Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: I haven’t forgotten you guys

How you doing guys? Believe me guys I haven’t forgotten you at all just been busy one thing after another and so on. It may seem to be like that but I haven’t honestly though I haven’t. I have also been working on my other new blog site Follow the footprints on the open pages. 

It’s for my poetry and short stories I’m currently focusing on one area at a time to help build the fan base from there onwards. We all know how tricky it is to build a blog or work with something to improve on. It’s takes me awhile to do whilst not doing other things. The fact that I get good reviews and likes on the blogs when I post them up it’s quite nice that people appreciate them more than anything which is nice. 

I’ve started to do something like this bullet journal thing with my total categories I don’t have space for pictures but I use bright colours to make them into boxes. It’s quite nice to see the whole lay out of things in a way that it’s like very calming and relaxing. I had really good word I wanted to use but couldn’t spell it even trying to sound it out it didn’t want to work; I gave up to be honest something simple in the end, I hope you know what I was trying to say at least I hope.

I’m sorry this is short I’ve been stopping this blog all day today (13.8.18) being doing other things. Boring adult life but it needed doing along. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 28 – Creating, colouring pictures and tidying.

Over the next coming weeks or months you may notices that there will be new pictures with different pictures that I’ve coloured in from my apps that I colour on. This is because I do at least 4-5 colouring in pictures a day where I can relax, chill and so on. I prefer to challenge myself the number of colouring pictures because I find it exciting and fun to do. 

The fact that I use my pictures that I colour for my blogs I do post them up on Instagram as well but with the blog post design because I think it’s a sense of achievement of being able to do things with ones mental health and etc. 

Yeah I’ve put tidying up there as a challenge believe me when it comes to my room it’s always a challenge trust me. Especially when we are getting a few animals soon I have to get it tidy and clean incase they decide to explore my room. Everyone hates tidying one way or another but for me I find it slightly difficult not sure why but it does. 

I have good days where I just get on with it and be okay with it sometimes I’m like I really can’t bothered to the point of I’m so stressed with it I become all negative with myself I know it’s not great but it’s who I am. I have to stop because I know that I’ll end up crying and can’t do anymore with it. Then focus on it the next day because I’ll have a clear head by then. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 27 – Kitten Proofing everything

(7.8.18) Today’s challenge and the next few days leading up to getting the kittens we’ve been getting things ready by getting things for the kittens and kitten proofing the house and the garden as much as we can thinking what would they do get into and what not. 

It’s a bit of a challenge in the first place just getting things done, washing the things that they could be sitting on and get infected by etc. It’s like saying there’s a new born baby coming and you got to proof everything around the baby in so many levels. 

We literally read up about our fishes this morning and I confirmed what my parents that they were up too. So we more likely getting baby fishes too anytime soon due to this weather. “Great timing guys” unless they were jealous that we probably won’t give them much time we will. We just need to remember to close one of the doors in the kitchen and lobby to stop the kittens escaping for the day. 

It’s pretty much go go go at the moment in the house hold. I can’t wait for them to come to be honest with you. Going to be such fun. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 26 – An outfit or outfits that make me happy.

Originally I was going to write the most boring challenge ever but then I thought I’ll look up the what I can actually write about than boring life of how I took a long toe nail off and made it bleed the other day due to anxiety. I know not the best idea or do but I am currently writing this blog in bed with a throbbing little toe, throbbing knees and back. 

Any who the outfits that make me feel happy is where I get to wear neutral colours with shorts and I’m just getting comfortable without having my leggings on. However everything works with shorts, black leggings and etc I’m pretty much like the girl in the picture for day 26. Minus the frilly sleeves it’s either long sleeves or no sleeves at all I’m just one of those people who get claustrophobic I need some sort of movement space and need to bring the sleeves down if I needed to. 

I like to dress well and look nice rain or sunny no matter what it is I prefer that than looking scruffy if I’m going out. Scruffy is only when I’m home and not having to do to much at all. Other than that I prefer to look nice than anything else especially with make up and hair done nice. 

If you follow me on Instagram at @positivityinlifelizzylou you’ll get to see most of my outfits on there and be updated in what I wear and etc. I pretty much try and Instagram as much as I can but recently it’s been a bit difficult being busy and too hot and etc. However I do stay up to date on it everyday follow people back and what not. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Follow The Footprints On The Pages Blog Website

Hey guys how’s it all going sorry it’s a bit later on the day for this one but I’ve just released my first writing blog on my new website called ‘Footprints On The Pages’ this is going to be for my short stories and poetry that I enjoy doing. I had it up running but trying to figure out what sort of things that I wanted to do for it and how I want to do it. 

I will still be keeping this one of course as my main one but Footprints On The Pages is more for my short stories and poetry trying to keep them separately from this one so it won’t get so confusing. The website is still on going for improvement with me adding bits to it; now that I know roughly what I’m doing for this main blog, and that I know I can fix this one whilst knowing that I can improve myself for on the other website. 

I don’t even know if that made any sense to you guys or not but I think I knew what I wanted to say but not getting it out from my head to the screen is impossible. That’s how my brain works and I’m like what are you trying to say you doughnut. Since posting my first poetry on there in the space of an hour this morning people literally clicking likes. As you guys know what one it is because I posted it this morning (6.8.18). 

Why not go and follow to keep updated with the whole poetry and stories that will be coming your way. 

My Creations – Poetry – Seeing her, hearing about her kills me inside

It’s just like yesterday you were apart of me like you were my everything kismet nothing could go wrong. Now that I can’t breathe, I can’t sleep, I don’t think I could carry on. 

No matter how many tears that I cry you would never understand how broken up inside, you say “I act like her” there’s another person as well who likes you, seeing and hearing about them it’s like I’m not good enough for you. 

As my heart bleeds, no bandages can heal these wounds, you have literally gone to far this time. I don’t know what to do because it’s killing me inside. 

I’ve done so much for you, I’ve been patient, took all the anxiety abuse from you, I cared about you, all you do is continually break my heart. 

I am so tired of seeing her, hearing about her it’s killing me inside. You make out it’s all my fault. I’m not taking it anymore. You either love me more than anything else or just let me go. 

Here I am once again torn into pieces, broken up deep inside, you would never see how many bandages I use to stop the bleeding inside. I just want to be swallowed up deep inside, you would never see the cries that I have been shedding because of you. 

I thought you were the one. My head is so confused no matter what it is wrong; you always change what you say, like I say something and we are on the same page, you take to steps back. 

Here we are once again seeing her, hearing about her is killing me inside because I’m still in someone’s shadow. You really don’t love me if you did you would off let go of the past, your still clinging on because you still love her. 

Written and credits are by Lizzy 

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to Lizzysweeklyblogs Company 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 25-Where in my life do I feel like I need to take control?

Sometimes I either challenge myself a lot of the time and to be able to achieve things in life. Sometimes I challenge myself feel great about myself until someone tears me down or I don’t even bother challenge myself because I know that I’m not good enough or people say I’m not good enough. 

I basically hate that feeling so much to be honest with you. This is one of my fears and one of the things that I need to take control off because I genuinely want to feel positive about myself knowing that the challenges that I have set and that I’ve taken control I know I’ve set in the right direction. However it’s either my mental health that brings me down or someone else. 

That’s probably partly why I’m so defensive all the time because I hate when people bring me down when they are either constantly reminding me of things or my own mind is reminding me the things that I can’t do. One of the reasons why I need to take control of my life because I don’t want to live like that anymore. It is harder than you think. 

It’s one of my continuely thing that I have to take control no matter how hard it is like one of my sisters kittens name Boghney don’t even know how to spell or say it. Yeah it’s not my cat at the end of the day so I literally have no choice in the matter. Sorry just feeling pretty miffed with a few things just before going to bed. Good night for this challenge.

The Daily Stories – Sooty and Bohney (Sweep) Adventures – Adoption Process unexpected!

Yesterday (4.8.18) I went with my family to an adoption center for all animals I genuinely thought we were taking a look round at the cats not expecting to pick one  let along two. However my sister wanted a cat two years ago my parents agreed that she could have one; so we were just looking around the cattery section we really liked one kitten but he was like a lose cannon where we would of had to be on them all the time because he was so lively like nobody knows. 

We went round to the other side of the cattery and saw two other cats that we really liked. My sister really liked one of them but they were sisters and came a pair to take home one of my parents convinced my sister where it’s best to have two to keep each other company when we aren’t around during the day. When they are are a bit older and are alright to leave alone a bit longer. 

We had a stroke with the two kittens one tried to high five me then trying to nibble me; I think it was actually expecting me to have treats for it but I didn’t have anything on me sadly but now I know what to do when it arrives, just bribe it with treats once in awhile and I think it was getting use to me to be honest with you. We went round to look at this first one we thought we liked but he was so cute and adorable we knew he was going to be a handful getting into everything. Especially if we let him lose in the garden when he was a bit older and falling into the pond. It was bad enough trying to get the fish where we wanted them. Haha. Along with the tiny little fish getting its confidence up since we got him; now he’s swimming about confidently, and everything else. 

We literally ended up having the two kittens we all stroked because they were immediately the ones that fitted into our family; quiet, friendly, gentle, scared, confident and needed the friendly people to give them love. We would be getting them next weekend on Saturday we are all giving my sister a hand to look after them also it will give me something to look after as an adult and for my mental health state. 

Am so stoke can’t wait for them to come and I’ve started to make a few things and have a few things that I don’t use anymore that they can destroy as much as they can because I really don’t mind. Can’t wait. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 24 “What is your dream job?” Not taking the question seriously

I normally do a story for these challenges but today’s one I’m just going to just a challenge with a question; I’m not going to take this seriously because it’s just for fun, I know this is going to be delayed by a day but I had a bit busy day on this day. I’ll let you know in the Daily Stories because you never know what happened. 

What is my dream job? I always joked with my sister when we would watch Most Haunted when they use to bring in mediums and they start picking up things about the house or where they have been too. I was like if I was dead I would so be listening in; would most likely to punch them in the face or something like that, just to scare them and muck about because that’s what I would so do. 

That would be my dream job if I was dead as a spirit I would just muck about and send everyone on edge as much as I could because I know I would be dead. Didn’t need tell me twice or a third especially if you asked a stupid question just get a hit around the head or something. 

I would so love that job just to scare a Paranormal Team once I’ve passed over because they wouldn’t know if I was demonic or just a friendly ghost just causing mayhem for the fun.  

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 23 – Breathe Slow

I put my ice skating shoes on I’m running out of patience because I can’t believe what the hell I’m hearing and speaking of hell. It don’t compare to this heat that I’m feeling because I love what I am doing too much. It goes to show that all my emotions go into the dance on the ice rink; you think it’s out of control but yet it’s so good for me bad for you, yet you realise I can hardly see from the tears that flow down my face and I count to 10 as this song means so much to me.

I am going to breathe slow count from 10 because you better take it in this competition is mine I’m not going to lie or even try. The wheel keeps on spinning and I ain’t the one to show that the gun isn’t going to threaten me like it did all those years ago. This competition and the song means you know who will be winning because I love this too much and all my emotions are out of control as it came to the end I can hardly see from the tears that flow from my eyes. 

I can’t believe that I did it and not to forget to breathe or close my eyes at the end. Somebody better hold me back because you’re so lucky I know how to act on the ice knowing my parents killers are still out there. I’m being calm and cool about this believe me it’s taking everything that I had to just breathe slow and count to 10. Knowing that I’ve got the top score on the leaderboard with the judges in tears of the dance and the montage of memories that was being shown on the ice.