Last Minute Packing First Holiday of 2017


Pretty sluggish at last minute packing and etc; just because I knew all week that I was going away for a night by the end of the week, I just didn’t know what to pack today really; but manage to pack everything into one suitcase, however not nearly everything is in there. Like my make up, hair drys or hair straighteners but I think I’ll have to leave my hair straighteners at home; let my frizzy bomb do its work to be honest, because it never stays straight when I do it even if it do it in sections. Don’t ask family thing. 

Last minute packing left

So as I was saying in my introduction that I’m pretty sluggish of one day one night away packing because growing up I’ve always been told to pack take all weather clothing. Where I’m going; it always ends up nice sunny, warm and boiling. This was in the past as I had a sibling down in this seaside town university; we always wrapped up warm as it would be raining here in Guildford but when we got to him, we would be stripping off all of our clothing and get clothes to change into at times. 

I manage to pack a few tops, leggings, a dress for the evening doubt I wear it not even sure I fit in it still, probably get another one when I get there for the evening. Obviously my cleaning essentials and etc. Not sure to take a hair dryer or not I might not take it; if I don’t take it, the hotel doesn’t have one I’ll get one when I’m there too. Kind of need a new one I think anyways; haha I think I fused the first setting on my hair dryer, heyho that answers my question doesn’t don’t take it. 

Tomorrow all I have to pack now is my make up, hair brush and any medication that I may need to take. I’m not really one of those people who has to take the whole lot of first aid stuff; just the stuff that I need to self medicate to keep me going, then that’s about it already and done.

I will be collecting pictures for a blog of my holiday but I won’t be putting them up until I get home along side my social media I won’t be putting any up at all either. All top secret until I come back.

Bye for now…oh oh nearly forgot I have got blogs on the schedule so I haven’t left you in the lurch. Byeee!!!


5 Ways to style your blog paperwork


This week the Hustle and Bustle of Blogging Advice is back; as I was trying to think of what to do for this Thursday feeling, I was pulling out notes off my clipboards/folders trying to figure out what title to use for this weeks #throwbackthursday. I saw this title of 5 Ways to style….; I thought why not do 5 ways to style your blog paperwork, when recently I’ve been creative with my blog paperwork and might as well share it with everyone else. How’s that for a throwbackthursday week huh pretty awesome don’t you think. 

5 Ways to style your blog paperwork

Come to see what the 5 Ways to style your blog paperwork? Is that a yes. Good answer I like that answer a lot; well you have come to the right place anyways, it’s not always that easy when your trying to be come a successful blogger for any social media sites. Unless your doing it for fun that’s okay; but still want to learn how to keep up with paperwork etc in case it does take off, some people don’t even realise how much it would cause the internet by storm. 

So this is my 5 Ways of styling my blog paperwork:

5. I’m always looking out for new ways; such as looking up ideas such like, planning, yearly planning and etc. I use the Pinterest a lot of ideas for all that stuff and to be able to use some of the freebies; to be able to get started as a base line, then go on from there. 

4. I’m pretty much a colour coded freak when it comes to my blog paperwork; I’ve always been like with my writing overs the years of being an author of some of my stories, it’s quite calming and enjoyable. Most probably OCD when it comes to the colour coding as everything has to be the same colour for each thing; either that there’s something wrong with me, I even colour coded my boards to separate the whole blogging, goals and now my reminders in three different colours but waiting to get some money so that I can order the colour that I want. 

3. I prefer pen and notebook. Notebook and pen are like my weapon of ideas; as I love the feel of the pen touching the pages, as it glides over the lines. I even made labels for my note books; so that I know that I know which is which because at the end of the day, I know what I have done and what not or there’s a few ideas that I may use or don’t use. 

2. Creating tags is the best thing ever; I spend way too much time designing tags, I do have to say it is one of my guilty pleasures to do. I use canvas, photo editor and multi-picture collection. For me it becomes easier to know what I want; no how to design it how I want it as the best thing I could do, or close enough so that it’s good enough to post along side my blogs.

1. Is to be able to feel confident in sharing your 5 ways of style your blog paperwork. If you feel like you have the confidence and self believe to share it; give if ago there is no harm done if something that works for you, can work for someone else as well. I always think and say “sharing is caring” yeah I know it’s hard if you don’t get on with people; but you have to get on for the sake of the other person, I would like to give you a challenge of giving this ago and see what you come up with. 

I hope this is useful to you all; I actually play around to see what works with me all the time, still do now for somethings. Something’s stick and something’s don’t but adapt it to your own needs; I always adapt things that are different along side certain what I can cope without feeling so intimidated, for a example an A4 piece of paper. I genuinely hate an A4 piece of paper because of the thought of having to fill up the whole paper with ideas and etc. I have a lot of struggle with that; so I adapt it for my needs for ideas by folding the piece of paper into A5 sizes, then I feel a whole lot better that each size of the A4 is covered in notes after I had finished. 

What do I need more off in life?


New picture for Up Close and Personal; I’m trying out a new way of doing things for my blogs at the moment, with the thought of going away for a night and also going back to work on Tuesday. I thought I might as well get started with the whole let’s get things organised etc; doubt that I’ll be able to keep it up, but it’s worth a try you know. 

What do I need more off in life? 

The more I need in life is to be able to feel more comfortable with myself when something different is happening; not having to worry about leaving to go somewhere incase something happens, yet I know if something did happen I would of got a phone call. 

In life I just need to be more comfortable and confident in myself; be able to do things without having to worry about my anxiety and depression kicking in, I have noticed that I am starting to feel comfortable and more confident within myself as everyday I’m getting better with my make up. 

I need more time in my life just to enjoy what I have and not having to worry about anything that might effect me in a bad way. Also to explore more of England as much as I can; as I know there’s so many more interesting, new places that you forget you have in your own country.

Fifty Shaders Darker Review 


Finally got round to writing up the film Fifty Shades Darker after a month or so of going to see it on 23rd February 2017 with a friend from work. At that time we were having a shopping trip at the time; along with a meal out, so we kind of thought you know what lets go and see the film as we both wanted to see it. Plus I’ve read the books; once you read the books, you have to see the film. In my case was I read the books to see what people were talking about; then when the films came out it was I have to see if they kept it to the book, along side people saying it was really good and etc. As you can guess I went to go and see the film; so here is my review of the film. 

Fifty Shades Darker


When a wounded Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) tries to entice a cautious Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) back into his life, she demands a new arrangement before she will give him another chance. As the two begin to build trust and find stability, shadowy figures from Christian’s past start to circle them, determined to destroy their hopes for a future together.

Release date: 10 February 2017 (United Kingdom)

Director: James Foley

Box office: 380 million USD 

Music composed by: Danny Elfman

Featured songs: Crazy in Love, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

Rating: 18 
My Review:

Fifty Shades Darker couldn’t get much better nor darker; showing and getting to know more about the characters, trying to teach each other about what they want and how to stay together no matter how much of Christian Greys past throws at them. They always find away to get past the problems; along with the understanding of what a woman’s feelings are, and understand that there is more to life than being dominant and punish people who are similar to what his mother looked like. However he starts to realise that not all women are like his mother; he could see that everytime Anastasia either leaves him or being patient with him, by showing him not all people are that bad. 

I’m one of those people; where there is a certain film that are just one off see and etc, for me it’s like once I’ve seen it I’ve seen it as it doesn’t draw me into watching it over and over again like most people do. When me and my friend went to go to see it; her face was a picture every time Jamie Dornan came on the screen, she was so not sitting next me forgetting that I was next to her. Haha. 

She only told me a few hours ago that day she had a crush on him. Now I have the evidence of her doing the whole weird act on me; I was quite glad that she didn’t have popcorn in her hands or eating any at the time, then it would be more funny would rather watch her making a fool out of herself than the film. Haha. 
Meg Ann💕 “loved it 😜” via message

What are you watching on Netflix right now?


Currently I’m update now with my blog paperwork and display boards; well one more thing left to do but I have to think long and hard about my goals as a blogger, at the moment I’m in a good place that I can give more time now for my blogs to grow on the new website.

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

As I’ve caught up on Once Upon a Time with only two more episodes to watch; that’s me done for that series, until the next series comes out if they do bring out the next one. At the moment I’m currently got myself into the Grimm; where everyone thinks that this detective is there to kill them, but actually he does the complete opposite he helps them and they start to begin to trust him more than they heard stories of the evil ones.

I can’t even stop watching it; that’s how good the program is, the program literally drew me in and help me to get through all of my paperwork quickly. I keep on forgetting when I need to do something on my iPad; I’m like nope can’t do that right now I’m so in gross in this episode maybe afterwards, until the next one comes on and I keep on putting it off so I have to make a list to remind myself that I’ve got to do it. 

I generally watch at least 2-3 episodes a day if I’m lucky if I don’t need to use my iPad for something; other than that it is quite easy to get sucked into a great program like that, I don’t even get nightmares about it. Only nightmares I get is work and my old secondary school joint together; now if that’s not scary, I don’t know what is. Haha. 

If I had to choose over The Simpsons or Grimm; it would be the Grimm all the way, it’s just that every time I see The Simpsons on yeah they’re great but most of them that I see is the same repeated ones. I don’t know I think it’s because I’m just grown out of it now; I just think some of it isn’t funny anymore, unless I’ve lost my sense of humour on that front of things if you know what I mean. 

This is this weeks Wednesdays Evening Post at 8; come back for next weeks Wednesday’s post, but don’t forget to continue to come and have a look at the other blogs in the mean time. Also don’t forget the other main event categories that will be coming out this week; better not miss it for the world. I’ll see you there. 

Monday Events Post – Let’s kick off this weeks feeling on top of the world


This morning after another bad night sleep along with the whole nightmare; I felt more positive, raring to go and do things that need to be done. This is what my day has been about today.

Let’s kick off this weeks feeling on top of the world

Woke up this morning feeling pretty well; on top form feeling so good about myself, minus being tired but I got through it. I do my morning routine, bathroom things, get dressed plus cream if I need to for my skin, depends what I start with first my hair or my face. My hair was first because I normally clip my hair up for doing my make up; so I put my hair extensions in, let the clip go down plated my hair, I then went on to do my face sometimes I forget the put loose powered over foundation before my concealer on which I did today. It doesn’t matter really what way I do it; as it still works either way to be honest, redo my hair again put hair spray over the top loosely and I was ready by 11:30. 

 As you can see on the right this is what I was wearing today; looking all spring/summer like chick ready for the vitamin D to come and hit me, on which was actually quite nice breeze but chilly especially in the shade. You can tell how breezy it was by looking at my picture of the left; as I was on my way to sort out things somewhere, it was nice walk there and back like I was in a countryside. To be honest with you my hometown is sort of out in a bit of a countryside as you can see fields, trees and path routes along the rivers to get to them or even by car that’s if you know where to go. 

I came back from my little earn; I finished sticking my last tags onto my boards that are red; as I left them to dry I started to pack up the rest of my blog paperwork bits up from the dining room, on which I can make sure that it was all clean and respected. Not making it look like a tip. Finally catching up on this months paperwork; which I can get things ready for the boards, along with the blog goals. It’s just a start. I’m pretty amazed I manage to get it all sorted in a week and catch myself up. That goes to show how much time and effort I put into my blog without realising

My Night Routine


My night routine never changes through out work, weekends or holidays; unless things change then I’ll have to adapt it to what I can do, also along with things that I’m okay that I can do it another day. 

My night routine 

My general night routine can change at anytime; depending on what happens on the day, or day before or even few days before. Sometimes my night routine can go longer than it should be if I can’t get to sleep; as I don’t sleep that much as there’s far too much going on in my brain for my liking, such a pain in the arse when it happens then become increasingly tired as soon as I wake up in the mornings. 

This is my average night routine on a daily basis: 

  • Dinner
  • Make Up off (if I had any on or be bothered to take it off)
  • Bath/shower
  •  Bed 
  • Talk/message my friends on my phone (generally fallen asleep by then in a mids conversation. Has been known.)
  • Along with iPad if I have ideas.

Generally this is my normal routine for the whole evening that I do; but like I said in my introduction, it really does depend if something happens and I have to juggle it around in some what way to fit everything in.

What’s your routine for the evening? Let me know what you do for your routine. I’m intrigued of what people do.

Age before beauty

Introduction Do you ever find yourself when you take a photo of yourself or do something that someone points out to you that you do the exact same thing as someone else in your family? I get that a lot even some people say that I look younger that I am. Which is a nice compliment if you ask me. 

Age before beauty 

When you look at yourself; sometimes you think I don’t feel pretty enough or feel comfortable in your own skin, you think why should I bother trying to make myself feel any better than I do already. I’m like that most days of the week to be honest; then I look at my pictures over the years or weeks, notice how much my face can change when I have different hair colours or different shape hair cut. 

I get compliments where people ask me how old I am? I tell them that I’m 26; to their surprise they thought I would be like 18-20, which is quite nice complement and also maybe a bit higher but don’t get that often. I’m not the only one in my family that doesn’t age either they still look like a school boy; I don’t see it but then when you look back at the pictures, your like oh yeah they do a bit or I do a bit. I think I take after someone in the family to be honest; it’s like my skin where it’s so soft that I can easily bruise easily or accidentally cut myself on something, I defiantly take after someone on that front I can tell you that right now.

I always want to know where my looks come from but I don’t have any photos of my other relatives to have a look at; but then again as I’m writing this along with looking at the photos at the top, I can see some resemblance of some of my relatives on the other side of my family that I barely know. I don’t know I’m just guessing as much as anyone else to be honest. 

Age and beauty is a funny thing when it comes to looks; as no one can really explain to you how it works, also you sometimes you may look like your family but sometimes you don’t look anything like them at all. I know that from experience also. 

Have a good day everyone. Enjoy yourselves as much as you can.

Recap Time of my new blog and prep


This weeks Friday Time Recap Time I’m going to be recapping over the course of this week of blog prep and the new blog website. I do have to say it isn’t that easy when your relaunching a new website; along with all the prep work that has to go around it, also the paperwork that you have to put forward for it. 

I’m already a weeks behind on my paperwork for this month but will catch up for it; as I have the evidence for what I have done so far this week, hopefully I’ll catch up with it soon as I can. 

Recap Time of my new blog and prep. 

Today in hustle and bustle of blogging advice; this week I have finally got the official blog up and running, put up a few of the last three months of newsletters up so that old and new readers can catch up on what’s been happening. Have created new blogs like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and etc blogs where if I have something perceive that I want to talk about that will happen with that correct day. 

Along the normal blog post that I have had in the past will still follow; along with the three nights events plus Sunday’s event, as per normal because it seems fair that everyone one enjoys the whole events on certain times. Apologies this is a late one due to having personal things happening; so it took a little while longer to write, this one as I was planning this all day but haven’t had a chance to write it all out. 

I have spent monjority of the day cutting out pictures and have started laminating things for my clipboards, blog boards and folders. As I have finally got a new laminator that arrived on Monday; still need to laminate the rest of the pictures before they go onto anything, I like to have them laminated so that if anything does happen like something gets spilt on or something I know it’s okay. I can just replace what is actually damaged.

With the new blog it is hard to rebuild your readers and etc again but in time it will bounce back. It won’t happen over night but giving me a chance to rebuild the audience and get good blogs out there in time will be amazing to get more notice. 

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My Morning Routine for weekends/holidays


One night or one morning during this Easter holidays of 2017; I thought why not do a weekend/ holiday routines that I have, by sharing it with you guys of what I do in the mornings of getting ready. Weather it’s getting ready to go out or looking like I’m going out or not whatever the case maybe but knowing that I can feel better with myself. 

My morning routine for weekends/ holidays 

Okay you want me to let you in a little secret of what I do in my morning routines in the weekends and holidays. Is that a yes? Okay here we go. I don’t have a set time in the holidays or the weekends I let go with the flow of what mood I’m in to be honest with you. Plus my face changes shape depends on the way I do my make up; no I’m not a shape shifter or anything like that, come on guys I don’t know where I get my cuteness from. 

My morning routine probably starts whenever I decided to get out of bed but never late after 12. Due to the fact that after that I can’t be bothered to do anything if it reaches to one in the afternoon. That’s when I know it’s going to be a lazy one.

From between 7-12 is most likely to be my routine slot for getting ready for the day during time off; as I have more time to do things, like shower washing my hair, drying it, getting dressed, do my make up and depending on what mood I’m in but also depending on if I washed my hair or my hair behaves itself I’ll put my hair extensions in. 

The average time depending if its the full thing of hair and shower in the mornings routine about an hour or two no longer than that. This is compared to my work routine which is another day blog. 

Here is my average 7-12 one-two hours getting ready routine: 

  • Laying in bed for awhile 
  • Breakfast 
  • Shower/washing hair
  • Drying my hair
  • Getting dressed 
  • Brushing teeth if I haven’t done it before then
  • Hair/make up 
  • Instagram selfie with a positive note for the day.

This is pretty much my outline of my routine. What is your morning routine for the day? Do you have one at all? Let me know.