Sunday Online Diary Entries: I’ll be there

Wether you believe this true or not it’s your opinion and no one else’s. I know the truth and that all matters to me.

I remember the day that you and I must make a pact; we must bring our salvation back where there the love is because I’ll be there standing right next to you, no matter what happens as I’ll reach my hand out to you and I’ll have my faith in all what you do as you know that I’ll be there.

I could hear you making your promises saying “I’ll be there to comfort you; build my world of dreams around you, I’m so glad that I found you and I’ll be there with a love that’s strong and I’ll be your strength when you can’t carrying on and I’ll keep holding on because I know your having a rough patch once in awhile. Yes I will. Let me fill your heart with and laughter; togetherness is all I’m after, I know you know that you want the same and whenever you need me I will be there. I will be there to protect you with unselfish love and I respect you just call my name and I’ll be there.”

Saturday Online Diary Entries: Ignorance

It’s up too you if you believe this or not. I know the truth and that’s all that matters.

If I’m a bad person then you don’t like me; well I guess that I’ll just make my own way, guess what at least I don’t have to ruin my career or my reputation to destroy someone’s life or love when me and Caspian have been together a lot and we get through a lot. It’s a circle I mean cycle because you never excite me; where is your gravel? Your jury? Because I don’t know what my offence this time? You’re not a judge but if your going to judge me have you looked at yourself?

Don’t want to hear or read about your how you care and in love with Caspian when your only want a title or something; you swear it’s all my fault because you know we’re not the same, the true friends that stuck with me and Caspain we wrote our names in blood but you can’t accept the change because it’s not you anymore. Guess what it’s not all about you. You treat me like a stranger well it’s nice to meet but I can’t wait to see the back of you.

Ignorance is your new best friend because that’s the best that could’ve happened; this is best thing that happened to me without Caspian I wouldn’t of made it, it’s not a war or a rapture. I’m just a person who understands Caspian and makes him happy and you can’t take it. The same tricks that once fooled me they won’t get you anywhere; I’m not that childish person that you are so take that away from your memory and now I’ve got people behind me to help me to fend myself. Pack your things and leave because I don’t want to see you no more.

Friday Time Recap Time – Friday Diary Online Entries: Break Free Of The Pain

Whatever you believe this or not it’s up to you. I know the truth that’s all that counts.

I told you when we first met that I had problems but you still loved me know matter what; if you want to help me and be with me take it, because I shouldn’t of said that you should of leave as the amount of times I pushed you away. I tried to hide it. I tried to fake it but I can’t pretend anymore; I only wanted to die alive because of my open wounds have now been opened, knowing that you’ve seen my vulnerability more by the hands of people in my past and I don’t want to hear about the person anymore.

Now that I’ve become who I really am because of you I’m now stronger than I’ve become who I really am; this is the part where I want to say “I want you more than ever” as this is the part where we both know I’m breaking free from my past, because I can’t resist it and can’t go back to it no more. Your better. Deeper inside me with hope and kindness like the highway of goodness.

You always had this little patience with me but I’m still hurting from all of the love that I had lost in the past; I can feel your frustration because all you want to do is stop all of my pain, you just want to hold me close and keep me safe in your arms tonight. Don’t be hard on my emotions because I need time as my heart feel so numb as I’m still healing. Please still have the little patience as I really want to start over again I know that your my salvation because your the one that I can always depend on.
I’m trying to be strong believe me it’s taken it out on me no matter how much anxiety I had to face believe me I’m trying to move on and take control. You know how complicated it is but your the only one that understands me. You can see the amount of scars that have been running so deep; it’s hard to believe that you have been fighting for me, it’s been long for you no matter how painful to see me go through so much and yet still continue to stay put no matter what I chuck at you. You always had that patient for me.

Yet I’m breaking free from all of the pain; finding my confidence once again, making me feeling strong and know when I’m weak. Your my everything as I’ve cried so many tears for you; it’s taken me lot to say but I’ve pushed my pride away to tell you that I love you so much, because what we got is worth fighting for and you are my everything.

Revisit Case….Annabel Inorin how her story began and how it en

(Don’t worry this isn’t a scam all of my information came from a good friend of mine)

Annabel Iron. Let me cast your minds back when I introduced you to her back in July/August 2017. I just wanted to refresh your memory why theses children need your help. At the time Annabel was 11 year old little girl; who looked like a normal little from Nigeria, she is a normal little girl but suffered from “Arrhythmias” yet she didn’t really have much of a life due to this horrible disease that effected her heart. She couldn’t do anything like any other child her age without fallen tired or become very sick. The fact that she was fighting it without any medical care or medication that could help her cope with it.

At the time of her being alive she didn’t have the right equipment or the right medication to be given the have a normal life. Annabel had to continue throughout the night and rely on the hand and foot by the hospital staff and her parents. Knowing that someone like Annabel who is suffering with “Arrhythmias” could pass away at anytime; due to the fact that they don’t have the right equipment and medical attention that they need throughout the day, to which they are missing out on having a normal life and not having to worry about her life wouldn’t be life threatening everyday but also to meet new people and be able to play with friends. However between 31st July – 6th August 2017 Annabel had passed away in her sleep with her family around her. The doctors and nurses tried everything to make her feel comfortable as much as possible but due to lack of equipment and medical care that they didn’t have at the time. Her tiny little 11 year old body couldn’t keep on fighting for much longer.
I have a huge respect for her family, her parents, her doctors and her nurses who have tried everything to help her feel comfortable and help her to be positive about everything. Even with all the odds were stacking up against them all. Trust me I’ve been working with special needs children from the age 21 until present still working with them.

I’ve seen first hand of children like Annabel coming and going with so many medical equipment that they need, medication that they need due to the health conditions. They are lucky in the U.K. that they have good health system that they depend on because you would never know each day to the next what will happen. The day I was told the news of Annabel passing it had truly hit home because I knew what it was like working with someone like Annabel.

All I can say is if you can find your heart to support a child who has a medical condition or a disability in the U.K. or your country; you can branch out a little to get some medical equipment and medication that they need in Nigeria, all I’m asking is to give a little amount that you can give by donating to this link below. That covers everything from the cases you read.

Revisit Case….Famlies in need of help with school things

Don’t worry this isn’t a scam all of my information came from a good friend of mine)

There are four children who use the foundation for other usage for the money such as money that provides school clothes and school equipment that they need to use everyday. You have Jackson age 7, Tobe age 7, the twins Theresa and Tony age 6. Their parents didn’t know where to go to ask for help or come to help them like our system that helps us gain money to buy school equipment and school clothes for our children.

The foundation in Nigeria helps not just for the children in the home but also to help the children who also would like to attend to school to learn. So each child’s parents had an idea/been recommended by a someone; that we also work along side parents to help them by providing them their school fees, to which we find that they are now going to school and to be able to follow their dreams. Due to the generosity of the donations that’s been coming in to help them.

There are so many families that want what’s best for their children like our four awesome stars that took part in this type of story. Every child has a dream and every parent want to see their child succeed in schools and go off to see the world as their parents couldn’t achieve their goals at the time that they were that age.

In aid of helping like Jackson, Tobe, Theresa and Toby is by helping by donating no matter how much to Ruffles Care Bear who is the mascot of this blog who loves to looking after children to make them feel better.

Revisit case of….: Taiya and Kehinde Adventure

(Don’t worry this isn’t a scam all of my information came from a good friend of mine) 

You think your whole world is normal or think your whole world could be upside down just one tiny little thing. Yet what happens if your just 8 or 5 years old witnessing your parents get murdered on your door step? That’s what happened to these two brothers who’s whole world just turned upside down.

The eldest brother didn’t have time to think about what happened; it was what’s going to happen next if the murders found them, and where they going to be killed too. He had to get his brother out of the most dangerous and frightening place.
Taiya is 8 years old and his brother Kehinda is now 6 years old. These two brave heroes who kept each other alive; from witnessing their family in a community fight to their family home burnt to the ground. At the time that this was happening Taiya was at 8 years old and Kehinda was 5 years old; Taiya has to persuade his younger brother to come with him because it was no longer safe for them to be there anymore, but also Taiya was also the only living family he had left that could protect him and find somewhere to live to be safe from any danger that may come their way.
One day Taiya had seen an on coming van that was going to Asba; as it had stopped they sneaked onto the bus without being caught, as they had arrived at Asba and sneaking off the van.

They tried to ask people for help. However they just completely ignored them and carried on doing their daily chores; despite how hard Taiya and Kehinda’s hard work in asking for people’s help, they were drawing to hunger and tired by that stage but weren’t given up. Yet a friendly and kind gentleman of whom had been watching them for awhile had came up to Taiya; explained that he had thought he was doing a marvellous job of looking after his brother, even if they both witnessed a horrific murder and coming all this way to get help.
The gentleman explained that it was his turn to look after them because he knew a place that they can stay as long as they want, along the way he explained that Ofuobi Foundation Home is for children who are in need and they can both stay together as one family unit along with meeting with new people. Taiya can also can be himself and grieve along side with his brother with the support and care that the foundation gives out.
They stay in contact with the friendly gentlemen who had helped them; I believe that they wanted to give something back to him, by showing him that they can grow up as two fine handsome men. Getting their story out there to share with the world what they had to endure as young children; from one nice civilian that they came across, they want to try the world who may help even more by donating no matter how much they can afford.

In aid of helping like Taiya and Kehinda is by helping by donating no matter how much to Ruffles Care Bear who is the mascot of this blog who loves to looking after children to make them feel better.

Revisit Case of…..: Sunday age 9

(Don’t worry this isn’t a scam all of my information came from a good friend of mine)

Remember back in August 2017 I was given a case to write about a child who had lost both parents in one week due to lack of money to pay for medical bills. Oh good I just wanted to revisit his story for you all and why you should donate for these kids.
On 6th August 2017 Sunday was brought into a foundation home that has set up back in February 2017 and its coming up to a year this year of being opened in Asaba in Nigeria. Sunday was brought in by a family doctor who knew Sunday as he was there both times when both of Sunday’s parents had passed away.
“I am the family doctor who brought

Sunday into Ofuobi Foundation Home on Sunday 6th August 2017. I was there both times witnessing his parents passing away. In the picture when this was taken he was anxious, scared, frightened and emotionless. Since then he has started to open up and gaining the confidence to do so when I have visited” – The Doctor
Courtesy of the doctor who had brought him in that day; it’s every child’s worse nightmare losing one parent but loosing both parents at the same time, you can only think of one thing. Is wrap them up in bubble wrap and take care of them. His whole world had completely been turned upside down; he spent his first Christmas at the home alone without sharing it with his parents, that must of brought back memories for him that day and the new year.
Between 6th July – 31st July 2017 Sunday had just lost both his parents in that same week as other; his father was very sick at the time to which there was nothing that anyone could do for him, as there was no money coming at all because he was sick and so was his wife.

Since Sunday’s father had passed he didn’t know that his wife was going to join him in heaven leaving their only son behind; until 2 days later his wife had passed away, how would you feel at age 9 years old witnessing both of your parents die in front of you?
Upsetting of course you would. You would start blaming yourself for their death and think it’s all your fault they are dead. It’s natural for a child to blame themselves when they don’t understand the whole world works at that age and how to defend themselves. The Doctor took it in his stride to take

Sunday into his family home and join his family for a few days; so that he wouldn’t be left out on the streets but knowing that he would be safe, care for and look over him when the doctor looked for a place for him to stay and be more safe with friends and people who understand his needs.
Somebody like Sunday still has a long way to go with the donations that he can learn new skills, go to school, and everything that a child can have in life. Weather it’s small amount or large amount it will be great.
How to donate 
To be able to donate money to someone like Sunday please follow the link below and you will find his story on there too.

Please also help by sharing with your friends and families in making them aware of what’s happening around them but also to donate money to the good cause. 

Sunday Online Diary Entries: I’d wait for life

If you believe it’s up too you. I know the truth and that’s all that matters

Hello, it’s me. I was ringing because I was wondering after all these years that you might like to meet. So that we could go over everything but they say that time supposed to heal you; to be honest I haven’t done much healing because I get all of the flash backs from all of the pain, that I had to endure over the years. Hello can you hear me? I have forgotten how it felt even before the world fell at our feet. There’s so much to talk about and there’s now a lot of difference between us and now a million miles away from each other.

There’s a place that we use to be and there was a face that I use to see. There was always a picture of you by my side. There’s a moment that I always find and want to reach out toe you; because I’m scared in the dark, and I need you to wrap your arms around me.

Now that your in front of me I don’t know where to start or how to begin but I know that I still love you. If you ever turn away or even change your mind. You know that I’m here for you; I can still hear your voice in the wind saying “if the road ahead becomes too hard to come climb, you know where I am and if there’s something in your heart tells you to stop. Close your eyes imagine me holding you closing against me because I’d wait for life.”

Everytime you see me or message me you worry and scared that I’m pushing you away because there’s voices inside my head shouting. There’s a space on your side of the bed always hope everytime there’s a sound you would come running getting inside on your side and wrap around like there was silence that’s playing too loud in my head.

I don’t know how are or how you maybe but I know you still love me. Even if I close my eyes. I’ll dream a little deeper baby because your always on my mind. I know I’m always on your mind. For life.

Sunday Updates 2018: 7th January 2018 – Collecting my thoughts

I’ve decided to take a break for awhile so that I can collect my thoughts and create more topics and stories for the Weeklyblogs. It’s not a goodbye I am not quitting the blogging world at all; I just need a bit of space but also take my time to create more fun things, I will be back don’t you worry your little heads about it. I just don’t want to repeat myself the same topics over and over again.

Please remember there are loads of other blogs on my website for you to read as well; whilst your waiting for me with the new gadgets and etc for the world of mine, don’t forget that I do have a facebook page lizzysweeklyblogs, instagram @lizzyloveoflife and Twitter @lizzysmornings for you to follow in the meantime.

I will give you regular updates as well so that you guys know I haven’t forgotten about you at all. It’s just want to get things into place and create new works for you guys to like and read. As I’m struggling to write them currently at the moment. The joys of writer’s blocks to be honest with you.

Friday Time Recap Time: First 5 days of 365 days of the year 2018


Yay can’t believe the first 5 days of the new year has finally been completed feels like it’s been longer than that but that’s probably because lots of things has happened in the first 5 days of 2018 that you wouldn’t probably expect. In the title I could of been wrong with x amount of days it’s either 364 days or 365 days; do I really care most probably not, because I’m that exhausted that I can’t think or anything. Let me explain my first 5 days of this year had come about.

This year instead of resolutions I started with goals because I know I can go back to them throughout the year; along with two close people who I trust know will help me stick to them as much as I can, if you want to know what they are. Why not check this weeks Wednesday Evening Post (3rd January 2018) as it’s on there.

The first two days weren’t the best start of the new year due to personal reasons along with me not sleeping properly as well. It never starts well for me in the new year I believe but I could be just being sensitive or something I don’t know; I’m just taking each day as it comes than rushing it all the time, I had two successful positives so far already to which is a good start in my book.

I have challenged myself to take control of my life the way I want it; I’ve actually started to save money which is a good start, and along side that I had the best positive news about my hearing where there wasn’t anything wrong with my hearing. The fact that one is weaker than the other one but the dr was confident that I should be fine and don’t need to worry about anything; yet its me being paranoid and anxious over my hearing, yet asked for hearing aid assessment just to be on the safety reasons and double check.