Thursday Online Diary Entries: “Your My Symphony” – Story

Dearest Caspian

Since I’ve met you I’ve been symphonies all I had ever heard was silence but yet there’s always a rhapsody for me and you; there’s always every melody that seems to be timeless but life was just stringing me along, until that you came into my life to which you found that string and you have started to cut each long bit of the string to cut me loose so that you can be in the centre of my world and now I can’t sing on my own because I can’t find the key without you not being by my side.

Now our song is on repeat making me smile thinking of us in that big ballroom dancing with your heartbeat up against to mine. Yet when your gone I’m left in the middle of the room; I just feel incomplete but if you want the truth I will tell you right now, I just want to be apart of your symphony like you would hold me tight and not let me go. I just want to be part of your symphony like our love song “Sad Song” by We The Kings Feat Elena Coats will you hold me tight and not let go because I’m sorry if it’s all too much everyday that your here I’m healing knowing that I’m not running out of luck.

Yet when you’re not here I’m running out of luck; I’m running around like a lost child because I’m frightened because my insecurities and me going off the rails the thought of that would happen without you. I think I won’t be able to recover from the pain from it all or us but yet we seem to get through anything together. I never thought that these feelings would come back to find me until I hear the symphonies in the winds; I knew it was you saying that your still coming for me because you know it’s too much to bare, you know we’ve got everything worth fighting for and all I heard before was just silence. I hear our a rhapsody and every melody on the radio because it’s so timeless for us.

Your my symphony and my everything……

Wednesday Online Diary Entries: “If you seek Lizzy” – Story

Lalalala blah blah blah I’m not taking much notice of your stupid empty threats that you make in the newspapers like have you seen Lizzy? Who is Lizzy? Guess what I own it because I know I got my radar on you because I know the truth it should of been have you seen Mia? Have you seen Mia tonight? Is she in the bathroom? Is she smoking outside?

Oh hunny guess what you can take piece of lime that me and Caspian are not going to by for you because I know what she’s like; a self centred women who doesn’t actually care about anyone except herself, just tell me if you have seen near by my house or near me or Caspian and I can’t get her off my brain as I see her a threat I want someone to take her home before she breaks my rules and contract that she signed.

You can love me hate me you can say what you want about me but all of the girls telling and begging me not to rise to it because I know you want to seek me to get back to me. Love me hate me but you can’t see what I see your too blind of hatred yet the secret services have told me that you want to meet up with me and beat me up. Yet you stood there feeling humiliated with all the crowds especially all the press because I didn’t show.

I’ve seen her once or twice since being here with Caspian since she knew my face but it was a bit hard to see to make sure where all of the people standing in the way. You can say what you want about me but actually you can’t see what I see; next time you tell me that you see her I want to know what she looks like and what she’s wearing because her outfits make her look old. If your going to seek me out? Or stalk me? Do it much better than you are already because you just need to get out of my way. It won’t be long until I show you who I really am.

Wednesday Evening Post: Catch Up Catch Up Post!

So sorry guys I spent the day out and never posted any blogs. I’m sorry but the internet has been dodgy because we are experiencing rather strange thing called the snow over here in the UK; it’s this sort of white stuff that floats from the sky, lays on the floor when it wants to be. Anyways. I didn’t have to work either because of the alerts of the snow and etc but few other people had too.

Apparently it my phone app says partly cloudy -4C; wrong I’m wearing about three layers of clothing, don’t even get me started on the bed covers and the throws. Have you not looked outside phone it’s snowing and most of all the clouds are most likely to burst it’s clouds. I don’t think it will carry on for much longer than this.

I told you stupid phone never listens to me it’s started again haha. Since this week of snow I’ve now picked up another cold ay ay ay. Pretty much today I’ve been out with a best mate of mine because her job had closed and for the rest of the week as well lucky sod haha mine might be if I’m lucky but then again I could get away with it. I don’t know haha.

If I haven’t posted up any blogs up the next few days don’t panic don’t panic now you know that I’m having snow blizzards and it effects EVERYTHING! So don’t panic okay you have other blogs to read about as well. Go on read my other blogs as well don’t be scared. Go on.

Teen lifestyle: Blah Blah Blah

I’m standing in the tennis court at school with a group around me; I just can’t believe what’s coming out of your mouth, it’s just blah blah blah to me because all of it is wrong, lies and everything so just zip your lips like a padlock nobody needs to know how said your life is or how jealous you are about mine. Just meet me at the back with jack and the jukebox I really don’t care where you live or which boy you stole because let me just hit you as I know I’m not that little bitch that you been chit chatting about. Just show me where your dick is at if you have one that is.

My music is up I’m just listen to new hot stuff; I’m in love with this song called “ignorance” so just hush, oh please love just shut up I’ve heard enough with your talking.Stop ta-ta-talking about that because it’s all blah blah blah; you think you’ll be getting this, getting all that because your a spoilt little brat and everybody knows that you self centred. Nah nah nah your not sitting in my back car or getting a lift home because you think we are good friends.

You just keep on talking about that how you love mum because she’s way better than yours blah blah blah. Oh come on I really don’t care about your middle name is or how much you delay the class for your stupidity because you flirt with every guy teacher. You always be saying some shit and I all I say is out loud is “BLAH BLAH BLAH,” just stop talking already. I just want to set your hair alight or smash your face in because I just don’t care anymore.

Tuesday Online Diary Entries: “Better Than Today” – Story

No matter how bad your day had started out but I can see what you can do but I know that you can do it better than that if you turn it around because it’s the talk of the town and I’ll make you forget all of the nasty comments that’s she has made towards you. I know you hate that something that you have even tried doing because you always got told that you can’t do anything better than them; all you got to do is lose the control almost every night because at the end of the day, you don’t care what other people may think of you and so you got to see what they do when we do it better. Yes I’m talking to you who’s reading this blog post.

You’ve got to feel it. You got to see it. Know how much you mean it because at the end of the day what’s the point of living if you don’t take a chance? You got to make today better than yesterday as you’ve for to lose it. You got to cruise it like I would do if I was there not giving a flying monkeys what other people think of me. Knowing that you got a chance of believing, feeling it, seeing it and know you do that dance of being proud of yourself each day.

Oh believe me I know how life is hard during the week but I live it for the weekend when you can hurt underneath; I guess it can really deepens that you know that you did awesome work on being positive towards yourself, what’s the point of worrying about being cool? As there’s a million things to learn that they never teach you at school; I can tell you that now don’t believe what they tell you because all we want is tomorrow to be better than today.

The whole fabrications that complicate the word in the world because theres too much useless information that plays in your head. Yet very clever people don’t know how much we all struggle and need a chance; then the clever people can’t understand the most simple things like we can do but it won’t stop our clever business.

You know what to do by feeling it, seeing it knowing how much you mean it because what’s the point of living if you know take the chance? You just lose it, cruise it like knowing you’ve got the chance to do it.

Monday Topics: Find the Nigerian Girls now!

Abductions has raised again in Nigeria the most chilling tale that back in April 2014 and now February 2018 four years on; the chilling similarities are that the kidnappings and stay silent where the jihadists had diving more than 270 girls into the bush and set up camp. In April 2014 the military and the government had denied that the abductions that had been taken place in Chibok which is 275km (170 miles) south east of Dapchi.

Yet they had never able to find the girls over the four years; yet the four years on the world and the country has once again witnessed the denials and misinformation, that have been given from the authorities to which lead the disbelief and anger that has been seen from the parents. You may find that some in Nigeria have accused the government for being slow to respond or issuing a public statement for acknowledging that this will reoccur more now than it has been.

According to a BBC news reporter who’s based in the capital of Abuja that the government had lead to believe that the girls had been later on kidnapped to which they only accepted at the time. However the story became more confusing as it was slowly coming to a light that as different brunches of the government and the army had begun tit diverging their own accounts; who would the Nigerian people believe now, to which point where was the extent of how many girls had been rescued from the dreaded nightmare. It came more alight at the time of the announcement there wasn’t any acknowledgement had been made of the kidnapping but any official.

There’s been a biggest argument there is where the government and the parents of the missing girls of how many girls who are missing that day. The persistence of the parents have told them from the beginning of the abduction from the school was more than 100 girls that had been missing to which has 926 students; according to the authorities that the figure that they were giving were 40 but continued to say that many had run away into the bush, and would no doubt reappear soon.

This lead in the end of the stress and fed up of all of the confusion parents had formed a group to produce a list of 105 names; which in fact the government had come back with total number of girls who are missing, the total of missing is 110. It goes to show that the government hasn’t really understood how serious this is when their country is well known to have crime, kidnappings and etc. Yet more than 100 girls from a boarding school in the North eastern Nigeria had gone missing; plus the ones 4 years ago its becoming more apparent that their government is becoming weaken more and more if they don’t do something about this, all we know is that group of militants presumably from Boko Haram arrived in the town of Dapchi Yobe State during the evening of Monday 19th February 2018.

They were heading for the Government Girls Science and Technical College yet they were fleeing while later. Original claims that many of the girls had escaped and no one had been kidnapped; a week later authorities have retreated back to what they had said a week ago that the girls were taken by the Islamist extremists, which is it? Did they run away from the nightmare or actually been taken by the Islamist extremists?

Now that they realised how serious this situation is they should of gone straight into the huge scale search a week ago; not taken them a week that the girls have actually been taken, the fact that they should realise the extent of how many of the girls were taken before and now roughly the same amount have been taken. They could of been taken out of the country or soon be taken out of the country if they had a week a head.

I just pray that the girls will come home to their families soon because its the worst thing that any child or parent have to go through. Wether they are dead or alive or still in the country.

Everyday Online Diary Entries: Is it snowing yet?

Yay just as I left for my morning shift for work it started to snow but not hard enough to cancel a work day. I like to watch the snow fall when I’m inside my nice warm house than being in it; I think I’m just grown out of it when it comes to playing with it because the last deep snow we had was about 8 years ago back in 2010, that’s when I literally had enough of the snow by then and not being able to do anything. Yes it got boring for a few days even if I slept through the day and it was still there haha I’m so old haha.

It cheered up my Monday for a change though. Currently stopped snowing for now but by the time your reading this it would probably be snowing again or not that’s case maybe. Who knows? Who knows? It is the U.K after all anything can happen to be honest with you. Just looked at some of my snowy pictures and just realised that I caught a snowflake a proper one if that I wonder if you can find it in one of these pictures.

There are a fair few you can see that are proper snowflakes I wonder if you can see them comment how many you can see that are proper ones. Have fun looking.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Invisible and Non – Invisible Of Blogging

Sometimes you think what’s the point of me writing because everyone seems to not like my blog work or anything; what’s the point of carrying on? What’s the point of doing this? What am I doing wrong? Don’t panic I have those days I can tell you that right now even with the whole I think my blogs are rubbish and etc. It’s all okay to be invisible at the best of times but you just have to sit tight and work through it. Even if you get reviews that are between 20/30 or below it’s still good that’s your good that’s a stable amount yeah you think your still invisible.

At the best of times you get something out of the blue a massive big spikes of views and visitors you then get the whole non-invisible everyone know who you are. That’s when you know that you have written like good and people are interested in your work. The fun fact is that just don’t give up on writing just carry on; take a break if you get stuck because you are allowed to it’s not against the law if you get stuck, and you always have your other blogs to fill you in whilst your working on your new niche.

True writers like J.K.Rowling she became invisible because publishers at the time declined her first Harry Potter book so many times but she never gave up; until her current publisher took a gamble, and now look at her a multi-millionaire author who still continues to write stories and experimenting new things as well. Now the publishers that declined her novel writing are kicking themselves years later for not believing in her or her stories. Just believe in yourselves and your work it will take time. Just keep knocking them dead with your work.

Everyday Post: The time when I should be spring cleaning!

It’s that time of year that you should start doing spring cleaning after you hearing someone getting the hover out and doing the hovering but you just can’t be bothered to do it. Yep that’s me. Right now I just haven’t got the patience or the willingness to tidy up my room right now. You may think I’m just lazy or something but it could be true at the end of the day it’s how I feel at the time sometimes I just haven’t got the energy or I’m not feeling right and all I want to do is sleep.

There’s a reason for me not feeling right and sleeping a lot but my room really does need to be done a lot and my bruo needs to be fixed and everything else in the room. Yet I just can’t be bothered too. I have started to do a bit of spring cleaning on my blog website because there were a few categories and tags that I thought I don’t use those anymore or why did I come up with those at the time. What was I thinking.

That’s when I realise that when I first started doing my blogs I hadn’t got a clue what I was going what so ever. So it was a bit of blessing in disguise that it was time to start clearing out a few bits of my blogging site; to which I can create more things that are relevant to the blog site over the next few weeks, months and etc. I just want to say thank you ever so much for reading my blog pages over the years and so far today it does give me great pleasure that you enjoy them. Letting me continue writing them and giving me the confidence that I need.

Last time I checked it was like 57 views and 13 visitors thats just before 4:00pm UK time and this morning I woke up too 44 views and 3 visitors at the time I think it was and that was barely 9:00am UK time. It goes to show how much you guys value your time reading them as I publish things that I believe to think they are pretty rubbish but goes up anyways.

Knowing that they aren’t rubbish means I’m doing something right. As you keep on coming back for more and more. Just keep on coming back, liking, comment and follow I guess but hey it’s up too you. Thanks for believing in me and my work. I always believe in you guys to do amazing work too. Happy sunny cold Sunday for a Sunday.