Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 26 – An outfit or outfits that make me happy.

Originally I was going to write the most boring challenge ever but then I thought I’ll look up the what I can actually write about than boring life of how I took a long toe nail off and made it bleed the other day due to anxiety. I know not the best idea or do but I am currently writing this blog in bed with a throbbing little toe, throbbing knees and back. 

Any who the outfits that make me feel happy is where I get to wear neutral colours with shorts and I’m just getting comfortable without having my leggings on. However everything works with shorts, black leggings and etc I’m pretty much like the girl in the picture for day 26. Minus the frilly sleeves it’s either long sleeves or no sleeves at all I’m just one of those people who get claustrophobic I need some sort of movement space and need to bring the sleeves down if I needed to. 

I like to dress well and look nice rain or sunny no matter what it is I prefer that than looking scruffy if I’m going out. Scruffy is only when I’m home and not having to do to much at all. Other than that I prefer to look nice than anything else especially with make up and hair done nice. 

If you follow me on Instagram at @positivityinlifelizzylou you’ll get to see most of my outfits on there and be updated in what I wear and etc. I pretty much try and Instagram as much as I can but recently it’s been a bit difficult being busy and too hot and etc. However I do stay up to date on it everyday follow people back and what not. 

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