What do you look for in a blog?

Introduction –

Due to making up for last weeks Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging; I decided to treat you all with two blogs in today’s Monday Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging, one like normal like this and the second one is in my 30 Day Challenge for Autumn. The reason for making it up to you guys for not having it done was that I was feeling poorly due to a cold and my left ear is now starting to play up again. Such is life when your on holiday for a week and you end up being ill because of stopping.

In a blog I like to find-

In a blog I would love to find heart warming, funny, own sense of style but also to be able to engage with the writer or YouTuber as much as I can. Not fancy pansy copy what everyone else does because that just boring and typical thing to do.

Attract my eye attention –

I like to be able to get into a blog by grabbing my attention of a worthy quirky way of writing to be able to drag me to come back to read another few blogs.

Blogger –

I feel that each blogger needs to be the own blogger and no one else; this is because there is so many wannabe bloggers who want to make money just like their idols that they watch, but they feel unsuccessful because of it. Just be you and no one else no one wants to know or care if you like someone so much you want to be like them. I could think of a few people that I’ve seen who wanted to be their famous idols and put all of their work into just to look like them. The worst one recently is people trying to make them look like ken or barbie doll in real life. Wrong! Just wrong man!


To be a better blogger is to be able to take their time on their work; not rushing their time or making loads of mistakes, and posting it up straight away. This won’t help you to gain your audience or anything it’s okay to have a few mistakes even if you go over it and you think you’ve done it. However it’s okay to ask someone to check it over as well if you feel comfortable to do so.

It’s okay to feel like a bit of a turniphead most of the time because I always do that’s why I have a journal full of notes; will I use some of them probably not most likely to have forgotten all about them, at least they are there if I need them. Also it’s okay to feel like a turniphead if you haven’t got a clue what to write that’s also fine.

The way how I work things done in my own blogging way –

This sentence doesn’t make any sense what so over; I’ll let you sort that one out, as at the time I thought I had made sense of it all when I wrote it down but obviously I didn’t. I like to make up my titles and also look up for references of titles to see what I can use and what I can’t use to what I can work with and what I can’t work with. It works.

Who wins between anxiety or the creativity of blogging?

Both win at different times because I have good running with blogging and then I have terrible days when anxiety comes kicks in.

What happens neither wins?

Basically what I just said neither wins when they play off each other. Not cool man.

What makes your blog successful?

To make your blog successful is to treat it like a best friend because you will have days that you will love it and you will hate it at the same time.

Day 8 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Hello! And other magazine hates!

Personally I really truly hate magazines like Hello! Gossip! And whatever the shit people read these days; to be honest I don’t really the read them because why would you sell your story to someone who would change your words, and most importantly blow it out of proportion.

I tend to read a few pages of a magazine like Hello! If I’m there in a staff room of my old job because there’s no one else there; or help me calm my nerves down with the doctors, hospital (that goes out of the window you have no hope of me reading something other than get me out of here sign around my neck) and etc.

The fact is that it’s like Jeremy Kyle, Judge Ryder and other ridiculous shows who bring on people because they want to address their problems across the nation; so that everyone wants to know, and to be honest I don’t give a fuck about other people’s problems. It’s like I don’t want to people to know about my problems but then blasting it out to the whole world on social media, chat shows, and these magazines.

You get the comments, the hate, people’s opinions, and etc. You get why do you all against me; why is everyone judging me for what I say, just don’t put it up for the whole world to see. Only talk to your close nit friends and family about the problems. It’s like me and my sister were talking about it the other day about a situation we know about and we are like what a douche bag and laugh that how pathetic they are as well.

Then talking about celebrities who never said anything or people take pictures unnoticed and the writers spin a story out of a picture. Which is completely utter lies. Where do these magazines and etc get off from. It’s a load of bullshit in my opinion. Rant over for a Sunday.

Day 7 Of 30 Days Challenge For Autumn: Most Haunted New Series

Founding out that Most Haunted was back on just in time for Halloween; I watched one last night (Friday 27th October 2017), today I watched the rest of them (Saturday 28th October 2017) and I am very surprised and pleased that they have gone bigger and better in this series than the other ones that they have done previously.

The fun facts about this new series are that things are happening to Glen the sceptic who had to spoil everything but now things that happening to him; Darren however I do feel for him to a certain extent, but he really got on my nerves to the point of if I was a ghost I would of punched him in the face a few times.

Heavy objects been thrown towards them; objects been broken due been launched at walls, playing the piano and many more. So far the series 20 is amazing and can’t wait for the next few weeks.

Day 6 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Diary Online Entries: Bridge over my trouble waters

Wether you believe this or not it’s your opinion not mine. I respect your opinion but I know what’s true.

When I first met you I don’t know where to begin; so I start by saying that I would refuse forget you, I would refuse to be silenced and I refuse to neglect you because that’s for the every last soul up in heaven who sacrificed their souls to save ours. Even if I never met you I know that you could of been my dad, my mum, my sister, my brother, my niece, my nephew, my daughter or my son. Waving a plain white sheet out on the no mansland; but I can see your white tee up there in heaven as I’m with my friends on the ground trying to see up there knowing that your now at rest, and feeling free from all the pain you have up there.

I can feel your pain on the ground of who you have left behind; but we went back to the block where you grew up with your children, chilling out watching the other children running around playing in the road and the troubled water cams running past. That’s when I swiftly grabbed hold of your children; having to witness your death, and hearing how you died as we ran away from the torment that you had endure. I’ve come back with an army to build you a bridge to come back over for visits like they remember you.

When you’re weary and feeling small; the tears are in your eyes I will dry them all, I’m on your side and when the times get rough and tough. Friends are not only just can be found; theres a bridge over my trouble waters, thats where I will lay and just lay you down right there so that I can get comfort near you. There’s so much pain in my heart my community has moved me; they choose to gleam their bright light as we are facing the dark.

When you’re down and out walking the streets; the evening will fall so hard like a arm is wrapped around my shoulders, a voice will say “I will comfort you…yes I will” I’ll take your part when the darkness comes and all the pain is all around. I will lay down next to you; over the trouble waters but waiting for you to come across the safe crossing of the bridge, to be able to see you once again.

I refuse to forget you. I refuse neglect you. I refuse to let you go. I will fight for your memory. Your my hero, my saviour, my world and my protector. Lest we forget.

Day 5 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Love someone more when you see them on a business trip

Are they true stories or are they not? You decide if they are or not. I know what’s right and I respect your opinion.

The fact that I got mixed up on what days I’m on with my 30 Day Challenge and then soon realised I was right the first time. You’re just like erm someone send help I think Lizzy’s lost the plot. Yep that’s basically me all over yet again; I’m doing a Frank moment of madness, without the keys or was I? I’ll let you decide on that one.

Especially when I get too soppy about Caspain when he goes on business trips; I don’t get to see him much when he does, damn schedules that he has haha. Then I cheekily stalk him in a good way seeing pictures; there’s always a good side to him that I like about him, and then there’s pictures you just interpret of what the hell are the security on at the time. That’s just me reading into the picture of a story mind; “it’s alright I’m on a high because I’m working for a well known family business man, also a friend with the royals” or “I wish I could win girls hearts over like he does”. The two most favourite ones that I miss about him but when I do see his pictures and video clips of him when he’s away; it has to be his cheeky grin with his ginger beard, also his voice when he talks it’s like when he’s talking I always think that he’s secretly sending me a message that everything is going to be alright. Can’t wait to see him when he’s work scheduled calms down a bit and that he promised me two months off his time to be all about me. Can’t wait to trade them in hehe. Not even sure how that’s going to work. As I don’t like being spoilt or having the attention on me but heyho.

Yes I know suck it up Lizzy. Thanks guys. Love you too. I do have to say this was the easy one to write today. Hehe. Might as well plan tomorrow’s one. If I can that is but I never know what to write until it’s late at night. Just when I’m about to go to sleep. Nice one brain.

Day 4 of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: When were you last drunk?

It was back in March 2013 I think it was when it was with my closet friend at the store we both worked at the time in my hometown. I couldn’t care shit about the store then and didn’t care shit about it now. I’ve moved on with the world doing better things than selling shitty cards for the company.

We were the only 2 people drinking out of the four of us at the time; which was okay and understandable because one said that they were allergic to whatever Vodka was made out off, and one was driving on the plus side my deupty manger who was driving and close friend at the time said he would drive me home. Twice by then he had taken me home drunk bless him and I had to wake up with a hangover.

The time the hangover was so bad that I still managed to turn up to work hungover; that was because me and the other person who was leaving were drinking these two pitchers at the time by ourselves, I had bluelogon and she had monster something rather. Can’t even remember now; the fact that everytime I needed her to come with me to go for the toilet, I could really feel it that badly because I knew I didn’t eat anything before work or after work so I was literally feeling it.

When we all went our separate ways me and the deupty manager who was like a big brother to me at the time; made sure that I had food inside me at the time me, him and someone else went to subway and they were like keeping an eye on me. As I never drink that much and they know I’ve never been that drunk before either.

Once I had food down me and everything my friend took me home; the next day I was so hungover my head was pounding, I had to work that day as well but I couldn’t careless at the time because I hated my job in the first place. I got in and the manager at the time said to me how’s your head. I guessed that the other colleague had told her that I was pretty drunk the night before but I could remember it very well. As I remember staggering to the bathroom with my friend at the time walking along side me. That was pretty much the last time I was actually drunk back in 2013 haven’t got hammered since.

Day 3 of 30 Days Challenge of Autumn: The success of getting X amount of likes on my facebook page

Positive outcome that I needed was looking at my facebook page that I created when I first started my blogs; the fact that I started out with at least 35 likes some where just friends and family, since August I took a risk on the promote me page which took me up too about 2,600 likes roughly around that number and that’s when it stopped. Since then I was starting to loose my likes it didn’t matter to me as much but then; it did start getting to me just about, I know I should of let that get to me and I tell you guys all the time to not beat yourself up about a few hick ups once in awhile. Unless you know that taking the risk again like you did the first time around paid off; why not do it again and see where it will take you this time, and that’s what I did I took another risk in doing so. To which leads me to show you what to look out for if you are on facebook and like the page and how many likes that I have received so far.

I will be doing a normal hustle and bustle advice of blogging this week as I didn’t get a chance to do so this week Monday 23rd October 2017 as I was being a bit of a arse and couldn’t think or do anything other than looking at the blank piece of paper on my screen of my iPad after deleting the original cope of what I started with as I didn’t feel comfortable with at the time.

Day 2 of 30 Days Challenges for Autumn: Missing Someone

Today had to be the most hardest days ever. No matter how many attempts of writing today’s challenge and Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging; I just couldn’t even do it, weren’t even sure why I couldn’t do it. As I’m laying here now at 21:24pm UK time it just came to me why it might be; it’s possible because I’m missing someone who use to give me their attention monjority of the time, I don’t know the honest truth but I think that’s probably the reason. I do miss Caspian a lot and then I do miss quite a few other people too. Mostly Caspain and Daniel as they are the ones who are very over protective of me and that I’m always talking to them everyday.

I’m not normally attention seeking type but when you have someone to talk to everyday; especially when it comes with my thoughts, problems and anxiety about things. They are generally there on hand to protect me one way or another. Last week (16.10.17 week) I was really close to my ex Daniel he was there when I needed him the most because I didn’t know what to do; also in that time frame he had learnt more about himself than anything before, the fact that I needed him, his sister and daughter needed him but also that he had just lost a family member as well. It was like a massive wake up call for him; saying that he needs to listen more to his love ones around him, than he’s own stubborn self because he’s not putting others first but himself. To which I have been trying to tell him for a very long time.

Sorry this one is a short one but I needed to express how I felt about missing someone who’s been there everyday; then all of the sudden it’s like one day out of the blue, your like this isn’t normal Morgan! How did I cope without it all in the first place.

Day 1 out 30 Day Challenge of Autumn: What do you hate about people that they do?

Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge of Autumn and it’s going to be at random of titles as I have loads too choose from; this one I wanted to do as it stuck out to me the most, but also I can get myself into it more easier than just doing one set of 30 Day Challenge you know me guys I prefer to do the ones that I feel more comfortable with. Also along with the help of I have no clue what to write right now faze so I thought I might as well do the 30 Days Challenge for Autumn to get me going.

Demand Attention: I hate it where people think everything is about them; want to be the centre of attention because they think all eye are on them, get what they want and etc. Personally I rather just sit on my own and be the one who doesn’t give a damn; unless it pees me off to the point of I loose it, some of you may know that I would do something about it if does happen but I normally keep it to myself and explode with a friend.

Better Than Anyone Else: In life I have come across so many people who are way too over confident to the point of saying “I did this…I did that…you should do it this way…your doing it all wrong…” the fact is no one is perfect no one wants your life story

Demand That They Should Have What They Want: No matter how many times I’ve witnessed, talked to people and etc people who demand what they want. I’m like get over yourself because the whole world doesn’t involve around them one single bit. I sometimes wanted to go over to people and just slap them silly or just wish the boyfriends just leave them for the sake of their sanity.

My Verdict On The Matter: I’m not one of those people who just seek attention on anyone; I like to keep to myself at all times even at the best of times to be honest with you, I have having attention on me and seeing other people doing all the things that I said about up above I just want to punch them in the face. Even better to tell their boyfriends or tell them physically just to leave them or get over themselves to be quite frankly with them. I’m just done with the fact of people who are just stuck up and only think about themselves and no one else around them.

Introduction for 25 Days Christmas Advent Calendar

I had sworn to myself about not doing this type of thing ever again as last year was like the most hardest thing that I could ever done. To be fair and quite rightly so. I didn’t really plan it very well or know what I was going to do with it. At least now I’m starting to plan it a month early so that I know what I am doing; how I’m going to write them, have a content page of which days I’m posting the topics and etc.

Planning ahead seems to me a great way of doing it for me so then I don’t have those ah shit moments and forget that I’ve got to do one. Even though we do have those moments; it’s like 7-8 weeks left until the Christmas holidays; yeah I looked it up, only because I was sorting out a child’s reward chart one day on the bus, so it was easy for me to know how long it was.

The fact that I haven’t even thought about the whole title content for the 25 days yet; I would like you guys to help me out on what titles you would like to see in the advent calendar, and also what you like to read as well. More the merrier and whatever does get used I can use them for next year as well. That’s if I remember them and remember where I’ve put them haha.

Leave the ideas down in the comments below what you would like to read and see in the advent calendar. I do have a month to get it all done and sorted my little lizzy pops. Hehe