Star Light Categories: (14.6.18) #throwbackthursday: Why are my eyes feel so puffy?

So last night (13.6.18) tried to sleep as you do when one is tired but you can’t because you might wake up at stupid o’clock the time you want to sleep so you stay up a bit longer. As the hour passes you start to fall asleep through your favourite YouTube videos what do you do? Stop what you’re doing and try to get some sleep but oh no something doesn’t want you to go to sleep.

I knew this time my mind wasn’t the one that was causing the problem this time; nor the heat or the cold with the window being open and closed, what else could possibly go wrong now? Correct I gave you a clear clue in the title for tonight’s blog. Why is my eyes so puffy?

Come to realisation that it could well and truly been hayfever annoying thing because now I can actually breathe through my nose other sounded stuffy and bunged up. Today (14.6.18) is been nice and cool not to hot and not too cold. Just about right with the clouds forming.

Right now my eyes still hurts but not as bad as it has been and I’ve also found out why I’ve been blacking out recently. It’s because I leave the house on a empty tummy a few times and there’s nothing for my medication to feed off from. All sorts themselves out in the end one way or another in the end. Lesson learnt not to go out on a empty tummy grab a piece of bread whilst leaving the house.


Everyday Online Diary Entries: (14.6.18) Thursday: when Dr Pepper decides to gives you a second bath of the night

You may off laughed at this blog title today because it actually did happen last night (13.6.18) I literally wasn’t out of the bath long about to take my medication not even sure why I decided to take it with fizzy. I think I was too lazy to even think about going down stairs or just realised that I have a bottle of water in my Sainsbury bag; why didn’t I even use that? my god I must of been so tired last might even thinking straight.

So I didn’t think much of it. Don’t even remember why or how it was when I picked it up; it was just there at the start and it was in my hand, I was then taking my medication and that was about it. Well after it all fizzed up and went everywhere I normally like go “oh my god, oh my god. It’s everywhere.” Nope no, no not at all not even the slightest of a reaction of what just happened other than fizzing all over the place.

I was literally like well “it’s now all over me, my bed, my phone” I really wasn’t bothered that it was all over my phone last night or my bed. I just picked up the baby wipes and just wiped off the wetness on my phone and the wetness on my bed. You guys would be screaming at me saying “it went all over your phone why aren’t you not that bothered about your phone.” I would of done if I was actually awake enough to know what I was doing and what not. However I wasn’t. I literally just shrugged it off like no body knows like “s***t happens” what you going to do about it.

Now you’re probably thinking how can you be so tired and still be straight forward especially towards yourself. Quite easy I’m quite hard on myself when I’m tired like I am now; you don’t realise how much you realise your tired when something so simple like that to happen when your actually awake and on the ball, you work yourself up to the point of being annoyed with yourself and then when you’re tired your like well clearly someone needs to go to bed before anything else happens. Trust me I literally had a mind blank off forgetting that one child stayed after school club and one went home with one of their parents.

I literally forgot what that I just seen one leave with their parent and one was staying behind even though I knew my mind went blank. I was having a Lizzy – Lou moment there….that’s basically about if really other than trying to be quiet but trying not to laugh but someone I was with didn’t like loud noises but things that they did made you think so they know or do they not that they are being very humorous. The fact that I made the connections to what they were doing they saw me trying not to laugh but they laughed as well which made me laugh even more.

Everyone should be happy because being down and in the dumps all the time and not keeping busy is not on. I know I have my moments but I just push myself to keep busy and be happy whatever the weather is. Unless it’s raining it can definitely go and do one. Being happy is the key in life.

Life On The Open Road Project Online: (14.6.18) Thursday – What is a recovery buddy?

In my Life On The Open Road Project Online Donations Page I’ve given you a brief outline of what I am hoping to achieve with the Life On The Open Road Project. I have mentioned about a Recovery Buddy you guys are wondering what is a recovery buddy? don’t worry I’ll explain what a recovery buddy is.

What is a recovery buddy? A recovery buddy is a friend that you may have met through the charity or you and a really close friend who has the same problems with confidence issues and etc. Yet you guys are confident and everything together you both support each other.

I can give you a perfect example with a recovery buddy. I have a friend called “Maddie” not her original name but I’ve been starting to call her that in the last couple of weeks and it just stuck with me to be honest. We support each other no matter what if we have different opinions or what not but at the end of the day we grew the close bond of knowing how we connect.

Maddie grew confidence within herself as I told her that she needs to start to believe in herself; not let people walk all over her, and many more things. In a space of a year or so she made a lot of progress and positive in herself where she not letting people push her around; the fact that she didn’t know how I do it to begin with, but I trained myself not to give up and tell people where to go if they over step the mark.

However when I have a relapse with my mental health I’ll talk to her and also we meet up to chill out or do a bit of window shopping or both shopping and window shopping. It’s like both need to meet up talk about what’s going on if something is wrong and then we chill or whatever we are doing we are there reminding each other it’s okay. We will bounce back like we always do.

Helping one another out, be there for one another, making new friends, be close friends and many other ways to support each other. By doing that with a recovery buddy it’s like saying you’re not on your own I’m also going through the same thing. Let’s do this together let’s fight this negativity together.

If you haven’t looked at Life On The Open Road Project Donations why not go and check it out at the top in showing your support by donating by the link at the bottom of the page if you would like to see this happen and make it happen.

Star Light Categories: (13.6.18) Wednesday Evening Post at 8: People who need to stop talking about crap about me!

I am so surprised that people make out that I’m the bad person to be honest I’ve done nothing to them; if I have good to know if I have I would of apologise but people making up lies, stories that aren’t true and everything that makes me more mad than anything. I just don’t understand why people would spread rumours or be so uptight saying that I’ve done something to upset them.

I put it down to a number of things but if they really have got a problem with me be nice to come and talk to me not make up a load of bull crap. Trying to get people turn against me when everyone know that I work hard and fun to be with. I just get up do my job go home do what I need to do go back to work and come home.

I don’t make friends on my job if I do that’s a bonus but at the end of the day I work and do my job not making friends. I prefer that people who got problem with me just tell me not me finding out by someone. Don’t bother come and tell me what I did or the problem is then it goes to show how much people don’t have the guts to find me and talk to me about the issues. I just don’t like it who spreads rumours about me and what not that true.

Now that they’ve got on the wrong side of me because they don’t know even know it at the end of the day I like to get on with people but some people who over step the mark that’s when it’s you know you got on the wrong side of me. As I’m quite a forward person but I don’t let it out as much unless I need to…..

Life On The Open Road Project Online Diary Entries: (13.6.18) Wednesday – Sense of achievement mid week

Literally just had a brain fart when drifting this blog last night (12.6.18) completely forgot what category I was doing and what not with the whole entry thing for this blog post/category. Stuck the wrong blinking picture on it until I realised before I started that I stuck the wrong one on. All good now.

Sense of achievement for the mid week for me is that I’ve been keeping myself busy with the whole blogging side of things. Today might be the day I just spam you all with blogs because I can and knowing me I’ll get stuck for something for the rest of the week and give up.

No! No! No giving up Lizzy-Lou this is a Life On The Open Road Project there is no giving up on things no matter what happens you have to solider on no matter what life throws at you. That is true very true indeed. I do have my stag next to me right now helping me along my road to get me back onto the right track or shall I say road. I for one without the stag next to me I wouldn’t of achieved littlest things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do.

1. To be able to find my creativity once again along side using the colouring apps and using the pictures for my blog categories to give you guys inspiration to achieve things in life.

2. To be able to get up everyday no matter how hard it is for me if I didn’t sleep well the night before but being able to do my face and hair in the mornings before work and even at the weekends if I’m struggling to do anything.

3. Most importantly fighting through the negativity thoughts even though how hard it is for me to let them in but being positive about something will help get through it all and win.

That’s three achievements that I believe that I’ve manage to do on my own not having someone on my case that I have to do this, have to do that and so on. I have currently set up a payme pal if you like to help fund the Life On The Open Road Project. I am currently working on the donations page for you guys.

The Life On The Open Road Project is a project that I would like to set up for people all ages especially for children, teens and young adults who suffer from mental health issues, confidence issues, low self esteem and feel like they can’t achieve anything in life. Also share my experiences of being able to achieve things like do some challenges that I might be afraid off or something that I thought I might not be able to do. Please remember to ask the bill payer permission if you want to donate money and help set this up. It’s your project as much as mine at the end of the day; so why not donate as much as you can to be able to get this up and running bu clicking this link:

Everyday Online Diary Entries: (13.6.18) Wednesday – Just remembered Mr Fan!

The moment when you want to sleep but the heat in your sauna like bedroom keeps you up; you have you’re window open so that you can have a cool room but your feet get cold and keeps you up, doesn’t matter if you couldn’t sleep or not anyway at the time and all the sudden you message your friend realising something after 3 months without it. Even with the heat being horrible at the best of times what do you remember what your parents brought you last year for your room.

That’s right. A freaking FAN! Yes Lizzy-Lou has done it again having a really bad short term memory lost about something to keep the room cool. That’s right that’s what happened to me on Monday night (11.6.18) leaving me a good few hours sleep; especially when you know you have a double shift one after each other the next day, you weren’t in the best sparks during the day and being tired from not sleeping the night before.

I don’t know if anyone seen a clip of girl and the caption goes something like “when you haven’t had enough sleep and every little thing starts to p**** you off” that was me yesterday and Tuesday (12.6.18) I was literally dead to the world of not caring what people think of me right now. Literally like I had no soul or cared about anything. I was literally that tired and fallen asleep like no body knows.

The fact that I just managed to cover today and yesterday’s blogs in space off the three days I was pretty impressed. I think I managed to sneak in another one today before the Wednesday Evening Post at 8. That’s right that’s coming back this week with a new picture, under a new category and many more new things coming throughout the next few months.

I am so humble that you guys have been coming back for more each day. You are a life saver. Thank you for all the support and giving me the best views ever. I hope you guys can support Life On The Open Road Project once that gets under way. Lots of ideas I want to do for it so let’s get this on the road soon enough shall we. See you in the next blog guys.

Everyday Post: (13.6.18) Wednesday – Can’t believe it’s mid week already

Can’t believe it’s mid week Wednesday guys. How can it possibly go that fast already but then again I’m keeping busy and occupying my mind right now with double shifts during the week and blogging a load of blogs. To be quite honest with you it’s a whole lot better than last week not doing anything feeling sorry for myself and what not.

I guess you can say I’m better to be occupied doing things than sitting at home and wallow about life to which feels like it’s not getting anywhere. It took me ages to find and remember what this picture was for everyday post. I was like please don’t tell me I’ve got to create a whole load more this week for it; just as I was about to give up on looking for it, I found it in the end and glad that I didn’t give up. I know I know guys I always tell you guys not to give up keep on soldiering on.

I’m pretty good at giving other people advice than taking them for my own. I guess you guys have noticed that recently; I’m actually getting better in doing so to the point of focusing on something that I want to do in life, than not actually doing something I don’t actually want to do in life. If that makes sense to you guys. I for one getting really creative with my blogs and reinventing the whole categories to which you guys seem to be enjoying more off.

Last night (12.6.18) I had a moment where I went to see my parents I came back to my room; I thought what’s that sound like a waterfall, I then realise it was my fan and I was like “you idiot”. I was like I definitely need to go to bed and sleep it all off. Yet here I am writing this blog as I couldn’t help but carrying on writing this. It’s a habit now to finish of something which is a good thing to be honest as I’ve been have the itch to finish something that I started than before where I first start something then don’t bother anymore. So that’s a positive thing by pushing myself to something that’s good and I like achieve something that’s small.

Star Light Categories: (12.6.18) Tuesday – Teen Lifestyle: Those annoying zits/spots!

You’re probably thinking or screaming “YES! She’s finally posting about the annoying zits/spots!” Every Teens nightmare when they hit puberty what makes it worse is when the heat comes they come out more. Am I right? It’s okay if I’m not because everyone has different make up gene in their body; if you haven’t learnt it in school why not? Or you have and you weren’t listening because you find sciences so boring?

Your probably thinking she’s got perfect skin now and did she have perfect skin when she was a teen. To be quite honest with you I still get spots now and then more so now because of the heat; I absolutely hate them with a passion because they are so unattractive to be honest with you, not as much as on my face because I use loads of make up lotion every morning and then loads of other things before I start with the whole make up routine.

I didn’t have any routine back when I was a teen because there wasn’t anyone out there to inspire me to wear make up or groom myself other than stupid unnecessary hair that’s not meant to be there. This was the early 2000s when I was in my teens because there’s nothing you could do or anything but then I acted like I didn’t care about what I looked but I just convinced myself that I wasn’t pretty enough or anything even though I tried the effort to make myself good about myself.

Spots/zits for me are a pain because I hate it so much especially with the whole massive one on the side of your chin no matter what side it is. There’s alway one where everyone can see it no matter how much make up you put on to cover it as soon as the make up starts to come off if you been working a lot and sweating a lot that’s when you know everyone starts to notice it.

Especially if you’re at school and kids might start picking on you or make fun of you because of it. To be honest you guys have probably got the best outcome of stuff to sort out all of the spots/zits to sort them out than I did. I didn’t even have the patience to stick with the daily things to sort them out. I think I just popped mine when they came but I don’t know if it’s true or not if you’re meant to pop them but I came out fine no scaring or anything. Don’t know who came out with that lie or rumour to be honest with you.

If you know the reason why you shouldn’t pop them do let me know because I never understood that one even to this day and I’m a whole lot older than you guys. I’m useless at talking about things like this when I blank things out when I was teen; I’m quite good at blanking my past out to be honest, if you want to me do anymore about these types of things do comment below I’ll try and be as useful as I can be.

Everyday Online Diary Entries: (12.6.18) Tuesday – I might of rambled

I might of rambled but in a rant for the Wednesday Evening Post at 8 blog post; I do apologise in the advance for that, I was hurt, upset and annoyed that people think it’s okay to spread lies and etc. I just don’t actually understand why people do that to be honest.

Maybe people think that I’m threatening them or over confident because I know things but at the end of the day; I know how to do my job, know how to deal with things that go wrong, I don’t just sit there be all clicky clicky with people and talk about weight watchers and all that.

I’ve sat all the way through that with people but I just don’t see any difference or anything to be honest unless you’re one of those people’s who actually stick to the healthy living style and work out. That’s when you begin to notice the whole change in people; it’s all about the willingness of doing something for yourself, and no one else because its like saying if you don’t do for yourself do it for me. That’s not how it all works because I know for the fact that I never do something I want to improve on about myself for someone else; if I actually want to do something that I want to do, I do it for me, myself and I.

I have that work ethic that I’m hard on myself to continue to improve myself in so many ways so that I know I can succeed in life no matter how long it takes. Yes it gets me down; yes it takes me longer than anyone else, yes I get there in the end but at the end of the day once it achieved and it gets there I for one know I’m proud of what I have achieved.

Since leaving school I had a choice of not continuing to improve my spelling, my reading and what not but the love of writing that I had for it. It gave me the confidence in myself to actually continue to improve myself in so many levels that I chose not to give up. I chose not to let my learning disability or my hearing impairment define me for who I am; I could of applied and still can if I wanted to for a disability, but I was brought up the fact that my parents wanting me to have a choice and see how I do in life. If it wasn’t for them in who I am today of not giving up or letting the things that I know can hold me back.

Yeah I have my moments in thinking I’m not good at something or I’m not good at this. I even had this conversation about my writing with someone yesterday (11.6.18) they were like you got to keep trying. I know that they are trying to help me build my confidence up, keep me going and what not because they know how much my confidence drops.

They even know my dream goal is and I know I’ve got a long way to go but I know I’ve got a load of doubts in my head that I think it’s not going to work. However it’s only the early stages of making it happen. I always believe that no matter what happens it’s okay you can start again.

I literally use my grandparents toughness on myself; tell people how it is, and everything because it’s my coping mechanisms. Trust me I’m the worst person to keep everything in until all of the sudden I just snap and take it out on someone who might be the last one to send me over the edge. Yesterday I had one of those bad days one lead to another and I just literally took it out on someone even though they didn’t know what my day was like until I explained.

Everyday Online Diary Entries: (11.6.18) Monday: Dementia Commentary

Alzheimers Society   This blog is in aid of Alzheimers Society Charity if you like to donate please click the link above. I am going to tell you my story of someone I know living with Alzheimers.

My name is Lizzy and I have a grandparent living with Alzheimers. It’s been 5 years now that we’ve been dealing with my grandparent’s Alzheimers but the best thing is we tend to go along with it whatever mood that they are in. At times it is hard when they have their bad day it’s not that often thank goodness. I normally get roped into helping once in awhile because sometimes it gets to hard for some of my family who are their carers. I tend to have them for a few hours or so to which I don’t mind because I’m use to looking after people during the week. 

Sometimes I have to put my foot down if they don’t listen to any other of members of the family if they have a wobble. They listen to me more than anyone else because “I’m such a good girl” in their eyes that’s because I go and see them. Let them do what they want; if they jog their own memory of what they use to do which is great, sometimes I don’t bother get them to do anything but if they can do it themselves they can even with a reassurance that they should do something. 

One of the funniest things I get from my grandparent is that she can tell when I’m being cheeky because I do the whole cheeky grin; sometimes doesn’t know when I’m joking but that was only once that happened, however we do have our little sassy contest where I try to either get them to do something or they are right on it and they know. 

Yesterday (10.6.18) I had them round for dinner at my parents house being my grandparents they get excited to see me because it me I think but the one who has the Alzheimers does this cute little Whinnie the Pooh wave. After a while I sat with them letting them be if they want to talk they can I wasn’t going to pressure them plus they can’t hear that well anyway. 

It was time for dinner I said to my grandparent it was time for dinner and they were like “how do you know?” I replied “one of my parents just shouted at my siblings (for dinner)” the other grandparent laughed and the other one said “oh right”. So we managed to settle down and what not I helped them out on putting food on their plate. As I sat down next to them I did say to them that they can start but they translated it differently and said something but I’m not going to repeat what they said on here. I then repeated myself again what I actually said and they were like “oh that’s what you said…I was about to say how I am going to do that” 

After awhile they were quiet and I knew that they weren’t hearing properly so I knew it was going to be a long one. Then after the pudding a student and his girlfriend came back across the road; then my grandparent asked about the old car or something like that, one of my parents tried to explain it to them but they didn’t understand what they were talking about and so I had to explain it to them. 

The funniest thing was as soon as they understood what they were talking about they started to do the commentary of what the two students/love birds were doing to the car and then commented about the cat. Then went on about “oh I can’t get on with cats or dogs. Even monkeys in fact I don’t think I can get on with a zoo” we all like where the heck did the monkey and zoo come from? We all laughed it was a typical grandparent moment. They continued to do the commentary of what was happening outside for a bit longer. It was like they hadn’t seen the outside world before. 

As a family as a whole we generally go along with whatever they say because at the end of the day it keeps us amused and we know that we can’t do anything about it along with they can’t help it either. We mostly just laugh at the situation that’s happening at the time because we know there’s nothing we can do. 

All I’m asking is click the link up above on this blog page click on it read a bit more about the disease and click donate. It will help someone like my grandparent to have a bit more care; catch the next disease in time for someone else, and most importantly more research about the disease. Thank you.