in the EU. Yes the queen is getting on a bit but she hasn’t lost her marbles; she knows every crock and crannies, when it comes to each primeminster who had served her and her country. She knows what she is up against; every time there is a new primeminster or the same primeminster, she’s not daft one single bit. Since that day everyone realised what really is going on; as the queen reads out the speech, now all of the hard work that poor May had put in and now the queen speech goes out of the window. 

It does go to show that it has made clear in what is going on; what May’s game plan is, they are now trying to block her every move. Even monjority of her cabinet is trying to block her every move. 

Neither May or Corbyn are good at their rules; either one of them will bank crupt the a whole of UK in one go, either of them in power. How about cut all of their pays; take all of their luxuries away, and everything else that they may have as I am for certain that’s where all our money is going. On them so that they can lavish all the good things in life; whilst we have to work our arses off to get what we want, cuts need to be in their areas not our areas that we need the most. 

Theresa May comes out fighting for austerity. Which means that after sacking George Osborne last year 2016; which means that she has stuck with his austerity script, which has prompted Corbyn to grow confidence since the election to which had landed series of rhetorical blows. “The Prime Minster found £1bn to keep her own job” he had noted of the DUP deal. Quotes and more information are found on NewsStatesman for the full article. 

Another mp is coming out with is that May is frightened out of her own skin; this is because she doesn’t want to call for another election, due to the fact that she knows that labour will win. That’s why she’s calling on everyone to back her up in the way that she can’t loose her job. To be quite frankly the longest and oldest standing mp is quite right if you ask me; she is frightened of loosing her job and the power that she has. I rather she wasn’t in power anymore but then again I don’t want Corbyn in either. 

Dear Theresa

Have you ever thought of taking Corbyn with you; as he’s taking you down, you might as well go down in history together. Just thought in the future our children will think; thank god we don’t have the, in power anymore. Just a thought.

You may of heard of me or you may not but I don’t have any qualifications of any sort of politics; but I do have to say for myself I do know for certain you need to quit whilst your a head, because at the end of the day I know I’m watching every move you make and then BOOM! I’m on the good old iPad with the blogs going on left right and centre; ideas here and there, oh what’s that? You’ve been thrown to the mix as well; along in my magic cauldron for horrible politics who can’t get their facts right, or keep their word during the election and then change it in the queen speech. 

On which I do have to say you have been owned by the queen that day. We all know that you are a lair; have you ever thought of taking Corbyn down with you, he’s pretty much similar as he’s trying to take you down. You might as well go down together that will make history; oh just thought about a your quotes off yours that you said few weeks back, the future of our children will look back and thank god we don’t have either of them in power. 

You said once that “we would look back at all of this and say what we did to make Britain great again”. So far you haven’t made Britain great again; that’s completely untrue, along with the most biggest lie ever. Do you even know how to make Britain great again? Look at the things that the public have done in the recent months; from terror attacks to burning tower block, we are the ones that make Britain great as we work together as one. Knowing what to do when things like this come our way; we are the ones protecting our English soil, we are the ones protecting each other, we are the ones that win the awards for sports, acting, singing and many more. We are the ones doing the British public proud; we get rewarded for things that get recognition from the Queen, don’t hear many politicians getting anything like that these days. I wonder why? 

Personally I think you’ve had too much power; Corbyn is also wants power but personally I believe neither of you should have the power, the power should go back to the Royal who should have the final say in everything. Not what politics want them to say. Delaying the queen speech was bad enough along side asking for more time. By that don’t you think it’s time to resign from all politics and become one of us. 

Then you will know what it’s like to live on a budget; not having any money, start working your way back up again. Like monjority of the people have to start working their way back because they have lost everything. Live the life of a normal human being for once; if you actually know what one is, I personally don’t think you do know what one is. 

I don’t even know if you know the meaning of budget; I recoil that when you were the Home Secretary or what ever you were when Cameron was in power, we all saw it coming that you wanted to be in power. Since you wanted to cap the public sector; not a care in the world that we will suffer the consequences of those actions by you, and still suffering from them to this day. 

All I can say is that it is time for you to go and take down Corbyn with you; as you both are bad as each other, yet no one dare to speak out because they are feared to be sacked for not agreeing or supporting either of you.

Don’t think this will be the last of hearing of me. I will find out away when you at least expect it because I know things that you don’t even know about.
Signing off now 


Silent Moments

That day that shock the whole nation as we come to terms with our first attack; this is a story of what it must of felt like on the day when it all happened, the day that 52 people who had died that day.
The birds swooped down; that very morning, today was like any other day. I wake up to my annoying alarm clock; to tell me to get ready for my day, I didn’t really want to but it was so sunny, warm and blue skies. What could go wrong on 7th July 2005? Nothing can would it. I’m just an average 14 year old going to school like everyone else in London; that day me and my friends decided to go and get the underground trains that day, than we normally do in the morning if we were running late for the bus. 

Our parents always knew our game plan because one of us is always running late one way or another; that’s why we all get on so well, we stick together all the time. This was the early 2000’s at the time nothing much really could go wrong; typical teen head at the time, but we were living the life of freedom and care free. So we got to the underground train that we normally get on a running late day; still thinking our day would be alright, as we got onto the Circle Line that was going to be stopping near Aldgate and Edgware Road. Fortunately our parents rang in saying that the trains were running late; should be in by 9:30am, they were more expectable at that as we did come from different part of London but also our parents were the governors of the school. Not bragging or anything. 

The train had started to slow down at about 8:49am that’s when I started to think something wasn’t right; this route wouldn’t stop here, would it? I looked around as my friends were still talking like they haven’t even noticed anything strange or anything; no one wasn’t seem too bothered about the whole train stopping, there was one guy looking dodgy but then again I always thought men were strange people in the first place. Someone’s phone went off that caught my attention. Then the next thing all I could remember was me, my friends and everyone else in the carriage went up into the air we all landed in a heap. 

I could barely move or say anything. All I could hear was people screaming in pain; I could taste blood in my mouth. I knew. I knew I just been attacked but by what? I couldn’t sit up or anything. I just thought where are my friends are they are alright; with the whole fear of oh my god! I’m going to be left to die, no one is coming to get me. I want my mum. 

I don’t even know what the time is; I could hear voices coming down the tunnel, they were getting closer and closer. The screaming had stopped; unless that I can’t ear anything, everywhere is pitch black other than the people who were coming to rescue them had torches.

I could hear foot steps coming into the carriage; I was starting to loose consciousness, as one of the rescuers had started to shine the light in my face to see if I was alive or not. Then shouted to the others what I could make out as the blood had started to pile up in my ears; ‘a young teenager over here who’s alive but in and out of consciousness’ few extra people came over and they started carefully to lift me up on to a hard something. That I wasn’t too sure what it was. 

It still felt a very long time and dark in the tunnel but as soon as my rescuers got me out to the platform and out of the station the sun had gone in. The clouds had gone in; something was wrong, all I could remember was being put back of an ambulance then fell unconscious. 

I don’t even remember what happened after that all I can remember is waking up in hospital; with a hospital gown on, cards and gifts at the end of my bed not being able to move. My parents were there when I woke; they called the doctor and nurse to come, I started to panic of what has happened. 

I literally couldn’t hear what they were talking about; which grew made me grow into panic, this had to be serious why can’t I hear and I can’t feel anything. I started to cry as it was hard to understand; this is harder than I had imagine, my mum was trying to calm me down….It took me 12 years to recover with the lots of help encouragement; but I’m working hard, building up charities in people who are effecting in the attacks. I miss my friends everyday; some suffered the same as me, however some of them died in the attack. 

This is a story of what may of felt like being in the first attack. A point of view of a victim who may have lost everything; how to rebuild their lives after attack that may effect them for the rest of their lives, along with the flash backs due to the recent events.

Gove you have no clue!

What is going on with the Conservatives? No matter how the put it they are still targeting people who are more capable to do things.

I rarely now these days get my ideas from my twitter feed but this week I’ve got 3 for you; but today I’m taking you through the whole Gove and education thing, on which is pretty confusing I do have to say at least. I’m pretty sure I’m confused as well. So I’ll try and explain what I think he might be talk about. I did try and find the article but couldn’t find it; however I do have a snippet of a tweet from Mirror Politics, that all that matters to me in this blog.

Popular doesn’t matter who you but to stay true to yourself; it’s who you are that matters to me, if you believe in yourself then I salute you. I think you can do anything that you put your mind to it; ignore the ignorance of Gove, the Conservatives and many others. Have no clue how to work hard to get where you are; so this is what my view on this statement, which has been said on national tv show on Andrew Marr Show. 

“If you don’t benefit from uni education you shouldn’t pat for those who do” says Gove on tuition fees. – Daily Mirror Politics. 

He has a slight point but if it was only true that was coming out of his mouth; he actually means that if your not cleaver enough, don’t bother in trying to go to uni because your never going to be rich or cleaver enough of what you want to do with your life. That’s what he actually saying. I can tell you right now that you can go to uni weather you are academic or practical; there’s courses for everyone not just for the people who can pay loads of money, I can tell you now you have the option for to go or not. You can go later in life as a mature student. 

I chose not to go because I had enough of education at the time but also I can’t sit for hours on end in a seminar room; as I’m a practical person but I have days that I wish I could of done, but I’m doing much better with the life outside of uni. There is more ways around it; than one also Gove, May, Cameron and the rest of Conservatives have no idea how people work, because they are too far up themselves. All they want is power and be the ones best out on top along with Corbyn. Don’t even get me started on him. 

If Gove knows what his party is doing; if he doesn’t then he is the most dumbest mp you can ever ask for, along with his pal Hunt. They are like a comedy act who don’t even know what they are doing; they should join with Johnson and become a trio, just quit and become comedians. As they well and truly a laughing stock. 

Ignore what people say that you can’t do things; challenge yourself, you can do things if you out your mind to it. Just believe in yourself; I believe in you, I’m always in the same boat as you. I have days like I’m not good enough but guess what I have days when I kick butt; I know that I’m winning by knocking every rugby player that I can to win that point, and then kick it over the rugby goal to get more points. 

Politics don’t even know what they are talking about. I can promise you that right now. 

The Only Exception 

Hello. Its me. I was wondering if it’s okay if we could meet. I thought you would like me to go over, what we had been through. At least I’ve tried to save our relationship. There wasn’t really any secret that the time running out. I must of called a thousand of times to tell you I’m sorry.
You were the only exception that you would make me happy; made my world go around, I gave you my world but all you wanted to everything from me. Why did you lie to me; your abusive words hurt, you couldn’t be trusted. You never could never change; if you had changed you would of been here with me; the only exception was that I wanted you to do was to be with me, knowing that you were going to be here looking out for me. 

I always take you back but you never changed. Right there was your biggest down fall; come on we both know we could of worked out but you never tried, do you have to make me feel like there was nothing left of me. The only exception you should of made was to realise that I did everything for you; you took everything that I had, you could break everything that I am, like I was made of glass, like I was made of paper. You can try bring me down but I’m closer to the clouds up here. 

I had always thought nothing would go wrong and I took a massive risk on you. I made an exception; I was the one that had to believe it but you took it away from me, I made an exception on you but the rumours has it that your head still in the cloud. All these words you whispered in my ears were all lies you weren’t going to do; I kept on taking you back but you keep on doing it, my heart was always on the frontline and my heart will always love you. Yet you couldn’t bring me out of the darkness that you put me in; as I risked it all of for you, I would run through fire for you like I wasn’t going get burnt. I would always love you like it was a good bye but you couldn’t save the relationship because you were too stubborn to listen to what I wanted or when I needed you.

If only you made the exception for me by listening to me; then it would of worked we could of done things together, than do everything to impress me and prove to me that you can be the man I wanted you to be. I didn’t even want all that I’m not that kind of person; I just wanted us to be together but you just didn’t listen to what I actually wanted, I can’t go back to the way it was because you destroyed it but you can’t do one thing that I want you to do. 

Nobody does it better than you. I can’t go back to the way it was. If I ever fell in love again I think I would have a heart attack if I had done that. Every time I cry I always cry for help. 

Its the sign of the times when it comes to the end of the show; stop your crying its the sign of times, you don’t know how I feel because of the bullet that you caused you haven’t even made the exception of what I wanted. You just had to make one exception or two. 

Haunted Part 2 

The Horror Story that no one wants to be in

I stood up and walked to the kitchen, no one was there, so I stopped the running water. Immediately, the whole lights in the house went out “Oh God” I cursed. I was trying to find my way out of the kitchen since I was not with any extra light and my cell phone was on the chair where I laid, when I suddenly heard the Television go on and a female voice screaming from withing. I sighed cos I now have a source of light to get to my phone, but a little worried as to why the T.V came on when all the lights are out and who put it on. Could it be my wife? All these were going through my mind while I walk into the living room, picked up my phone, and put on the torchlight while I put off the T.V. I made to go out to know why the lights suddenly went out when I heard a noise from the kitchen like falling plates, I went straight into the kitchen only to see all the plates on the ground, all broken into pieces. I began to curse i confusion when I heard the living room door open and close. 

Now I was beginning to get scared, every where became suddenly very dark, even with the light in my hand. I could hear my heart beat very fast. “Honey?” I called walking slowly towards the living room, from the distance where I stood by the lobby, I could see a still figure sitting on the very chair where I laid. It seemed a female because of her hair; the hair was unkept and scattered. “Honey?” I called, “Is that you?” I stopped at the middle of the lobby filled with fear. Suddenly, my phone went off, now everywhere became totally dark, then as if in my favor, the lights in the living room came on but went off almost immediately, but what I saw shocked me and sent cold shivers running down my spine. 

The still figure wasn’t there any more, and this made me shift backward a little. I began to see. Lightning outside like it was going to rain, then I heard my name softly behind me. “Ray!” I turned slowly to see who it was, only to see the same figure that was sitting on my chair, I could tell from the hair, but she was standing with her back towards me, and holding two kids doing the same. “Who… who… who are you?” I managed to find myself asking. As if to answer my question, she turned with the two kids and stared at me angrily in the eyes, same did the kids, to help me with the view, lightning came across and I could see whom it was. My wife. “TESS?” I whispered scarily. But no reply came from either of the seeming monsters standing before me. They just stared angrily. Lightning struck again, hen everywhere went dark and light again. They were not there any more, this startled me and I woke up to see my wife staring at me. 

“You are awake?” I could not find a word to reply her, all I could do was wonder what was really happening. Could it be that she is aware of everything? Could she be doing this by herself? If yes, why will she do such? What could be the cause/ What offence have I committed to deserve such torment? Can I really sleep i this house with her? I was really confused and bothered on what to do. I was left with no choice. I followed her into the bedroom still confused, we laid on the bed and before long, she slept off leaving a confused me awake. I just stared at the empty roof till I fell asleep again. Not long after sleeping off, I woke up to use the toilet, I stood up and went straight to the toilet, then returned to the room but met it empty, my wife was not there any more. But I remember no one passed cos I left the toilet door open or was I carried away in the toilet that I did not notice her pass? Just then, I felt something under my feet, I looked and saw I was standing on blood, I jumped back immediately.Taking a second look, I saw the blood has formed a straight stained line on the floor. 

Fearfully, I followed to know where this will take me, so I followed it and got to the toilet, that was where it led me to. I became very confused, but I was in the toilet not long,and nothing was a here, but as I raised my head; saw a writing on the wall with blood “BEHIND YOU,” I turned and saw my wife, but this time, she was sobbing softly. ” TE…TESS?” I called, but she gave no response, instead, she walked away, I rushed out of the toilet but she was no where around any more. All I could see was blood on the wall giving me a direction to take, I became terrified. Am I going to die? I had to summon courage and took the direction that led to my living room, as I got there, I noticed the front door close, and a figure take a left, I stood there in fear.

I was contemplating on what to do when the door opened again by itself, now it dawned on me I had to follow. I walked slowly and took the left, as I bend left, I saw the figure take another left, now I found myself walking a bit fast, but with fear, the outside was dark. but the lights outside, I could see.I got to the end and took a left sharply but stopped in a shock as I stood face to face with my wife looking angrily, tears in her eyes, “Why?” She asked in tears. I couldn’t find courage to say any thing, immediately, two kids emerged from behind her and stood beside her looking at me angrily. Then I heard a sound from behind me, I turned to see what that was but found nothing, then turned to see my wife, but she and the kids were gone.

I woke up to a start, but this time, I was not panting, I turned to check my wife, but she was not on the bed. I wore a worried look on my face, where could she be? I got up and went straight to the kitchen, but no one was there, as I came out I noticed the front door was open, I walked slowly to the veranda, looked right, looked left and walked slowly to the end and took the second bend. As I got closer, I noticed a female leg on the floor’ I became scared, I walked slowly to the spot only to see my wife in a pool of her own blood on the ground lifelessly. I fell down beside her, felt her but she was gone, she was very cold. I shook her, but it was too late,, she was dead. Then I noticed a note on the floor, I picked up the note and read a boldly written sentence “YOUR PRICE FOR YOUR PAST” now it dawned me, my past life came looking for me, and got me at the very weakening spot. I could not cry, I could not shout, I just stayed there sobbing softly, my own wife died because of my evil past, now I understand my dreams, she was angry, I never told her anything about my past life, I kept it a secret all these past times, I never knew one day, she will be the one to pay for them, the kids with her in the dream, they must be my unborn kids cos she was pregnant before she died. So I was even with a ghost earlier this evening. It should have been me “WHY?”

Shoot the Runner 

The day I was just laying in bed thinking what was my plan for this weeks blogs; as I didn’t really do much the following week because I wasn’t well, still not well to be honest with you. So I was just listening to some songs and Kasbian came on with “Shoot the Runner”. Which got me thinking about school and theirs always someone that runs to a teacher. However I would not recommend shooting to anyone. 

In school kids are just kids at the end of the day; but when in adult life they should know better, however it’s not like that at all. There’s always few people who will always going to be a runner; who would most likely to go behind your back, to tell a teacher or spread rumours etc. 

I have had my fair share of that on both sides of it teenager life and adult life. Life can be so cruel; to the point of these days there are more and more teenagers committing suicides because of people bullying, abusing and etc but yet no one actually goes running, when their closest friends don’t actually go running to get help for their friend and by that stage it’s too late. 

There’s two types of runners; one runner is the one that cares because ask permission, to speak on their friends behalf on their concerns and what they have been told. Then you have complete idiots who seek attention; make up any excuse or spread rumours or tell everyone your secrets, all because they haven’t got anything better to say or do with their lives other than making that persons a living hell. 

Everyone trips and falls but you’ll be standing on top of the world; even with the dark cloud raining over your head, you have learnt to wave good bye to the haters as your stronger than them. As your marching on your own with good friends joining you on route as you pick them up along the way; you are proud to say that you have them, as you have a place to write too. There’s no drama to big or to small to deal with; when you have good friends, on which they say ‘I got you’.

There’s always going to be another mountain to climb; the struggling that your facing, will knock you down but you’ll be pushing through the pain and suffering no matter what the situation. It’s always going to up hill battle; keep on moving, keep on climbing, keep the faith you will get through the pain.

No one likes to being played; no one understands why your the ones get hurt by people who you think you could trust, all the innocent has gone but it’s not worth our time. I just wish I could free you but the answer is simple; it’s the one who has done it in the first place, I don’t want to go another day not telling you what’s on my mind. I’m going to stay with you and nobody is going in between us; don’t worry about people who are hanging around, just ignore them as I’m going to stick with you. I know how to appreciate you and I know what is best for you. 

Focus on what you want to do; I came here to do I want to do, my focus is on you as much as I can. I can tell you are curious but no one can hold us down. You can answer questions and listen to your worries by writing to me to just focus on me and yourself. 

Haunted Part 1 

The Horror Story that no one wants to be in…

Where I was sleeping on my old chair in the house I had packed in three weeks ago, I heard a soft knock thrice on the door. At first, I ignored the knock as I was tired from the day’s work, but the knock came again. Reluctantly, I came down from the chair, walked shabbily to the door and opened it, but no one was there, I peeped through to check around, but found no one. I hissed. Locked the door back up; walked back to the chair I just sat on the chair when the knock came again, soft on the door thrice, now I was getting angry as to why someone will be playing smart on me this tiring night. 

I marched to the door and dragged it open; but still found no one, I stood by the door for some seconds wondering who it might be that is disturbing my evening rest. As I turned to go inside when I noticed a shadow run pass inside my room. I followed swiftly to catch whoever the person might be, leaving the door open. I got to the room, but no one was there, I checked my toilet, wardrobe, and kitchen, but there were all empty, then I heard voices whispering from my living room. Now I am even more angry, I marched to the living room but stopped by the lobby as what I saw frightened me, a crowd of small white kids, staggering around the house. I was white with fear, when I heard my name called in a whisper from behind, I turned to see my wife standing before me, her eyes filled with horror.

“Why?” She cried out. 

“Why?” she cried out again.
She began to walk towards me making me to take some steps backward, then I stumbled and fell backwards. Then I woke up sweating all over but feeling cold and breathing heavily. “It’s a dream.” I managed to say amidst panting, then I heard a soft knock on my door, just like I heard in my dream. “Who’s there?” I muttered with fear from my dream, but there was no reply. “Who”s there?” I managed to shout. but still got no reply. Again, the knock came but this time a bit harder than the first time. 

Now I had to summon courage and check who it might be, maybe it’s someone out there, I’m just being scared from my dream. I walked slowly to the door and opened it slowly, but found no one there, now it became obvious my dream has come haunting my reality. “Hello?” I said with a shaky voice, the outside was cold and still and very dark. I was buried in cold fear, I closed the door and walked back to the chair in the living room where I slept before. I sat down wondering what might be going on. could it be my dream happening again? or some hooligans trying to play smart on me? I was deep in thought when a cold hand touched my right shoulder, I jumped out of the chair, startled with fear only to see my wife smiling back at me. I sighed. 
“Why did you jump like?” I sighed,

“Why did you jump like that?” She asked. 

“You scared me,” I replied her panting.
And why were you scared? She asked. It was just a bad dream I had earlier. She came and hugged me tightly, “Poor boy”, she said. Now I felt a little relaxed. I pulled away from the hug slowly and took a seat while she followed suit. When did you return? I asked. Just now she replied still smiling. Her bright smile brought a total calmness to my mind and I felt relaxed. But did you…? Did I what? she asked looking at me puzzled.

Nothing, don’t worry. I replied not wanting to bring back my earlier experience. I laid on her lap and before long, I was fast asleep. I was still sleeping when I heard a running water. I woke up with a start and listened attentively. My wife was no longer on the chair, the water was running in the kitchen. She might be cooking I thought. So I laid back, but the water didn’t stop, I sat up again to observe the direction of the kitchen, but no sign of any one. “Honey?” I called . “Honey are you there? Put off the running water.,” but no response came……